A Playlist For The Foxes! (spotify) // (youtube)

bonus track - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . we are the hearts - exgf . monsters - ruelle . bottom of the river - delta rae . cough syrup - young the giant . all those friendly people - funeral suits . who’s with us - current swell . comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell . the ship in port - radical face . whisper - the dear hunter . the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy . renegades - x ambassadors . the funeral - band of horses . youth - daughter . use somebody - scala & kolacny brothers . home ii - dotan . young volcanoes - fall out boy . this is gospel - panic! at the disco . the greatest - sia . byegone - volcano choir . sleep in the heat - pup . long live - taylor swift (ft. paula fernandes on spotify)


lyrics series: The Marauders x Taylor Swift

I was screaming long live all the magic we made, and bring on all the pretenders, I’m not afraid. Long live all the mountains we moved, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you 
- Long Live,
Taylor Swift

why the speak now world tour is the best thing on planet earth

hearing the fans screaming right before each song, and after each song.

the smoke and “drop everything now” when she first come out.

the hand heart during mine.

the “go!” right before the story of us.

the instrumental break in the story of us.

“can i please see you jump” in the story of us.

how she pauses after the line “how i cant sing” and fans scream in mean.

the “big jump”

the clapping in mean.


back to december mashup with apologize and you’re not sorry

the phone call before better than revenge 

pretty much the whole better than revenge performance 

the instrumental part at the end better than revenge.

the dance and wedding during speak now

the “all eyes on me” face

the tree/b stage

the emotion she put in last kiss

her throwback songs/covers

the emotion in dear john

“shining like fireworks over your sad empty town”

how magical enchanted was

the bells in haunted

when she sings “the crowds in stand went wild” in long live and the fans scream

the look she gives during long live

the sparkly guitar

the love story dress

flying over the crowd

the bows at the end

the dancers…

the band…

the agency…

the outfits…

the fans…

the look..

but most importantly…

taylor alison swift.

long live the speak now world tour!


a short pidge playlist for @planced

1. evolution - teminite

2. long live - taylor swift

3. hey brother - avicii 

4. alone - marshmello

5. frame of mind - tristam and braken

6. change - taylor swift

7. fight song - rachel platten 

8. heroes - alesso

Anything better

Dude I don’t even know what this is. Just… there might be a little more to this if anyone likes it but really this makes no sense.

Listen to Long Live by Taylor Swift and maybe you’ll get a better understanding but even then I don’t know…

Anyway. This is Polysanders/Lamp human AU. Enjoy.


“All packed!”

“Are you sure of this?” Ann muttered, looking at Patton as he put the last bag inside Roman’s car. The boy turned around, taking Ann’s hands on his own.

“I know it’s scary but… We can do it. We are together. We can do this” Patton said, nodding and smiling. “Get inside. Time to leave this life behind.”

“Okay…” he mumbled, climbing inside next to Logan, who was already checking the maps they needed to get the hell out of there. Patton climbed in the front, next to Roman, and he smirked, turning the car on.

“Time to go” he said, driving off and leaving everything behind. Ann looked over the seat, watching the house staying behind, becoming smaller in the distance.

Everything was behind them now.

Now it was them against the world.

No parents.

No teachers.

No class mates.

A new chapter.

A new life.

“Ann?” he heard someone call, and turned around, seeing his three boyfriends looking at him worriedly, the car still while they waited for the traffic light to turn green. “Are you okay? Are you sure about this? Do you want to come with us?” Logan asked, foor the tenth time, his eyes full of worry and insecurity.

Ann let a smile creep up in his mouth and he nodded.

“I can’t wait for our new life”

The three smiled back, and Roman chuckled loudly, his smile becoming a smirk.

“Then it’s time to find a new place for us” he said, before he drove off as quickly as he could, the streets empty in the middle of the night, going as fast as he could and making Ann laugh and Patton scream and Logan complain very loudly. “Home here we go!”

And they drove. They drove for hours. The sun rose and the sun faded and they drove. They drove away, away from their hell and into their heaven, stopping for some food but never longer than necessary.

They belonged nowhere, but they belonged together.

A shitty car and each other was all they needed.

And Ann couldn’t ask for anything better.

When They Point to the Pictures (Please Tell Them My Name)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil flip through a photo album of their best moments with their two children and Dan tries his best not to cry. 

Songfic based on Long Live by Taylor Swift

Word Count: 2.8k

Genre: Fluff

Extra tags: Songfic, domestic, parent!phan

Warnings: none

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A/N: Long Live has always been one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, ever since I first heard it in 2010, and after listening to it again recently, I realized it would make the perfect phanfiction! They’ve seriously accomplished so much in these past seven years and I couldn’t be more proud of them. (Also, this made me sob multiple times while writing this. I have a problem.) You can find the song here, and I strongly encourage listening to it while you read as it really helps bring the fic to life. I hope you enjoy!!

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Someone asked me: “What’s your favorite Taylor Swift’s album?”

Taylor’s five albums from ‘Taylor Swift’ to ‘1989′ has their own strengths, but I think my most favorite of all is ‘Speak Now’. 1989 may be the strongest era, but Speak Now is definitely the most powerful album.

Speak Now doesn’t just sing about love or heartbreaks or reminiscing memories or having a crush on someone like a typical Taylor Swift song would, it speaks almost for everything. It speaks about love, about heartbreaks, about breaking up with someone who thinks you’re a game, an apology for somebody you’ve hurt, a song for being bullied, being told of mischievous things, a song for your family, for your daydreams and hopes of a happy ending, and many, many more.

Also, all of Speak Now songs also has something to do with ‘speaking’.

First of all, Speak Now has the fandom song, or the song for Taylor’s fans (Long Live). This song wants Taylor for us to promise that when we’ll have our children someday, let‘s tell and speak to them how Taylor hope they would shine, like how our bond and love for Taylor did.

Speak Now also has songs that speak about the early signs of love: being wonder struck for someone that you want to speak to then not to fall in love with someone else but you (Enchanted), and how you cannot gather up all of your courage to speak to the person you love even when you’re just meters apart (The Story Of Us).  And that (Sparks Fly) tells us that love doesn’t need speaking or explanations, you’d just feel the sparks fly. And when it’s late in the evening and you’re speaking quietly on the phone so that you wouldn’t be caught in (Our Song).

(Mine) also tells us about how love is perfect, but the people in them would never be, that two people in love can face problems like misunderstandings and how you should speak to them to fix that problems, and (Ours) talk about how people would speak harsh things but love will always be the solution, because what’s yours will be yours. And that when your (Superman) flies away, you should always never forget to speak ‘I love you’ to them. And when you love him/her, you should (Speak Now) because maybe later is too late.

(Dear John) also tells us how you should speak for yourself when you fell that your love was just a game for somebody. While (Back To December) tells how we should speak for an apology when we know we made things go wrong. And when the fragile line you’re walking on break, his/her memories haunt you and  you’d speak ‘Don’t leave me like this’ in (Haunted). How you wanted someone to come back but they say and speak ‘It’s not that easy.’ in (If This Was A Movie). And how you cannot manage to speak to him/her that’s why you’d just watch his/her life in pictures just the way you use to watch him/her sleep in (Last Kiss).

When someone speak awful things to pull you down and blame you things you didn’t do when you’re just (Innocent), something’s wrong. And also something’s wrong when people speak (Mean) things to you because everyone has the possibility to someday live on a bigger city. And when the time comes when you do (Better Than Revenge), the time when your speaking turn into doing, you’d just watch how the tables turn.

And when you speak to life how you want the time when you don’t mind deeper things in life, and you just wished you should (Never Grow Up).

‘Speak Now’ is an amazing album, every song talks about different things, Speak Now can touch almost everything in your life on a spiritual level.