Why The #Sprite Can and the "#ObeyYourVerse" Is Important To Hip Hop

Why The #Sprite Can and the “#ObeyYourVerse” Is Important To Hip Hop

Undoubtedly, consumership is important to the success of any brand; it suggests the acceptance by the consumer to allow the services and/or products of that brand to provide a convenience and/or enjoyment, on some level. But when the brand identifies a marketing strategy that speaks directly to the lifestyle of those that partake of its services, it addresses a slue of needs that often go…

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Stranger Than Fiction
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Noema
  • Dream - EP

My friend’s band, Noema, is coming out with their debut EP on August 4th and if you’re into bands like The Used, Gorillaz, Blur, Dead Sara, or really just anything that makes you want to dance - you’ll love these guys.

I did gang vocals in this track and it was so much fun (◕‿◕✿) It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head in the best way possible.


WWE Live Event Results (12/27): Long Island, NY Cena vs Rollins & Kane Main Event

Show started with an announcement that last night in MSG Randy Orton was injured and would not be competing in the tag team main event tonight, therefore it will now be a 2 on 1 handicapped street fight with Kane and Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Main Event was Cena vs Kane and Rollins in the street fight. Pretty good match with no tags and no rules. Cena kicked out of every move including the Curb Stomp which has to be the first time I have seen anyone kick out of it. Rollins and Kane both avoided tapping out to the STF. There where tables and chairs and even stairs involved in this one but the end came when Orton’s music hit and he hit RKO’s on both Rollins and Kane allowing Cena the AA on Kane for the pin. Cena left the ring for Orton and Orton posed with the crowd. and sent them home happy.

Next show is March 1st at the coliseum. Arnold Skaaland’s wife was in attendance and got hugs and kisses from Cena and Orton.

Biggest pops
1. Orton
2. Cena
3. Mizdow/Ziggler

Biggest Heat
1. Miz
2. Rollins
3. Big Show