Tale, Ibizan Hound, LIC Dog Park, Long Island City, NY • “She was born during a solar eclipse and was actually born dead. Ten minutes later she came back to life. Her mother was wire-haired and her father was short haired. She’s very mellow, very contemplative. There are only seven Ibizan Hounds in New York City – she’s the only female that I know of.”

Long Island Gothic

- “LI ‘til I die,” the lacrosse players always used to chant. “LI ‘til I die,” you joke with your friends when you get stuck in traffic on the Southern State. You know its true. No one leaves Long Island. Your grandparents will die on long island. Your parents will die on long island. You will die on this island.

- You move upstate to go to school. All your friends there are from Long Island. You come home with a stronger accent than you left with. 

-You see a different news12 article on facebook every day. Someone from your town has died of a heroin overdose. Everyone you graduated from high school with makes a status about how much they loved this person. You’ve never heard of them before. You’ll never hear of them again.

- Everyone you know has a theory on who the Gilgo Killer is. Your parents think its the Suffolk County Medical Examiner. Your best friend thinks its your 8th grade math teacher. Every time you pass Gilgo Beach, you say a prayer. You know that we’re all the Gilgo Killer.

- You learn not to ask what the Jones Beach Pencil is for. There’s a photo of it in your living room and every time you pass it, your mother says “Your great-grandfather helped build that, you know.” You do know. You just don’t know what it is. 


Jax, mix (10 w/o), Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, NY • “He always wants to be carried. I have to remind him that he’s a big boy that can walk on his own. But then he gets on the grass and smells stuff and forgets that he’s tired.”

Duke, Cocker Spaniel (5 y/o), Hunters Point South Park, Long Island City, NY • “People say we look alike. I think it’s the hair.”

Lupa, Jack Russell Terrier mix (3 y/o), LIC Dog Park, Long Island City, NY • “He’s on a leash because he’ll actually jump out of the dog park.”