• Erik: shouting in persian
  • Nadir: shouting back in persian
  • Nadir: switches to french
  • Erik: shouts in french
  • Erik: switches to russian
  • Nadir: shouts in russian
  • Erik: keeps shouting in russian
  • Nadir: pauses and asks him what he just said in french
  • Erik: tries to explain in persian
  • Nadir: says he doesn't understand in russian
  • Erik: slaps forehead, accidentally switches to italian, calls him a booby
  • Nadir: Huh?
  • Erik: swears loudly in another 50 languages
  • Erik: calls him a booby again
  • Erik: leaves conversation

no, but seriously. is there a single member of the fantastic four that peter parker HASN’T kissed, gone on a date with, flirted with, or declared passionate love to?

He’s kissed half of them:

Gone on a date with Sue:

Flirted with Johnny:

Told Reed he loves him:

and i’m sure there’s stuff i’m forgetting (especially with johnny/peter).

here’s to peter parker’s continuing love affair with the ff.


TRUE ROMANCE won the competition. Et voilá, here it is. A sweet little happy Sackson story! 

Heartwarming NOT heartbraking as it should be @captainofherheart !

NOTES: This is the first Ripper Street untold story comic with more than one picture I’ve ever made. I didn’t publish it before because the story happens in winter, but the comic was finished last year in spring. You can see that the design of the characters is in development.

Until today, picture no. 4 is my favourite one. Everytime I watch it I just want to hug the girl.




“Know this, Duggan. Every moment I felt your foul breath on my face, your murderous fingers on my body, I thought of this. Dreamt of it. Your laywers, your estates and holdings, all will now be made to work for me. Everything that you have built, I will make it mine. […] Do not be confused husband. Everything I have said remains the case. I want none of you. I want none of any man.”