longboarding with friends

ID #35660

Name: Brent
Age: 19
Country: The Netherlands

Hi people, I’m Brent 19 year old, super socially awkward alternative guy. I’m terrible at making friends like I’m so confused how people do that.. I see it as some sort of sorcery I have yet learn to master. Anyway I don’t want to tell too much about myself because it’s more intresting to find out right? Anyway to kinda let you know about me I’m a metal head, longboarder and a bunch of other stuff. I really like to write and decorate letters and stuff but I have no one to send it too >W< Anyone who wants too talk feel free to contact me!

Preferences: Erm just be like really open minded that’s all.. :)

ID #43652

Name: Ella
Age: 18
Country: Canada

Not quite sure how to start this off but here she goes… Long story short, I studied abroad in high school in Germany, and I loved meeting new people from a different place and want to do it again!

Things to know about me:
- love soccer (viva barça), basketball and flag football
- love longboarding and skateboarding
- absolutely love music (always the reason I have no space on my phone)
- adventurous, an extrovert and down to try/learn anything new!!
- always end up with the weirdest/craziest/embarrassing stories that is due purely to my luck and bad choices
- favourite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
- favourite songs: XO by Beyonce, Wesley’s Theory by Kendrick Lamar, Cute by D.R.A.M. and anything by Nina Simone

Hope to meet some new people soon🤙

Preferences: would prefer around my age, 16-22, gender/orientation doesn’t matter! Prefer if we start talking through tumblr if that works!