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Hi! I would like to start this by saying my friends and I really love your Day and Night AU! It's so pretty!! And we were hoping to try and cosplay it but I was wondering if you had anything for mila yet? I'm sorry if you do and I over looked it! Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

here you go!!!

Mila is Viktor’s royal guard alongside Georgi

OMGG!! may i request pictures when you’re done???????? pleeeeease???!!

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What's the real difference between a long sword and a bastard sword? From the picture, it looks like they're roughly the same with a slightly different hilt. I can see a two handed sword and a rapier being pretty different (and why they'd be different fighting styles) but a long sword and bastard sword look pretty similar to me.

Well, first we should settle something relating to terminology as to exactly what is a long sword. Thanks in large part to things like Dungeons and Dragons, the longsword is often thought of as a single-handed, double-edged cruciform-hilt blade, a little shy of a meter in length, with around 70-80 cm of that being the blade.

This is actually an arming sword, meant to be swung with one hand. The actual long sword was a two-handed weapon, with the blade being about 1 meter in length while the whole weapon itself is about 1.25 meters.

And another aspect about terminology, medieval classification of swords was not formalized, and the rigorous classification of swords did not happen until later periods, so a sword in medieval times could be called different things by different people, or just called “sword,” in whatever language the speaker spoke.

But you’ve already got that down, it seems, so kudos to you. Proper terminology is the best.

So the bastard sword, from what it appears to me, looks to be used with the second hand on the pommel as opposed to still on the grip like on a longsword. That tapering bit before the pommel doesn’t afford a good grip, so the bastard sword naturally channels the second hand to the pommel. Different schools and styles use the second hand on the pommel for certain strikes. Or, if you don’t have as much upper body strength, using a bastard sword might be better because it is a little lighter, and offers a little bit better control, but again, control and technique are highly subjective depending on individual body type, instruction, and personal preference (this last one here is killer).

I’ve seen depictions in medieval treatises of bastard swords being used one-handed on horseback, the second hand holding the reins. You can also have a buckler to protect your sword hand, or a full shield, but this is typically used more with the arming sword. If you can use it one handed though, you get a little extra reach with the blade. Using it in two hands, you can let go of the pommel hand for a grab, perhaps to hook it over the opponent’s upper arm and trap the blade, then stab with your other hand, the old “grabby-stabby” it’s called by absolutely no one ever.

Thanks for the question, Brat.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Context: We were trapped in an ever-changing labyrinth run by a lich. I was desperate to escape since, being one of the few in my group who owned the Monster Manual, I knew we shouldn’t have survived this long. We just met some super shady Faerie Dragons, who were debating whether to help us escape or hinder us.

Faerie Dragons: We could help you, if we were given some sort of payment.

Me: What sort of payment?

Faerie Dragons: “Around 500 gp in art. We would also take gems, but they are of less value to us.”

Paladin: “I take out the art piece I got earlier. However, I also take out my silvered long sword and lay it down in a threatening manner.”

DM: “roll intimidation”

Paladin: “Wait what?”

DM: “roll intimidation”

Rolls extremely low

Faerie Dragons: “That art is well, worthless. That sword, however, would cover around a forth of the cost”

Paladin: “I don’t want to…”

Me: “My friend here would be more than happy to give up his sword”

Me (ooc): I take out the two gems I have

Me: “I would also be willing to give these two gems as payment”

Faerie Dragons: “Alright, those gems alone will cover the payment”

Paladin (ooc): “Alright so I won’t need to give up my sword”

DM: “The faerie Dragons swoop down and pick up the gems along with the sword”

Paladin (ooc): “What!?”

Faerie Dragons: “We’re taking the sword as a deposit. We will return it when you escape”

He hasn’t gotten it back yet, and none of us are sure he ever will.