All Our Secrets Laid Bare (Part Two)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: The reader isn’t ready to confront Peter after all that happened the night before. However, the task of avoidance becomes increasingly more difficult as the day progresses. Having a fallout with your best friend is the worst.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3,286

A/N: Part One
So I rewrote this part at least six times before begrudgingly deciding to post this version. I kept writing and deleting every version before this one because I didn’t like any of them. I don’t even really like this version, but I figured I made you guys wait long enough for a part two, and this was probably the best I was going to write. I’m sorry for any grammatical errors. I hope you can at least somewhat enjoy this poorly written imagine

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You woke up to the sound of your alarm. As you slowly gained consciousness, the obnoxious noise echoed louder in your ears. You groaned to yourself and fumbled around for the snooze button. Finally getting the blasted thing to shut up, you groggily turned so that you could see the time. It was half past six in the morning. School started in one hour. You begrudgingly rolled (quite literally) out of bed and stumbled as you stood up. You stretched your arms above you head before yawning for what seemed like the longest time. Jeez, you were tired. Why were you so tired? Then it hit you.

Dinner. Relatives. Boyfriend. Peter.


Closing your eyes, your entire body shifted as the memories from last night flooded your mind. You suddenly had the very strong urge to retreat back under your covers and never face the world again. You shook you head. Hiding wouldn’t help anyone. You huffed out a frustrated breath before deciding to head to the kitchen. Maybe a quick breakfast would lighten your spirits. You didn’t get very far though. Not even five steps in, your foot fell on top of a material that most definitely was not hardwood floors. You looked down to find that you had stepped on what looked to be a men’s blazer. You picked the jacket up and stared at it. It was Peter’s jacket. The one he gave you last night before you told him to leave. Before you had your emotional breakdown. Before you had ruined everything. You stared at the piece of clothing in your hands. Tears were already starting to form in your eyes, but you couldn’t make yourself look away. It was all so fresh in your mind.

“Hey, sweetie, I wa–”

You snapped your head up, blazer still held firmly in your hands, as your mom’s frame opened your bedroom door. She immediately cut off her words when she saw you. She looked down at the jacket you were holding, then back to your tear-soaked eyes. Her face filled with love and concern.

“Oh, honey,” your mom cooed as she went to wrap her arms around you.

You stood frozen for the longest time, not reciprocating the hug that your mom was offering. After a while, you finally seemed to awake from your daze and moved to embrace your mom as well. In that moment, you felt the tears that were forming in your eyes finally fall down your cheeks. You sniffled into your mom’s shoulder. She rubbed your back soothingly and whispered soft reassurances in your ear. The two of you stood like that for quite some time. Eventually, your mom backed away just enough to wipe the tears from your cheeks and look you in the eyes.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” she said. “If you want, you can stay home from school today. I know what you’re going through must be difficult.”

You gave your mom the best smile you could muster. The offer was extremely tempting, but you had already made up your mind that you were going to go to school today.

“N-no, it’s fine,” you replied between sniffles. “I… uh… I think I have an English test today anyway, so… um… I wouldn’t want to have to make that up.”

Your mom smiled at you, “If you say so, sweetheart. I trust your judgement.”

“Thanks, mom,” you said. You really loved your mom so much. She was so supportive and was always there for you when you needed it.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to getting ready. Love you, sweetie.”

“Love you, too.”

You watched as she closed the door behind her. Looking down, you stared at Peter’s blazer once more. You walked over to your closet, opened the door, and hung the jacket up in the very back where you could barely see it. You closed the closet door and sighed. Out of sight, out of mind. With that problem momentary resolved, you wiped your eyes one last time and set to picking out an outfit for the day. It was too late for breakfast now. You’d just have to grab a protein bar or something from the cabinet on your way out. You settled on some navy blue skinny jeans and a dark grey hoodie. You threw on your favorite black, hightop Converse and grabbed your backpack. You walked out into the main living space and kissed your parents goodbye. Quickly snatching a granola bar, you stepped out of your apartment and made your way to the train station to get to school.

As you were nearing the station, you suddenly hoped that you wouldn’t run into Peter there. The two of you normally rode the train to school together. However, you really didn’t want to have to confront your presumably ex-best friend any time soon. You sighed in relief when you managed to get in the train without spotting the boy. A small part of you was slightly disappointed though. You dismissed that thought immediately. The train pulled into your stop and you got out quietly, along with many other student-age looking people. You paused briefly at the front doors of the school. Once you walked through those doors, there was no turning back. You hoped to god you wouldn’t have too many run-ins with one certain brown haired boy.

Your wishes were instantly crushed after you turned the corner and saw Peter standing next to your locker down the hallway. He was awkwardly bouncing on his feet and glancing around, no doubt looking for you. He must have taken the earlier train to ensure he got there before you did. That jerk. You considered your choices of action. If you went to your locker, you’d definitely have to talk to the boy. If you waited until the break between first and second period to though, you could probably slip in and out completely unnoticed. You decided on the latter and turned around to head to your first period class. You couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt whilst walking away. Peter would probably wait there right until the late bell. He would probably willingly be tardy to first period just to get the chance to talk to you. You took a deep breath and continued walking. Your decision was already made.

Class periods one through four went by far too quickly for your tastes. The bell rang, signifying the end of fourth period and the beginning of lunch. You took your time packing up your notes before giving the teacher a small nod and heading to the cafeteria. Lunch today was going to be awful. You had no where to sit except at your normal seat with Peter and Ned. You had already wasted so much energy trying to avoid Peter thus far into the day. You partnered with Michelle instead of him in chemistry and you opted to work alone in pre-calc instead of with a partner. As you entered the busy lunchroom, your eyes immediately were drawn to where Peter was sitting. The boy was right next to Ned, as per usual. Maybe you could just casually turn back around and head to the bathrooms. Eating there didn’t sound appealing at all, but it was better than with Peter at this point. Just as you were about to leave however, you saw Peter jump out of his seat and run up to you. You cursed at yourself for not being fast enough.

“Y/N! Hey! Listen, I know you’ve been avoiding me, and you most certainly have the right to, but there’s something I need to tell you. I–”

“Please don’t,” you interrupted.

You could already feel more tears in your eyes. You couldn’t do this. Not right now. You didn’t want to hear what Peter had to say. You were too afraid it was going to be something horrible. Something that would be sure to shatter what little dignity you had left.

“No, Y/N, hear me ou–”

“No. Stop,” you declared again.

“Y/N, please, just listen to m–”

“NO, PETER! You listen to me!” you shouted at him. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say. Do you not realize how difficult it is for me to stand here in front of you and not run away after everything that happened last night?! I-I can’t even look at you right now. Not without seeing all my shame and regret reflected in your eyes and back at me. So… I want you to stop… please… and just leave me alone.”

You let out a shaky breath. Tears were running down your face yet again. You could feel all of the student’s who filled the cafeteria staring at the two of you. It was all too much. You wanted to run away and hide. So that’s exactly what you did. Before Peter could react, you turned and ran in the opposite direction. You didn’t know where you were running to, but you soon found yourself bursting into an empty girl’s bathroom a few hallways away. You locked yourself in one of the stalls and leaned against the back of the door. You cried some more as a million different emotions ran through your head. You were so distracted that you didn’t hear the bathroom door open, or the footsteps that stopped just short of your stall.


You heard Michelle’s voice echo against the walls. You froze, not knowing what to do.

“Are you in here?”

You contemplated staying quiet, but knew that Michelle was more clever than that. She knew you were in here. She would probably wait forever just for you to reply. You sighed in defeat.

“Yes, I’m here,” you mumbled.

“Do you want to come out of the stall?” she asked.

“Not really,” you replied.

There was a pause before you heard, “Alright, I’ll just talk to you from out here then. In fact, why don’t you let me do the talking and you just stay in there and listen, okay?”

You nodded your head before rolling your eyes. Michelle couldn’t see you nod from inside the stall. She seemed to take your silence as approval though, seeing as she began to speak again.

“I don’t know what is going on between you and Peter. Based on what I just witnessed in the cafeteria though, I can guess that it’s pretty serious. At least for you. But let me give you a word of advice: you need to let the boy talk to you.

"Peter’s a weird kid, trust me, I know. I like to… observe… him. I promise it’s not as weird as it sounds. Anyway, I can tell that he’s hurting by not being able to talk to you. Whatever he’s got on his mind, he’s just dying to say it, and I’m about ninety-nine percent sure that what he has to say is a good thing.

"You probably won’t believe this, but if any part of you trusts me at all, Y/N, you’ll go talk to him. I see the way you look at him. I know you have some sort of romantic feelings for him, and I’ll let you in on a little- known secret too. He makes the same exact googly-eyes at you that you make at him. It’s honestly amazing you two haven’t noticed it yet. So please, just let the boy talk to you.”

You slowly unlocked the stall door and stepped out. You stared at Michelle with a mixture of confusion and awe.

“Why are you doing this?” you asked her.

“Why am I doing what?”

This,” you repeated, “telling me all this. Being so nice to me. We barely know each other.”

“Oh,” she said, looking down at her feet. “I, uh, guess I figured since you’re a friend of Peter’s you must be a pretty alright person. Don’t tell him I said this, but I think Peter is way cooler than he gives himself credit for. I hate to see him upset. Which also means, by default, that I hate to see you upset. Whenever one of you is upset, the other one always is too. It’s like you two are connected spiritually or something. I don’t know.

"Plus, you seemed really nice in chemistry today. I usually end up working by myself since I don’t have any ‘real’ friends, but partnering with you today wasn’t all that bad. Even though I know now that you only did that to avoid Peter, it was nice that you picked me and not someone like Flash or whomever. You seem like a nice kid, and I figured since you and Peter are such good friends, you’d also be a good person to be my first 'real’ friend. It’s a stupid thought, I know.”

You tilted your head as you continued to stare at Michelle. She was quite the weirdo, in a good way of course. You liked that.

“Well, thank you,” you said. “And I’d love to be your first 'real’ friend.”

Michelle looked back up at you and gave you a quirky half-smile. Her speech really did help to lighten your spirits. She was right about the fact that you didn’t quite believe everything she said about Peter also having romantic feelings for you, but knowing that she cared really helped.

“I think I need a little more time though,” you continued. “Your speech really helped, but I honestly don’t think I’m ready to talk to Peter just yet.”

“Fine,” Michelle conceded, “but you need to promise me that you’ll talk to him eventually, and preferably sooner rather than later. I’m tired of seeing all the pining looks you two give each other when one of the two of you isn’t looking.”

“I promise,” you said, chucking at her comment.

Michelle nodded her head in approval.

“So, want to head back to the cafeteria and talk about how stupid my emotions are?” you asked.

“I thought we just went over this. Your emotions aren’t stupid. Actually, they’re probably recip–”

“I was joking.”

“Oh, right.”

“About my emotions though, not about eating lunch together,” you clarified. “Come on, we still have half an hour. If we hurry, we can probably still get the less gross looking mystery meat.”

The two of you walked back to the cafeteria in tandem. You heard a few mumbles and whispers are you walked through the lunch line and sat down at the end of the table with Michelle. Peter was just a few feet away. You could see out of the corner of your eye that he was looking at you. He looked sad, from what you could tell. He wasn’t attempting to grab your attention at all. What you said to him before really must have taken its toll. You frowned at the thought. You certainly didn’t want to hurt Peter, but keeping your distance was the only way you thought you could manage to keep your emotions under control. You took and deep breath and turned your attention back to Michelle. The two of you soon started talking about how you both had the same favorite book series. That conversation went on for ages.

The lunch bell rang and you went to go dump your tray. You and Michele figured out that you had the same fifth period, so you ended up walking to class together too. It was surprising how many classes the two of you shared without you even realizing it. As you entered the classroom, you walked past your normal seat next to Peter’s and went to sit next to Michele in that back. Peter walked into the class shorty after you and saw that you weren’t in your normal seat. You watched as his face and shoulders fell in disappointment. The two of you made eye contact very briefly before he looked away and sat down. You silently cursed at yourself for making Peter feel so upset. That wasn’t what you wanted in the slightest, but then again, you weren’t entire sure what you did want either. The bell rang and the teacher stood up in front of the class. Guess this whole mess would have to wait until later. For now, you turned your focus to the teacher as they wailed on about another historical revolution or something.

The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly. You didn’t really have to put forth any more effort in avoiding Peter. After your speech in the cafeteria, he seemed to be finally giving you your space. You didn’t know whether or not to be relieved or disappointed. There were so many variables at play that you didn’t know which ones to think about. You walked into your apartment building and smiled at the new concierge working in the lobby. That must have been the new guy that gave Peter so much trouble the night before. You scrunched up your nose momentarily. Everything always led back to Peter. It was impossible for you to escape him, even for a second. You rode the elevator to the twelfth floor and trudged your way to your apartment door.

Finally stepping inside, you dropped your backpack right at the door and shuffled into the living room. You flopped down on the couch, absolutely exhausted. You let the stillness of apartment calm your agitated nerves. Suddenly however, you sat up from the couch, nerves very much at full alert. It was quiet in your apartment. Too quiet. Where were your parents? As if on queue, your phone began to ring with a call from your mom. You answered the call a bit too eagerly.

“Hey, where are you?” you blurted out.

“Hi, honey, we’re actually at the airport right now. Your father and I got called in last minute for some long-term business trip. We’ll be gone for at least three weeks. I’m so sorry we couldn’t say goodbye to you in person. We barely had enough time to pack and get to the airport on time,” explained your mom.

“Oh,” you said, slightly stunned. It wasn’t abnormal for your parents to go away for long business trips, but you almost always got to see them off. You frowned at the idea of spending the next three weeks alone. Now was not the most ideal time to be left with nothing but your thoughts and a big, empty apartment.

“I know, I’m sorry, sweetie! The timing for this couldn’t have been worse. I hate the idea of leaving you alone after what you’ve been going through. How was school today though? Did that help at all?”

“Um… yeah, it helped a little bit. Nothing has improved with Peter at all. If anything, I think it’s gotten a bit worse, but I started talking to that girl, Michelle, today. Or rather she started talking to me. Anyway, she helped me today during a rough time. So that was nice. She’s a bit weird, but she’s cool. I think she helped lighten my mood by a fraction of a percent, which is technically an improvement.”

“Well that’s good,” your mom said. “Wait, no, that’s our flight being called right now! Don’t tell me we’re late! Sweetheart, I’m going to have to call you back. I don’t know when that will be, but you’ll find out I guess. Okay, love you! Bye!”

The line went dead before you even had the chance to react. You sighed before setting your phone down and looking around the room. Three weeks. No parents and no best friend. Just you and your thoughts. You groaned and fell back into the couch. This was going to be the longest three weeks of your life.

A/N: Sorry if this wasn’t the happy ending that you expected, but I want to make this story as realistic as possible, which means stretching the series of events out. That said, please let me know whether or not you guys want a part three to this story! Thanks for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed it!

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They say life is short
it’s the longest we can ever have
—  Viola CN ‘’Life is short?’’
crush / pjm

i originally had something really sad written for jimin, but i decided against it. i tortured myself enough with the yoongi one. but anyway jimin is so cute???,, like wow i love him sm!! he also has really nice thighs,,,,,

“i get close to crying when i see you. yeah, you’re that pretty.”

song insp.: lovely / twenty one pilots

fluff. college au. fuckboy!jimin.

473 words. i’ll wait for the day i can actually get to 500 words,,,

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Jimin knew he could get any girl he wanted, hell, when did he not? A new girl every night, occasionally hooking up with the same girl if she was good enough, he was known as the biggest fuckboy on campus.

The only girl he couldn’t seem to get was you.

He did everything to get your attention, he even stopped hooking up with random girls every night. He was head over heels for you, but of course, you could care less.

You knew how sweet Jimin was, no matter how many girls came running out of his room crying every day. It wasn’t his fault, the girls should have known it was a one-night stand type of thing. What you didn’t know though, was that Jimin was completely and utterly into you.

He often walked you to your classes, bought you little snacks, he carried your bag for you, and made sure that no other guy would talk to you. Yet, you still didn’t notice.

“He likes you,” your friend groaned. 

Eye-rolling seemed to be the only thing you could do whenever the topic of Jimin liking you came up. “We must be talking about a different Jimin. One that actually likes relationships.”

You felt something being pelted at your head, your focus immediately going to the pile of gummy bears on the table. “How many times do we have to tell you?” 

“He practically shits himself when another guy talks to you,” she adds. You let out a guttural noise, fed up with the topic of Jimin. “You mean, he wants to fuck. He doesn’t want a relationship”.

Said person comes into few, a loud sigh coming from his mouth. “Is that what you think, babe?”

“Jimin,” your friend interrupts. “Could you please tell her you like her? She doesn’t believe me.” You send a glare over to her, ready to shove a piece of bread in her mouth before Jimin puts a hand on your head. “I like you, idiot. I can’t believe you haven’t noticed!”

Although shocked, you manage a smile. How do you react to a cute boy saying he likes you? Especially one that isn’t known to have little crushes. 

He takes your hand, heaving you up from your seat. His hands fall to your waist and his face gets closer to yours.

I get close to crying when I see you. Yeah, you’re that pretty.

His mouth ghosts over yours for the smallest amount of time, before you feel the softness of his lips on yours. You forget that you’re in public and that your best friend is sitting right in front of you, watching the whole scene unfold. His smile stops the kiss, an adoring look in his eyes. “I want to take you on a date, if you’ll let me.”

“I’d be stupid not to.”

A few good things that have happened recently at work:

• I got to do a full blow dry all by myself and she tipped me $10 🙌🏼
• then she came back and specifically requested that I do her blow dry, rather than a stylist, and even tipped me $10 again 💁🏼
• I got another ten dollar tip from one of our regulars for his wash / style 🙊
• and even a toonie just for a shampoo!
• I got a lot of compliments on my hair, both the colour and a loot about my natural curls 💕
• Alison, Charlotte and Jen complimented me on my vintage multi stone statement necklace and even admired it for a few minutes afterwards
• a client complimented me on it as well and so did the lady at the grocery store after work hehe
• my bosses and coworkers are just amazing in general
• last week we had cake for Jen’s birthday 🍰
• a client brought us all timbits
• Michelle (who was on maternity leave) came back!! 💗
• Amy (who’s now on maternity leave) came to visit with her baby 🍼
• my boss Alison complimented me on my new witchy dress
• Alysha complimented me on my new shoes
• a new girl (who seems really nice) is starting this weekend 🎀
• I cried at work yesterday when I got bad news but all of my workers were so amazing and supportive and really helped to cheer me up, I left with a smile thanks to them 💜
• Charlotte bought me a pair of thigh high / tights and she keeps telling me about this gift she found online awhile ago that is perfect for me and how she now knows where to get it 🙈
• Cale and Michelle suggested new fashion shades for me to do and cale even said I looked like the girl in the picture and she was gorgeous!
• Sarah loved the crystal keychains I made on my day off and made me feel really proud of myself 😌
• minimum wage also went up twenty five cents!! 💰✨