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Petit run au soleil avec @alex_kubiak_ho_chi 🤘🏻🌞
merci a @orozcojulien pour le follow 👍🏻
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To be honest, I’m bummed by the fact that still 98% of the posts done by ALL longboard brands and media (mostly owned & run by men) are featuring male riders.
Every day I find amazing photos of women ripping worldwide to post on Longboard Girls Crew. So what’s up?
Support is great, but being part of the change is greater. Longboard community: Be the change you want to see!

Noelia Otegui photo. 

A couple of well timed 360 tail blunt slides, so we recently returned to the island nation of Aruba and returnd to a hill we had scoped out and skated in the past this time with new tricks and years more experience under our belts, this hill is an absolute blast and out in the middle of very dry arid desert we had so much fun shredding it again and have more of this to come. Always bring your board when you travel