I am watching this movie, The Longest Week (2014) and I love this scene.

People should dance like this.
People should go out like this.

Life should be like this. 

Today Her Majesty the Queen becomes our country’s longest reigning Monarch. It is of course typical of her selfless sense of service that she would have us treat this day just like any other. While I rarely advocate disobeying Her Majesty – I do think we should stop & take a moment to mark this historic milestone and to thank Her Majesty for the extraordinary service she has given to our country over more than 6 decades. The Queen inspires us with her incredible service, her dignified leadership & extraordinary grace with which she carries out her duties. Her selfless sense of service & duty have earned her unparalleled respect & admiration not only in Britain, but all around the world. Her leadership exemplifies the unique combination of tradition & progress that has come to define us as a nation. She has been a rock of stability in an era in which our country has changed so much providing an enduring focal point for all her people. Her Majesty’s contribution to shaping the future of the Commonwealth has been particularly extraordinary. I know that Her Majesty would want us to pay a tribute to the service & support of her whole family, not least the Duke of Edinburgh. She has led a gentle evolution of the monarchy, bringing it closer to the people while maintaining its dignity. I’m sure I speak for my 11 predecessors that meeting the Queen is one of the most enjoyable, inspiring & humbling honours of this office. We could not be more proud of her. She has served this country with unerring grace, dignity & decency. Long may she continue to do so.
—  David Cameron