longchamp xr4


A Family of Tuners.

During the Okinawa (沖縄島) Kyusha Car New Year’s Cruise, I had a chance to catch up with Gary, Miyuki and their two kids to ask them about their rides. Gary and Miyuki met during his first tour of Okinawa after catching up to her and her AE86 (not the one pictured) following a street race. Gary asked for her number and the rest is history. 

The supercharged AE86 Miyuki drives now is one of two 86′s in their driveway, the other being a Panda Levin Coupe on the similar spec SSR XR4 Longchamp wheels as the green 510. The 510 (an ex-SCCA car) was turbo’d by Gary and it along with the Datsun 620 truck were imported from the US by Gary prior to returning back to Okinawa. The air bagged and notched frame 620 truck belongs to his son who recently graduated high school.