Kyu-School AU: Since Xiao is an extremely nice professor, the Kyurangers at first thought that he was acting weird and didn’t trust him at all because it’s so unusual to have nice professors until they overheard him arguing with Ikagen and Madako that the students are almost breaking down from homework overload, confirming the fact that e actually cares about the students

@partiallybatty OK now I can finally answer your question regarding Super Sentai references in Kyuranger, or something at least that would remind you for a former show

-Dekaranger: Xiao Longboa’s rifle, especially when he was doing the “Final Blast” had the power that is being directed into the blast shown, and he even screamed “Fire!” in English. That pretty much is a majority of rhe “Final Blast Moment” in a majority of Dekaranger episodes

-Megaranger: I haven’t watched Megaranger in a long time, but a majority claimed that Xiao’s time limit was similar to MegaSilver’s. I’d have to search up on that.

-Magiranger and Go-Busters: The actor that played both Tsubasa/MagiYellow and Jin/Beet Buster is actually in Kyuranger as the Galactic Pop King or whatever the heck he is. It’s interesting that a more well known sentai actor is in Kyuranger but didn’t appear in Zyuohger? Then again he always shows up either before or after an anniversary show, so I might not count this one.

-Diaranger: RyuuVoyager, it’s been forever since we saw a dragon that wasn’t western ;-; I consider this a reference because the last time we had such a concept of an Eastern Asian dragon was around 20 years ago, so aye

At least these are what I consider to be references, but I guess it falls more in the “Concepts” them references?


Some raw follow runs and dancing from burnthane sessions. This will be in the up in coming Alex Megit and friends video.