@my vertically challenged trans brothers and nonbinary pals, I’ve got some nifty gear to show you.

How could I forget, I got these handy dandy mothersuckers in the mail last week and wanted to make a little post about them.

They’re inserts for your shoes solely for the purpose of making you taller! Listen, I’m like.. 5'3" maybe 5'4" if I really stand up straight and slouch 0%. Not a tall guy in the slighest, pretty small actually. It never use to bother me very much, but in the last few months to a year, with realizing I’m Not A Girl and becoming more hyper aware of how people view me, it’s become something of an issue. I’m 23, puberty was over a long time ago and even if I ever decide to go on T, I’m not getting any bigger.

A few months ago I came across a post on tumblr about height inserts and boy has it been on my mind ever since. So I did a little research. I got this pair through Sears’ online store, because apparently height inserts can’t be found in person in any store? I checked. If you know of any, feel free to add them to this post- I know not everyone can order things online. There were a few different brands and types, these were from a company called CE Compass Inc. The height is adjustable - it came with 3 different pieces for each foot, so I can basically be 1, 2, or 3 inches taller, depending on how many I put in. It’s probably not that exact, but pretty close. If you put in two levels, you really should be wearing high top shoes or boots or else your foot will be falling out. Anything more than 2 levels hasn’t worked out for me very well. But I can still get up to a solid 5'6".

I was nervous about getting them because the reviews were totally mixed. Some people said they were great, some said they were terribly uncomfortable, didn’t even work, didn’t fit in their shoes etc etc. But it cost me $7 bucks, so the risk wasn’t huge. They are SO COMFY. I was expecting to feel like I was walking on rocks, but they’re surprisingly squishy? Not quite like walking on clouds, but bearable. I walk fairly often, holding kids, pushing strollers. Sometimes I walk 1-2 miles straight. And I’ve had barely any issue so far. The more height you add, the more it’ll strain your feet and legs. I was able to go for a lengthy walk with 2 inserts added without getting uncomfortable until the end. I’d say if you think you’ll be walking a considerable amount, use less height to stay on the safe side. Or just take the extra inserts out if you get tired, since they can just slip right out.

The most important part, I actually ALMOST have some confidence for once 😮. I mean, I still haven’t had top surgery yet, and that’s going to be a complete game changer in the confidence region, but listen. Feeling taller feels so nice???? My girlfriend and I are the same height normally, being an inch or two taller than her is cute, walking by grown ass men in public and thinking “holy shit I’m taller than him” feels good, standing next to cis men I know personally and looking at them eye to eye, feels good. The top of my head actually meets the top of my fridge now. Even if there’s no one else around, I FEEL bigger. And especially on days when I’m feeling pretty down on myself and don’t think I’m “passing” well, the boost is such a relief.

So, if your height is an issue for you and you feel totally defeated that you aren’t going to grow anymore, I highly suggest something like this. It may not seem like much, I have to admit “1-2 added inches” didn’t sound very impressive to me at first. But the difference IS noticeable, to me at least. Hope this can help someone else out too!