I know there were some folks who were bummed that Colin and Jen didn’t do interviews together. 

But, I loved what Josh and Colin being put together implies: it is an indication that Killian is going to be more integrated into the Charming-Swan-Jones family. We all know that Captain Swan is going to be going strong all season. So, what a bonus to find out that Killian will be closer to his eventual-father-in-law too!

Long live Captain Charming bromance!


What a fantastic way to celebrate our third year as a clan! 

We have started from a handful of people and quickly grown into a huge community of fantastic wonderful friends. This couldn’t have happened without everyone being supportive and helpful. Best bunch of people you could ever hope to meet. We did it guys!! WOOOOP!! AMAZING DAY <33

Big shoutout to everyone who turned up to say congratulations :) I hope you enjoyed our little celebration!