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*SLAMS HANDS ON A TABLE* mORE OF KEITHS MOMMY AND DAD THACE! I BREATH THIS AND MaN, I JuST LOVE HOW YOU DRAW HER??? PLS, I need more of them being??? SO????? CUtE?!?!? *coughs* maaybbee with baby keith.... *cOUGHS*

im always game for baby keith


Bless you Mami, for being so honest. In the preview for this episode, I thought this would be coming from Homura, and I’m a bit sad it isn’t, but I’m glad to see Mami acknowledging this stuff to Madoka. 


Oh my god Madoka! Wish for Mami to no longer have to be a Magical Girl. Chances are, you won’t be alone either with Sayaka probably about to make Her contract. Omg, could you imagine??? What a hell of a wish that would be! I mean, no, it wouldn’t be for herself then, but it’s freaking better than simply wishing to be a MG. Ugh 

Well shit. Now I don’t want that. Now ya’ll need to get together. ☆~(ゝ。∂) 

Shit girl. I just want to hug you, but also… if it’s that bad… are you sure this will fix it? Is that all Magical Girls need? To have people fighting beside them? I mean, I guess it worked for the Sailor Senshi… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


OMG! It’s so beautiful. But shit. Guis!! Sayaka is still all alone in there with a Witch Homura was afraid of! Fuck!! Okay… move along now! 

Yesss! Good Mami! See, you do care for the girl. Tell her to wish you out of the fight despite just declaring to fight together. 

Okay Mami, thank you for reminding her to use her wish and all, but could you get a move on? 


Um but? UM BUT? You DON’T want a perfect boyfriend you want a perfect girlfriend yes I know Mami be her girlfriend 

Ugh. I’ve actually reached my picture limit in here, which means it got really long. Sorry! Anyway, Mami tells Madoka to wish for cake, and thankfully Madoka says: 

Little Lightworm...

Just imagine Magnus Bane meeting Maryse Lightwood and her little band of brats and thinking “ugh, like we need more Lightworms around…” and little Max is setting things of fire, Izzy is playing with boas and sparkles (Magnus likes that one), Alec is always standing like a church boy at his mother’s side. Shadowhunters will be Shadowunters…

But Maryse leaves the room for two seconds and already Alec has spilled something on Magnus’s silk jacket and is extremely apologetic and “by the angel I am so so sorry” and he cannot wait to get out of there but he feels bad for the runt. Being raised to feel like a walking mistake sucked. Magnus would know.

And then Magnus comes back some ten years later and realizes, wow, that boy is exactly the same. Hidden inside himself, waiting for someone to realize he was wrong, wrong, wrong and fix him to how he was supposed to be. And Magnus feels the same pity he felt then but he can actually do something about it now… so maybe he could stop someone from growing up to hate himself just like his own mother had tried to do to him.

He wouldn’t let this Shadowhunter become just another mindless robot Shadowhunter.

I don’t know… something about Magnus knowing Alec all his life and wanting to help him grow into a healthy and happy person no matter what is just really endearing to me.

JASPIS BOMB DAY 1: Argument… then make up

“I’m sorry. For everything that’s happened”

sometimes you just need to say “fuck it” to anger and pride and admit when you fucked up

i’m like 60% sure it’s still October 1st somewhere

but ugh this took way longer than expected, especially when i decided to draw like 7 other things after the initial image. that aside, hope everyone’s first day of jaspis bomb was good

also, what is consistency, i drew jasper like 7 different ways


HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @pinofs!!!!! <3 <3 <3

this took me way longer than it should’ve ha

This is inspired by the VERY FIRST piece I saw by Nikki, so I took that idea and put my own little spin on it! I’m quite happy with the turn out!!

Better pictures soon because what is lighting.

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What has always struck me most about the end scene of Fitz comforting Jemma is how, like, everyone else - Coulson, Ward, even May - are so focused on their own pain regarding Skye. But Fitz is focused on Jemma’s pain.

ugh it’s so indicative of their relationship, because I think it’s a really good example of her repressive tendencies - and that Fitz knows that she’s like that. she not only is bad with expressing her feelings but often actively seeks to hide them - and having known her better and longer than anyone else on the team, Fitz knows that she needs help and affection but would never ask for it. so he goes to her instead when she won’t come to him (or anyone else).

I think it’s also why he doesn’t need her to say anything more than “maybe there is” in the season 2 finale - she is so set in hiding and repressing her feelings that the fact that she’s sought him out and then said something is *huge* for her. as well as Fitz knows her, he understands this immediately. Jemma has chosen to stop hiding things and open up a conversation about altering their relationship - for her, that’s the same thing as coming right out and saying she might be in love with him. and Fitz knows.

All Hallows Eve - Part Ten

TITLE OF STORY: All Hallows Eve
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fantasy, Romance, Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A village girl is late returning home on the most ghoulish night of the year and is chased through the dark forest only to be saved by something - someone - just as strange and monstrous.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS Ugh, I’ve been tweaking this chapter all bloody day. Next chapter might take a day or two longer than usual. I’ve got the ending done but my brain decided I needed another chapter in between. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading. xoxox

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me: ugh fuck larry isn’t real louis is going to be a dad

larry: *stand next to each other longer than they need to*

larry: *sign the anchor and the rope*