I can’t draw all my Shiro and Keith adopted brothers au out so I’m just putting some of my super self-indulgent headcanons/ ideas here. Also a reminder in case I do draw some of these out

  • When they were kids Keith got into space because Shiro read him his textbooks about piloting stuff™ like bedtime stories. Soon he starts collecting a hoard of any text related to space (like NASA newspaper clippings) under his bed
  • Shiro bullied Keith a lot growing up but was forgiven everytime by making Keith laugh. (He’d usually do thing where you pull the back of your shirt over your head to make yourself look like jay jay the jet plane)
  • They used to pretend to have gunbattles but stopped when they got too into it and Keith mcfreaking hit his head on a table trying to dodge
  • Shiro always buys Keith those freaky looking spongebob popsicles to cheer him up, even when Keith is a teenager
  • They both had the asain melon bowlcut ™ but only Shiro has photographic evidence
  • The first time Keith beat Shiro at mario kart he was 10 and Shiro cried
  • At the Garrison Keith didn’t like talking about how they lost their parents and if you tried asking Shiro the story changed everytime
  • Shiro’s “dad vibe” and skills come from practically raising Keith on his own and both of them secretly hate the fact that he’s more of a dad than a big brother now
  • Shiro keeps a huge photo album by his bed back at the Garrison that’s just full of pictures of Keith as a kid that he hopes to show off to to Keith’s husband one day (if not, then it’s just good blackmail material)
  • Shiro got the red jacket and fingerless gloves for Keith’s birthday because they “made him look like a pokemon ranger” and Keith shoves it into the back of his closet but starts wearing them daily when his brother goes missing
  • Keith got kicked out because he did what Pidge did and he punched the shit out of Iverson for lying about what happened to his bro 
  • The reason Shiro was staring blankly at the sun outside the shack in episode 1 was because in the year he was gone his little brother got kicked out of school, became a hobo, and started living in a shack in the desert and he was contemplating where he went wrong in his psuedo parenting
  • Keith tries to threaten his big bro by saying he’ll tell the other paladins what a bully he was to him as a kid and Shiro just laughs “They’ll never believe you.”
  • The other paladins just thought they were oddly close and don’t realize they’re brothers until one day Keith does something stupid again and Shiro’s yelling “Keith Kogane Shirogane, if you don’t knock that shit off-” and everyone’s like ??????? what??? and then the brothers are like “oh wait they don’t know oops”
  • The bros thrive off of teasing the other about their crushes. At the castle ship Shiro won’t stop pretending to swoon dramatically with a hand on his chest and say “I cradled you in my arms, Lance. We bonded!” when they have alone time and Keith slowly dies every time he brings it up.

Ok so Stevonnie does not use they/them pronouns because they’re two people but because they’re nonbinary, notice that:

The gem x gem fusions are not referred to as they, Garnet uses she/her pronouns and is composed of two gems

Jenny who probably has no idea Stevonnie is a fusion used they/them pronouns for them in Beach City Drift

Just let people who are nonbinary (or anyone who uses they/them pronouns for that matter) have representation and stop saying “Stevonnie uses they/them pronouns because they’re a fusion UwU” please?


Panzerkampfwagen V Panther. One of the most famous tanks of the Second World War, the Panther tank is known around the world and many internet communites as being one of the
best blends of protection, firepower, and maneuverability, the three things that are considered the “holy trinity” of tank design. Sadly though, there are also many people who claim that the Panther is a terrible vehicle and criticize it while lapping heaps of praise on the Sherman and the T-34, saying they were the best machines of the war.
What these individuals fail to realize, is despite this, the Panther proved to be one of the best medium tanks of the war. It had a reputation of being a tough nut to crack, as well as being a speedy tank killer.
While people are certainly entitled to their opinions, they sometimes fail to back their opinions with research.
I’m not claiming the Panther was the best. I merely want to lay out an arguemnt stating that the Panther was a vehicle, that despite its issues, was a good tank. I hope that with this post, people can look at the Panther in a more positive light, and accept that while it does have a troubled history, it managed to prove itself quite well by the end of the war.
Without much further ado, lets get started.

Tank design and development is an ongoing process. Aspects and parts of vehicles are refined and improved over time, some upgrades are added here or there to various production runs, and vehicles evolve as time goes on. The Panther is no exception to this rule.
The Panther arose from a desperate need for the Germans to field a cheaper alternative to the Tiger, but a better protected and heavier armed Panzer IV that was capable of doing heavy tank work like taking on Russian T-34s and KV tanks on in a fight.
After capturing many intact T-34’s the Germans commissioned a report to evaluate them to come up with a suitable response. Two companies immediately got started, and worked feverishly to come up with a design to satisfy Hitler and the German High Command.

Daimler Benz and MAN AG were the German design companies that were tasked with bringing the VK 30.02 to life—the prototype that would become the Panther. The parameters outlined in the report were to get as close to the holy trininty as possible, something that at the time, the T-34 did quite nicely.
Daimler Benz’s design was almost a straight copy of the T-34. Rear mounted drive sprockets, a forward mounted turret, and a diesel engine. They tried to get a 3 man turret with an L/70 75mm gun mounted, but due to the way the vehicle was designed and how cramped it was, it proved difficult.

MAN AG ( Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg) proposed a design that would become the Panther we all know and love today. Features include a center mounted turret, forward mounted drive sprockets and transmission, and the interleaved and overlapped roadwheels that were influenced from the Tiger.
MAN’s design was ultimately chosen because DBs too closely resembled the T-34, and the Germans didn’t want friendly fire incidents occurring if their own vehicles looked like their enemy’s.

All armored vehicles have to go through a “teething” phase, to hammer out and refine any issues with the engine and transmission, and the Panther was no exception. In steps Adolf Hitler. He wants an order of 250 units prodcued and shipped out to the Ostfront as quickly as possible, to help bolster the German units organizing for Operation Citadel.
Tests were either rushed or not completed, and only 200 tanks ended up taking to the rail head for shipment. There was an original order for around 1000 vehicles, but this proved to be too hopeful. A trial run of sorts was made, called Null-series, Ausfuehrung A, and after tests were completed, were changed to D-1, with actual prodcution run being designated Ausf. D.

Kursk, 1943. The largest armored engagement in history. The Panzerkampfwagen V, Ausf. D “Panther” makes its debut on the vast rolling steppes of Eastern Europe. This is where many people like to cite the Panther as being a terrible vehicle due to so many being lost to mechanical failure rather than combat.
I’m going to paraphrase Heinz Guderian and say, the tank’s engine is just as important, if not more than its main gun. Guderian was absolutely correct in this regard.

The first 250 Panther Ausf. D’s had a Maybach HL 210 P45 engine which was the same one used on the Tiger, but slightly modified to ease production and to meet design requirements for the Panther. It delivered 650hp at 3000rpm.
In May of 1943, Panthers were built using the Maybach HL 230 P30 V-12, which delivered 690hp at 3000rpm. Costs were reduced in construction of it, so instead of the usual aluminum alloy, cast iron was used. A low grade petroleum was also utilized, which greatly reduced the engine’s power output.
The HL 230 P30 was a rather compact design, by usual German engine standards. it kept the space between cylinder walls to an absolute minimum, and the crankshaft was shortened several times and the cylinder blocks were not offset and instead were mounted directly opposite of each other.
The overall compact design and arrangement of engine features is what gave the Panther its initial problems at Kursk.
In addition to the tight, compact and poorly ventilated design, the Panther’s engine suffered from blown head gaskets and leaking fuel as a result. This is what caused the “spontaneous engine fires” and self induced mobility kills that plagued Panther units directly after this tank was first fielded.
Even with sporadic engine fires, the crew were protected by a large firewall in the crew compartment. It would certainly get hot, but if the crew needed to bail out of the tank, they certainly had time to.

As the Panther’s evolution went on, we eventually ended up seeing the Ausf. A, and later the Ausf. G. Since tank design is an ongoing process even after the first models roll off the production line, we can see improvements made to the weapons, crew compartment, and to the engine as well.

In later production models, measures were taken to improve engine design and better ventilate the engine compartment, which reduced the likely hood of fires.
Bearing and gasket fits were better checked and improved and better fuels were used as well. Since overheating was an issue, an engine governer was added to keep RPMs lowered. This might have reduced out put, but improved reliability so the engine wouldn’t get as hot and fail as often.
In 1944 another engine crankshaft was introduced, which reduced motor failure.

This is the fact many people overlook. Most of the Panther’s engine problems were fixed by this point. Now it was down to the units and crews to take care of their vehicles to get the most out of them.

By late 1944, Panther performance was at its absolute peak. Service and availability rates jumped from around 35% in 1943 to around 55% in 1944. This was due to the success of extensive rebuild and overhaul programs that were ordered.
It was by this time that most of the faults in the engine were stamped out, and the Panther would go on to be a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Transmission was a different story however. The Panther’s transmission would continue to plague it, not due to technical problems,
but mainly due in part to wear and tear from constant use. Being a vehicle that had a front mounted transmission, it required the entire turret to be taken off, and the transmission pulled out through the hull roof. This was a long, laborious process that many units didn’t have time, resources or spare parts to do. 

Eventually as the war went on, the Allied strategic bombing campaign hit the Maybach engine factories, which were critical to the Panther and Tiger’s overall production. This severly affected tanks in the field, which were in dire need of spare parts. The new Maybach engines the Panther recieved
would go on to suffer, and as a result would garner a reputation of being unreliable again to modern historians.

Over all, the Panther was a good tank that blended firepower, protection, and in later models better manueverability than the Tiger. It wasn’t without it’s downsides though. The Panther was stuck in a spot where it needed to be the workhorse like the Panzer IV medium was, but had to do the work of the heavier Tigers.
This placed a lot of demand on the crews, and the vehicles to perform at a level where they really shouldn’t have been at. Originally designed with medium tank work in mind, the demands of someone who didn’t really know anything about tanks forced the Panther to take on work that heavy tanks like the Tiger did.
The hate for the Panther really isn’t justified for all the types of vehicles. It really is only justifiable for the Ausf D/D1. Once the problems with the engine were rectified, the Ausf. A and later Ausf. G’s made the Panther a force to be reckoned with.

The Panther was a tank with a troubled history. It suffered from many problems during its time in service, largely due to its engine’s history and has a mixed reputation among historians. Once the engine problems were fixed, the Panther performed very well as the Heer’s and Waffen SS workhorse tank nearly as well as any other mediums and sometimes heavy tanks.

Since this post is mainly about technical and engine performance, I’ll save armor and gun for a later one.

I hope that after reading this, people will look at the Panther a little more positively, at least when it comes to the engine.

If this doesn’t at least make you think twice, take it from the French. They thought it was decent!

Thanks for reading.






ME: I have many important things to do today. Let’s get productive!

Ben Affleck: *logs on social media*

Ben Affleck: *posts teaser video of Deathstroke turning up in the DCEU*


Me (and the rest of the internet): *lurks on social medias and finds that Joe Maganiello is 1) IN LONDON WITH HIS WIFE SOFIA 2) HAS THAT HAIRCUT 3) FOLLOWED ZACK SNYDER ON TWITTER 4) SOFIA FOLLOWED BEN AFFLECK ON TWITTER

Me: *realises it’s after midnight and everything still needs to get done*


stuff that happened the first day @ my colleges nursing program

-one of my friends immediately after their first class going “med math killed me on the inside and sucked out the soul in my body”

-the moment of silence for someone who dropped out of the program before their first day

- one professor going ”listen kiddos we really do weed em out the program. the weaker students, i mean”

-another professor in the NEXT class going “listen you’re all smart and hardworking and deserve to be here” immediately when class starts

-blackboard (basically the source for online stuff in college) not working in every class

-the last professor of the day going “oh i’ll call the other professor to fix whats going on i was going to call her anyways because her dog is really sick :(” after being told about issues abt blackboard

-the 30 minute long inspirational speech in a 70 minute class about how we were going to change lives as nurses and then the professor going 7 minutes over the time the class shouldve ended

-the person behind me breathing a very audible sigh of relief when said class finally ended

-”how many people in this class are named jessica” [at least 7 people raise their hand]

-me being tapped on the back at least twice by my friends when “and you’ll need partners or a study group to succeed” was said

-”listen as nurses you’ll think differently, overanalyze stuff and act differently and maybe even mother all your friends” “…try not to lose all your friends”

-”what do you mean we didnt have to bring our textbooks”

-all of the textbooks being 28+ pounds in total if you brought all the required ones for class

Songs on the Streets (closed RP with tinytoadsintophats)

     Those who lived on the streets of Doblo City, whether by choice or by unfortunate circumstances, have always found a way to keep themselves afloat and their days colourful. This is especially so for the group of homeless living just a few streets from the city’s docks.

     On this particular day, a small crowd had gathered to watch the group — an Indian girl danced and skipped alongside a young Caucasian woman with short orange hair and a left-leg prosthetic. The girl’s parents provided the music through makeshift instruments. Old Terry — a black man with a grandfatherly smile and a soldier’s gait — was the group’s godfather, and he was adding to the music with his faithful guitar. The latest addition to the group — a boy nearly covered head to toe in a hoodie, beanie, sunglasses, and baggy jeans — watched from the side, silent but smiling.

     Around the corner, another small crowd were held in awe by a man with messy brown hair performing sleight-of-hand tricks, with a white rabbit nibbling lettuce and sitting in a box next to him. Some kids had squealed and tried to grab the animal, but were quickly pulled away by their overly-hygienic parents. “You don’t know where that’s been!” they would scold.

     When they were done performing, the two girls giggled and held hands while the adults collected the money tossed into their tins. They then pointed to the magician around the corner, squealing that they wanted to see him. Old Terry turned to the group’s newest member. “C’mon, Blue,” he said with a smile, patting the boy’s shoulder. “Let us introduce you to a friend of ours.” The boy responded with a small smile and a nod, before following the older man.

     The group of six moved to where the brown-haired youth and his rabbit was. “Mister Rabbit!” the girls called as they trotted over. “Mister Rabbit, over here!”

     The boy shrouded in dark blues, blacks, and greys looked over Old Terry’s shoulder to see the male brunette with the white rabbit performing a trick for the two girls.

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Hi :) Do you like chris hemswort? I'm struggling not to get dragged into the hell of yet another chris but he’s just so funny and nice and hot and seems so laidback and cool and with his dry humor and i'm trying to stay away but damn it’s hard ;)

Do I like Chris Hemsworth? DO I LIKE CHRIS HEMSWORTH????

What is there not to like about Chris Hemsworth, omg! He’s essentially an oversized puppy and a massive dork

but then he’s also HOT AS FUCK???? No matter what he looks like??



And he’s super sweet and funny and his Instagram is a blessing and watching him interact with his co-workers is the best thing ever and YES I DO LOVE CHRIS HEMSWORTH OK I LOVE HIM A HUGE LOT <3


In the Almost — Chapter One
A/N: So remember that weird destiel dream I had about doctor!cas and photographer!dean? I turned it into a fic! Because i’m productive!!!! Crazy, right? Kind of a slow start so I’ll try to get the second chapter up tomorrow. Let me know what you think!
Warnings: There will be no character death in this fic, however Dean does have a rare heart condition and Cas is an idiot incapable of taking care of himself (which will show at the end of this first chapter so don’t worry too much when you read it. No harm will come to our angel).

Dean was still shaking thirty minutes after the plane had landed.

He tried to distract his trembling hands by tapping his fingers on his knees as he waited for his ride but his feet wouldn’t stop bouncing off the floor. At least his breathing had returned to normal and his vision was clear again. Those were the things he needed to be focused on.

He huffed out an irritated breath. Where the fuck was-

“Dean! Dean, hey!”

Dean turned his head and almost sighed in relief when he saw his baby brother barreling toward him, relentlessly knocking respectable-sized people aside.

Dean stood and had his arms outstretched as Sam finally reached him and pulled him into a tight embrace that lifted him off the ground. Normally he’d complain but this was a special occasion so he just closed his eyes and hugged back.

Sam finally sat him down but not without an enthusiastic pat on the back that jolted Dean to his core. “It’s so good to see you again,” Sam said and bent for another hug. “Here. I can’t believe you’re actually here. It feels crazy.”

Dean laughed as they pulled away from one another. “I know. Haven’t quite gotten used to the idea myself.”

“You gonna miss Europe too much?” Sam asked, grabbing Dean’s larger duffel and flinging it over his shoulder.

“Not enough to miss my little brother’s wedding,” Dean responded, adjusting his camera bag on his shoulder and following Sam toward the parking garage.

“Jess is super excited to see you again. She hasn’t stopped talking about those photos you took in Budapest.”

“She still set on Rome for the honeymoon?”

“Yeah,” Sam said with a bit of a sigh. “I tried to pitch Morocco like you said, but she’s been trying to learn Italian for months and it’s hard to argue with the homeland of pasta.”

“Maybe I can talk her into it the next time I’m going. It’d be fun, the three of us going around northern Africa. We could go to Egypt, finally get you to the Library of Alexandria.”

Sam’s eyes widened at the mention. “You know there’s an eighty-percent chance I’d cry if I ever went there.”

“More like a hundred percent, you fucking nerd,” Dean teased, nudging his brother’s elbow.

“What happened to that library for a tragedy and you know it.”


Sam started to slow down as they approached a small silver car and Dean scoffed. “A Prius. I should have known.”

Sam rolled his eyes as he popped the trunk and they tossed Dean’s bags inside. “I can’t afford to drive around in a gas guzzler like that monster you call a car.”

Dean waved a warning finger. “You watch your mouth about Baby.”

“Just get in the car, Dean.”

Dean did but not without more grumbling.

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Friendship headcannons with Monster Kid, Flowey (regular or Floweypot), Muffet, Grillby, Gaster… basically any of the non-regular/"main" monsters of the "Big 4", Asgore and Toriel. I'm just wondering! Bonus: if the friend was sick, how would they react? (optional)

Monster-Kid Friendship Headcanons:

- Yo, you need help with something? Well, they’re the monster for the job! It doesn’t matter that they don’t have hands, just put the box or whatever on top of their head! No, they won’t trip–maybe.

- They have a lot of role models, & try their best to emulate the aspects of every one of them. Once they decide to add you into the mix, you might catch them copying the poses you make, or the things you tend to say. It’s adorable.

- If they ever find out that you’re sick, they’ll sick by your side the whole time. Of course, they’re gonna make some jokes about how icky your germs are, but they know that they’re too tough to catch a little cold themself, so you can just sit back & let them help you out!

Flowey/pot Friendship Headcanons:

- He’s actually always got good advice for any problems you have, but it’s gonna take some reading inbetween the lines to actually get anything decent out of the malicious comments & suggestions he piles over it.

- The quickest way to calm him down is by petting his petals. It reminds him of when his parents & Chara would pet his ears back when he was Asriel, so it’s a comfort he tends to take with a grain of salt.

- When he first figures out you’re sick, he makes fun of you. God, you humans are so weak! But after seeing you try to push yourself to keep working through it, he takes it upon himself to keep you constrained to your place of rest, remarking that he’s not gonna let you do something as idiotic as letting the sickness get worse through your own pig-headed stupidity.

Muffet Friendship Headcanons:

- She’s always complimenting you in some way, even if her compliments sound more like someone pointing out things they like about a meal more than someone being nice to their friend. At least now you know that you smell pretty delicious.

- Her cupcake monster pet adores you. It’s pretty much like an oversized dog, give or take a couplea’ sets of legs & eyes. Whenever she invites you to come see it, it’s immediate reaction is to try & jump on your lap to give you big spidercake-monster kisses. You end up covered head to toe in drool & silk by the end of it.

- If she found out you were sick, she’d insist you stick close by so that she can keep an eye on your health. & by this I mean she’s going to keep you wrapped up in a snuggly little cocoon somewhere while she makes you soup & tea. She also has her spider friends come play with you to keep you company, but the sensation of tons of tiny legs crawling across your bound limbs is, uh…not the best.

Grillby Friendship Headcanons:

- Free meals all the time. Or cheaper ones, at least. How do you think Sans has gotten by without paying his tab for so long? You end up racking up a tab of your own, but you actually pay it off, which may or may not make Grillby appreciate your seat at his counter a little bit more. Just don’t tell Sans.

- He mixes in your favorite things with whatever you order. You like fried onions on your burger? You got fried onions. You like curly fries more than normal fries? You got curly fries. Of course, the only thing you still can’t order is water.

- Finding out that you were sick made him worried. He’s a quiet, reserved individual, but that doesn’t mean he frets over you any less. It’s kind of funny, because even though you’re not there to see it yourself, everyone else can see that he’s worried sick behind the counter. He insists you stay home for a few days, & has Sans deliver you a custom-cooked meal every day until you’re back on your feet.

W.D. Gaster Friendship Headcanons:

- He’ll compliment you in the form of observations. They don’t really come off as something sincere, but he means it with every molecule of his body. It’s just how he tends to speak, & after knowing him for a while, you pick up on this habit, & start to jokingly reflect it right back at him. It gets him flustered every time.

- Whatever plans he has linking to his research, he’ll come to talk with you about. Even if you have no idea what he’s talking about, he’ll just sit beside you & ramble on, because he knows you’re listening. & even if you don’t get it, it still feels good that he trusts you that much, to talk about something so private.

- His immediate reaction to your sickness is to run tests. At first you can’t believe he’s going to do research on you when you’re in such a vulnerable state, but then you figure out that he’s trying to locate all your symptoms so that he can make plans to combat them. Finally you have to just talk him down & explain that all you need is some soup & sleep. It suffices to calm his nerves for the time being, & he complies with all your requests.

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OMG thanks so much following me you do T realize how happy that made me I've been following you for months now and I just have to make you all a gift! I was nervous to speak to you all but I'm still nervous but I'll get over it!(;ω;)

Ah! I’m sorry! You’re welcome!! OwO

(You don’t have to be so nervous to speak to me ^^ Honestly choke up a lot and I’m probs more scared of you than you are to me! lol)

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This isnt really a question but i really loved what you did with body language in the last chapter in Halfway across because bruce and dick were this close to hugging! like!! there was physical contact between them and all that with dick sitting higher than Bruce and then when Bruce stands up it's when he gets back control and distances himself from Dick again but THEN at the end he lets himself be cuddled by Joker of all people because JOKER IS FUCKED UP LIKE HE IS. THAT WAS REALLY CLEVER.

That. Is a really good catch. Well done Nonnie.

I did have a lot of fun playing with their body language in that scene, trying to show them struggling to maintain a connection (the well-intentioned awkwardness of Dick’s feet on Bruce’s thighs and the kicking, then the comforting contact when Bruce truly breaks down that, yes, never actually amounts to a proper hug because they’re not at that point yet) and navigating this new dynamic where Dick is no longer Robin and can, theoretically, assert himself as more of an equal, which I tried to establish by their positions, like you said: Dick sitting higher than Bruce and Bruce having to look up at him, and then Dick standing and Bruce still sitting below him, and finally Bruce standing up and asserting his authority again. I’m so happy you caught that! 

And YES, Joker, he’s the one who gets to hug Bruce* not once but twice because to Bruce, there’s no shame, no sin in letting JOKER be the one to prop him up. Dick is pure, he’s Bruce’s son, he doesn’t deserve what Bruce sees as his baggage, but Joker? Joker does. He can’t be corrupted any further than he already is. He can take everything Bruce throws at him and then throw it right back, because they’re both fucked up, they’re both ruins beyond saving, and for that reason Joker’s rooms have been becoming a bit of a  - not a safe haven, exactly, but paradoxically, a place where Bruce feels he can be himself with all that darkness and emotional weight without being worried that it’ll crush Joker. Which is… not exactly true because he still has to keep himself on high alert, but it’s the kind of danger he knows and thinks (thinks) he can control, it’s familiar and almost domesticated, and Joker seems to understand and accept him with all that dark stuff without trying to exorcise it, and so, in a way, it’s comforting. If that makes sense. 

*Barbara also does, but her relationship with Bruce here is drastically different than Dick and Jason’s, she is the one who has actually achieved equal footing with him and can be treated as a true partner now rather than a subordinate/child figure, and her initiating the brief hug in chapter 8 on her own terms was meant to illustrate that. ANYWAY. Sorry. I tend to get carried away because I just absolutely love talking about all that, so thanks for giving me an excuse, Anon <3

Donald Trump/Ted Cruz High School AU

“Oh no! I’m going to be la-a-a-ate!” Ted-chan hastily grabbed a piece of toast and started to nibble it daintily as he rushed out the door, grabbing his sakura-patterned book bag on the way out. He ate his toast very carefully- wouldn’t want to get crumbs on his uniform! Thoughts of Donald Trump, the captain of the swim team, filled his head as he ran. “Oh, Donald-senpai…” he gushed, clasping his hands as he daydreamed. “Someday we’ll be together! But no homo.”

Distracted by his thoughts, Ted tripped over the first stair in front of White House Academy, shrieking in pain when he hit the ground. “O-ow…” He inspected the shallow scrape on his knee, knowing that, being a cute schoolgirl, he wouldn’t be able to stand properly with it. “Oh no… Nobody’s going to help me, I’m not pretty or popular like the other politicians…” Tears welled up in his eyes.

“Hey,” came an obnoxiously handsome voice. “Are you okay?” Ted looked up to see the orange face of his savior. It was Donald-senpai! He gasped, covering his mouth with one hand.

“D-Donald-san! You’d really help someone like me?” Ted-chan nearly melted when Donald smirked at him, holding a hand out to help him up.

“Why would I ever abandon a kawaii somebody like you?” Donald gently lifted Ted and helped him walk to the nurse’s office. “S-so… Dreamy…” Ted thought, staring at his crush’s profile and handsomely beady eyes. He blushed furiously, imagining his corn-silk hair blowing gently in the wind as the two of them pranced through an idyllic field.

Donald knocked on the door of the nurse’s office. The nurse, Obamacare-san, was always really mean to young politicians who came to her office. She was such a socialist! Ugh! “Yes, what do you need?” she said when she answered the door.

“Ted-chan has hurt his knee,” Donald explained. Ted-chan whimpered as he pulled down his torn knee sock to show the nurse his injury. It was turning red, and there were still a few dirty scuffmarks around it. He still couldn’t get over how gracious his senpai was being. He would surely be late to his first class, and Nurse Obamacare never gave hall passes, but he was still doing this for an average, unpopular politician…

Nurse Obamacare scowled. “I’ll clean it up. Hurry to class, Trump-kun.” Donald nodded as he left, smiling at Ted before he disappeared from view. “C-could he… like me?” Ted-chan didn’t even pay attention as Nurse Obamacare wrapped a bandage around his knee. He shook his head, still blushing. “No! There’s no way someone as amazing as Donald-senpai would notice me!”

After several boring classes, during which Ted sketched detailed drawings of Donald-senpai instead of taking notes, he packed up his book bag and lifted it with a little grunt. He didn’t have to be home until later, and the swim team was practicing today… Maybe he’d get to talk to Donald-senpai again!

He walked down the deserted hallways towards the athletics center. When he found the pool, he took a seat on one of the bleachers to watch the team swim. They were all pretty hot, but it was Donald-senpai’s graceful form that captured his attention the most. His hair flopped all over his flushed orange face, and his thick legs kicked hard to propel his rounded body through the water like a sea cow. Eventually, the coach blew his whistle, signaling that practice was over. “Already?” thought Ted-chan, “Time went by so quickly… I must have gotten distracted by Donald-senpai.”

Ted shyly tried to exit the athletics center, but he was stopped by a stubby hand on his shoulder. He gasped, fearfully turning to see who it was.

Donald smiled in that self-satisfied way of his, smile wrinkles around his eyes. “Ted-chan… You’re a beautiful politician. Do you want to come to my house?”

Ted’s mouth nearly fell open in shock. “B-but don’t you have a girlfriend? She might get the wrong idea…” Ted looked down wistfully as he trailed off, realizing that his dream of being with Donald was unlikely to become a reality.

Donald smirked. “Everyone knows I’m not gay. That’s right, I’m the manliest, straightest, most heterosexual of men who likes girls and only girls.” He cupped his carrot-like fingers around Ted’s chin. “But I might make an exception for you,” he breathed seductively.

Ted’s face lit up, both with happiness and a gentle blush. “I’d love to, Donald-san!” He bowed politely. “Maybe he really does like me…” Ted smiled even wider at that thought, his face growing a little bit redder, but not so much as to not be kawaii.

Hand in hand, the two politicians walked to the student parking lot. Donald was still only wearing his swim trunks, and Ted-chan couldn’t help admiring his flabby physique. Donald unlocked his car, a shiny and expensive Mercedes-Benz, and sat in the driver’s seat. Ted opened the opposite door and got in next to him, holding his bag demurely on his lap. “Uh… Uhm…” He squirmed uncomfortably. What were he and Donald going to do when they got to his house? Ted’s panties bulged a little at the thought, but thankfully, his book bag kept it hidden. His face heated up as he willed his manly, 100% straight feelings to subside.

“What’s wrong, Ted-chan? You know you can tell me anything.” Donald looked worriedly at the other student, besotted with his cutely square face and large nose. He really had loved the other politician since the moment they first met that day; he was willing to go to the moon and back for him.

“N-nothing…” Ted-chan replied, turning his head to hide his true feelings. Was it really okay to be with Donald?

The rest of the drive was spent in silence. Donald parked in his personal driveway containing four other cars, then let Ted into the house. Ted bowed his thanks before entering the house.

Ted marveled at the size and magnificence of Donald’s house… But he was most excited to get acquainted with the bed. Following his crush up the stairs, Ted grinned. Time alone with Donald-senpai… This would be the perfect chance!

They went to Donald’s room, which had an enormous plush bed in the center. They closed in on each other, and Ted was very aware of Donald’s fingers brushing his chest as he unbuttoned his uniform blouse. He wrapped his arms around Donald’s neck with a contented hum. He relished the moment for a while before he felt hands at his hips easing his miniskirt down. “D-Donald-senpai… I have a confession to make.” He stared into the bewildered orange face before him with a soft smile. He grabbed the knife he knew any straight, manly man would have hidden under his pillow and drove it between Trump’s ribs.

“I am the Zodiac Killer.”

@belowtheraedar Oh gosh my dude 😂😂 Yours is the real cutie! She’s more fun looking and adorable!! ngl i tried drawing myself looking cool lmao the extra bits are how i actually react tho  

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Ah no! Saikamu/corlas will always be canon for me bc im always a huge sucker for the osananajimi trope ;) I’ve always considered Kamui as a separate character so yeah. Childhood trope for the win :3 So if you ask me who I love most, its obv takumi XD Leo being a close second! :) (azura for m!kamui!!)

@weezer-zeppeli ahhhh this is a hard question! :o I really like the adventurer class bc of the cute outfit XD there were other ones i did like bt the ass windows were kinda off putting for me LOL dark mage is rlly cte too! Tho a bit too revealing… Hopefully i’ve decided by the time i do the 30 day challenge! :D

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ok imma b 100% real with u guys:

i used to b mutuals with them and stick up for them when some of my other mutuals talked shit abt them. bc i looked up to them? they were funny and made a lot of good jokes and they were someone a lot of ppl loved! i wanted to be just like them and have a lot of mutuals! and as someone who was new to everyone i didnt know who to look up to

like at one point before i told u all i was levi i think they laughed at me for it which made me hesitant to tell ppl bc like what if ill be made fun of for it?

even when other drama was going on i noticed they were saying mean stuff and using the r slur and shit??? but i was kinda scared to unfolllow for the same reason as everyone else. but now i find out they were faking their age/race? had cp on their blog??? ew ew ew

its rlly fucked up how the people you look up to and see as an inspiration, arent rlly who u think they are ‘nd im glad i was able to realize this…