My fiance’s sister is my best friend and she knows a thing or two about beauty and fashion. Bethany blogs about beauty and fashion tips and trends to keep the world updated on how to look good on a budget. I love that my friends are all about saving the bills!

Bethany and I are always fascinated with long blonde hair and we dream of it day in and day out. Some day…we will have it!! Since Bethany is kind of at a plateau with her hair growth pattern right now, she struggles to believe her hair is growing at all – so we needed to do something different with her hair to spice it up!

I cut her bangs for her to wear across her face. I tried to convince her that she wouldn’t wear them and that we shouldn’t cut them, but then I started to think – short bangs make the rest of your hair appear longer, right!?

SHE convinced ME that if her bangs were cut this way that she would look put together to matter what! If her bangs were blown dry then who cares what the rest of her hair looks like…up in a pony, a top knot, or down in messy curls…these fringe bangs are an easy go-to look.

How to cut your bangs with the horseshoe curve around your face [at-home]:
(PS. if you’re nervous to cut your hair, just don’t do it, please)

1//section a good amount of hair from the middle-top of your head to your front hair line. part this section in a horseshoe shape. the horsehoe should NOT end near your temples, move the part much further up – to, let’s say, where your forehead begins to square off…

2//twist that section of your hair as if you are twirling your hair…make sure it is twisted all the way to the bottom of the hairs.

3//cut straight across [horizontal] the twisted hair…then cut vertically into the hair to create a textured look rather than a blunt straight cut of the bangs.

4//let go of the twisted hair and you have that horseshoe to shape your beautiful face!

REMEMBER: Fringe bangs, such as this, REALLY change the whole look of your face and that can be GOOD or BAD. The ideal face shape is OVAL, so ask yourself: will these bangs make my face any other shape than oval??

TIP: do not cut higher than the top of your eye brow…if you cut them too short, you won’t be able to push them to the side if you don’t want to wear them one day. Also, cut them longer at first – that way you can cut them shorter if you need to (don’t cut them really short right away). In fact, after this picture was taken, we had to trim Bethany’s bangs even more.

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