Word Has it Nancy Pelosi – Who Said What ?

  1, ???  View the forum thread, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has now hinted twice that she has some super lethal dirt on Newt Gingrich that would prevent him from ever becoming President of the United States, there’s no denying the fact that in terms of sheer bravado, he trounced his Republican rival. Obama […] http://dlvr.it/17HMDb

A fAlse trAil

Before the season 5 finale Keegan Allen did a bunch of interviews claiming that we would be able to figure out A before the liars would. Marlene has even said herself that many of us have figured it all out already. With the 6a finale approaching rapidly we do not seem to actually know anything and nor do the girls. While watching the past few episodes I’ve kept Keegan’s quote in mind while viewing with the perspective that my theory of Jason being A is correct. 

This bring us to episode 6x04:

Mr. DiLaurentis finally opens up to Ali and Jason about their long lost brother, Charles. I really believe that Jason is only pretending that he doesn’t remember his brother. Going off the video from the vault in the dollhouse, to me, Jason seemed old enough to remember the other boy. I think he is playing dumb to hide his motive. 

When Ali meets up with Jason to give him Charles’s Radley files Jason mentions how their parents always made him “doubt himself.” Again, I think he is trying to play the sympathy card with Ali but I also think in a way he is really revealing one of the many ways his parents damaged him.

Ali tells Jason that their Aunt Carol is listed as one of the visitors on Charles’s Radley file. Jason then recounts about his last visit to Aunt Carol’s house. I think this whole “post-elevator fall” memory is fabricated to convince Ali to bring the Liars to Aunt Carol’s house to find the headstone. He knows the liars are already very suspicious of Mrs. D especially after finding the “i can’t protect you anymore” email. Jason needs to throw them off the trail.

At Aunt Carole’s Jason leads them around and when nothing out of the ordinary pops up he suggests they search around the property. He is purposely leading them to the fake headstone.

Hanna isn’t fooled this time. She knows that A has a habit of setting uo elaborate props. But wait! This time Jason is here to divert the liars. He claims that the stone has to have been there for years because of the deep roots growing around it. How convenient. Hanna doesn’t officially stop until the smartest liar Spencer, concurs with Jason. He is using their individual strengths against them, much like A did to them in the Dollhouse and well, always.

Jason is acting like a concerned and ignorant family member. He is providing girls with answers that probably won’t lead them to any real answers because he himself is the missing piece. Just like Keegan said, we are watching this “monster” control the liars right before our eyes.


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I wonder if I look in to the Jeon family tree long and hard enough I’d discover that Jeongguk and Wonwoo are actually long lost brothers who have been reunited to kill humanity with their emo phase debut hairstyles.