And the Heavens Wept

Gather around my children and you shall hear of the most terrible, most implacable, most improbable friends ever met by our people. They came from the third planet of a tiny system, surrounded by desolate space. Not one sentient species for hundreds of lightyears, and they managed to propel themselves into space.

We watched from afar as they developed slowly. We watched as they warred among themselves, brutal and savage. We watched as they rendered regions of their planet uninhabitable to themselves, a hardy species able to adapt to even the most hostile of environments. We watched as suddenly and without warning they united under four banners, the rest falling by the wayside. We watched as they expanded into what we had begun to use as a buffer zone, to allow these humans to burn themselves out in.

But they did not burn themselves out. Despite their warring among themselves. Harsh people. Humankind is a race of warriors, do not be fooled by the eloquence of their diplomats. In their own words, “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means”. Their greatest artists and philosophers were born from blood and conflict. I had the privilege once to view a painting by one Pablo Picasso, entitled Guernica. It was a savage piece, with not a drop of color. It showed the horrors of war, and the irony of it all was that the painting hung in the office of one of humankind’s generals.

It was sudden, when they burst from the containment zone. When they realized they were not alone. And we, with heavy hearts, prepared to fight them bitterly and to the last. Imagine then, our surprise when humanity embraced us among the stars as long lost brothers. They were overjoyed to discover they were not alone in the darkness. Despite their brutal and warlike culture, despite their glorification of death and violence, their people do not seek out combat. An ancient general of theirs once put it thusly “Although a soldier by profession, I have never felt any sort of fondness for war, and I have never advocated it, except as a means of peace”.

For centuries humanity worked to better itself. They unified under a single Interstellar Empire, the Empire of Man, the Human Empire, however you called it. They enjoyed art and music. They became leisurely at home, exploratory in the field. Their weapons of war were long gone, beaten into plowshares as they say. Humanity was finally at peace. There was no conflict among them, a few border skirmishes for certain, and they kept a small standing military, but nothing more than that. We considered them domesticated.

At first we were surprised at their transformation, then overjoyed. We welcomed them into the fold of the cosmos, embraced them as they would embrace us. We thought we knew humanity then, that we had seen them at their best and their worst. We were wrong, so very wrong. We did not truly understand humanity until the Texar-Hakara came into the void between the stars.

Seemingly more brutal, more bloodthirsty than even the humans, they swept into our region of space like conquerors. They smashed whatever feeble resistance the Yungling managed to put up, took their planets, enslaved the survivors, and pressed on. The Junti were next, utterly destroyed. The four great races left, ourselves, the Itaxa, the Kukrama, and the Illnaa, banded together to try and stop them. In our arrogance, we did not include the humans in our pact. Too few in number, too weak in frame, too backwards in technology we thought.

The Texar-Hakara hit our borders like the great wave that sweeps life from the beach. We hardened our hearts and prepared for the worst. Seeming without pause they crushed our border defenses. They obliterated the first fleets we sent to them. The Itaxa fell to the Texar-Hakara, enslaved, killed, scattered to the corners of the galaxy. Then the humans sent us an offer, a request really. They asked to fight alongside us.

Bemused, we accepted. What else could we do? Deny them the right to fight with us for their very survival? We thought to assign them as rearguards, to ferry our people to safety after our fleets fell. We thought wrong.

Humanity swept into the stars with a fury unmatched by any other. Their fleets were not the heaviest. Their guns not the most accurate. Their soldiers however. Their sailors. Their warriors were unmatched by any others in the cosmos. I remember the first battle in which the humans fought the Texar-Hakara like it was but a single solar cycle ago. Our forces were on the brink of breaking and fleeing. Our ships were gutted ruins. Our fighters exhausted and out of missiles. Then humanity fell upon the flank of the enemy, and the full force of the Human Empire was unleashed in a single moment of utter fury. Landing craft spat across the distance in an instant, slamming into enemy hulls and disgorging humanity’s greatest weapon, their Marines. In close combat humanity is unstoppable, and so they took the vast distances of space combat out of the equation.

Their ships belched fire and plasma. Lasers crossed the vast distances in the blink of an eye. Half the Texar-Hakaran fleet was obliterated in minutes. The other half turned to face this new enemy, only to be wracked by internal explosions as the Marines did their work. Their greatest ships turned on the rest of the fleet, a handful of humans holding the bridge against waves of enemy attackers to turn the tide of battle.

The Interstellar War came to a screeching turnaround. The advance of the Texar-Hakara halted, like it had hit an immovable wall. In many ways that is what humanity is, an immovable, implacable wall. Then, with the ferocity humanity is alone capable of, they routed the Texar-Hakara. Not from that lone battle. They pushed them out of Itaxa space, liberating the slaves. The space of the Junti and the Yungling was swept clear of invaders. Then the Texar-Hakara committed the gravest of sins in humanity’s eyes. They warped a fleet to Earth, jewel of humanity’s empire. They burned that blue and green world. They destroyed it, and the trillion people it housed.

Humanity is a forgiving race my children. Even their most terrible of wars have resulted in lasting friendships between nations. When they left millions dead and broken on the muddly fields of their world, they rebuilt the aggressors. They raised them from the mud, dusted them off, and welcomed them back into the fold. But there is one thing that humanity cannot, will not, tolerate. It is abhorrent to them my children. To strike at their home, to strike where they raise their young ones. Where they leave their mates and non combatants. To strike there is to raise the ire of the human race, truly.

Humanity raged. Their attempts at obtaining the surrender of the Texar-Hakara halted. The war turned from a righteous war of liberation to a furious and hateful war of retribution. We begged the humans to stop, to leave what few planets the Texar-Hakara had alone. Our pleas went unanswered for months, until a single human ambassador came to us. His face was cold and emotionless. He told us, in no uncertain terms, that the Texar-Hakara had doomed themselves and that any trying to aid them would suffer the same fate. Quietly we watched then, as humanity wiped the Texar-Hakara from the stars. The Texar-Hakara pleaded for mercy. They offered their unconditional surrender. They came to us and begged on bent knee for us to reign in the mad dogs we had unwittingly unleashed into the universe. Humanity had for so long repressed their warrior culture. Tried to become better. Then we had given them back into the fires of war, and humanity had awakened it’s warrior past.

The Texar-Hakara ambassadors were taken from our halls by grim human Marines and thrust out airlocks. Finally there was but one planet left, and we came to the humans, we pointed to our own losses, our own dead friends some of whom had lived for longer than humanity had been among the stars, and we begged the humans not to take the last of the Texar-Hakara’s lives.

I watched, children, I watched as the Texar-Hakara’s world burned. As humanity left but one of their planets alive, a simple backwater colony of no more than ten million. Ten million, out of the trillions. Then the leader of the human military turned to me, and with no emotion in his voice, told me that humanity accepted the unconditional surrender of the Texar-Hakara, and walked off the bridge of my ship.

My children, the lesson here is that a warrior past is never truly gone. Only buried, mayhaps even wiped from living memory. But gone? Never. Humanity showed us that.

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Lotor seems to be portrayed as a hot bishounen character/queer-coded villain. He's also said to be diff from previous iterations. Do you think his design would mean anything for his sexuality (or even general portrayal, like was Allura's half-brother)? Also it'd be funny if instead of a Lotor->Allura->Keith triangle there was a Lotor->Keith->Shiro.

Well I hope for Lotor that he’s like really unattractive under all that kaltenecker, cuz that’s the only thing that can save him from the “white haired anime pretty boy” fate haha

and Lotor -> Keith -> Shiro sounds great! And it’s like half true already..

Actually you kno…. this reminds me of a Zarkon tweet I saw during the recent fandom drama

They have already implied multiple times that the galra/altea conflict will not be like good vs bad but more in the grey area… And we already have a warrior princess… so…..

Who’s the other prince? ;-D

So a couple of days ago my sister and I found out we have an aunt and an older brother.

My mom (who we don’t talk to and haven’t since 2010) who we always believed was an only child actually has a younger sister. She was found in the trash as an infant an hour and a half away from where my mom grew up, only being hours old. After being contacted by this mystery woman who was blowing up my Facebook messenger claiming to be possibly my aunt, I finally listened to my gut. After hearing her story, she submitted her dna on ancestry.com a while back and same with my sister on 23andme some years back, I was able to transfer it to another family finder site. My grandmother was avoiding calls and only texting telling my sister and I to ignore. She’s a crazy! So going against her wishes because of my gut feeling and her attitude didn’t seem right. While I was waiting for the dna to processes, I talked to my great aunt because of what the mystery lady told me but she told me, my sister and I had an older brother my mom gave birth to at the age of 14. My grandma made her give the baby up.

After 24hrs it was declared this mystery woman was my aunt on my mom’s side. This website pointed out exactly how we’re related by our dna. After all this I am so pissed off. How the hell does my grandmother who I’ve always looked up to and had great advice do something like this?????? My aunt was found in the trash in a brown bag by a police officer who happened to respond a baby crying. My grandmother drove an hour and a half to dispose baby. This is the most disgusting reality we’ve ever gotten. The only people who know this information is my aunt, sister and my grandmother’s sister. She’s lucky I haven’t exposed her…

With Illinois tight adoption laws, after baby is put up for adoption, the original birth certificate goes with the new parents. From looking around on websites, it’s clear my older brother isn’t looking, deceased, or doesn’t know he’s adopted. This is very hard. For all we know my grandmother ghrew this baby in the trash. Without answers we are stuck and my grandmother is avoiding calls.

Not going to give up. At the end of the day, I have a new aunt to catch up with and whole new set of family members to get to know.

So, regarding my brother…

He’s bi racial, born in 1987, champaign Illinois, male, mothers name Neah or Nemiah Smith, and possibly not looking. That’s all the information we know until I get it out of my grandmother and grandpa.

Please reblog!
Anyone can possibly help and who knows, my older brother could have a tumblr himself.

Leaked cutscene between Eggman and your OC in Sonic Forces:

“Alright then, kiddo. So what’s your backstory? Failed experiment made by my grandfather? Sonic’s long lost brother? No, wait, I’ve got it… dead parents. It’s dead parents, isn’t it? Of course it is. It’s ALWAYS that. I bet I was responsible for it too, even though I don’t remember any of it.”

“Anyway, I suppose you’re feeling pretty mighty right now. You get to be the hero! You get to stop the big bad Dr. Eggman! You get to do what you’ve always wanted to do in your glorious fanfiction!…”

“But you’re forgetting one important detail, kid…”

*reveals Egg Dragoon successor*

“This is canon. And I don’t go down that easy in canon.”

Brothers and a Bard part 1

Two Dragonborns, a Fighter and a Monk, who is long lost brothers and believed the other was dead. The third is a Tiefling Bard, who everyone thinks is an Elf.

An obviously wealthy half-Elf employed the Fighter and the Bard to bring him a certain someone alive, and gave them magic rings that fit their hands and they couldn’t take off.

OOC Bard: It’s the One Ring!

OOC Fighter: Yeah, we both got a One Ring.


Monk: *notices that we have matching rings* Why are you wearing those rings?

Fighter: *without a beat* We are married.

Monk: *surprised noises*

Fighter: It was a marriage of convenience.

Bard: Y-yes… married… *snickering*

Monk: I didn’t know, brother, that you liked… women of different races…


Monk: I’m sorry, but it’s pretty obvious who’s the girl in the relationship…

After completing the job

*employer takes off rings*

Monk: *sarcastically* I see your marriage didn’t last long…

Fighter: Yes, as I said it was a marriage of convenience, the convenience being money.

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Awww fairy tail is ending at 545? I guess I owe you a dollar 😂 but wow just how much bs can they drag out now.. Gray's long lost brother which brings angst to Gruvia?? Travel back in time so none of the events in fairy tail never happen??? Makarov brought back to life?? Natsu eats Gray's Ice and uses Fire and Ice slayer magic??? Egolas!Acnologia appears??? Eileen revived??? Layla revived??? I'm appears to a loss here orz

I wouldn’t be surprised if Layla pops up at this point. I’m holding out for “Acnologia was the dragon that killed Natsu and Zeref’s parents” myself. 

But here are some more totally serious guesses and predictions of stuff I’m totally sure will happen at some point:

Zeref is revealed as Gray’s ancestor so Natsu and Gray are related. Gratsu is sunk definitively.

Annalogia used to be canon. Pre-dragon? Post-dragon? I don’t know, and neither does Mashima!

Mystogan reappears just in time to give ten seconds of drama to Jerza; then he’s passed off to Cana, who doesn’t have a love interest. This is the sole reason for his return. 

Makarov is sealed within lacrima and becomes the new Fairy Heart, becoming a mystical fairy spirit guide to the guild. Like Mavis, he is naked. Unlike Mavis, he can’t illusion himself new clothes.

Future Rogue and/or Future Lucy appear to make the gate work, somehow summoning a bunch of the spirits of dragons that Acnologia killed to come and attack him and drag him screaming into the timelapse. This is never, ever explained. (F!Rogue still doesn’t meet Sting.)

Natsu and Gray finally pull off a Unison Raid. This goes one of two ways: fire + ice = steam. Nothing happens. Fire + ice = water. Juvia appears, kicks Natsu in the head and takes his place in the combo attack. Gray accepts it. Of course he couldn’t do anything without Juvia. What was he even thinking.

Jellal and Erza pull off a Unison Raid. Erza is turned into a literal meteor and punches a hole through the Earth. “It’s because she’s Erza,” Jellal says, sobbing tears of joy, when literally anyone asks how she survived this.

Plot twist: Sting and Rogue were actually genetic twins the whole time! 

Natsu and Lucy pull off a Unison Raid. Every single one of Lucy’s spirits catch fire.

Happy finally eats Cancer. 

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Do you think Bendy & his friends would enjoy going to the zoo?

I do indeed! I also picture shenanigans galore that may or may not get all of them banned from the zoo by the day’s end:

-Boris goes to see the wolf exhibit and gets into a very pointed staring contest with one of the alpha males. After half an hour straight of staring, Boris tearfully proclaims he’s found his long lost brother (for the sake of comedy, the poor dolt literally can’t help himself), and tries to climb the fence to “reunite” with him.

-Alice explores the avian sanctuary, where all of the doves and robins and other smaller birds flock to her like they would a Disney Princess. At first it’s almost sickeningly adorable, but things get a little out of hand pretty quickly when she starts attracting bigger, scarier birds. Like birds of prey.

-Bendy jumps into the monkey exhibit and the chimps mistake him as one of their own. He enjoys monkeying around at first, but then one of the older female chimps claims him as her “baby” and Henry has to jump in to the rescue. Note: mama chimps put up pretty good fights and Henry almost loses a finger.

After that, Henry just brings everyone to the small, tame petting zoo, thinking that there’s no way the Toons could cause trouble there…

Now. Picture, if you will, Bendy leading a large stampede of goats and llamas and sheep down a hill (like the Wildebeest stampede in The Lion King), charging at Henry (like Simba).