i’ve gotten a few requests for my favorite school supplies as an english phd student, so here’s a rundown of my top picks! they’re mostly inexpensive, since grad student stipends aren’t huge & i tend to blow most of mine on books, lush products, & alcohol.

pens & highlighters.

  • pilot precise v5 rolling ball. yall i switched to these pens 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. the ink is hella even and they write very smoothly. $13/dozen.
  • pentel rolling writer. way thicker than the pilot v5s, so i only use them for labelling or lettering, but they’re very satisfying to write with. $8/dozen.
  • mildliners. these are super popular, for good reason. they’re more expensive than other highlighters, but they’re nicer on the eyes, they last a long time, and the colors are really lovely. $16 for 15, or you can buy the 5-packs individually. see them in action with the pilot v5 pens here.


HARDCOVER NOTEBOOKS ARE THE SECRET TO GRAD SCHOOL. or at least, the secret to taking notes during lectures/job talks/conferences. you’re gonna be sitting in weird chairs with a plate of crackers on one knee and a dixie cup of wine in your non-dominant hand. get yourself a notebook that is also a table and won’t bend when you write in it.

  • blueline hardcover. this is the notebook i used for my bullet journal last year, but it also makes a really good miscellaneous events notebook. $10.
  • leuchtturm 1917 hardcover. a smaller, fancier, more expensive version of the above. i splurged on this last year and i love it. $20.
  • those cheap, cute 100-page paperbacks. i use these thin ones for individual projects, when i know i’ll need to compile a lot of scattered information (there’s an example in this post). i tend to oscillate between taking hand- and type-written notes on projects, and having one notebook for each project at least corrals the handwritten ones into a single location. $8 for 3.

ideas & organization.

  • trifold board (evidence here). yeah, the one from your 3rd grade science fair. i’m a really visual person and any time i’m working on a big project i like to have my stuff spread out in front of me so i can make connections and see the big picture. it’s exhausting and messy to keep doing that every time i sit down to work, though. so since i didn’t want my roommates thinking i was a serial killer, i decided to tape everything up to a tri-fold instead of just taping photos and string all over one of the living room walls. this isn’t a must-have, but it’s been really useful for me, so i thought it was worth listing. $11.
  • i use those manila mail envelopes to save all the hardcopy syllabi, readings, and essay feedback from each seminar. i label the front with the name of the class & quarter so that i can look back through them when i need to. $15/100 or just steal some from your department.
  • (a few people asked about agendas but honestly i don’t use one - i’ve tried and they’ve never taken. i just use google calendar to keep track of events & commitments)
  • see this post for my whole-quarter to-do list strategy.

teaching stuff.

  • BICmatic mechanical pencils. i tend to grade in pencil so that if i decide to change a grade or reword a comment, i can erase it rather than crossing it out. $8/dozen.
  • index cards. these seem like a nonsequitur but man, i end up going through a 100-pack every year. they’re good for short pop quizzes when you don’t want to waste your students’ notebook paper or get up early to make copies, and they’re perfect for those syllabus-day introductory facts and random classroom activities. get a pack, they’re like 50 cents at target, you won’t regret it.
  • paperclips. teaching has taught me that there is some kind of metaphysical law that keeps students from ever actually stapling their shit before they give it to you. also, i type up my essay feedback and then attach it to the front of their packets, and it’s easier to paperclip than attempt to staple through 15 pages.
  • whiteboard markers & erasers. most departments have a supplies drawer you can pillage. take more markers than you think you’ll need, and keep them in your bag, not in the classroom, or they will be spirited away by the university pixies.
  • some kind of paper organizer. you may need more than one, since a) you’re not allowed to get rid of old student exams and essays until a certain amount of time has passed, so you’ll always have piles of old materials lying around, and b) there’s a lot of paper to keep track of - things to grade, things you’ve graded, things you need to hand out, things you won’t need to hand out for 3 weeks, etc.

misc resources.


Got tagged by the lovely @2bee-desu​ to do the aesthetics meme by using pics I took myself.

Most of these are a bit old but are some of my faves, I like to call them “my little treasure.” Cheesy, I know, and I really miss my Makoto. She was an adorable kitty.

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one of my favourite things to come out of bvs are the comments about wonder woman’s theme ‘is she with you?’

shadowseeker100  asked:

I know you wrote a short piece or response before about the whole 'Natasha is upset she can't have kids' side plot in Age of Ultron. But I was curious what your opinion was on that again?

Hey! At first I was really thrown off by it, because in the movie, it kind of seemed like she was insinuating that not being able to have children was equivalent to being a monster, but: 

The AOU kids book actually explained it; and she was referring to the fact that she was shaped and molded to be a killer without her consent, and how the red room turned her into a ‘monster’ - not to the fact she couldn’t have children. 

“It’s [the sterilisation] efficient…you really think you’re the only monster on this team?”

Natasha didn’t mean the sterilization. She meant the way she had been turned into a monster by the way the Red Room had remade her mind and her body, taking a little girl and turning her into someone capable of…she had done terrible things. She didn’t want to do them anymore.

you can see the excerpt here

I think it should have had a bit more build-up in the first Avengers (and that they shouldn’t have so heavily hinted her and clint if it wasn’t going to happen) and I think it could have been handled a little better (e.g. the boob plant yikes) but all in all I’m not opposed to this ship. 

I kind of jumped on the anti bandwagon when aou first came out because I was pissed about clint/sha not happening and also the kind of misogynistic treatment of nat by the writers, but I honestly support this ship. I actually kind of like it tbh, I just think it should have been handled better and I’m really excited to see how the Russos handle it. 

But back to the baby thing…I think he handled it kind of poorly but honestly I understand what he meant. And the thing is, obviously not being able to have a baby doesn’t make you a monster; but that’s not what joss or nat meant, and she’s perfectly allowed to be upset by the fact that she had that agency stolen from her. 

So no, I don’t disapprove of it and think it worked. I just think it should have been handled better.