Long Distance

I feel like so many people don’t really understand long distance relationships. You see, here’s the thing. We are valid. When I called and asked her out, it was just as valid as that time you whispered into her ear and asked her out. Our date nights over the phone, are just as valid as your date nights at the movie theatre. Our “I love you’s” and compliments are just as valid as yours. She’s not my “California girlfriend”. She’s my girlfriend. The “That won’t last long” comment? Oh yeah? Try 2 entire years. The “how can you even do that comment”? Oh yeah? If you are not willing to wait for that right person, then they are not the right person. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we argue, we LOVE. Just like you do. Please stop invalidating us. She’s the love of my life, the distance means nothing to me. I could wait forever for her, we are valid.

I recently wrote a piece talking about how bad I was craving her.
I wanted to touch her,
I wanted her skin on mine,
I wanted her fingers interlocked with mine,
I wanted her lips pressed against mine.
I wanted it all, and that day finally came,
I finally had it all.
But now she’s gone,
She’s headed back home, and I crave her even more than I did before.
I constantly ache for her,
Her laugh,
Her scent,
Her eyes, and the way she looks into mine,
Her hands , and the way she grabs mine if I’m not holding hers.
I just crave it all.
I think I’m homesick.
—  I-viii-mmxiv
Long distance

Being in a long distance relationship is kind of like a cycle of the most terrible heart breaking lows, and the most beautiful happy highs. 

The reunions are always so precious, but the goodbyes are so bitter.

Nobody says they’ll ever do “long distance” until they fall in love with someone miles away.

Then you change as a person, you start growing and your souls start connecting. Then you realize it would hurt one hundred times more to ever let go then to just stay there & love them & hope for the future.

This relationship is magical, and painful. This relationship is the definition of bitter sweet. 

But Damn you’re worth everything.