Daydream to Reality Part 3 [Yamato Kougami x Reader]

And yet another request for the continuation of this series by another anonymous reader!

“Mum, I’m fine! Really!” You couldn’t help but laugh at her worried facial expression.

“But you are attending all of your antenatal appointments, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mum, I am.” She did settle slightly, only really changing her expression when you jolted due to the baby kicking you. She looked at you with a smile coming to sit next to you and pulling you into a hug.

“I can’t believe I’ll be a grandma in a month!”

“And I can’t wait for them to get here, to be honest just being able move and sleep properly will be a blessing, not the mention bathroom breaks!” Your Mother simply joined your laughter.

Finding out you were pregnant was something that still felt like it only happened yesterday, but here you were seven months down the line trying to wrap your head around it all. Telling your parents and the gang had gotten some rather amusing reactions, but all in all they were all extremely supportive of both you and Yamato. They were always checking if you were alright, making sure that you were taking care of yourself. Aki would regularly give you treatments to make sure you didn’t feel run down, Kunihiko kept you well fed when you went to the bar and made sure you kept yourself rested, Yuta would run through his sketches with you, Ren would find effective medicines when morning sickness hit you and the rest were always willing to lend you a hand when needed.

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Seriously though, how much more crazy weather do we have to endure recently?! First Hurricane Sandy and now this blizzard. 30 inches of snow and it took me over an hour just to dig out enough snow to see my car LOL How do people upstate do this all the time?! There are hundreds of people still stuck in their cars on the highways too from last night! Enough Mother Nature!