LII - Handsome

Sportarobbie Fanfiction - The 52nd Shortie

Loosely Based On A Promtp

Warnings: None :)

Summary: The residents of Lazy Town decide to have a spontaneous party together. Robbie would like to wear an outfit he has made himself, but is feeling insecure - luckily Sportacus is very supportive and manages to convince Robbie to wear the outfit.

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This or That tag

The questions MAKE-UP 

1. blush or bronzer
2. lipgloss or lipstick
3. eyeliner or mascara
4. foundation or concealer
5. neutral or color eye shadow
6. pressed or loose eye shadows
7. brushes or sponges
1. o.p.i or china glaze
2. long or short
3. acryl or natural
4. brights or darks
5. flower or no flower
1. perfume or body splash
2. lotion or body butter
3. body wash or soap
4. lush or other body company
1. jeans or sweatpants
2. long sleeve or short
3. dresses or skirts
4. stripes or plaid
5. flip flops or sandals
6. scarves or hats
7. studs or dangly earrings
8. necklaces or bracelets
9. heels or flats
10. cowboy boots or riding boots
11. jacket or hoody
12. forever 21 or H&M
1. curly or straight
2. bun or ponytail
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips
4. hair spray or gel
5. long or short
6. light or dark
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs
8. up or down
1. rain or shine
2. summer or winter
3. fall or spring
4. chocolate or vanilla
5. eat coast or west coast

Wine Drunk 💔 ReidxReader

Summary: Reader is dating one of Spencers friends, and goes out to dinner to meet them. Her boyfriend has been very cold and distant, even a bit emotionally abusive toward her, causing a conflict of feelings when Spencer treats her with sympathy and kindness.
Warnings: language, emotional abuse, sortaaaa nsfw
I rly liked writing this one ahhh. let me know if y’all want a part 2?-Estelle🌟

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simple fashions tag (this or that)

1. jeans or sweat pants

2. long sleeve of short

3. dresses or skirts

4. stripes or plaid 

5. flip flops or sandals 

6. scarves or hats

7. studs or hoops

8. necklaces or bracelets 

9. heels or flats 

10. cowboy boots or winter boots

11. jacket or hoodie 

12. forever 21 or charlotte russe 

13. Abercombie or Hollister

14. saks 5th or nordstrom

15. designer or thrift?

this tag was not created by me.

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Imagine going to Dante's birthday party as Cisco's fake date, only you're actually secretly really into him

Title: Birthday Bash

Word count: 2581

Pairing: Cisco Ramon x Reader

“I’m sorry Cisco, you want me to what?” I stopped in the middle of Jitters, my mind racing at what Cisco Ramon, engineer and guy I had a major crush on, just said to me. He had kept walking a couple steps and with a big sigh, he turned back to face me.

“OK look, Y/N, don’t make this weird, alright. I just need you to go to a secret birthday bash with me as my fake super hot date.” He pursed his lips at me and looked at me expectantly.

“And this is for your brother?” I asked incredulously, my feet finally starting to move again. Although he caught you off guard with asking to be his date–and did he really say super hot??–you both had to get to work, and standing where everyone could bump into us wasn’t exactly helpful. Making it to the door first, I opened it for him.

“Yes.” Cisco’s tone was clipped as he brushed past me, and for a second, the dread was obvious on his face. I put a hand on his shoulder, and his eyes flicked to mine, and we smiled at one another. After a few moments, Cisco said in a sincere tone, “C’mon, Y/N. I’ll owe you big time for this.”

“Hmmm.” I tilted my head as we stood outside. I took a sip of my espresso. “Hmmmm.” Another big gulp. “Hm.” Cisco shuffled his feet and was looking at me with his big brown eyes and I couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay, fine.”

“Yes!! That’s what I’m talking about! Okay, now you’re going to have to wear something super sexy, like, I don’t know, a sequins cut out dress…? Maybe see through all together.” He jokingly mused. With a big laugh, I punched him in the shoulder.

“Okay, no need to get ahead of ourselves here. I’m just going so I can maybe see your baby pictures. Short haired Cisco was a thing right?” I teased. He looked at me in horror as I sipped my coffee and went off to work.

I’m going to be his fake date. I’m… going to be Cisco’s fake date. Huh. Can’t wait for this to blow up in my face.

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Hello, lovelies! 

This is a Michael imagine, obvously. 

I’ve been really struggling with imagines lately. I’ve had no good ideas. And the ideas that I do have, I try to expand on and I end up hating it. So, that explains the lack of activity lately. AND COLLEGE. Applying is extremely stressful. 

But, anyways. Hope you all enjoy this imagine. 




Best Friend’s blog which you should TOTALLY check out because it/she is absolutely amazing. 


“I’m home, mom.” You called, dropped your keys into the basket, and walked into the kitchen to see her taking cookies out of the oven.

“Oooh! Don’t mind if I do!” You smiled, reaching over to grab a cookie before she slapped your hand.

“(Y/n)! Absolutely not! Those are for our neighbors!” She scolded, putting the cookies in a cute basket that she only used when giving things away, and when people commented on it, she would always give a ‘oh, it’s just something I had laying around!’ When in fact, she only took it out for special occasions.

“Here, take them over, please. I have to finish making the brownies for my work party tonight. Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?” She asked, as she whisked eggs into the brownie batter.

“Absolutely not, mom. I hate everyone at your work.” You sighed and grabbed the cookie basket and walked towards the front door.

“You know, (Y/n), you need to learn to be more positive. All you do is talk about how awful people are.” She shook her head in disapproval, while you shouted a ‘bye’ and began the walk to the neighbors house.

Your mother was constantly going over to these people’s house- you however had never been. Your mother and the woman of the house got together once a day for book club.

You knocked on the large, red-painted, wooden door three times, awaiting an answer.

You could hear some shouting going on inside, so you awkwardly stood there, hoping you weren’t the reason for it.

“Hello?” A tall, blonde haired boy asked, his hat turned backwards, showing off his black eyebrow piercing. His head was whipped around, looking at whoever was standing behind the door.

“Um, hi.” You said, as you shifted your weight between feet. He finally turned his attention to you, his eyes grew wide when he saw you.

“Oh, hey. Can I help you?” He asked politely. You could now see that it was Michael Clifford from your school. Another boy came up behind him and leaned against the door frame. He was a bit shorter, and he was shirtless. He was very tan and had a few tattoos that you could see, and you couldn’t really stop yourself from glancing, it was obviously Calum Hood.

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Pairing: Ravi/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Explicit oral sex, penetrative sex, foul language, alcohol use

Wordcount: 3712

Request: Anon requested a scenario where Ravi is your ex-boyfriend of two years and you run into him at a party organized by the rest of Vixx, leading to some serious sparks flying.

Notes: I took a few liberties with this one anon, I hope it ends up being to your taste ^_^ I had loads of fun writing this tbh I really love writing Ravi hnghhh…*dies*

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One of Those Nights- Shawn Mendes imagine

“Shawn? I can’t sleep.”

Me and Shawn were in a hotel, downtown, since he was on tour with Austin. The show was canceled due to the flooding in the stadium. So we just spent the whole day in the hotel.

“Me neither.” He replied and nudged towards me a little bit.

“I feel so wide awake, like I need to do something or else I can’t sleep. I feel like my day isn’t complete.”

“Exactly,” he said “Let’s go adventure. Just you and me.” He sat up abruptly.

“Where? It’s midnight Shawn, nothing’s opened.” I said sitting up too.

“Well we’re not going to sleep so what else are we going to do?” He did make a good point. I got up, put a comfy jacket over my tank top, slip on some shorts, clipped my hair to keep it out of the way, and unplugged the charger from my phone. By the time I was done, Shawn had changed into a black T-shirt and jeans.

He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the hotel. The air was a little chilly, but it felt nice compared to the heat in the afternoon.

Shawn intwined our fingers together and we walked down the sidewalk. Since we were in the city, it was beautiful. The city lights were bright in the moonlight, a slight breeze every now and then, there was not much traffic, and the sidewalks were mostly empty. It felt like I could do anything.

“This is nice.” I spoke up.

“Yeah it is.” We passed by the mall and I sighed.

“I wish the stores were opened so I can buy a new dress.” Shawn’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to look perfect for it. Shawn studied my face a little and a small smile crept up on his face. “Why wait for the stores to open, when you can go now?”

“Shawn Peter-Raul Mendes, are you saying we break in?” I said shocked. Shawn was usually the goody-goody who didn’t want to do anything that would get him in trouble, or have any fun.

Shawn grabbed my hand and pulled me to the back of the mall. He found a door and tried to think of some way of opening it. “My hair clip!” I said and snatched it out of my hair. I wiggled it a little until a heard a little click.

I slowly opened the door and looked around. It was dimly lit and me and Shawn walked around. I was pretty sure we were in Nordstrom. No one was around so all of it was to ourselves. “So what do you want?”

Me and Shawn looked around the section filled with dresses. I chose some and Shawn chose some. We went to the fitting rooms and chose the handicapped stall. Shawn sat on the long bench attached to the wall. We’ve changed in front of each other lots of times, so it was okay that he was in here with me. And it was kinda scary being here all alone.

I tried on lots of dresses, some of them were too big, too small, too bright, some of them were okay, but not perfect for Shawn’s Birthday. We were down to our last few dresses and I put on this short, long sleeved, black dress. Shawn pulled up the zipper while I looked at the mirror.

It was perfect. It fit me exactly, showed off my curves, and hid some of my imperfections. I turned around and faced Shawn, and he look mesmerized. “You look absolutely beautiful.” He said and looked into my eyes. Our lips touched and butterflies filled my entire body. It was a sweet and gentle kiss, not rough, and it abousolutely amazing. He rested his hands on my hips and I put my hands on his shoulders. We let go breathing heavily and blushing slightly.

I changed back into my normal clothing, we walked to the cash register, and I realized something.

“Shawn, how are we going to pay for this?” There was no one here just me and Shawn. And I was definitely not going to steal a expensive dress.
Shawn thought for a moment, and took my dress. He took off the price tag, and put the money for the dress on top. “So they can scan it to see what dress it is, and put the cash in the cash register.”

“Great idea Shawn.” I said, pecked his lips, and switched his money with my money, and gave him back his money.“My treat.” He says and puts the money back in my hand. I really hate when he does this because when I pay him back, he just buys me something else with the money I gave him. I sighed, I was too lazy to argue so I just put the money back in my pocket.

Shawn walked towards the door we used but I pulled him back.
“Men’s is that way, Shawn.” I said smiling slyly. He groaned, but smiled back.

We looked at some of the fancy suits, since Shawn doen’t have any. He never wears any of this stuff, so why not buy just one?

We chose some jackets, pants, ties, and bows and went in the fitting room. Well Shawn felt kinda self conscious so he made me wait outside. I was a little upset because I let him go in the room, but it was kinda cute that he was self concious.

We tried on different colored ties, bows, and shirts, but all of them looked kinda tacky. So when Shawn changed into another suit, I chose this all black suit and white shirt. I came back and Shawn was wearing a suit with a yellow tie.

“Try this on” I said and nudged him in the room. I waited while the sound of clothes swishing filled the air. Finally I heard a small click of the lock and Shawn came out. And may I say I did a pretty good job choosing this suit.

“Oh my god, you look so good wear this to my funeral, my wedding, wear this every single day.” I said. Shawn blushed slightly and pecked my lips.

We paid for the suit and went out the door we unlocked. It was 6:00am by then and I was tired, but happy. It was one of those nights I felt like we were the only 2 people in the world.