wifeofchrishemsworth  asked:

heeyyy Bi)) it's me. long time no see. How are u so perfect artist knowing what ur folowers need in current moment? Young Royai is so cute. And tthat's so fresh to see them not burdened with their bad memories. Thank u for a smile on my face C:

Awww… HELLO LIS!!! Thank you for the compliments and for being such a good friend in general. This message put an even bigger smile on my face, just to let you know.

Also, since this is long overdue (lol), let me take this as an opportunity to present your request:

“ Sooo… I have fairy-tale-like plot hahaha Riza is a charmed princess turned to a magic bird that was found by Roy somewhere in woods or near the sea. Roy is a prince or a king. Guess it doesn’t matter really. Riza can transform back to a human  for the one day of a year. And guess he see his beloved pet as a human is kind of shocked. “