August 6th, 2015 (from my snapchat)

Our first day together. Shit was so surreal .. we had been waiting for months to see each other & literally talked about it EVERYDAY. When we were finally in each other’s presence there was no way anyone could tell me this wasn’t love. We first checked into the hotel & then went to the lake after that to smoke. It was perfect, I remember us sitting face to face high as hell. lol. & I just bursted into tears because I couldn’t believe that this beautiful man was right in front of me. All the FaceTime calls, phone calls, for 2YEARS & he was right there. I cherished every second .. because I knew I wouldn’t get that time back. But I’m so looking forward to the future. I’ll see my baby again in November (to meet the fam 😁). We got this 😌.

i;ve had butterflies for months thinking of you and its still 6 months away