Fall Fashion for Trans Guys Who May or May Not Still Be Closeted

In my opinion, Autumn is probably the best time to be a trans guy! Just look at what comes up when you search “men’s fall fashion!”

But why does this make me so happy? Because it instantly gets cold enough for big sweaters, long-sleeved plaid shirts, closed-toed shoes and long pants. And what’s more, the department stores carry this clothing in bulk.

But what if you’re not really out yet? What if you can’t sneak over to the boys’/men’s section while you’re clothes shopping with mom?

The most besterest thing about fall is you can find all these things also in the girls’/women’s section.

Some things that can be a closeted, dysphoric trans guy’s best friends during fall:

Boyfriend pants. I shit you not, they’re literally fitted like men’s pants. Buy them a size larger than you need and you’re instantly presenting as masculine, and make sure they’re not cuffed. The pockets are big, and if you can’t find them at walmart, the best brand I found is on wish.com by the store helen belli. They’re soft, inexpensive, durable, and arrive in about 2 weeks.

Button up white shirts. Women’s button up whites are easy enough to find, but they’re often fitted in the waist and have little boob-pockets. So what do you do?

Stick a vest or a nice sweater over it! Vests and sweaters are always available in stores during fall and winter. Buy some in different colors that make you feel more masculine. Maybe buy a size larger than you need if you feel self-conscious about the fit around your bust or waist area.

Large sweaters and sweatshirts! These were my life-saver in my youth. I would get the most neutral-looking ones (usually black or gray) and I would buy them two or three sizes too large. They would engulf me and give me a shapeless figure, which I loved. Worn with a pair of baggy pants, or cargo-shorts my brother outgrew, this outfit gave me a less-feminine appearance and helped make me feel more like myself.

Beanies and knitted scarves! Beanies. They’re good for attempting to tuck up your hair (bobby pins are your bffs in this case), or if you have a short cut they’re good at hiding it if mom likes to style your hair like a cute little pixie cut or with little clips and such before you leave for school. I never went anywhere without my beanie. And why scarves? I never liked them, but they can be used in different ways to hide a thin, feminine neckline or collar bones, or just because scarves look cool and keep you warm.

Socks and shoes? So, my sock choice was always meant to make my legs look more boyish. Now I like crazy socks. But if you’re looking for less femininity in your ankles, mid-length black or white athletic socks are good. And shoes are generally neutral, go for a pair of black or tan vans, or some kind of high tops or hiking boots, and you’re good to go!

Plaid. Enough said ;)

I hope this has helped, It is in no way intended to uphold gender roles, only to help those of us who wish to feel more comfortable in our own bodies.

Praise Kink- Part Two

In which Harry’s debut album has been released, and y/n knows just how to celebrate. 

A/N: FINALLY. It doesn’t even feel real that I’m finally posting this thing.  I’ve been hyping this up since like, April so I really hope its good and you all love it.  If you thought part one was filthy… you’re in for a treat.


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*me, this afternoon*



“New icon communicating what’s been flagged?”

“Actually being told what’s been flagged as NSFW?”

“…and an option to say ‘no, that’s just a gif of Scooby’s strange snout sniffing some secret spooky shoes?’”

*not long after*

“…and email updates that are quick and gorgeously-formatted on mobile? It’s a Christmas miracle!

After previous hilarious, inexplicable flaggings, this is wonderful to see. Fantastic work, Tumblr – it’s a much-needed layer of transparency that improves the system tenfold. Occasional system goofs are inevitable, that’s no big deal… as long as we can get them fixed, we’re golden.


Ps. Y’know, you could even save an intern some time, and whitelist SDM… we’re 2,865 family-friendly posts in, and I don’t feel like pulling a Hollywood and making a gritty reboot in a couple years ;)

time to pretend

Summary: Secrets can get boring, real fast. | modern/college AU

Pairing: Librarian!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: My first time trying my hand at the librarian au! I wanted to write this because I was getting annoyed with how almost everyone else writes librarian!Bucky with a stutter when that’s like… most definitely not the case, all the time. The stereotype is annoying, so please stop :) lmao, hope y’all enjoy this, it was a quick, shitty piece! | masterlist

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tiedyebi  asked:

hi sorry but the fuck is corn rash??

okay so warning that im gonna get more in depth here than i did when i initially talked about it in this post so yeah, basically its a thing u get when you work in corn fields. this is how it works:

-its iowa in the summer and its 1000000 degrees 

-you wear long pants, long sleeves, closed toed shoes, protective eyewear, and a hat with a veil around it because fun fact: corn, as in maize, is SHARP. it will literally cut you. 

-although this protection is enough to keep you from like, dying, when you walk through the corn enough the corn leaves slice you up anyways (like, through your clothes) because youre brushing against the plants so much 

-also youre sweating bc youre working 9 hour days outside in a corn field in iowa in july

-also the corn in shedding pollen because its the height of their breeding time so when you brush against the plants the male flowers on the top (tassels) rain down on you from above

-so the pollen and sweat go into the teeny tiny cuts and between the actual salt-in-wound effect of the sweat and the allergic reaction effect of the pollen, it makes a hell effect of something called corn rash

-corn rash itches. because of like, the allergic reaction thing, and the salt thing. so like. you have to. 

-when you itch it it peels away at the top layer of skin and also rubs more stuff into the wound


-its a BAD TIME and hurts for like. WEEKS while it heals, hurts more in the shower, hurts when you move, hurts when clothes rub against it, etc. bad time bad time baaaaddd time yall

-the things we do for the plants

-they cant help it theyre just living their lives

-thats what u get for disturbing their slumber



The return of the well known shoe manufacturing Kuragesu (JP)/Krak-On (EN) brand, develops natural and basic wear that makes use of its brand. Canvas material shoes have long unchanging designs, and are loved by many squids over generations, and are popular among collectors as vintage. Via SplatoonJP on Twitter.

Adult Draco Headcannons

-still doesn’t know how to use a muggle washing machine, cleans all clothes one at a time with magic which takes 2x as long
-polishes his own shoes by hand tho??? how does he find the time???
-“they just don’t feel as clean the magical way” “but your clothes do????” “fuck off”
-gay af
-won’t tell u this straight away bc he likes it when people flirt with him
-calls his mum every Thursday, literally won’t miss it for the world
-can boil water (most of the time)
-yeah he doesn’t know how to cook at all but he can tell you what wine goes with what dish at all times
-hates spicy foods bc he’s a baby
-has an EXTENSIVE skin care routine, at least an hr every night
-wears reading glasses but only when no one is looking
-has all his clothes tailored to fit him perfectly
-because he’s rude and hE LIKES WHEN PEOPLE FLIRT WITH HIM
-likes treating to dinner, likes being treated to dinner even more
-won’t admit that tequila makes him slutty (even though it totally does)
-tells you he likes his tea black when really he wants three sugars and tons of cream
-still a little rough around the edges, but cares about u
-will get u home safe
-smart, confident, good smile, always clean

companion to this 


“ (◡‿◡✿)”
I’m a thief, a stealer of souls, do you really want me to go out dressed like this?”
“..I’ll go put my shoes on.”

long story short, this is all @marshalpizza‘s fault, i have no other explanation 

can anybody please tell marik to give a chop to that cauliflower hair of his pls..

Masquerade: Side Story - Stay Close To Me

Notes: a side story inspired by an idea that @kantonliu sent me, and I couldn’t resist throwing everything aside to write probably the soppiest??? thing I’ve ever written. Have this as my thanks for everyones amazing support. <3 p.s probably some typos. 
Find the rest of Masquerade here

Sometimes, they picked the worst places to meet.

Now was one of those times.

It wasn’t that this huge open spaced establishment sprawling with chairs and tables set for two was subpar. It wasn’t the ambient night sky of hundreds and hundreds of tiny glowing bulbs suspended at different lengths from the high ceiling like perfect stars in their own universe.

It wasn’t the amazing service and other patrons that kept to themselves in groups of only two, always two. It wasn’t the velvet lined booths at the edges of the room that looked safe enough to keep secrets and smother whispers, it wasn’t the fact that there were no Russians or Japanese in sight.

It was the fact that Yuuri was here alone, waiting with his solitary drink at the bar as usual.

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SJM guy aesthetics


brass buckles polished until they gleam, the warmth of a roast dinner, warm smiles that reach his eyes, hair ruffled from riding in the wind, hugs that feel like home, eyes filled with steely determination, subtle tightening of his shoulders when he’s annoyed, strong hands that hold yours gently but firmly, wearing plain well fitted t shirts on days off, the crunch of leaves under his feet on morning runs, shiny leather boots with dirty soles, always wearing a belt, never wearing a tie


sparkling eyes and cheeky smirks, perfect fingernails, clothes so well fit they look like they were made for him (they probably were), frosted glass on cold winter mornings, warm room with cold tiles, bookshelves that look messy but have their own strange organisation system, cold hands and warm smiles, absentmindedly biting his lip when he’s concentrating, the relief of sinking into an armchair after a long day, perfectly polished shoes that always match his outfit, always being the big spoon, hugs from behind with his arms wrapped around your waist


eyes that catch every movement, muscled back, the cool shade of massive trees on a sunny day, unblinking stare, weapons always within arms reach, watching Aelin when she reads, never letting anyone see him cry but her, the smell of pine trees, the crystal glare of sun on undisturbed snow, old leather bound books, rough calloused hands, the ocean smashing against the rocks during a storm, climbing trees in a matter of seconds


the whine of metal and against metal, loud laughter, running his hands through his hair, trying to cook and it turning out terrible or amazing depending on the day, smiling at kids in the street, nights spent by the campfire telling stories, fiercely loyal, cheeky grins, always covered in scrapes and bruises, tight hugs, honest and open conversations, scuffed boots and polished weapons, cobblestones warmed from the sun, shaking out his wet hair like a dog would


smouldering glances over the dinner table before cracking a smile, warm hands, leather straps holding back his hair, physically feeling his warmth when you stand near him, knowing smiles, ruffling his ruk’s feathers as you would kids hair, kissing the top of your head and stroking your hair, holding one of your hands in both of his, the smell of home cooked meals, inside jokes with his hearth family, accidental hand brushes before he grabs your hand, riding leathers still warm from the sun, the exhilaration of flying fast and high, flushed cheeks after landing, warm soup and toasted rolls in the winter


compliments that could be poetry, black silk floating in the wind, satin lined blazers, perfectly timed puns, spreading his wings just to add drama, sultry looks from under his lashes at feyre (usually at important meetings), surprising everyone with his cooking skills, wandering around the townhouse shirtless, pointed comments about cassian and Nesta always seeming to disappear at the same time, the claw tips of his wings glinting in the sun, laughing and joking with the kids who live in Velaris, lying on the roof staring at the stars with feyre, flying low over the river close enough to touch the water


wearing his worn in leathers everyday, surprise hugs and kisses, thoughtful gifts, joking to lighten the mood, communicating with Azriel with one glance, the roar of a bonfire, eating dinner outside, telling ghost stories but laughing too hard at everyone to finish, stubborn, lying on roof tiles that are warm from the sun, getting drunk on whiskey with the inner circle, begging Rhys to let them get a dog to keep in the townhouse, barbecue dinners cooked over the fire, fireworks, falling asleep on the couch, exhausted but happy


silent smirks, dark circles and red eyes when he hasn’t slept well, silently drawing his weapons, watching Elain and garden and he can’t help but smile to himself, he reluctantly lets her put a flower behind his ear, gentle caresses, using his shadows to sneak up on cassian and scare him, deep late night talks with rhys, secretly he loves to read poetry, showing Elain Velaris from the sky, flying surrounded in his shadows when he needs space to think, always barefoot inside the house even though his feet are freezing, his bed is always made, black and white photos on his walls

sjm girl aesthetics