Current Status Update: Indefinite Hiatus.

//So I’ve put some thought into it, and I have decided to go onto a very much needed Indefinite Hiatus. A certain someone has left the community and it’s effected me in a very drastic matter. My love for my muse is very strong but I’ve kind of lost the thought process to continue with him for now. I will however be on my personal at all times though at azarian9 so if you want to see any of the BS I post and so forth It’ll be on there.

With this I just have a few words of wisdom and my overall motto in life. If you’ve ever gotten to know me there is one thing to know, I am incapable of truly hating people. Through this community it is well known to be dramatic, and toxic, and overall it can be unsettling for people. This isn’t any reason to not be kind to people. I love everyone, even with people I’d rather not  associate with I truly wish for the best of everyone. Everyone in this world is a talented, loving and unique individual that deserves all the best in the world. We are all living beings, regardless of your sex, sexuality, beliefs and so forth. We all talk about these needs for equality but when it all boils down, the only equality we really need is;

Kindness Equality

Be fucking nice to people, love each other, we are all beings with cognitive thought and when we toss this away to judge and criticize petty things we throw away what we should concentrate on and be kind to them. Kindness goes a long way and sometimes you should just be open to other peoples ideas and try to understand each other. So all I’m asking everyone here before I leave for I don’t know how long is just thins.

Be nice to each other. Love each other. I love you all and I wish the best of everyone, no matter how dramatic this place gets, we’re a community, a family, we love this big stupid game, with a crackpot lore, full of tropes, sexualized females, and dumb lore retcons, but this shouldn’t be something we tear each other apart over, we should just laugh it off and just…love it, and love each other.

Anyhow, this is a rant and a half. So this is Kennen-Mun AKA Azarian heading out. All of you take care. I love you all. If you need me my skype is open, you can ask me for it over at azarian9 and so forth.

Things you don’t have to do on Independence Day
  1. See a parade
  2. Eat way too much
  3. Watch stuff blow up
  4. Get out of bed
  5. Give a fuck
  6. Be patriotic
  7. See a parade (they are long and boring, and most of the music sucks)
  8. Be happy
  9. Be sad
  10. Go to that little fair thing with stupid rides
  11. See a parade (seriously, just avoid them altogether. They are just going to mess up your driving plans anyway.)
  12. (I’ll think of some more later, maybe)

Things you need to do on Independence Day: (maybe)

  1. Watch Independence Day
  • what she says:I’m fine.
  • what she means:how could Julie Plec ruin this perfect material for development of relationship between Klaus and Caroline I mean they were like day and night like sun and moon, light and dark, good and evil or love and hate but there is no new day without night, moon will not give us light without sun, light can’t shine if there is no darkness and good will not be able to conquer bad things if there is nothing evil. Klaus and Caroline are supposed to fight, to prove things to everyone and to themselves everyday, they are supposed to change themselves without even knowing that but only for good because love makes good changes and there is no place to hate when you love someone.

anonymous asked:

hey roxy, what your favorite outfit? (also you draw with a track pad omg thats so impressive???)

TG: this is 1 of my favs!!


((The guest artist who drew this is: asktavrosghost.tumblr.com !! Please go follow them! Their art is adorable (as you can see), and the way they play out Tavros is ON-POINT!!))

PMD-U . CO New Arrivals . Part 1

by Hawkein

“This is weird.”

“Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that until just now when you pointed it out. Thanks a bunch.”

“No, but really. It’s so weird!”

The annoyed growl was the only warning he got before the Sylveon he’d been half complaining to slammed one of his ribbons over the Kirlia’s mouth.

“Listen.” The Sylveon snapped, sending a glare towards the other that seemed to make the scar streaked across the right side of the dark pink mon’s face more noticeable. “I realize you point out random shit when your uncomfortable but for once, could you just not do that and let me think?!” He half yelled, half pleaded. 

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a2wildstar replied to your post “[[MOR] *stays up super late doing housing* wtf ellie when did u get…”

ME TOO RN!! Any snapshots of what you’re workin on? :D

Ahhh, I am not alone!!! And yeah~ I’ve been working on Aislynn’s plot – mostly trying to get her ‘shop’ of sorts set up and adding some extra stuff to it haha. What’ve you been working on~~~? :o

                                     ❝ – that murdock’s
                                                                                 got a hell of an act. ❞ 

          for most people, it would, generally, be safe to assume that the most DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCE of an accident that robbed you of your sight would be the lack of a PAIR OF WORKING EYES. & for THE MARVELOUS MATTHEW MICHAEL MURDOCK, that assumption held true for most of his life – but the fact that he’s not most people caught up with him eventually. 

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