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WISE FOOLS | Chapter Nine: I Could Give You Love (Part One)

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There were three people that Rachel had never imagined she would see making a confession of love.

Her mother.

Chairman Kim.

Choi Young Do.

That was the list… until the list was wrong.

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Sorry for the long silence! Moving has been taking longer than I ever expected. But now I’m back online, and I’m taking today off to catch up a bit on my Tumblryness!

like you know whats funny? people associate me so much with p*trick k*ne but i didnt even tell anyone how much i actually followed his career until about 4 years ago when i came on tumblr because i finally found other people that gave a shit; ask my family or my friends from high school if i EVER said a word about him–i didnt; i figured no one would give a shit so i kept a lot of my favorite things & people to myself; i dont think anyone knew i even followed hockey; my parents certainly didnt know. k*ner is just one example but its representative; i’ve followed his career for a decade–longer than any friendships ive ever had and yet no one knew a thing until a few years ago

i have no idea what i’m trying to say other than i want to enjoy things with people but i cant and for someone like me who craves physical presence of people its hard and annoying and frustrating so i just stay silent i guess 

carcharodon13 asked:

Hello! For the past few days I have been engrossed with your stories on ao3. I have just finished All That Might Be: Choices and I have to say by gum! What a ride it was!! Also noticed its not finished too. But WOW I fucking love it!! Anabel so cute!

Thank you so much!  It is quite the ride, far longer than I ever intended it to be, but I’m glad (and relieved) that it held your attention long enough to get through it.  And no, it’s not quite done yet, though it’s heading into the home stretch. 

I’ve been neglecting my stories for multiple reasons - firstly that real life reared it’s ugly head recently and I had to deal with that, but the main reason is I’ve just put too much on my writing plate lately and it’s pulling me in lots of different directions and not enough is getting done on any of the things I’ve got in the works.  I’m actually contemplating just working on finishing All That Might Be because it is such a looming behemoth and because it is the closest to being finished. 

Of course I’ve said this before and then started a new story two days later.  

Self control is an issue for me.

All I can do is promise I have not abandoned it (I actually have the last chapters already written, it’s just getting there), and that your kind words and Anabel appreciation makes me want to get to work on it right away.

[Jr.] Wait for me

Series: Remember when…

Jinhae, Changwon

The playground seemed deserted that day since other kids had all headed homes, only two remaining sitting on the swings to enjoy the sunset.

“Hey Y/N, follow my lead!”

You nodded as the boy next to you started to do all kinds of gestures, resembling from a cat, a puppy to a chicken, bbuing bbuing blah blah, then stopped after blowing you a kiss.

“If you can copy my every move, I’ll buy you the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever had!”, he stated as you grinned. With such a tempting reward, how could the nine years old you ever ignore? You easily mimicked his gestures, but the kiss.

“Go on! Only one more to go!”

“It’s embarrassing!”

“It’s just for fun, Y/N-ah! Or else, I won’t play with you tomorrow!”, he frowned, folding his arms across his chest as you chuckled, wondering why he was so into such a silly game, when in fact, he was at the risk of losing the tastiest ice cream cone.

“Hey hey don’t be!”, you shook his arm to attract his attention before leaning forward to blow a kiss. Just then, your best friend also leaned closer to you, causing your lips and his cheek to collide in a soft touch.

It was sweet, really.

You immediately kicked that stupid idea out of your mind to stare at him dumbfoundedly, your eyes bawled out in a total awe. “Y-yah! What were you doing?”, you exclaimed but all he did was taking your hand into his to drag you to the ice cream shop. He had that giant grin on his face when he treated you out, as if he was the one enjoying the rich creamy dessert. Nonetheless, no word escaped his mouth to explain the situation.

After the sudden romantic afternoon, he left the house painted in white of his opposite to yours. Your mom said he went to the city to live up his dream. Although your life didn’t seem to change much, it couldn’t be like it used to. It no longer had him, his laughter, his silly games.

You missed him.

That explained why you always kept a note he wrote for you with colorful crayons said ‘WAIT FOR ME’ besides tons of your photos together.

The boy who preoccupied your mind for all of your childhood years was Park Jinyoung, or you would like to call Jinyoungie.

Ten years later.

“Y/N-ah! Mrs. Park just called me last night”, your mom starts the conversation as you help her to wash the dishes. “She said Jinyoung was coming home”.

“Jinyoung? Home? Here?”, you widen your eyes at her. “Mom, are you serious? My Jinyoungie is coming home?”.

“Yes! And I was wondering if you could go pick him up at the airport this afternoon”

“You can count on me! Just tell me the time”

“4pm. And just in case, why don’t you bring a board with Jinyoung’s name on it?”

“Mom! He’s my best friend! I don’t think I would have any difficulty recognizing him!”, you wink before rushing to your room to get ready. Finally, he’s back. You stare at the picture of you and him on your bedside table for a good two minutes before taking off.

Jinyoung is back.

“I bet he will look just the same, well maybe taller”, you mumble while waiting for your friend at the airport, eyes searching every where as soon as you see the electronic board informing the arrival of the flight from Seoul to Jinhae. Suddenly, you catch the eyes of a tall boy staring at you. The way he walks and the clothes he puts on emit the aura of a city boy, a well-known city boy adored by thousands of girls. Although he’s wearing sunglasses, you can still see his fair milky skin, his high-bridge nose and his plump lips. An overall handsome boy. But why on Earth is he looking straight at you, up to now is nearly three minutes? The closer he approaches, the faster your heart races, this erratic pace just like when you were with Jinyoung. The strange boy smiles at you, a heart-warming smile as if he had known you since forever. Actually that smile is quite familiar.

“Y/N? You’re Y/N, right?”, he speaks up after waving at you.

“You awkwardly wave back. “Y-yeah… Who-who are…”

“Don’t you remember me?” It’s me, Jinyoung. Park Jinyoung! Woah I can recognize you as soon as I see you from afar. Jinyoung extends his arms to give you a warm hug while you are still in a daze.

“But… I … I thought… Jinyoung you…”

What? Did I change that much?”, Jinyoung grips your shoulder with one hand while the other pulls his sunglasses down to stare at you more directly. “So handsome now, isn’t it?”.

“Psst! You’re much cuter when you were a kid”

“I’m flattered and offensed at the same time! Thanks Y/N!”, Jinyoung says jokingly, swinging an arm over your shoulder as you two proceed to come home.

On the way back to your house, you keep that examining look on your face as Jinyoung contemplates the changes of the surroundings. After ten years, Jinhae has changed so much that he almost couldn’t remember how it used to be. Even you, his best friend has now turned into such a beautiful girl, whom he had a huge crush on then, and probably still does. He wonders what you have done, how you have lived when he’s not around. He wonders what in your mind when you stare at him as if he was an alien. Nevertheless, he feels at ease.


“Welcome back Jinyoung-ah!”, your mom immediately greets Jinyoung with a motherly hug, almost suffocating the boy as soon as you two arrive at your house’s front door. She leads Jinyoung inside in a matter of seconds, leaving you with his suitcase and boxes of presents he brought here to give his relatives. As you are about to groan, Jinyoung quickly goes back to help you carry his stuffs, a grin flashes on his good-looking face.

Yeah, that’s your best friend.

Since Jinyoung’s family all moved to the city, his house has been rented by another family. Seizing the opportunity to keep her long lost son at her house (she claims herself), your mom nags Jinyoung to stay as long as possible.

“Mom! But he’s a boy!”, you yell-whisper to her as Jinyoung is now in the bathroom.

“So? Didn’t you hang out with him all the time when you two were kids?”


No more but’s! I have to go to the market now and I just remember I forgot to give him towel. Why don’t you help me then?”, your mom pushes you out of her room with a towel in your hand. You could swear you saw a cheeky smile appears on her face as you make your way to the bathroom, whose door is slightly opened.

“H-hey, Jinyoungie”, you step inside, shyly clear your throat as Jinyoung shifts his gaze away from his reflection on the mirror. “Towel”, you mutter, shoving the fluffy cloth to him as he doesn’t even bother to grab it, instead just naturally holding the back of his shirt before lifting it up, totally exposing his muscular upper body in front of you, a sly grin cracks on his lips when he notices your blushing cheeks. Already turning into a mess of yelping and flustering, you plan to free yourself from the situation as Jinyoung quickly moves closer to you, his chest hits your back lightly as he proceeds to close the door.

“Y-yah Jinyoungie”, the boy now traps you with both of his arms, his warm breath sends shiver down your spines.

Hey, he’s your best friend.

“I’ve just realized I haven’t had time to look at my best friend. Since when she’s so pretty?”

An awkward laugh escapes your mouth as you are not able to face him. “I’ve always been pretty!”

“You’re right. I was gone for so long”, Jinyoung murmurs. “Miss me?”.

“Maybe, a little”, you take a deep breath before finally having the gut to turn around. “You’re my best friend after all. But I didn’t expect you to be this manly”, you giggle.

“What do you mean by that? I’ve always been manly!”

“You played with dolls. D-O-L-L-S. DOLLS”, you spell every letter carefully to add the teasing effect as Jinyoung bursts out of laughter, then suddenly becomes serious.

“When I’m not around, boys must have fallen head over heels for you, right? Who can blame them when you’re this gorgeous?”, Jinyoung rapidly hides the tiny hint of disappointment in his irises by pinching your cheeks, hard.

“Ouch!”, you hiss, instantly bringing your hands up to reciprocate his action. He even looks cuter this way.

Say.. do you have a boyfriend?”, Jinyoung’s question catches you off guard as you let go of his face, your eyes averting from his. Of course you don’t have a boyfriend, all because of him.

“Of course I do. In fact, I used to have seven boys chasing after me at once! This lady right here is an expert in love!”, you cock a brow at him, trying to keep him away from telling the fact your stomach is now a puddle of goo.

“Uh huh? So you must have had your first kiss!”

“Duh. It’s no big deal! I had it when uhm… eleven?”, you wave your hand to act all natural. “I’ve actually kissed so many boys th-“

Before you could finish the sentence, Jinyoung abruptly inches closer to you to the point the tip of his nose touches yours. You couldn’t help but shutting your eyes, your heart is about to explode with anticipation. Just when you think your lips would brush against each other, Jinyoung chuckles, increasing the distance a little.

“Gotcha! You haven’t had your first kiss yet, have you? Aren’t you too nervous to be an expert in love?”, he sticks his tongue out at you as you smack his chest, trying to break free from his embrace.

You groan. “I did! I was just… You… Park Ji-“

Again, the mischievous boy interrupts you, but with an actual kiss this time. His lips taste your upper lip first before nibbling your bottom one, his hand subconsciously cups your face as he deepens the kiss. His movements prove to you he’s definitely not a newbie.

“Your first kiss is safe with me”, he pecks your lips one more time before taking the towel from your hand. “I have to take a shower now. Wanna join me?”

“As iff”, you waste no time to exit the room, slamming the door behind.

“We used to take shower together all the time!”


Since your mom has already considered Jinyoung as her son, the dinner goes out smoothly with the conversation mostly between her and your best friend. Being such a quick-witted person, also a typical housewife who has seen so many Korean dramas, your mom easily smells something fishy between the two of you. Y/N, her brave daughter, has never been so flustered in front of boys, any boy, nor did she ever avoid making eye contact. Meanwhile, Jinyoung looks so much amused. He couldn’t take his eyes off you and keeps putting food on your bowl of rice, which is what you are supposed to do for him instead.

Obeying your mom, you are now in your room gathering pillows and blankets for her son as that precious boy of her slowly approaches your room, though you have made it very clear for him not to do such thing (why would you even bother). Jinyoung leans on the door frame, one hand shoving into his sweatpants’ pocket while he’s observing your territory. Besides a rather huge teddy bear at the corner, your room is quite normal with a girly, cute style, but surely tidy. Then why didn’t you let him in?

The question pops up in Jinyoung’s mind as he continues to walk around the place and that’s when he sees the scribbling note he wrote for you stuck on the wall right in front of your desk where you study every day. Although the material of the paper is seemingly old, one won’t have any difficulty reading the words written in capital letters ‘WAIT FOR ME’. Jinyoung’s lips breaks into a soft smile as he plops on the floor with you while you’re still struggling to find enough blankets, the worrying look on your face is so cute that Jinyoung could stay like this to contemplate you all day.

“What to do now? The air conditioner in the living room is broken… These blankets won’t be enough”, you mumble to yourself without noticing his existence. “My Jinyoungie will…”

“Can I sleep here then?”

The handsome’s whispering startles you almost to death as he sits comfortably on the pillow you’ve just left there, his hands holding the note.

“Yah! That…”, you point at the note. “It’s mine! Did you just take it down from the wall?”

“Technically it’s mine”, Jinyoung grins, reaching his hand up high for you not to take it back. “I can’t believe you still keep this”

“Well, it’s the only thing to remind me of you”, you begin to fiddle with your thumbs when Jinyoung grabs your hands.

He flashes a smile. “You have photo of us on your bedside table, Y/N-ah. You always fiddle with your thumbs whenever you lie, ten years ago, earlier in the bathroom and now. I know you”

“I hate you, Park Jinyoung”, you mutter before pulling the blanket above your head to cover yourself so that Jinyoung couldn’t see how flustered he makes you, nor doing anything that sets butterflies in your stomach.

Who does he think he is to make you wait all these years and then come back to mess with your heart? Who does he think he is to drive you this insane? Urgh, you hate him. You hate him! You wish you could hate him!

But, you cannot.

“Wanna play a game?”, Jinyoung asks after a whole five minutes of silence. “You have to at least see me to play, Y/N-ah!”

“Who says I wanna play?”, your action betrays your words because you’ve already poked your head out of the blanket.

“You do what I do. If you copy everything correctly, I’ll treat you the most delicious ice cream ever. Okay, start!”, Jinyoung begins to resemble a cat, a puppy, a chicken, then bbuing bbuing and as expected, a blow kiss.

“Ehh~ isn’t it a bit too obvious? Do you really think I would fall for this game again?”, you smirk and Jinyoung shakes his head lightly.

“Nope. I just want to tell you I remember every small detail of our childhood together, including my feeling for you”, the charming stops for a second to study your facial expression before continuing. “And to answer your question ten years ago when I made you kiss me… Well I just really wanted a kiss from you”, he shrugs. “I miss you so so much, Y/N-ah!”

As Jinyoung scoots closer to you, you snuggle into your cocoon, a small yelp escapes from your throat as he gently sneaks his fingers through the fabric to caress your cheek.

“I like you a lot, Y/N-ah. I really like you, my Y/N. Thank you for waiting for me”, he coos before his lips connecting to yours. Soon, you two melts into the most passionate kiss of your lives, which, to be honest, is very worth waiting :)

When Darkness Falls (Part 1/3)

A/N: I don’t actually think that Emma can fall so deep but the idea of dark!Emma just intrigues me so this happened. It’s kinda spoiler-y so read at your own risk!

Part 1 No light, no light…

     Darkness was a curious thing. It had the tendency to sneak up on a person without notice and then it was there, possessing every single part of the body, the mind, the soul. She had been warned of this. Someone she once cared about deeply had told her so. It hadn’t mattered to her then because she was her own master and decided her own fate and darkness was not what she would’ve chosen then. Now though? Darkness was not only part of her, she was darkness in everything but name. There was rage coursing through her veins, and fire. There was power and lust and a burning desire to destroy. She had chosen darkness and she would keep choosing it because it just felt so damn good. There were people out there who wanted her to turn away from it, she knew that, but those people had been part of what had made her turn dark in the first place. Her life had always been a series of betrayals and losses, of trying to see the good in everyone and to hope, only to be disappointed again and again. She’d thought she’d found it, her happiness, her home, her family. And then they had just proven to her that trust was dangerous. She had trusted them and got burned for it. Lies. Nothing but lies everywhere. Were they really that surprised that the darkness had found a way in?

She had fought it at first, she really had. She had tried to be good, had tried to hold on to the hope that everyone always talked about, had tried to do her duty as the saviour. She had brought back the only friend she ever had growing up and had reunited her with her mother; there she’d been, her friend, Lily. Her opposite. The girl with all the potential for darkness. And here she was. Emma, the girl with all the potential for light. She had to laugh. Life was not that simple, no matter what her parents thought.

She’d tried to stay true, had brought someone else another happy ending but to her bringing Lily back had only caused more pain, more loss, more lies.

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Fires From Hell Freeze Over, Eventually || Rennerson

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Mind Games

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Nogitsune Stiles x Reader, Stiles x Reader
Warnings: N/A
Writer: micoools
Summary/Request: hey! could you do an imagine involving the nogistune stiles, and reader thinks it’s stiles but then the real stiles comes and saves her? thanks!

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anonymous asked:

>Short and stacked. >Not fun. Please, grass is always greener on the other side, I'd kill to not be a 175cm A Cup. AND your nails are thick, mine are so thin and weak if I try to grow them out they don't even break they fucking rip.

No one takes you seriously if you’re short, though.

As for nails, try soaking them in warm milk, apparently, that shit works.