man, looking through the servant designs for fate/grand order is so weird

because the bulk of them are the usual “what if historical/mythical figure was attractive anime character,” like joan of arc and william shakespeare here

but then once in a while, it’ll throw in something really weird, like “what if we had the dangan ronpa artist draw an edgy rendition of the count of monte christo?”

…and then there’s thomas edison

Non c'è cura per la mia malinconia, non sono mai stato bravo a gestire la nostalgia, eri tu a mandarla via.
—  Raige.
Keith/Lance Dynamic

Alright so the majority of anti-klancers that I’ve seen claim that they don’t like kl/ance because their relationship is “abusive.” I’m here to tell you all that this claim is complete and utter petty bullshit, and the relationship between Keith and Lance is completely healthy. I’m going to capitalize on their symbolic roles as fire and water, because it’s important to understanding their relationship and also I find it interesting as hell.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Right off the bat we can tell that these two don’t like each other. Or more like, Lance doesn’t like Keith and Keith literally does not care. He doesn’t even remember who Lance is at first.

See. Keith literally doesn’t care. He’s just there to rescue Shiro and doesn’t have any strong feelings towards the other three. For now.

As the episode progresses, however, we get to see more of Lance and Keith butting heads.

Keywords: Lance and Keith. A lot of anti-klancers like to say that Lance is the abuser in this situation, but fail to recognize that it’s mutual arguing. (so, y’know, casual colorism). And more importantly, nothing abusive is ever said between the two. They never rip on anything personal or get physical with each other. How you guys manage to pull “abuse” out from childish banter between rivals is the epitome of grasping at straws.

On to episode two.

Throughout this episode we get to see the dynamic between the two, and it’s literally like fire and water. They’re complete opposites and can’t help but rub each other in all the wrong ways.

Competing against the other to prove themselves.

Taking jabs at each other.

They make a really bad team don’t they?

But listen, that’s the point. Keep in mind how this dynamic fits into the theme of the episode. Five people are put together, seemingly at random, to become defenders of the universe. It’s not just Keith and Lance who are struggling. This episode is about all of them learning how to come together as a team. Lance and Keith are especially resistant to each other but that’s what makes their dynamic so gratifying. Fire and water naturally have a turbulent relationship, but by the end of this episode—and the series— we get to see them make real progress towards becoming a team!

Wow, two people who hate each others’ guts are smiling and laughing together, having a good time? Maybe that’s because they don’t actually hate each other. Their personalities (again, remember fire and water symbolism) don’t match, so they argue and resist each other. But if they really hated each other, this could never happen, and not to mention, they wouldn’t even be able to form Voltron if they truly hated each other.

From this point on, we know Lance and Keith do not actually hate each other. Now we really get to see their relationship develop.

Look at that they’re having a normal conversation. Almost as if they could stand each other. Keith’s face tooootally screams “I hate you Lance.”

And look at this: the two sitting next to each other and eating, even though they could literally sit in any chair they wanted to.

Aaaaaaany chair they wanted to. Any chair.

And when they’re celebrating with the Arusians:

This entire exchange is that between friends. No animosity whatsoever. Compare to episode one when they couldn’t even look at each other without scowling. More Progress!! They’ve come pretty far in learning to get along.

Speaking of getting along: And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for!! The Bonding Moment!

Keith goes to check on Lance (because, what?? he cares about Lance’s well-being? Yeah he does) and to help him up.

Except nope he just fucking kneels beside him and holds his hand.

And here you have it!! Lance fully and shamelessly admits that he cares about their relationship. He’s genuinely happy that they could work together and succeed, and he says this all while holding Keith’s hand.

Here have more of it!!! Keith as we already know is a man of few words. But he feels the same way as Lance. He’s also happy that they could work together as a team. Do these two guys, smiling and supporting each other, look like the faces of hatred and abuse? The exact opposite, actually.

Next episode and we’re confirmed way past the apathy of their first encounter.

Remember when Keith only cared about rescuing Shiro and didn’t want anything to do with Lance? Well look at him now. Look how impatient he is to see Lance get better. Allura has to scold him because he’s getting annoying about Lance.

commence pout.

And then we get this scene. We’re reminded that even though they do care for each other, they still have that competitive dynamic. They’re fire and water, so it’s only natural. Ah, rivalry.

More rivalry.


At this point they’re competing to see who did the most for each other. It’s still a competition, but a strange, warm kind of rivalry. And they don’t even notice.

And then Lance got played by Nyma and the team has to go rescue his gullible ass. Let’s take a look at Keith.

Does this look like the face of hate??

Does it look like these two hate each other in any way shape or form??

They’re bantering—of course they are—but it’s playful banter. Look at how much fun they have teasing each other. Where do you see abuse in this?

And then in the Balmera these two actually work together. Without arguing.

Keith is even smiling at this development!

Look how far they’ve come!! Remember when I said their fire and water dynamic was important? Here’s why:

Fire and water are opposites. Lance and Keith are opposites. Their relationship is rocky and they don’t always get along—as we see at the very beginning—but we get to witness their monumental development from being the opposites who couldn’t stand being in the same room together to the opposites who compliment each other and when they work together, make a really good team.

That’s the beauty of symbolism and rivalry, people. They might bicker and get on each others’ nerves sometimes, but it’s undeniable that they’ve formed a strong bond and do care about each other.

You don’t find the rivalry dynamic interesting? Fine. You don’t interpret any of this as romantic? That’s cool, too. But to say Lance and Keith hate each other, that their relationship is abusive, is obscenely far from the truth and trivializes the trauma that real abuse survivors have suffered through. Real abuse is disturbing and damaging. Competition between companions is not. You can have your reasons for not shipping klance but stop with the abuse bullshit, because it’s insensitive and completely unfounded.

anonymous asked:

Well, hi. I'm gonna start with how amazing and inspiring your art is, you have such amazing talent and sharing it with tumblr has inspired me to draw. I can draw, and it can be very pretty sometimes. But,the thing is,i can only copy other drawings. Does that even make sense? Like, i can only copy other people's drawings and i can't really draw by my imagination. And when i do, It's not nice. I would say i have a talent for copying drawings, and i'm only 12... What should i do?

how to avoid use references forever? I mean, I’m still learning anatomy, but do not want to be dependent on references to poses, have any tips? :(

I’m not sure if the second ask is also written by you, but they are still very similar in their sense, so I’ll reply to them both.

First of all, thank you!

Then. I can say from personal experience that I have started exactly the same baaaack back then. I used to “draw” by only copying pictures I have seen on the internet. Somehow back than it didn’t even occur to me that those pictures were someone’s drawings ( I don’t know why it never crossed my mind back then O_o) So. I used to draw like that and then stumbled upon Burdge’s drawings, and I realized just how much I wanted to draw like that. To be able to draw from my mind.

I get you’re on the same stage. Only I think I was around 15 or so. I would recommend looking for online tutorials, and trying learning from them, the way I did. For now at least. Though at first I looked at drawings and tried mimic them and only then I have found tutorials THAT WERE GREEAT GREAT HELP! Because tutorials allow to “build” your drawings in a way. Only I have to say that try not looking at tutorials of only one artist. If you like the way an artist draws eyes and they have tutorial- go for it! Try to combine things various artists draw specially. (or you like)

It is going to be hard at first, but the more time passes and the more you draw, the better you’re going to be! Imagine how great you’re going to be by the time you reach the age I started. And then when you reach mine current age! It’s a process and a long one, and a key is not to give up! Tutorials are the key, for now, I think. You may start with something small, like only portraits, then waist ups, then full body.

Now, REFERENCES. Guys, there is no shame in using them. They can be great help in learning anatomy as well, if they are used right. I used to use (haha) them a lot too. Like there’s a whole period in my drawings when I could pretty much only draw from them.

There is no shame, but I understand why it can become frustrating to an artist. There’s not a ref for a SINGLE pose you want, right? SO. Since you probably have experience with drawing from them, whether it’s a ref or someone’s drawing, you might remember some basics.  Maybe now you can draw people standing without using anything. Then, you might look at yourself instead of drawing from picture.

Analyze the way your body moves , always have a mirror nearby you! I nearly always look at my hands when I draw them, sometimes I look at my shoes when Im enthusiastic. The ref might be used simply when you want to draw your character in a certain brand of clothing too. And it’s okay! Probably everyone uses them at some extent.

If you can’t draw without references AT ALL, once again, look at tutorials. You can look at a reference, AND look at tutorial. And BUILD the picture you see. Like you won’t be drawing mindlessly from a reference, but you will do that with more understanding.

If the pose is hard, look at yourself in the mirror and try to…remember what goes where. If you don’t, look again and don’t be ashamed or upset by it.

Some artists can’t draw without refs, for some it’s harder to vision something if they don’t actually see it in front of them. Some use refs, but then change some details or the pose slightly. Some don’t use them. Either way, I think the more you draw from both them and tutorials, the easier it’s going to be in the future to draw from mind. (though it’s still not going perfect and in the way you want it.)

Don’t give up and get upset because you draw from pictures or references for now! As long as you want to break out from that, everything is possible! 

anonymous asked:

Your art has greatly improved, its such an amazing style!! (not the previous anon)

no it’s okay that the other person might have like my old art better? i mean i has really changed, especially if the person was one of my first 1000 followers?

it’s actually pretty funny cuz i think my art has more or less returned to the style this blog started out with?

(2013) the style with the more characteristic shapes, like the noses and head shapes?

(2014) then after i started attending art classes, my art went at a bit more realistic turn? like making the eyes A LOT smaller, and starting to focus more on anatomy?(but still with the anime touch..)

(2015) last year i got more interesting in painting and making them seem more realistic, but they still had that certain sweet and innocent manga look? 

which is okay? but i’m just trying so hard not to make my art so manga-ish? which is super hard cuz i’ve been drawing manga since i was 11 or younger? 

(2016) i’m playing more around with making the characters more characteristic and diverse now? just like i did in the start, i actually always thought my characters was like that until some one told me it.. wasn’t?

it’s not like i cannot draw in this semi realistic and pretty style? I just mainly choose to let the shapes and simply lines dominant the figures, so that all the characters i draw are more dynamic and interesting rather than accurate?

my art is a long journey? and i am still experimenting and trying to figure out how i should get the best out of my drawings, it keeps changing but i hope that you will stay and see where it goes!

anonymous asked:

hey!! i was wondering your thoughts on porky minch? i have a lot of thoughts on him but i'm not too good with words, and i always love your meta

oh boy. yknow, i used to say i could write an essay on porky minch. its been a few years since then though, so i might have a lil trouble collecting my thoughts. 

to sum it up, i think porky is an incredibly complex and tragic character, and the perfect villain to the mother series. he’s tragic because we see his origins with no idea of where they would lead him- he was just a bratty little kid, not evil for evil’s sake, just petty and childish. porky is annoying by nature when you meet him at the beginning of earthbound, but he’s also scared and hurt. his parents are physically abusive, rotten people, and i think that’s where his craving for power came from- a mixture of his family’s belief in their superiority, and the lack of control over his surroundings. to top that off, he’s clearly extremely jealous of ness, his best and only friend. we dont know exactly what porky and ness’s relationship was like, but i can guess that ness wasn’t nearly as fond of porky as porky was of him. porky NEEDED ness, he was the only person who would put up with porky, but also the person who infuriated him the most. and that melting pot of emotional issues made him the perfect pawn for giygas.

like most terrible things, it started out small. porky’s jealousy of ness’s “chosen one” status was overtaken by his fear of such an adventure- but i think it was loneliness that tipped him over the edge. suddenly ness wasn’t going to be a part of his life anymore, he was off to do some big cool cosmic THING while porky had to stay home, stay normal, stay hated and alone. and then giygas comes to him- offering him power over a whole town, just a bunch of brainwashed people who would do whatever he said. giygas offers him liberation from his old life, and status over those who would otherwise look down on him. and more than that- he offers him a place back in ness’s narrative, the opportunity to rise above his old friend and finally be better at something, even if it means ending the world.

over the course of the game, porky’s power only grows until he becomes giygas’s right-hand man, always staying one step ahead of ness and his new friends. in the end it’s not completely clear who’s really in control, whether it’s giygas manipulating porky or the other way around. personally, i think it was both. giygas molded porky into the cruel, power-hungry leader he needed to command his armies while still following his orders, but giygas wound up falling victim to his own energy, leaving porky in almost complete control. even after giygas is defeated and the credits roll, it’s made clear that porky is not done. he still has his power, and he still has his desire to beat ness. then he actually succeeds, of all things. his story outlives ness’s, his actions have consequences far beyond anything ness could ever touch.

so that’s where mother 3 comes in.

although porky himself is not present until the very end of the game, he makes an enormous impact (he should, being the main villain). this is also where porky’s character arc comes to an unhappy close, and where i build my “porky is the perfect villain for this series” opinion. in mother 3, we see that porky’s motivations are very childish still. he’s driven by his old lust for power, boredom, and, most importantly, nostalgia. it is made incredibly clear that porky misses ness so, so, so much. despite the rest of new pork city being themed around himself, he still sells equipment based around ness’s old clothes and weapons, has a museum dedicated to artifacts from earthbound, and is constantly playing a movie about ness’s adventures [edit: I can’t believe i forgot to mention the friends yoyo oh my god]. and this in particular could’ve been porky’s perfect opportunity to one-up ness even long after the events of earthbound, to show himself constantly beating ness at his own game and emerging on top. but instead, it’s merely just ness and friends exactly as they were, a preserved relic of porky’s childhood. i actually believe he may have even planted the “real bat” and “real hat” for lucas to pick up near the end of the final dungeon, in an attempt to recreate his old battles with ness.

when porky finally reveals himself to the player in mother 3, he’s physically aged hundreds of years. he’s an old, old, old man, kept eternally alive by life support systems. and yet his personal room is full of toys and the city built by him is just a giant amusement park. this is the key point- porky has grown old, but not grown up. his entire existence is a farce of him growing up, like a child wearing his father’s clothes. right down to his hired bikini-clad servants, something he may have known is something an “adult” would want, yet all he has them do is give him presents and feed him sweets. which brings us to porky’s ultimate fate, his great undoing. in the end, he locks himself within the “absolutely safe capsule”, ensuring nothing can hurt him ever again. nobody will ever again threaten his power, or his happiness, but he can never, ever leave. and with his immortality, nor will he ever die, not even when the whole universe is gone. to the end, he is stagnant, trapped by memories and resistance to change.

and that’s what makes porky the perfect villain for the mother series. sure, giygas is more well-known, and probably more intimidating, but porky, even long past the events of earthbound, is the ideal foil to ness and to a major theme of the series in general. that being, cliche as it might sound, growing up. for better or worse, ninten, ness, lucas, they all grow up, grow into different, stronger, wiser people over the course of their respective adventures. and it is not always an easy process (just ask lucas). growing up involves change, loss, letting go, moving on, all things that porky never allowed himself to experience. he refused to change his ways, he refused to grow as a person, and he refused to leave the memory of ness behind. and now he will never grow up, suspended forever exactly as he has been for so long in his own self-made prison while life goes on around him. generations will be born, live, die, change the world, end the world, morph eternally in the great circle of life, while porky minch can only watch and remember.

different types of i love you’s:

  • slides off the tongue, everyday i love you. over rushed early breakfast. said with a mouth half full of coffee. placed onto your cheek followed by a kiss.
  • astounding, ‘i still can’t believe it’ i love you. the only thing you can think to say when she walks down the stairs wearing a new dress. whispering to yourself every night before bed when she’s brushing her teeth and smiling at you through the mirror.
  • sleepy, foggy, i don’t know what loves feels like but i think this is it i love you. whispered at early hours of the morning, the room is still dark and swallows up the words before she hears them. when it’s 1am and you blurt it out but she’s already asleep in the passenger seat, and a little part of you wishes you said it earlier but another part of you is relieved.
  • strangers know, and our neighbors are jealous i love you. shouted from the top of a mountain, I LOVE YOU being swayed from tree to tree. saying it over and over and over. the most important thing that will ever leave your mouth.
This Day in 1D History - August 27


  • Fabulous mag hits stands


  • pics of Harry on the LWWY set leak (and everyone LOSES IT)


  • Harry is SUCH A GOOD (THE VERY BEST GOOD) outside his hotel in the early morning 
  • the Where We Are book is published!
  • Narry/Zilo ScreenSlam interviews posted
  • the boys show off their tats at Cambio
  • TV2 Danish interview posted
  • “There is also a feeling, among some of these girls, that you’ve literally saved their lives” (ABC News)
  • Liam carries Brooklyn through JFK as the boys head home for some well deserved R & R!
  • “Rest time!”


  • One Direction: The Official Annual 2015 released
  • Zayn’s new Twitter icon (pic) via Niall (pic)
  • Lilo tweet 
  • Where We Are Tour concert – St Louis, USA


  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Cleveland, USA (Harry adjusts)
klance art school au

klance art school au cause i l o v e this idea

also just an fyi this is super long because i have no idea how to shorten anything

  • keith got in on an art scholarship. the only reason he chose this school was because shiro recommended it to him
  • lance was one of those kids that always knew he was gonna be an artist and when it came down to choosing a school, there were so many he just. flipped a coin. what to heck lance
  • they end up as roommates, and are immediately at each other’s throats. keith thinks lance is too messy, lance thinks keith has a paintbrush up his ass or something
  • they also absolutely cannot agree on a medium to work in
  • (hints at adhd lance) anyways lance cant just pick one medium to work in so he has basically anything you could ever need ever. ink block printing? check. specifically water soluble oil paints? theyre probably somewhere. if its in an art store hes buying it
  • keith works in predominantely charcoal which terrifies lance. usually the most he does for color is just a red wash over his pieces. whenever he does paint, he would literally fight someone on oil paints vs acrylics
  • lance is the kind of artist that doesnt own a single piece of clothing without paint on it, usually has pigment on his hands/face, and probably has a 72 piece marker set on him at all times, just in case. pencils behind his ears, paintbrushes in his pockets, the works
  • this drives keith  n u t s
  • keith only works at his desk, and nothing ever leaves that desk. including him. this kid is always working wtf. his supplies are all neat and he would rather lay down in traffic than leave his workplace messy
  • so anyways, theyre getting into the semester, and they have their figure drawing class together, and theyre both pissed about this fact, and are absolutely certain that the other guy is just gonna piss them off so much that they dont know how this is gonna work
  • lance would rather admit that a mullet is a good hairstyle than let keith be the one that keeps him from going to class, and he bets keith wont be able to do it. keith is ready to #fite 24/7 so when lance said that he just. bolted out the door. he was going to get there first. this leads to a very loud race across the campus
  • but unfortunately they both have poor time management skills (theyre artists what do u expect) and had spent so much time arguing before they left that when they get to the class, there’s only 2 easels left. right next to each other. they agree to disagree, and decide to just ignore each other
  • the class starts smoothly enough, but WHOOP the model is a guy, and when he strips to start doing the poses, lance loses whatever shred of professionalism he had and squeaks, and keith is no better off
  • they share a look that says “oh no he’s HOT” and go through the entire class bright red
  • this leads to a sort of truce
  • they still dont get along too well, but now keith will go to lance because he needs colored pencils, and lance tries to clean up as best as he can, but its hard, sue him
  • and a sort of tentative friendship develops
  • so time passes and theyve learned how to handle each other, and they have another class together. when they show up to the class, the professor gives the class a project; they have to recreate someome or something important to them in the medium they think suits the subject best
  • lance’s mind immediately jumps to his family, but when he looks over to keith, soft hair falling over his face, chewing on the end of a pencil, it hits him
  • his first reaction is to be insulted that its KEITH of all people, moody and broody keith, who gripes about lance’s mess, who has a MULLET for gods sake, but its also the keith that nodded his head when lance told him he was bisexual, who answered “im gay”, keith who distracts him with bad jokes and chipped nail polish and stupid bets, and he decides its ok
  • keith on the other hand is completely lost. the only family he really had was shiro, and the only thing really important to him was simply art, but he figured a lot of people were doing that
  • and back in their dorm, when they’re both working, and keith needs a very specific marker, and lance gives it to him without thinking, he stops
  • lance, who insists on being his rival, who is constantly picking on keith and calling him out, but its also lance that gives him obscure materials, doesnt push him about his past, who sings in the shower but its grounding and keith accepts it
  • this leads to very bad attempts at drawing the other when hes not looking
  • i hope you never have to draw someone when they keep moving its impossible
  • its been weeks and the project is due soon, lance is out, and keith stayed back to work. when he ends up needing some different markers because none of them are the right blue of lance’s eyes, he heads over to his desk
  • it looks like a warzone
  • keith spends almost 5 minutes trying to find the markers, and he stumbles across lance’s sketchbook
  • lo and behold its filled with drawings of him, and keith’s initial reaction is to freak out, but he realizes that it must mean lance feels the same way, and he’s elated and a little terrified, but he’s never been one to sit around, and decides to tell lance when he gets back
  • when lance shows up, keith doesnt even end up saying anything, just shoving his open sketchbook into lance’s arms
  • and as lance flips through his face lights up, because keith feels the same way  and he’s so excited  and this poor noodle cant think through something to save his life, and he just smooches keith
  • keith is 100% behind this
  • keith ends up doing his final piece in as many mediums as he possibly can
  • lance does his in charcoal with a red wash
  • they both pass

teddy-bae  asked:

Ive been a big MCR fan for like 10 years now and i think the final nail in the coffin is the cover album coming out. It just seems like a bad cop out to me and for them to be gone for so long and then come back with something thats not even them is really disheartening.

okay but its not the band doing it? so why are you mad at them? its literally a cover album that a magazine is bringing out it has ZERO to do with the band and the band has ZERO to do with it. and the whole TBP anniversary thing wasnt the band either, it was the label. i suggest you listen to this interview https://soundcloud.com/the-mothership/live-from-comic-con-2016-gerard-way-talks-comics-and-music where at 6:43 Gerard is asked about the whole TBP anniversary thing

INTERVIEWER: so the My Chemical Romance twitter page put out the teaser the other day. What can you say about that?
GERARD: Not much because the band’s not heavily involved with any of that stuff so you know, it was a lot of misinformation when that came out so we asked the label to put out a statement to clarify things. But umm, yeah there’s not much to talk about.
INTERVIEWER: But it’s kinda cool though that many fans kinda got excited about it like ‘Oh they might be getting back together’. There’s still a love for your music, a love for all of you guys. That must be kinda nice.
GERARD: Yeah, that was really nice, yknow. I think everybody felt that it was nice but at the same time I think everybody felt like it was a little out of hand so we asked the label to clarify stuff.

so yeah maybe dont blame the band/the band members for anything thats been done without their approval. its the label making money off of them bc the label has the right to do it whether they like it or not. it was the label that ultimately gave the okay for the cover album that Rocksound is doing. or have you seen any of the guys actually talk about it/promote it? i havent.