okay, so rob anybody has a daughter, right? and i think her name is maggie? she’s mentioned briefly in hat full of sky and the shepard’s crown, iirc. and i have this headcanon burning a hole in my brain about her and it just refuses to get drawn, so have a ramble, kids.
hokay! so we know female pictsies are kinda rare, and that they must move out of their mound at a certain age and start their own clan with some of their brothers, cos you can’t have two keldas in one mound, two queens in one hive, etc.
but like. maggie anybody doesn’t want to be a kelda. she doesn’t want to know the hiddlins, she doesn’t want to have a bunch of kids, she doesn’t want to be hidden away underground her whole life and never get to see the sun again unless something goes horribly wrong.
maggie wants to fight. she wants to fight with her brothers and fathers and uncles, and tie feathers and braids in her long hair and beard, maybe someday get herself a rabbit skull helmet like her dad. some of the pictsies think okay, maggie’s a boy then. no worries, this happens, female children are rare but not unheard of.
but- no. maggie is very sure she’s a girl. okay, her family says, then you’re a kelda. no, maggie says, i am a girl and i am a warrior and i am not a kelda. rob won’t let her get the clan’s tattoos (bc iirc keldas don’t get tattoos or at least they don’t get blue ones? i remember the old kelda before jeanie being described specifically as nut brown rather than blue) and she argues with him and yells and glares but! she does not fold her arms. she does not tap her foot. she does not use any of the tried-and-true Kelda/Hag Methods of Feegle Control. she fights like a warrior. one is not less than the other, one is what she chooses over the other, and she makes it very very clear.
so finally rob gives in, cos she got the stubborness of her father AND her mother, and woe betide anyone who stands in her way. maggie anybody feegle grins through the whole process of getting her tattoos, refuses to shave, refuses to cover her chest (cos then she’d cover the seriously wicked bird right on her sternum) and, of course, runs off to show the hag of the hills what she’s accomplished. tiffany approves.

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As a sidenote, how do you think, what kinda sword would Chara go for in terms of their summon-weapon? For some reason I imagine that they'd go for something like a Zweihander, one that is even bigger than they are themselves. For intimidation purposes. This lanky, long person swinging a sword that's bigger than them with little to no effort because magic and proper training.


they wouldn’t even need to be super good at it to use it, if it’s made of their own magic, it would be no problem for them

it would be perfect for really super dramatic poses too, in case they want to spontaneously look hardcore and forgot their cape at home or smth

snap your fingers for immediate majestic king of medieval times aesthetic

……… here’s another thing I need to draw ASAP tbh

multiple animes in a nutshell
  • Noragami: young, hot and broke?
  • Free!: no, haru
  • Haikyuu!: meat is god
  • Dramatical Murder: aoba, aoba, aoba, aoba, aoba
  • Black Butler: Yes my lord, I will shank that mofo for you.
  • Naruto: DAMN IT SASUKE!
  • Blue Exorcist: stop it Rin!
  • Mirai Nikki: Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki, Yuki
  • Hunter x Hunter: Gon, what are doing
  • Sword Art Online: KIRITO!
  • Bleach: Ichigo, do I need to kick you in the face again?
  • Assassination Classroom: b*tch-sensei!
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Give up Tamaki, she's never gonna notice u
  • Bungou Stray Dogs: Atsushi, stop twerking in front of Dazai!
  • Kiznaiver: I feel your pain, literally.
  • Yuri!!! On Ice: No homo bros for life?

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Hi! I would like to start this by saying my friends and I really love your Day and Night AU! It's so pretty!! And we were hoping to try and cosplay it but I was wondering if you had anything for mila yet? I'm sorry if you do and I over looked it! Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

here you go!!!

Mila is Viktor’s royal guard alongside Georgi

OMGG!! may i request pictures when you’re done???????? pleeeeease???!!

*Ragnarök calls* New squad who dis


I wanted to draw this for Valentine’s Day but I was too busy and didn’t get to finish it on time! :0 So happy belated Valentine’s Day I guess!

There’s a lot of text in this one. I know people complain about Fi talking a lot in Skyward Sword, but dude, everyone talks a lot in that game. Especially Ghirahim. He won’t shut the hell up in cutscenes.

Ghirahim’s rant is inspired by the salt I’ve experienced while playing Overwatch.