So like to preface this, no piece of media or literature is perfect and its fine to criticize or take apart literature and talk about things you dont like. However i usually take a long look at someones reasons for disliking a piece of queer media because we dont get a lot as it is. So heres how i feel about some criticisms ive seen checkplease getting.

One, this story is about bitty. He is the main character and the story is told through his point of view. We all love the side characters and love getting to know them but this isnt their story. So if we dont get to see them all the time it might be sad and we might want more, but the comic is not failing just because the narrative didnt include as much of them as we wanted.

The same goes for hockey. When it comes down to it this comic isnt about hockey either. Bitty happens to play hockey and it is a large factor of his life. In my opinion checkplease is a romantic comedy at its heart so while hockey can be a plus, if you hate the comic because it doesnt have enough hockey in it i think you are reading the wrong comic.

Lastly, its okay that bitty and jack are happy. Its okay that this comic is mostly happy. Its common for straight romantic media be inexplicably happy and we deserve to have media like that too. Bitty and jack dont have to have a million struggles to be happy. This is a story. A piece of art meant to make the readers feel a certain emotion. And i think that feeling is happiness and love and thats fine. We’re not stupid. We know relationships can be hard and life can be hard we dont need every story we read to tell us that.

These are just my opinions on some criticisms of the comic that i thought were unfair. Its okay to disagree with me. I just wanted to share them.

for those wondering wth is happening with the doodle comic, I’m afraid I just haven’t had any time to spare to spend on it! I have a lot going on in prep for the kickstarter (yeah that’s happening keep your eyes peeled folks) and what with that and TPoH comic I am dead beat. I will, however, try to chip away at it inbetween whiles like as a work-as-a-break-from-work thing but this sucker is like 30 pages so it’s gonna take a long time

anyway it’s got feels on wheels so hopefully it’ll be worth it :’D

Depression/Anxiety Preference TFW

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: @dragonheartstring360

Could I have a TFW preference of how they make you feel better when reader’s anxiety/depression is acting up and making them feel worthless and unlovable?

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He notices right away when your depression acts up again. You pull away and he knows its because you feel worthless and unable to be loved. So he pulls out all the stops. He has you dress up in your favorite outfit as he takes you to dinner. Afterwards a stroll by the lake hand in hand as he tells you how much he loves you. He leads you to a little clearing, far enough away from everyone with a blanket spread out where he proceeds to make love to you under the stars.

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He takes long relaxing bubble baths with you. Gently washing your body as he kisses wherever he can showing you how much you mean to him. after bath time he carries you back to your shared room where ice cream and your fav. Chick flick are waiting as the two of you snuggle in bed.

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At first he doesn’t understand why you’re so sad. After some explanation on Deans part he decides he wants to make you feel better. He brings you candies and flowers. Showers you in gifts. Takes you on dates and ends up having a Netflix and chill as yo cuddle your new fav. Stuffed bee and him.

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Eyes Closed 14

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, pettiness, sass, heartbreak, angst, drama, and plot twists.

A/N: In some parts you will see from Eggsy’s POV but not every piece.

You never loved anyone the way you loved Eggsy Unwin. When he ends things with you after confessing his secret to you. Wishing to only keep you safe from the scary things in his life. When you end up in a whirl wind romance with a man who turns out to be a prince, you’re suddenly struggling to figure out who you are. When you’re saying yes to a royal engagement, Eggsy has a lot to say about it. What happens when things take a nasty turn? Whose the one that will be by your side? And who the hell are you going to choose the prince and fairytale or the street hustler turned Spy???

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BIGBANG 11th anniversary (1)(2)

2006 - 2017 Happy Birthday to my beloved Kings 💕👑 Today is your 11th year since debut. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy such a beautiful day like today! As you guys promised, we will always be here waiting for you guys no matter how long it takes. If you guys say you all will be back, we will be here waiting. That’s a promise between us ❤. VIPS and BIGBANG are family, not fans and artists. Again, happy birthday to my BIGBANG 💓

loved - peter parker

word count: 414 short n sweet
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: in which peter has to sacrifice his own feelings for the sake of the reader.
prompt: “i loved you. loved, past tense.” “i know. thank you. for loving me, for trying.” (this is from a tumblr post of writing prompts, I lost the link, sadly.)

“i loved you.” peter says quietly, his eyes averting away from you sadly. "loved, past tense.“

“i know.” you say quietly, and there’s a moment of comfortable silence where neither of you say anything, then, you open your mouth to speak again. “thank you, yanno.” you add. “for loving me.” you take a long sip from your water and shake your head. “for trying. i just,” you pause to collect yourself, letting out a bated breath. “never saw it in time.”

peter sighs heavily and sits beside you on the fire escape. “are you going to be okay?” he asks hesitantly, resting his elbows on his thighs and his chin in his hand. your heart swells at the sight, peter had always been one of the cutest things you’d ever seen. always, just not in the way you should’ve realized months ago. maybe even years ago. “how long?”

his head snaps up, his brows furrowed in a familiar way. he’s confused. “how long?”

“how long did you love me?”

“oh,” peter’s cheeks go red and he looks to the side, shaking his head slowly. “uh,” he fiddles with his thumbs quietly, clearing his throat not long after. when his eyes meet yours said they’re flooded with embarrassment. “that night when you came over at three a.m. and we sat on my fire escape.”

your eyes widen slightly, face crumpling as you gaze at the boy. “peter that was in ninth grade.” you point out, and he nods slowly.

“yeah, i know.”

before you can help it tears are flooding your eyes and you’re averting your gaze away from peter, down to the ground. one blink and the tears spill over, fat and rolling down your cheeks. “that’s three years, pete.” your voice wavers and peter is instantly concerned, grabbing your shoulder gently in an attempt to get your attention.

“no,” you sniffle, standing up and opening up your window again.


“no, peter, please just go.” you shoot out quickly and climb back into your room, shutting the window in his face before he has the chance to speak.

peter can’t tell you. he can’t tell you that he still loves you, and he can’t tell you that he probably always will.

he has to protect you. he reminds himself, wishing he could change the way things are, wishing he didn’t have to always be the good guy.

but he did, and he may have just lost you because of it.

Dog Cafe Regular!Mingyu

- individually greets every dog as soon as he sees them

- doesn’t play favorites and interacts with all of the dogs as much as he can

- even before sitting down and ordering something, he’ll squat on the floor and give a good amount of dogs some nice belly rubs

- talks very softly to them and has this shiny look in his eyes

- usually orders a drink and studies if he comes after school

- sips on his drink quietly while reading/taking notes as one dog sleeps in his lap 

- when he’s in need of a break, he’ll pat the seat to let the dogs know that it’s okay to climb on

- long hugging sessions

- if he decides that it’s okay to take a long break, he’ll bust out the treats

- it’s hectic but Mingyu usually has it under control

- when the dogs jump up out of eagerness, Mingyu gets excited and does little hops too

- does That Wiggle Thing he does when he’s happy 

- if they fight over treats, Mingyu scolds them 

- pouts when dogs are mean to each other

- since he’s clumsy and there are a lot of dogs, he has to extra careful

- sometimes he might drop a few treats on a dog’s face 

- or accidentally step on a dog’s paw 

- and he feels so guilty 

- mumbles sorry a lot 

- often stays until closing time, so he orders more than once 

- when it’s almost time to leave, he orders numerous plates of food

- it’s kind of hard to eat when all of the dogs are staring at you, so Mingyu eats extra fast 

- “You’ve already had your treats, you can’t eat my meal too.”

- loves receiving and giving kisses

- always remembers to shake each dog’s paw before leaving 

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“It’s been a long day… let’s take a bath together" with Doki Doki Todoroki uwu

The stress of the day weighed on you as you slowly trudged your way to the front door of your house. The pouring rain hadn’t done much to really lighten your mood considering the fact that you were quite soaked to the bone. You had texted your husband telling him that you were going to be late and you half expected him to be dead asleep at this hour. You fumbled with your keys assuming the door to be locked and almost shrieked when the door swung open to reveal your husband, his face wearing a bit of worry as you gaped in the doorway.

“Shouto, I thought you’d be asleep by now. I told you not to wait up for me.” You spoke a little bitterly. You didn’t want him to have to deal with you in such a sour mood.

He gave you a look that clearly asked you if you were stupid or something. You should know better than to think your loving husband would leave you to come home soaked after a long ass day of heroing.

“You know I’d never leave you to come home like this.” He said pulling you inside and grabbing the warm towel he had set aside for you. A hum was your only response and you felt like the worst spouse in the world thinking he would easily go to sleep and leave you to deal with yourself after a long day.

Shouto put the towel over your head and gently began to towel off your soaking hair and face. Though, nothing could really be done about your clothes right now besides for you to change and get into your pajamas. He stopped his ministrations and grabbed your bag from your hands. It was soaked, too, so he just set it against the wall by the door entrance to avoid getting anything else waterlogged. He came back and took your hand into his before tugging you after him.

“It’s been a long day… let’s take a bath together.” He murmured opening the bathroom door.

The second you entered his hands were already on you and starting to get the soaked clothes off of you. You gave a little effort trying to get your clothes off yourself but you were so tired that you ended up being more of a hindrance. He was much faster and had you sitting wrapped up in a big fluffy towel while he prepared the bath in no time. He let the water run for a while and your cheeks heated up a bit as he started taking off his clothes as well. You silently watched for a second before you eventually cast your gaze elsewhere. You were too tired to be thinking about doing anymore than getting to relax in the deliciously hot water that was filling the large tub.

As soon as the tub was full Shouto slipped into the warm water before beckoning you to join him. The towel fell from your form and you slowly sunk into the water, a groan escaping your lips as the weight of the day slipped off your shoulders. Your back pressed up against his chest and his arms came to wrap around your form snugly. You closed your eyes and relaxed. Nothing else in world mattered right now besides you relaxing in a hot bath with your wonderful husband.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much better.”

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I know that you might not answer this but can we get some kind of estimate? like three months or three weeks? I really dont want to rush an artist since I respect almost all of them. P.S if you just answe with a yes you will feel my sin!)

I legitimately don’t know, it’s taking long enough just to sketch it out, when I finish sketching I’ll post a status update, by then I might be able to speed things up but don’t get our hopes up

…can you believe there was a time when I could finish these on the weekly? ;w;


Portrait/Selfie $15 Commissions! $10 for those who reblog.

In light of recent events, I’m in heavy debt and I need to pay my grandmother $140 in the next three days or I’ll get kicked out.

It doesn’t take me long at all to get these finished, so if you commission me, expect it on the same day of commission or the day after. Thank you SO much!

Send me a selfie or a photograph of someone you want drawn.

paypal: rebeccaawells@icloud.com

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are u gonna be making any more mail videos??

Yes yes. I just got home from a month of travelling and I have 5 bin bags of mail waiting for me. I’m going away again soon for another 3 weeks so I may not get to finish the mail series until the end of this year cus the videos take a long time to make!! But I’ve promised I’ll open everything I receive on camera so I will eventually get through it all. My PO box is closed now so I can get a break but I may reopen it again at some point but only feature packages which would be more interesting for a vid, and just message everyone else to say thank you for letters and stuff. Hope thats cool!! Be patient!

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Annabeth and Piper have boyfriends tho. How can they be lesbians if they are CANNONLY datin boys

do you get that like… compulsory heterosexuality is a thing and when living under a heteropatriarchy women are conditioned by society to be attracted to men and can often take a long time to realize that they’re actually aren’t

This Time Tomorrow dir. Lina Rodriguez (2016)

I was reminded, while watching Lina Rodriguez’s This Time Tomorrow, of a quote by legendary director Chantal Akerman about the pacing of her films: “What I want is to make people feel the passing of time.”

This Time Tomorrow may come in at a slim 82 minutes but the film, shot mostly in a series of semi-disconnected long takes, makes you feel the weight of its running time. Canadian-Colombian writer-director Lina Rodriguez chooses to set her intimate family drama in the country of her birth in an unnamed city in Colombia where we are introduced to a woman, Lena, her husband, and their sweet, but occasionally infuriating, teenage daughter Adelaida. 

The film is a carefully structured diptych with the first half showing long scenes of domestic life that reveal who these three people are and how they relate to each other and function as a family, the parents working together to raise a daughter who is affectionate and loving but also finds herself chaffing against the constrictions placed on her. The second half of the film is devoted to what happens after tragedy strikes and the family unit loses a member, the two remaining members struggling to find balance in their new roles as their trio shrinks into a duo. 

It’s a small film but one that is devoted to asking a lot of big timeless questions: What makes a family? Who do we become when we lose someone and who are we forced to become? 

Rodriguez has a strong grip on a film that is remarkably tonally consistent and very naturalistic. Still, there’s something that doesn’t quite connect in This Time Tomorrow. While Rodriguez’s willingness to skip large-scale plate-smashing melodrama in favour of quite moments is admirable and often works in the film’s favour, individual scenes are sometimes lacking. And with such a short running time, every scene that doesn’t quite add meaning feels like a missed opportunity. This Time Tomorrow is a collection of small quotidian nothings that are supposed to build up together to form a whole that inspires contemplation and reflection and while it definitely succeeds on this front, it is also so quiet and free of plot that it can be a challenge to watch for those who aren’t willing to give themselves over to the rhythm of the film. 

Still, for fans of naturalistic cinema there is enough promise here to establish Rodriguez as an interesting new voice and one to keep an eye on in the coming years.  

henlo everyone!!! i’ve already got my people for the posivite blog ((: this is just going to be a quick post explaining what we will be doing and who the members are!!

what this blog is:

- we will be a group of people who anyone can go to. it doesn’t matter the blog type, age, or anything. this is a safe place and everyone is welcomed! hopefully, at least someone will be on the blog if you have any questions, advice, or anything! if not, there’s many people who will have access to the blog, so it won’t take long to get a reply (: i hope this grows and becomes something amazing, so please follow the blog here and think of us when you need some compliments, help, or anything. also, please spread the word bc it would be gr8 for this to become a safe place for many people c:

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