longboard to the face


I’m fat
I’m Filipino
I’m from California
I’m 6’1(jus went to the doctors. So accurate)
I love pop punk
I like to be a hipster, but I’m broke so yeah
I like flannels
I like cuff/slouch beanies
I longboard
I like old cars and into tuner/drift shit
I love the forest
I think small mountain towns are where it’s at
I love star gazing
I love natures walks
I like being with friends( I mean I don’t have any, but you know)

So yeah that’s me
A chubby Filipino hipster that loves pop punk.

To be honest, I’m bummed by the fact that still 98% of the posts done by ALL longboard brands and media (mostly owned & run by men) are featuring male riders.
Every day I find amazing photos of women ripping worldwide to post on Longboard Girls Crew. So what’s up?
Support is great, but being part of the change is greater. Longboard community: Be the change you want to see!

Noelia Otegui photo. 

Watch on quiggle.ml

happy face day all i’m switching it up with a vine of myself shreddin the gnar

Favorite tricks are more a craving than anything. You see your board, you see (or imagine) a spot - there is a craving incomparable to anything else. You want it. You desire it. You feel incomplete without it.

You say you’re a fucking skater. Fuck you; you don’t know shit until there is a monster living within you. “Do this fucking trick!” “Look at that fucking spot!” The feeling is all too real.

If you don’t know it: fuck you. You ain’t no skater, bitch. Get out my face with your penny board, longboard, cruiser board, flavor of the month bullshit.

Skateboarding is about a special something that is hard to define but easy to feel; it’s easy to know.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get the fuck out of my face.