Before I become hopelessly crazy, I need to say this.

Even if this doesn’t turn out to be what I hope it does, I will be satisfied with the fact that there was a possibility. Distance is the enemy. I can put myself at peace with the situation knowing that the only reason you and I wouldn’t work is because we don’t live in the same city.

With that said, I will say:
I’m throwing myself into my own life. I can’t make any crazy, irrational, major life decisions until May anyways. That’s when winterguard will be over and my spring semester will have ended. But I realize my priorities are work, school, and Orlando Visual. Not exactly in that order but nonetheless my priorities. But I’ll go through it all with you in the back of my mind. I can’t kick you out of there. No matter how hard I try. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can see you a few times in between. Life is funny. And God, he’s a funny guy. But I have faith in Him and this. It’s totally different than any connection I’ve had with a person before. And even if it doesn’t work out like I really, really hope it does; I know there is a reason. There is a lesson or something I will take away from this. SOMETHING.

Ignore the fact that I am being super girly and giving into romantic feelings right now. This happens sometimes.