Gemsona Design Challenge Day 2 -  Design a gemsona  of your favorite gem!

Blue Sandstone serves directly under Blue Diamond as a soldier and enforcer. She is devoted to her Diamond, and will do whatever it takes to please her. She wields a heavy-ass long sword and aint just a pretty face. She’ll heck you up, m8.

This challenge was created by gemsonahelpline

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I would like to start this by saying my friends and I really love your Day and Night AU! It's so pretty!! And we were hoping to try and cosplay it but I was wondering if you had anything for mila yet? I'm sorry if you do and I over looked it! Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

here you go!!!

Mila is Viktor’s royal guard alongside Georgi

OMGG!! may i request pictures when you’re done???????? pleeeeease???!!