The return of the well known shoe manufacturing Kuragesu (JP)/Krak-On (EN) brand, develops natural and basic wear that makes use of its brand. Canvas material shoes have long unchanging designs, and are loved by many squids over generations, and are popular among collectors as vintage. Via SplatoonJP on Twitter.

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Plot: Johnny (NCT 127) accidentally hurts your feelings in an argument and panics when you start crying

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Words Count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie! 

- kyu.

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‘Want to get some supper?’


‘Wanna watch a movie at my place?’


‘Get coffee?’


No no no was all you were getting from your boyfriend for the past month. The both of you had been together for only six months but it felt as if it was only two. Johnny was someone of your dreams. From his smile to his soft eyes, he was perfect to you. He expressed flaws but that was easily over looked because you honestly started feeling love towards him, but love that was getting hard to express. You knew the relationship with him would be tough considering him being an idol and also living in the dorms, but never in your life did you think it would be this hard.

Standing at the door of the dorms, you took a deep breath before knocking, ‘Coming!’

‘Just breath Y/N…’ You whispered under you breath before the door flung open and you were attacked with a hug.

‘NOONA!’ The person expressed, hugging you tightly and spreading a warmth you hadn’t experienced in a while from someone.

‘Hey Mark.’ You smiled at the younger, ‘I thought you were all going out?’

‘We are,’ He beamed, ‘We are just waiting for Taeil hyung, who is TAKING FOREVER!’

‘I can here you, you brat!’ Said male walked into the hallway, ‘Ah Y/N. How are you doing?’

‘Could be better.’ You knew you couldn’t lie to them.

The boys had become something of your brothers. You yourself was the same age at Johnny so everyone, besides Taeil, was like your little brothers. Even though you knew them for a short time, you loved and cared for every single one. Taeil had also become someone you tended to confide with over the past few months of being in their lives.

‘Well your prince charming is in his room,’ Taeil pointed out before shouting, ‘LET’S GO EVERYONE!’

‘Will you stop screaming?’ Taeyong cheekily responded, ‘We were all waiting for you to begin with.’

‘Yah you punk!’ The elder playfully grabbed him in a headlock before filling out after all the other members, ‘Good luck.’

‘Thank you.’ You smiled, closing the door and walking through the hallways and arriving at your boyfriends bedroom door.

The others went out with some of their fellow lablemates for the evening. Johnny opted to stay back and work on somethings for their comeback. You stood at the doorway and watched him hunch over the table and scribble something passionately on a piece of paper. Leaning against the doorway, you crossed your arms with a soft smile on your face.

‘Having fun there?’ You asked, seeing he got a slight fright but just went back to his business.

‘What you doing here?’ He asked, not even looking back at you.

‘Well I thought I could come see my boyfriend.’ You tried to lighten the mood by walking in and placing your hands on his shoulders.

He instantly tensed up before relaxing under your touch, ‘I am busy, Y/N.’

‘He said for the thousandth time.’ You narrated, turning the chair to face you.

‘What the f-’

‘You are always busy!’

‘Because I am,’ He rolled his eyes, ‘It’s not like I have all the spare time in the world.’

‘I am not asking for your entire day Johnny, but a measly few minutes would be appreciated.’ You looked at him, something sad in your eyes.

‘Well by the looks of it,’ He looked at his watch, ‘It have been about five minutes. There is your few minutes, Y/N. You know the way out. Goodnight Y/N.’

He stood up to get something from his shelf but you held his arm, ‘That isn’t what I meant.’

‘I am just busy Y/N, can you not understand that!’ His voice went louder.

‘I understand that Johnny, but I seem to be having more of a relationship with your voicemail then with you!’ You retaliated, ‘All I ask is for a few moments alone with my boyfriend!’

‘Is it a hug you want?’ He harshly took you in his hold, squeezing tight before releasing you, ‘Or maybe some alone time, because I do not know if you realised this, but we are alone and you are taking my time.’

You looked at the man before you and resembled the person you thought you were falling in love with, but this person was no longer him. He was no longer the happy chappy boy you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, but he was someone different entirely. The day you met him, you had been rushing university and he had bumped into you and caused all your belongings to scatter across the sidewalk. In a state, you apologised and then began to pick everything up but he had bent down and started helping you. That day was the day you met the most beautiful smile in your life.

‘Why are you being like this?’ Your voice was soft, tears threatening to brim.

‘Because I have a job Y/N! Something you are not aware of clearly. I know you don’t understand this but I work!’

‘I do work, Johnny!’

‘A part time job doesn’t count.’ He gritted his teeth.

‘Well what do you expect then!’ You throw your hands up in frustration, ‘I am still a student!’

‘That’s besides the point.’

‘Clearly, because my point is that I want to at least get a bit more time with you!’

‘I AM NOT YOUR FATHER, FOR FUCKSAKE Y/N!’ He screamed, ‘I can not just take off time just so you can be happy and get attention! You knew this from the beginning so why is it that you are having such an issue all of a sudden.’

‘IT ISN’T AN ISSUE!’ The first tear fell, ‘A simple hello would have been perfect.’

‘WELL HELLO!’ His facial structure became stern and strong, ‘Are you happy now?!’

‘Ecstatic.’ The tears now were falling as you took your hand to wipe them away, ‘I am sorry for taking up your time…’

The motion of you wiping your tears suddenly had him snap to realisation, but by then, you had already started walking to the door. You tried your best to hold back your sobs, but they just seemed to continue coming and echo down the long hallway. Slipping your shoes back on, you were about to open the door when all of a sudden you were spun around and hugged tightly. The tears doubled in quantity as you pushed the person away.

‘I am leaving, don’t worry!’ You shouted, ‘I am sorry for being such an inconvenience to you.’

‘Jagiya no-’ He tried to reason

‘Don’t you call me that! You have said what you wanted to and I am happy that you have said what was needed to. This spares me the broken heart.’ You tired to leave but he held your arm, ‘Let go of me! I won’t bother you and make you feel like my father!’

‘I didn’t mean that.’ He pulled you away from the door.

‘Really?’ You scoffed sarcastically, ‘Cause you sure sounded like you fucking did!’

‘I am just stressed Y/N, I honestly didn’t mean to snap at you. I really don’t know what has come over me, and I say this with all the honesty I can muster.’ He held both of your upper arms.

‘So shouting at me was you stress reliever?!’ You sniffed.

‘Yes, I mean no. UGH I DON’T KNOW!’ He said in frustration, ‘Just don’t go, please…’

‘Well why should I stay?’ You asked, pushing his arms away, ‘You clearly don’t want me around.’

‘This is going to sound stupid but during my anger I was fuming but as soon as I saw you crying….I-I panicked. There is something I vowed and that was to never make you cry-’

‘Well you clearly failed at that.’

‘Will you let me finish please!’


The moment you heard him comparing himself to your father, you were ready to run out of the dorms and never look back. Now you stood in front of your escape and with the man, who had you running for the hills, standing somewhat broken before you. He was expressing such apologies that one half had you wanting to reject him and just ending it all together, while the other had you wanting to run into his arms and forgive him.

‘I said I would never make you cry and I did. It was over a stupid things and I blame myself for every bit of this fight. I have been so busy and frustrated because I want to make you proud Y/N…I want to be the boyfriend who has you happy all the time, the boyfriend that you are proud to call yours…..the boyfriend who can provide everything for you.’

‘Johnny…’ The tears started to subside .

‘Please don’t walk away from me…please take a chance on me and I promise I will treat you better. Please Y/N’ He pleaded, his voice breaking as you noticed he was starting to cry. ‘They say perfection has no place in love, but I will do anything you want me to do just so you want leave me…’

Taking a step forward, you pulled him into a hug as he fell to his knees with you in tow. His head was on your neck as you felt him sob. Softly you stroked his hair, as his arms wrapped around you and held you close. Rubbing his back as well, you lifted his head up with both your hands and wiped the tears with your thumbs before he spoke up.

‘I don’t need someone who sees the good in me, I need someone who sees the bad and still wants me….and I hope you will still have me.’ He whispered, eyes closed as you placed a kiss on his forehead, ‘I am so so sorry Y/N.’

‘It’s okay but next time, could you not use me as a stress reliever in that manner? Your voice matched his.

‘Never again.’

‘Can we pretend this never happened?’

He opened his eyes and looked deeply into yours, ‘No, this is a reminder to me. A reminder to be a better boyfriend and love you with every once of my heart.’

‘L-love?’ You repeated.

‘I will say this to you my love, meeting you in this crowded world was the best thing in my life.’ He brushed his lips against yours, ‘I love you so much…’

RTX Pro Tips!!!

Bring some snacks and LOTS OF WATER. Guys, it’s summer and it’s Texas, it gon be HOT. Be prepared!

Comfy shoes yo.

Long Lines™ are a thing so bring something to do and don’t be afraid to talk to those around you.

If you’re staying at the Hilton or Marriott don’t be afraid to go back to your hotel and cool off.

Panel lines start forming hours before the actual panel, the Off Topic line started FOUR HOURS before it was scheduled to start so if you really want to go to something make sure to plan accordingly.

Be on time for your signing!

Don’t bring resumes guys, they’ve talked about that before.

If you see an RT employee heading somewhere it’s fine to say hi but keep in mind they might be heading to a panel.

That’s pretty much everything, if you have questions feel free to ask me!

You are My Heaven: Epilogue (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill(mentioned), OFC Lily, OMC Liam. 

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. How much time and distance does it take to heal a broken heart? (Mentions events from CACW, including a direct quote)

Warnings: bit of fluff, some angst. Mention of heartbreak. 

Word Count: 3.3k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Here we have it! The wrap up for this unexpected multi-part fic. It’s been healing for me to write this and I’m grateful for the kind words and shared stories I’ve received. I appreciate every single message. Also, I did write The Truth Behind You are My Heaven, which is my personal story if you’re interested. Any feedback is appreciated. I love you all!!

<<<Part Two   Epilogue(end)



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One Year Later

Stepping into your London flat, you pulled the key from the lock and placed your purse on the side table. You kicked off your high heels and spread your toes, feeling relief at last after a long day. Carrying your shoes in one hand and work bag in the other, you walked down the hall to your bedroom and changed into comfortable lounge clothes. Venturing into the bathroom to toss your clothes in the hamper, you discovering a pair of men’s boxers on the floor. Letting out an amused sigh, you simply picked them up and walked the two feet to the hamper before tossing them in.

You had the flat to yourself tonight, which was unusual, so you decided to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up on tv shows you had recorded but never found the time to watch. As it grew later, you found yourself yawning and giving into the temptation of your soft, comfy bed. You rinsed out your glass and turned out all the lights except your bedside lamp. Plugging in your phone, the screen illuminated a new email notification from work, which wasn’t unusual. Timezones meant nothing in your line of work so you opened it just in case, planning on dealing with whatever it was in the morning.

Reading the subject line, your stomach dropped. 

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The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Word Count: 1926

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

“Thanks for coming,” Soonyoung said, grinning as he walked over to you with a glistening glass of champagne.

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What's your favorite thing about the shoes? :)

Okay so I just really like their design!! 

They’re simple red high top sneakers with black laces, but they make for some badass hero shoes!

They’ve been with Izuku since he started his journey to becoming the world’s strongest hero

They were also with him whenever he received OFA although he wasn’t wearing them at the time

They’ve received votes in the popularity polls (look at the little fist pump his laces are doing altj;aitjt/a)

Someone’s out there who loves Deku’s shoes too and I’m determined to find them so we can talk about how cool his shoes are.


Dear Department Stores,

Instead of selling clothing by the two categories “men’s” and “women’s”, how about stores sell it by defining categories?

For example:

High heels are not women’s shoes; they are just shoes.

Long shorts with deep pockets are not men’s shorts; they are just shorts.

Low-cut colorful socks are not girls’ socks; they are socks.

Graphic t-shirts are not boys’ shirts; they are just shirts.

It would really make my life easier.

Your local trans person


inspired by/a response to danny miller’s comments last night concerning rebecca being able to give robert something aaron can’t, along with comments made in an earlier interview stating that women and men offer something fundamentally different both sexually and romantically.

i’m a bitter bisexual

They’re constantly living on the precipice of an argument. It takes so little to push them over the edge. An unwashed bowl. Too many nights worked late. A phone at the dinner table. They’re free falling again, clutching to each other for dear life, frightened fingers leaving bruises. They hit the ground together, bones broken but still just about holding on to one another. Still breathing but wondering how the hell they’re here again.

It always comes back to Rebecca.

Rebecca is Aaron’s ultimate trump card. He lays it down on the table when there is nothing else he can say. A small but deliberate gesture that says I’ve hurt you, but that’s nothing in comparison to what you’ve done to me.

This fight starts with a shoe left on the landing. Aaron’s work boot, to be precise. Maybe he shouldn’t have left it there. Maybe Robert should have watched where he was going. Maybe Aaron shouldn’t be such a slob. Maybe Robert should stop being such a neat freak. It doesn’t take long for the shoe to be forgotten.

Robert has no idea how they get there, but they get there, and they’re back at her name. It’s a punch he should know how to block by now, but he knows he has no right to. He just stands there, hands twisted behind his back while he waits for the impact.

‘She could give you something different, couldn’t she? Something I couldn’t give you. It’s different, isn’t it? Loving a woman? Having sex with a woman? It’s different and clearly you prefer it.’

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Moriyama continuously 'courting' his s/o even after being together for a few years (giving her flowers and chocolates, telling lame pick-up lines, and generally being sweet to her) and when asked by his s/o about it, he tells her he's just happy to be loved by her. Heart-warming fluff. Thank you c:

From the moment you stepped through the threshold, you could smell the delicious scent of your favorite meal wafting from the kitchen. The warmth inside your home was a stark contrast to the raining gloom outside, instantly lifting your mood. It didn’t take you long to remove your shoes and put away your umbrella, enticed to venture further into the comforts of your house to investigate the wonderful scent.

“Oh, your home.” Moriyama’s voice was muffled, which was expected since he was bent low while examining the oven. “I didn’t hear the door click shut.”

In one fluid motion, he was stepping out of the kitchen and into the dining room where you stood. His arms were around you in an instant, dipping you slightly as he moved in for a much awaited kiss. When his lips left yours, his arms dropped away from you just as suddenly only to reappear with a small bouquet in hand.

“For you,” he offered, smile on his face.

With a little bit of a laugh, you accepted the flowers — how many years had you two been together and he was only now getting your favorite flowers right? Once they were safely cradled in your arms, Moriyama lead you slowly toward the dining table. He pulled out a chair, like a true gentlemen, and waited for you to sit before gently tucking you into place. Everything was routine.

“You don’t have to do this every weekend,” you mentioned, burying your nose into the flowers and inhaling their delicate scent.

“Are you getting bored of it?” For a second you could see a flash of brief hurt on Moriyama’s face and you wondered if it was genuine. “We could always change up the routine. Have dinner out or go on a romantic picnic for lunch instead or—”

“I don’t hate it,” you interrupted, giving him a smile to reassure him he’d done nothing wrong. “But you already have me. Why try so hard?”

Stepping closer, Moriyama reached out with a hand to gently caress at your face. His touch was soft, almost feather light, as he grazed along the skin of your cheek until his fingertips were just barely touching your chin. He leaned down until his lips were just upon her, his breath fanning across her face and mingling with her own.

“Because you’re worth it.”