Honestly though, is it just me or is it that for many cis people an afab person will always be feminine, fem etc unless they’re a 100% masculine epitomy of pure Rambo essence?

I’m not talking myself right now, because I AM indeed ultra fem and a proud owner of 13 lipsticks (and a perfume collection) who would sell their soul for shoes.

Yet I have never in my life seen people automatically considering a cis man feminine solely because he has long hair (so many metalheads). Or because he is somewhat quiet. Or because he owns like 2 pastel shirts. If they’re regarded as such, which of course happens, it’s based on multiple traits and not one or two.

God forbid an afab nb person or a trans man wears a slighly tighter shirt or something pastel, or keeps their hair long, or appears shy… They’re automatically fems. Dare they not be fully, stereotypically masculine for a minute and according to the cis they’re fems.

And if they’re fems, they’re more “female-like”, and if they’re “female-like”, they’re “female-passing”, and if they’re “female-passing”, they’re treated (misgendered) as female, and if they’re misgendered as female, they’re female-aligned, so “basically female”.

Since transphobes find feminity in afab trans people a convenient excuse to misgender them, they’ll pretty much slap the label of “feminine” onto anyone.