The Mechanic.
If you’re wondering what he’s doing, then I will tell you: he is learning to use a wrench, and he is having fun doing so. And if I can help him learn how to have fun while he’s learning, and help him learn the joy of discovery…then I think I’m okay taking three times longer to fix a bike. Or in this case, disassemble and lose parts off a bike.

Happy Sonntag, world :)

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Anonymous knight, resting with sword, pink blanket, and a diagram of ‘a trap’ he designed, along with his sister, whose purpose is to “trap bad guys.” I’ve mentioned Kickstarter to him, but the ball’s really in his court.

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Patiently waiting for dinner.
Somewhere, there is a tattoo and Darth Vader napkins, and perhaps you can almost see the quiet soothings of Joseph Arthur whispering through iTunes. On the menu: @countessbecca ’s Sweet Potato Curry…my absolute favourite. TO DIE FOR. Also, the title of a Gus Van Sant film starring Nicole Kidman. Betcha my wife can out-cook Nicole.
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