i thought i had put it in my pocket when i was getting ON the return train and that was fine bc i could get it easily when we got back to the station rather than having it in my purse and needing to fish it out of my bag and hold everything up. HOWEVER when we got off the train and everyone got their tickets to go through the barriers i put my hands in my pockets and realised with increasing panic that the ticket wasnt in there

so i shuffled to the side while everyone else went through and rummaged through my bag to see if i had my ticket in there and when i went in my purse i saw a return ticket and was like ‘THANK GOD’

so i went to go put it through the barrier only it told me to seek assistance, i was like w/e because we had to do that this morning anyway ticket barriers are dumb

this worker guy was holding the barrier open to let a woman through so he let me through as i held up the ticket to show him and said it didnt work and he was sort of nodding but then he looked at it and said ‘… well that’s because it’s not a ticket for here’

my heart sunk like a metre and i looked at the ticket and realised it was a blOODY RETURN TICKET FROM WHEN I WENT TO LONDON LAST SATURDAY

after 3 seconds of shock i opened my mouth to try and say… something, idek what, but before i could the guy just shook his head and said ‘don’t worry about it’ and let me through

i promptly thanked him and power walked out of the station before anyone could stop me and ask for my ticket


rather than throwing these rejected doodles that were gonna be for a merch design im working on i guess i’ll post ‘em as a ‘work-in-progress’.
i kinda like the style i did but eh all i can see is disappointing flaws when i look at it so…i’ll try again! :)

my redbubble can be found here btw

Woozi Fluff

Thanks to his demon powers, I am now Woozi trash.

It had only been thirty seconds since you slipped away from Jihoon’s room. You hate to admit it but watching him do what he does can get a little boring at times. You had hoped he wouldn’t notice your absence but with a series of thunderous thuds, crashes and moans, hope had completely vanished. Unfortunately, you hadn’t seen the readjusted coffee table in front of you and tripped over it, much to your embarrassment and pain.

As you attempted to pick yourself back up, the disaster you stirred flooded into sight. With your foot stuck inside of what appears to be Jihoon’s most treasured guitar, you let out one hell of a curse.


The strings had completely snapped and your foot had gone straight through the instrument.

“Babe you alright?” You could hear your boyfriend yell from his cave, the bedroom. You weren’t one to swear, so it would undoubtedly catch his attention, even if he was glued to his laptop. “…I’m uh, I’m fine! Just keep working on those changes Hoon,” you choked. Watching it all unfold before their eyes, the three boys—namely Seungcheol, Wonwoo and Mingyu—had shot up from their seats to offer help.

“It can’t be saved can it?” You sighed. The boys all lowered their heads. It was a dead cause, the guitar was indeed smashed and there was nothing you could do to bring it back to it’s original impeccable condition. The cone of silence amongst the four of you was interrupted by the click of Jihoon’s door. You panicked and dragged the nearest person, which happened to be a clueless Seungcheol, down into an awkward pose to cover up the destroyed instrument. “Quick! Act normal,” you hushed at Wonwoo and Mingyu.

“…Just what are you guys doing?” Jihoon questioned, squinting his eyes as he made his way to the lounge room. You glanced up at the two weirdly posed boys above you, “we’re uhh…we’re playing charades.” If there was an award for the most abstract and abnormal pose known to man, you would give it to those two right there and then.

Jihoon raised an eyebrow and stared directly at you. You couldn’t lie to his face. Not to that face you couldn’t. You adverted your eyes and quickly mumbled, “I….accidentallybrokeyourguitarbecauseItrippedandsteppedthroughit.” Astonished by your ability to speak so quickly, the three rappers pulled a face that clearly suggested that they were quite impressed. The look on Jihoon’s face, however, was not.

He lowered his tone, “You did what?”.
“I’m sorry,” you apologised, unveiling the broken guitar behind you. Your boyfriend was expressionless for a moment. He furrowed his brows. He pierced his lips. He then proceeded to squint really hard and tilt his head to the side as he looked more closely at the instrument. “This…” He trailed, picking up one of torn pieces of the remains of the guitar, “isn’t mine.”

Both you and Seungcheol collapsed on the floor from relief. The monster inside your boyfriend wasn’t going to murder you after all. He crouched down at you and hugged his knees, playfully teasing you as he whispered into your ear, “were you scared of me?”. You could feel your cheeks burn right up to your ears. You muttered a quiet “no” and looked everywhere else but Jihoon’s eyes. You had once told him that no one could ever intimidate you and you were determined to keep it that way.
“Oh really?” You could almost hear him smirk as his whisper became more and more airy.
“I was just-”
“I love you,” he cut in and pressed his lips firmly onto your forehead. They lingered there for a few seconds before he traced them down to your nose and finally, your lips.

Just as he was about to go in for another one of his soft kisses, Mingyu cleared his throat and interrupted your little moment together. “So uhh, who’s guitar is it?” There was 1…2…3…4…5…6…7 seconds of silence.

Jihoon gave you the cheesiest wink, laughed hysterically and yelled, “JISOO! YOUR GUITAR’S BROKEN!” You could hear Jisoo’s terrified screech from afar before he came scrambling down the hallway to check on his baby’s condition.

A little cry escaped your lips, “No. Not Jisoo!”
“Hey hey hey,” Jihoon lectured, “you weren’t even this concerned when you thought it was mine.”
“But Joshua is-” you were muffled by Jihoon’s lips before you could say anymore.
“I don’t want you saying his name.”
“Joshua!” You stand upright and give your jealous boyfriend a cheeky grin, “Joshua Joshua Joshua. Jisoo Jisoo Jisoo.”
Jihoon, too, stands and claims your lips once again, “What a tease you are.”

“I’m not sure whether I should be annoyed you called me out here for nothing, or grossed out because you guys are so cu-” Joshua stopped mid-sentence when he saw his broken guitar lie lifelessly on the lounge room floor.

“I’m sorry! IaccidentallybrokeyourguitarbecauseItrippedandsteppedthroughit.”
“That’s alright,” he perked up, “I was looking for an excuse to buy a new one. It just means I can’t sell this one now. Thank god it wasn’t my good one.”
You eyes lit up, “Really? So you’re not mad at me?”
Jihoon grasped your hand, “Okay that’s enough Jisoo time for you.”
“Which leaves more time for me,” Jeonghan cheered, “Let’s go find you a new guitar.”