cool people on team europe who are so cool even canadians couldn’t spend a winter with them

 Pierre Edouard Bellemare – the frenchman may seem like obvious. and yes he was born in Paris but he didn’t grow up there. you know where he grew up? Martinique? You know where that is? The Caribbean. east of Puerto rico. and guess what? he’s fluent in swedish cause he played there until he was like 30 and now he’s in the world cup of hockey. This man is #cool.

Mikkel Boedker – He’s DANISH. He’s the highest drafted danish player in the NHL EVER and is on the cover of NHL10 in Denmark and Norway. He is certified Cool.

Leon Draisaitl – There’s plenty of Germans on team Europe but this one was drafted third overall and he’s the highest drafted german of all time. He also played his whole pre-2012 career in Germany instead of going off somewhere else to develop. Also his dad played 146 games for the german international team. This man was born Cool

Marian Gaborik – He’s far from the only slovak on the team. hell he’s not even the only Marian. He’s also The Wild’s all time leading scorer in goals and a stanley cup champion, which he won in 2014 with the LA kings who he was traded to earlier that year. Gaborik is lucky and Cool

Jannik Hansen – This guy’s also Danish but he was drafted 287th overall by the canucks in 2004 and this dude still made it to the WCH finals. Not to mention he was the first Danish guy to play in the NHL and score a point. Hansen is quietly cool

Marian Hossa – See i told you Gaborik was not the only Marian on this team. But this one has got a different cool story. Marian has been on 5 separate NHL teams, Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago. Talk about frustrating, this guy has been to the stanley cup final 6 times and the first three he did not come away with a stanley cup. this man is persistent cool.

Anze Kopitar – The Captain, Kopitar became the first Slovenian born hockey player to play in the NHL in 2006 when he made his debut. He won the Selke and the Lady Byng. Not to mention he comes from a country with just 7 ice hockey rinks and they still got to the Olympics. Kopitar is polite cool.

Nino Niederreiter –  Currently this Swizterland born player is with the Minnesota wild but because he was kicking it up in the second best hockey state that begins with M he was the highest drafted Swiss player to be drafted into the NHl by the New York Islanders. This kid is neutral cool.

Frans Nielsen – This guy is the first Danish citizen to play in the NHL. He’s known for being an islander but now this guy is in detroit. the third best state that begins with M. Nielsen is retro cool.

Tobias Rieder – This german was drafted in the 4th round by the Edmonton Oilers but now plays for the Arizona Coyotes. He also scored the fastest two shorthanded goals during the same penalty kill in 58 seconds. against, guess who? the edmonton oilers. Rieder is petty cool.

Tomas Tatar – Tatar is a cornerstone for the detroit redwings and now it seems team europe. But he’s a little more conniving than that cause this guy was drafted by the KHL and the NHL in the same year. And even tho he was drafted significantly higher up in the KHL draft he said “see ya” and ended up with the Wings. This guy is loyal cool.

Thomas Vanek – i know what you’re thinking, are you going to do the whole roster? please don’t it’s gonna be so long. and to that I say, Thomas Vanek is the highest draft Austrian of all time. Both of his parents were immigrants to Austria and when he was 14 he moved to the US for highschool. This man is “i’m still going” cool.

Mats Zuccarello – Zucc is the only norwegian on Team Europe and the only good player on the Rangers. Before he even made it to the NHL he was winning MVP trophies in other leagues. Zuccarello is valuable cool.

Zdeno Chara – I don’t even have to read the first paragraph of his wiki page to do this one. He’s the tallest man ever to play in the NHL. He has the A for team Europe and the C for the Boston Bruins. This man is probably your dad and he was the first captain born and raised in the iron curtain to win the stanley cup. This man is cool dad cool.

Christian Ehrhoff – Not only is he the one player of team europe without an NHL club he also has the canadian phrase “eh” in part of his name which he uses to taunt Team Canada. Or he should. He’s been on 6 teams including the president’s trophy winners the 2011 Vancouver Canucks. “Eh”rhoff is more canadian than you cool.

Roman Josi – he’s the hottest one on Team europe, let’s just get that out of the way. He was in the 2016 all star game and he’s the A for the nashville predators. His ex Shea Weber is on team canada and he’s “You’ll Never Get Over me” cool.

Luca Sbisa – Luca is a swiss player but even cooler this man was born in Italy. He moved to switzerland when he was 1 where he decided he wanted to be a hockey player. He also knows 4 languages: English, German, Italian and French. He’s educated cool.

Dennis Seidenberg – Seidenberg may be the angriest, scariest member of Team Europe and yet he has a dog named Bubbles Lollipop. Dennis just signed with the New York Islanders but he’s a Boston favorite (the first best hockey state beginning with M).  He’s nicknamed the german hammer and he’s tough cool.

Andrej Sekera – Sekera was born 4 days before me…and 10 years  before me. He was drafted in the third round by the buffalo sabres but now he plays for the oilers.  I don’t know what else to say about him but he’s still reliable cool.

Mark Streit – This guy is an alternate captain for Europe and the Flyers. He’s also one of the only guys in the NHL who can play both forward and defense. before he was on the flyers he was the captain of the New York Islanders and in Switzerland he was on the cover of the NHL games from 08-11 before Jonas Hiller took over in 2012.

Thomas Greiss – in 2006 Greiss was the youngest goaltender at the winter olympics at the age of 20. this guy went from AHL to swiss league to NHL Playoffs with the san jose sharks. Now he’s on the New York Islanders and this guy is Mr. World Wide cool.

Philipp Grubauer – Another german goaltender. Philipp is the back up on the washington capitals behind Braden Holtby.  despite this in 2015 he was the first german goaltender to start a playoff game. in 2010 he also won the Memorial Cup with the windsor spitfires. This guy is backup cool

Jaroslav Halak – The only non-german goaltender on Team Europe, Halak has quite a history wiht the canadian team. After beating Carey Price out for the starting position on the MOntreal Canadiens he was then traded away. Most fans thought Price should have gone instead and now they are facing of, head to head. He was born Czechoslovakia which doesn’t even exist anymore. He represents the slovakia team in international play. This guy is legendary cool.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: domestic!au

Izaya, being Izaya, was fully aware that falling in love with someone in no way erased all their flaws. In fact, some people even said that falling in love may magnify those flaws, those strong feelings of emotional attachment changing them from hindrances to little quirks.

That wasn’t the case for Izaya.

Shizuo leaving socks everywhere was still annoying.

Shizuo never capping his milk was still annoying.

Shizuo’s heavy arm flopping over Izaya’s body in the middle of the night would always be shockingly annoying.

And Izaya was no stranger to voicing these instances, as well as anything else that would happen. Shizuo would get annoyed and snap ‘well, you’re not perfect either!’ but Izaya appreciated his effort to change; there were fewer socks (and more pants, it seemed), the milk was finished quicker (apparently recapping wasn’t harder than drinking more), and no more arms over his stomach (it was now his leg.)

But there was only one thing that never changed:

His hair.

Shizuo didn’t brush his hair. Izaya had a feeling he didn’t ever since they met; it was painfully obvious that Shizuo’s effortless bedhead look was just that: how he looked when he rolled out of bed. 

Sometimes Izaya would try to tame it. While Shizuo was watching something or napping, anything where he was sitting still, Izaya would take a comb or brush, run it through the strands. There surprisingly weren’t too many tangles, but it would end up looking strange; Shizuo looked strange (not necessarily in a bad way, though) with his hair combed and slicked with gel, so Izaya stopped after taking a few pictures for future reference. 

Shizuo grunted one night, shifting a bit. Izaya was usually the one sitting between his legs; their positions had flipped and Izaya kept incessantly patting Shizuo’s head to lower him until he was nearly lying down, head and shoulders just barely propped up against Izaya’s chest. He had no idea what he was doing and had to wait until the show switched to dark scenes to catch Izaya’s reflection, watched him move strands of his hair back and forth.

“…What? Are you lookin’ for white hairs again? Damnit, Izaya, not everyone cares as much as you do–”

“Shizu-chan,” Izaya interrupted, “I don’t understand your hair.”

“…What’s to understand? It grows from my head.”

“Yes, but how?”

“…It just does…?”

Sighing when he felt Izaya begin to move his hair around a little more intensely (he focused on the weirdest things, Shizuo swore) he sat up, ignored the slight tinge on his scalp. Izaya’s eyes widened but when Shizuo leaned in to kiss him, he felt him smile, his cool fingers dancing over his jaw. “If you don’t like it, I’ll just get it cut this weekend,” Shizuo mumbled. “You can just tell me that straight out instead of picking at it like a monkey…”

Izaya hummed as Shizuo pulled back, eyes going back to his hair. Shizuo watched his expression carefully as Izaya pushed the blond bangs back, tilted his head before smirking and shaking his head.

“…No, I think I quite like it at this length. Shizu-chan gets the worst haircuts anyway. He should consider himself lucky I’m already in love with him.”

“…Sometimes I really want to throw you out the window, you know that?”

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i'm so sorry to bother you seri, but i've had a really stressful day today and i wanted to get that out of my system ;u;

Ah! It’s ok! I mean, may be some tea will make you feel better? 

and If… If you want to talk about it you can ask Master Reigen for a session - he’s good at these things but… He’s not usually doing it on a house…

“lower voice” If you don’t have money with you… you can just tell me what’s bother you… I don’t think I would be able to give a good useful advice… but I can listen….

I wasn’t expecting the drive to create, but I got some free time and a break from my nausea and jumped at the opportunity to draw.

It’s just a quick self portrait, though. I’ve really taken to wearing long jackets, crop tops, and combat boots (obvs not pictured) lately.

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Here is my andreil prompt (it has a little bit of angst ): andreil have a very big fight, till the point Aaron tries to talk with Neil about it and somehow this conversation ends with Neil in the hospital after saving Aaron's life

Thanks for the prompt dear anon ❤
(Also, why do you do this to me, my poor heart…)

Here comes the angst:

  • Neil does something stupid and careless for the umpteenth time (probably Stuart or Moriyama related) and disappears one night
  • Andrew is SO FUCKING worried
  • the following day Neil comes back but won’t tell andrew the truth because he wants to protect him and the foxes
  • so andrew gets pissed off
  • and they argue and fight and andrew breaks something while trying not to kill neil himself
  • so neil and andrew are both a wreck
  • and it’s horrible for the team
  • somehow andrew is forced to explain what happened in therapy
  • so aaron tries to talk to neil one day
  • but neil won’t listen shit
  • and they end up arguing in the middle of the street
  • they are both furious,,. so much that aaron doesnt see the car coming his way
  • but neil sees
  • and he shoves aaron aside without thinking twice and gets hit by the car
  • neil ends up in the hospital
  • unconscious
  • the doctors don’t know when or if he will wake up
  • and andrew
  • andrew
  • you can’t imagine how ANGRY andrew is with aaron and neil and himself and everyone in general and neil in particular
  • he has a big fight with aaron over it “why did you have to go and talk to him?” “This is your fault”, etc.
  • but he won’t leave neil’s side for even a second
  • he doesn’t go to uni
  • he eats (barely) in the hospital and sleeps in the hospital
  • the doctors and nurses made the mistake to try and take him out of the room
  • andrew talks to neil every day when they are left alone: “are you happy now?” “is this what you always wanted?” “you fucking martyr” and “please wake the fuck up, this is not funny anymore” “you can’t leave me alone with your stupid cats” AND “NEIL PLEASE LET’S GO BACK HOME
  • Needless to say he takes neil’s hand all the time
  • and one day,, andrew feels a light squeeze
  • at first he thinks he’s imagining things
  • but then, slowly, neil recovers consciousness
  • and andrew is so happy and so pissed at him at the same time but he can’t fight the smile on his face
  • and he throws himself onto neil and says “9000%, Josten” against his mouth while a tear goes down his cheek
  • after some days of recovery they come back home as if they never argued
  • and that’s the last time neil hides something from andrew
  • and that’s the last time they fight at all
  • and andrew would rather die than leave neil alone
  • aaron blames himself but neil talks to him saying that it wasn’t his fault at all, and their relationship improves
  • even andrew forgives him (even if it wasn’t his fault)
  • and they live happily EVER FUCKING AFTER and care for each other even more than before

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In freshman English class, we have to explain the book that we're reading to the rest of the class. Luckily for me, I'm rereading the Brick. How am I supposed to explain that in a minute and a half?!?!?!

just list the names of everyone who dies, that should do the trick

somewhat related story: once i tried explaining the story of les mis to one of my friends over text (i had mentioned les mis and he was like “what’s that?”) but i think i may have just confused him

good luck with your presentation/explanation thing!!

@smokeelement​ replied to your post “@smokeelement replied to your post “More seriously, as much as I enjoy…”

ya like… senketsus a good dweeb. i can see maybe catagorizing him as this if youve only watched like 2 episodes when hes got this like air of apathy or if you see him as protective.. but like. u dont have to be big and buff for that. i cant see a guy whos LITERALLY HALF SKIRT being drawn as some dude with piercings and rippling abs and a beard when hes below ryukos ankle and his fuku proportions make him look lanky n dorky. i always think back to sans and —>

<— dusknoir from pokemon md where theyre drawn either as white ppl who are skinny as sticks or big white muscelly ppl which takes no consideration into their design or personality and just wanna make then generic hypermasc guys with strange colored hair in halloween costumes u feel

<– i guess my big beef is that senketsu isnt like.. aggressive n hes especially not very physically strong on his own (w exceptions) and to turn his character into that just so he can “protect” ryuko whos catagorized as some… helpless dainty little girl? does soooo much of a disservice to his n her character and its just bc theyre uncomfortable shipping a girl and this vaguely male coded sailor uniform that they have to reassure u that YEAH HES A CONVENTIONALLY –>

<– ATTRACTIVE GUY AND THE GIRL DOESNT HAVE ANY POWER IN THE RELATIONSHIP DONT WORRY GUISE ITS FINE. i dont even ship them but like. but ok i have to get ready for school idk why i found it necessary to rant about a fictional sailor unifom bein drawn as a bodybuilder lol have a cool day goop

Lol, well I too have a lot of feelings over a fictional sailor uniform.

But a big thing about Senketsu is that appearances aren’t everything, and stereotypes about appearances aren’t everything, either.

From a physical standpoint, Senketsu is… kinda literally a monster. When he transforms with Ryuko, he doesn’t look exactly cute and cuddly, and early concept art of a more humanoid form for him are similarly creepy.

Senketsu is sweet and loving and kind, but in a lot of ways, his physical appearance doesn’t always reflect this as you might expect.

So with humanizations, what’s the harm in preserving this quality? Just as Senketsu’s loving personality isn’t exactly indicative from the images above, plenty of people’s looks may “conflict” with how they act. It’s perfectly valid for dweeby Senketsu to be buff and muscly, because dweebs can be and are buff and muscly—not every bodybuilder is some super stern, angry jerk!

At the end of the day, humanizations are going to be, by definition, visibly different from the original character. But “different” allows variety, and it’s plenty possible to maintain the spirit of a non-human character’s design in a multitude of ways when imagining that character humanoid. In Senketsu’s case, this might mean making a humanized Senketsu gangling and lanky like his uniform self suggests, but it might also mean making a humanized Senketsu big and scary like the more “monstrous” aspects of him suggest.

For example, here is one rendition of a humanized Senketsu that is a fantastic “big guy” interpretation. Senketsu’s large, yeah, but a lot of elements from his original design are still there. He’s got big red eyebrows like the ties of his uniform self, he’s still got those yellowy-orange eyes, he’s got his cute little monster teeth, and he’s blue all over. I can tell instantly it’s Senketsu.

But best of all is that his personality is also intact. He’s tearing up and crying like a baby. He looks Senketsu to me, and he also acts Senketsu.

So I get back to what (I think?) began all of this in the first place. I don’t have a problem with big buff Senketsu, but I do have a problem with big buff aggressive Senketsu. I have a problem with the connection between “big buff” and “aggressive” when it comes to Senketsu, where the connection should be “big buff” and “teddy bear.” I just have a problem with aggressive Senketsu no matter what he looks like, because that ain’t Senketsu one bit.

Anyway, this is getting super long, so: A “male” character in a female/male relationship being the bigger of the two doesn’t automatically mean that the woman doesn’t have any power and she’s a weak damsel. A “male” character being big at all doesn’t mean he’s a cranky jerk. Appearances aren’t everything! 

But to shift characterization to fit the usual stereotypes behind certain appearances is just… disappointing. I advocate for destroying the idea that you only deserve romantic love if you’re “hot,” and that to be “hot,” you must have this aggressive, angry demeanor. No way should this be encouraged! 

What’s “hottest” of all is compassion, consideration, and respect.


I just wanna go on and say thanks to all of y'all for waiting. I know posting seems like its at a complete stop but I’m still doodlin things get and there. Hopefully I can push something out soon. Thanks again -w-

Possible fic in the future? Prompt for grabs? I have no idea what this is, other than something I wish existed and I don’t know if I have the guts, time, or patience to bring it to life myself. Forgive the roughness, it was typed out on my phone the other night while I was trying to fall asleep.

Hannibal gets a tattoo apprenticeship instead of going to John Hopkins, based on his drawings.  He travels Europe and the States, moving on as the body count gets higher, doing guest spots at the tattoo shops along the way. He has managed to stay in Baltimore for quite some time. Will has been getting tattoos of symbols relating to the serial killers he hunts as a way to remind himself what is real and what is not. They are small, on the inside of his bicep near his armpit. He is in the throws of the encephalitis.

Will goes to his usual shop after the latest case to find they are unusually busy. He explains what he wants to the receptionist and she tells him he’ll have to wait for an artist to free up. Will gets salty about the whole thing and ends up being his rude self to the poor girl. Hannibal overhears the whole thing. He’s there to visit a friend, not actually working, but offers to help, figures it will get him a new business card for his rolodex.

So they get settled in back, and Hannibal is asking about the designs. And salty Will is explaining in the goriest way possible to try and make the small talk stop. Instead Hannibal’s interest is just growing. And then suddenly will sees part of one of Hannibal tattoos. And he freezes. He asks Hannibal if he can see the rest of it, so Hannibal unbuttons his shirt to slip out his arm, and there in a half sleeve is the raven stag. Will reaches out to touch it like he can’t believe it is real and stops just short of Hannibal’s skin . The air is electric between them, and their eyes meet.

And then I honestly have no idea what happens…