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Thousands of miles from home, Yuuri Katsuki is traveling through Europe searching for that intangible something he’s missing. At the same time, Yuuri’s literary idol, famous Russian author Victor Nikiforov, struggles in the iron grip of writer’s block, devoid of inspiration. Unexpectedly their lives come crashing together in a whirlwind of idolization, inspiration, obsession, and desire. But where does fantasy end and reality begin? Can two souls so desperately seeking meaning actually find it in one another?

Chapter 4 is (finally) up!

It’s easy to compare myself to Anti because I too get very salty when not paid attention to, think I’m funny and clever when I’m really just cryptic and confusing, and work really hard in random sporadic bursts with months-long gaps in between and leave everyone’s expectations way too high

Some pointers my Prof gave me before I began grad school

Yesterday I visited my university (undergrad) after two years in order to collect documents since I’m moving to grad school. I contacted one of my profs there and asked for advice, as I was nervous about joining research after such a long gap. Here is the advice he gave me:

General tips:

1. Be truthful to your research. Do not copy down somebody else’s work, even if you know you won’t be found out. Trust me on this, being accused of plagiarism is the worst thing to happen to a researcher and if you are exposed later on in career, your entire reputation will go down the drain.

2. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. He screwed up an instrument and waited 6 months before asking one of his subordinate who fixed it in 5 minutes. Imagine the amount of work he could have accomplished in those six months.

3. Manage your time well. Grad school is extremely demanding and some days you may not have time for sleep. Do not put off important work if you have time else you’ll end up doing it all in a hurry and without quality.

4. Every professor/guide/supervisor has her own unique method of teaching. Respect that and try to adapt. Even if you don’t understand most of what they teach, just listen. You might get a fresh perspective on things.

5. Be in touch with your teachers from undergrad etc. and ask them if you get stuck. They might help you out or at least guide you to someone who can.

6. Choose your topic wisely. Study the trends and know what are thrust areas in your field. However, the choice of guide is a major one. Make sure you understand the ways of your supervisor. Ask around, google his papers etc. and make sure he is not someone you’d hate for the entire extent of your school.

Tips related to Science research:

1. Know that there are more than one ways to solve a problem. However you cannot try them all due to time/energy/resources restrictions (or simply because your guide advises you against it). You need to know your limits and try methods that are optimized to your situation.

2. Be like Feynman. He knew his theory but he was a good experimentalist too. Have a balanced approach and know your strengths. If you are experimentalist, interact with theoreticians in order to get an idea of their approach and vice-a-versa. Your goal is to get the result and understand how you got it. 

3. You are in research not only to understand a theory/idea but also to apply it. It is not enough to know your books, you need to be able to solve the problem you are tackling. You won’t find a complete solution because nobody has solved it (thats why YOU are working on it, aren’t you?). You need to create/discover the solution.

4. Every problem in science completes a picture/theory. However not all of them receive the limelight. Find a topic you are interested in and know something about rather than chasing a “popular” one that everyone is talking about.

5. The biggest one: Do not feel inadequate for not knowing everything.

Nobody knows everything. You are in grad school to learn too. When you get stuck, get help/ask around; do not let the fear of being inferior get in the way of learning. You have got brains enough to understand things and you can.

6. Do not rely only on teachers/guides. Often your guide/supervisor will not know anything about the problem you are struggling with and will not be able to help you. In those times, find an expert (if there is) or consult books/papers. You should be able to study on your own, without somebody pushing you or deadlines.

Well, this is all I can remember. I hope it is helpful to those of you who are in a similar situation.

Losing Time

“Losing time” is a way to describe experiences with dissociative amnesia, a symptom that’s tied to dissociative disorders, PTSD, and cPTSD. Those without a trauma history, with or without mental illness, may experience occasional minor episodes of dissociative amnesia (during splits, panic attacks, during psychotic episodes, etc). Medication issues, as well as seizure activity, brain injury, and other physical conditions can cause what appears to be dissociative amnesia. 

Losing time generally happens in one of two ways. 

“Blackouts” are when one suddenly comes to, realizing that time has passed without their noticing. One may look at the clock, and it’ll be 2 in the afternoon. Next time they look, perceiving only minutes have passed, it might be 6 in the evening. For those with DID or OSDD-1a, this may mean an alter fronted during this time. For those with DPDR, PTSD, or another related disorder, this time might simply be lost. 

More subtle dissociative amnesia presents as “gaps” in memory. These might not be noticed until one is questioned about what happened in these gaps. Having childhood gaps is very common in survivors of childhood trauma, these gaps of dissociative amnesia might be years long. Gaps in memory could be related to traumatic events or for no discernible reason. Memory repression and dissociative amnesia are related, but not the same thing- dissociative amnesia can affect memories regardless of traumatic content. 

Some people with dissociative amnesia will “remember” events that were told to them later, but not remember any feelings or sense of self from that event. They might remember “oh, I went to this person’s wedding,” but not recall how they felt, how old they were, what they did, etc. 

Dissociative amnesia, or losing time, is not the same as “zoning out.” It’s largely tied to trauma- if you experience this without any trauma history, I highly recommend you try to see a doctor to rule out dangerous physical conditions that might be affecting your memory. Severe dissociation without trauma is uncommon but possible- be sure to rule out other conditions, though! 

If you experience issues with losing time, there are things you can do to cope! For those with severe dissociative amnesia, setting a time to go off on intervals and recording events on your phone/in a notebook can help with grounding. Journaling every day can be helpful. Some medications can reduce symptoms, and trauma therapy tends to reduce dissociative symptoms all around. 

Remember, having a symptom is not necessarily tied to any diagnosis! Treating the symptom should be your first priority! Be safe, I’m available to answer questions if you have any.


it doesn’t matter if you have:

• chub (chub is good!)
• scars? Beautiful!
• stretch marks? Wonderful!
• acne? it’s 100% okay!
• small boobs? Great!
• big boobs? Great!
• thick thighs? Amazing!
• thin thighs? Amazing!
• a round butt? nice!
• a flat butt? nice!
• teeth aren’t 100% white? Cute!
• crooked teeth? Adorable!
• teeth gaps? Graceful!
• long legs? Wow!
• short legs? Wow!
• small hands? Magnificent!
• big hands? Magnificent!
• a bone-y face? Gorgeous!
• a round/plump face? Gorgeous!


Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown


Do the wlw end up together : Yes

Supportive parents? Check. Crush on a straight girl that actually ends well? Check. An adorable romance? Check. This book is everything I hope for when I pick up a wlw book; I loved the characters (this isn’t to say they were 100% perfect, they still felt like real people), laughed at the dialogue, and of course got my happily ever after. Openly gay Jo moves from Atlanta to small town suburban Georgia after her father, an evangelical radio minister, remarries. In exchange for her own radio segment, Jo agrees to re-enter the closet for her senior year, a promise that becomes increasingly hard to keep. This book was about, in a large part, working to change hearts and minds. Jo’s drive to maintain her facade is so she can have a platform to address young evangelicals as a proud lesbian. She finds support in surprising places in a town she had assumed would be entirely hostile to who she is. Jo’s confidence is a big part of why I enjoyed this book so much; if she can walk through the world with such surety then certainly so can I.

Guys expect girls to have huge breasts, a small waist, a big butt, long hair, a flat stomach, tanned skin, a cute face, long eyelashes, perfect eyebrows, full lips, a thigh-gap, long legs, wide hips, thick thighs, know how to cook, show a lot of skin but not dress “slutty,“ be sexually experienced but not be promiscuous, love wearing snapbacks, sneakers and high heels *but not be taller than the guy while wearing said heels*, has to love watching sports, won’t call them on their b.s., won’t be jealous of their female “friends”, has to love wearing lingerie, push up bras, yoga pants, thongs and g-strings but can’t wear uggs, heavy makeup, big sunglasses, high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts, red lipstick, fake nails, fake hair, leggings, pantsuits or their hair in a bun, must always in the mood to have sex, be “open-minded” in bed, can’t have beauty marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, too many tattoos, kinky hair, dark skin, body hair or a vagina or breasts that don’t look like what they’ve seen in porn and can’t weigh more than 120lbs.

And yet they’re deeply offended when girls say they don’t date guys shorter than 6 feet.


    9:12 p.m.
“Kenji is my only coworker besides Jiro. Well, that would change if Fumi gets the job. He’s only in his first year of high school and here he is working. I admire that… Jiro is the shop owner. He’s in his late 30′s and he’s been taking care of this shop for a little over a decade. He’s like a second father to me and Kenji. I guess you could say he’s cool too.”


Some Headcanons
  •    Dustpelt always felt bad that he never reconciled with his brother Ravenpaw
  •    Millie actually doesn’t enjoy Clan life and sometimes finds herself wishing she had stayed as a kittypet
    • she doesn’t say this out loud though because she wants Greystripe to be happy
  •    Thornclaw always felt like he hadn’t accomplished as much as his siblings because he didn’t have a high position in the Clan or raise a family
  •    Sandstorm used to be really arrogant apprentice because her father Redtail was the debuty. After he died and her mother had another litter, she had to start to grow more as a person
  •    Heathertail doesn’t really love Breezepelt but she wanted to become a mother and wanted to help her friend to gain more trust in the Clan again
  •    Tawnypelt is unhappy in her relationship and wants to leave Rowanstar but feels like she can’t because of his position and the current situation of ShadowClan (Vision of Shadows)
  •    Blackstar actually considered making Tawnypelt a debuty, but dismissed it because she’s not a pureblood ShadowClan cat
  • In StarClan Greystripe will live happily with both Millie and Silverstream without any jealousy in one way or another (enough with that “they have to choose” bullshit, seriously)
  • Jake’s first (official) mate was Quince, but they broke up after Tiny dissappeared and Quince thought he had been killed by “those savage fox-hearted Clan cats!” (she followed his scent trail after he ran off and found the place where Tigerpaw had attacked him), which drove them into an argument (Jake obviously defending the Clans)
    • Some time after their break up Jake met Nutmeg and fathered her kits, one of them being Firestar
  • Tawnypelt’s litter (Tigerheart, Dawnpelt and Flametail) had one more kit who she named Goldenkit after her mother, but the kit sadly died at a very young age
  • Firestar would not have chosen Spottedleaf over Sandstorm in StarClan
  • Cloudtail and Brightheart always had troubles having kits (fertility issues) which is why there’s such a long gap between their first and last litter
  • Cloudtail would not have been interested in becoming a wild cat if Fireheart hadn’t brought him in ThunderClan as a kit

Are you familiar with
that eerie feeling
when all of a sudden
all of your thoughts
abandon you
In emptiness
I wonder whether
the writer inside of me
has died already
or is just in deep slumber

Why I don't ship Valduggery:

Please don’t shout at me or anything….

-I find it hard to believe Skulduggery, someone who was married and had a child, would be okay with dating someone he has known since she was 12.

-I mean, Skulduggery wouldn’t have been okay with someone 300+ years older going out with his kid????

-Yeah, Val is technically and adult now, but she’s going to look 18 for the next 50 years.

-And although that doesn’t effect her maturity, people have issues with some relationships in real life that use the excuse, “yeah she look young but she ACTS older”.

-And though she is an adult she has known Skul since she was 12, and if they dated I wouldn’t be able to re-read the books without the thought in my head that Skul was “waiting” for her to grow up.

-That idea freaks me out because it makes the happy, goofy, friendship they had seem almost creepy?? And IT SHOULDN’T ITS WONDERFUL.

-I want to be able to re-read the phrase “his arm encircled her waist” during the time Val was 15/16 without cringing or wrinkling my nose.

-Literally 20000% of Val and Skul’s ‘gang’ wouldn’t be okay with it????

-China? Hate it. Would take it personally. Tanith? Probably pissed off. Ghastly? Would probably not talk to Skul anymore. Gordon? Very, very, angry. Val’s parents? RUN. The remaining Dead Men? They had issues with Skulduggery taking 12 year old Val along as a PARTNER.

-I could just see Skul and Val losing all of their allies and friends because of their romance.

-Valkyrie had a problem with Caelan’s age. The difference between Skul and Val is significantly higher than the Caelan-Val age gap.

-Imagine being young again and not knowing what shipping is. Imagine your 12 year old self finding out Valduggery is canon, and being entirely freaked out about it, because to you, dating someone you know now but will be old enough to date in a decade or so is just…repulsive???

-Imagine 12 year old Valkyrie knowing what was going to happen.

-BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN PLATONIC PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AWAY WILLY NILLY. Where else have you seen an interesting, different gender, huge age gap, long lasting since childhood, platonic relationship in fiction? Where have you seen it so healthy and based upon mutual respect? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GET RID OF SOMETHING SO RARE AND TURN IT INTO SOMETHING SEEN EVERYWHERE??

-Valkyrie’s “I love you.” was SO MUCH MORE than a romantic confession! It was years of built up friendship and trust and dependency, whilst annoying each other, laughing at each other, making sure the other one was okay.

-Platonic I love you’s are SO IMPORTANT! So goddamn important! And should be represented without people talking it as a sign.

-If Alice grew up and was 18 Valkyrie would NOT let her little sister date someone that much older than her. Just saying.

-I just can’t get over the thought of my view on Skulduggery being turned on its head because I feel like he’s been waiting for this 12 year old to grow up. I’d be shocked, I’d be sad, I’d be MAD.

-And yeah Skul may just realise he “likes” Val in “that way” now that she’s older, BUT I like to think he has a stronger moral principle than that. He’s a logical, reasonable, and should be able to put any feelings like that aside in order to protect what him and Val have.

-Not even Vincent Foe, the murderous Nihilist, could justify dating Valkyrie when she was 16 (ish) in The End of the World: “She’s a fine looking girl. If I was a few hundred years younger, I’d be in there like a shot, believe you me.”

-Yeah Val was underage at the time but it still shows how sorcerers treat the significant age gap thing.

-I just don’t know. It would ruin the friendship for me and make me sad.

-The reason why I love SP is because it doesn’t revolve around romance. The romance in SP is like whipped cream on a hot chocolate; not necessary but you’re going to devour it anyway. The romance in SP is complimentary, and was never meant to be the theme the books revolve around. Even Tanith and Ghastly…they had moments, they had seconds…their romance never had a book or chapter purely upon them. And neither should Val and Skul. But its inevitable if they do become canon because the books always revolve around the partnership. But instead partnership would be romance.


Darkwing Duck is the best comic you aren’t reading

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the traffic light that never turns green even though there’s no other cars for miles! He is Darkwing Duck! And he is, apparently, the best licensed comic that is having trouble finding an audience.

In the 1990’s, there was a lot of dreck in cartoons; nostalgia-tinted glasses can make us forget how bad a lot of our precious memories really were. The Disney Afternoon, though, contained the kind of shows that hold up even today. That’s why Disney is looking to mine the period for a modern audience. So far that effort has included a remake of Capcom’s excellent NES Ducktales game, an upcoming collection of six of Capcom’s Disney NES titles, a Ducktales reboot set to launch this year, and a Rescue Rangers movie currently in the works. There have also been comics of many properties, but Darkwing has by far been the standout. Now, I am learning that the series, which started in 2010, went on hiatus, and came back in January of 2016, is endangered. Having just read the collected edition of the first four issues of the returned book, I can safely say this is an injustice the like of which would whip the Duck Knight himself into action.

Simply put, the Boom Studios Darkwing comic, written by Aaron Sparrow with no lack of love for linguistic loquaciousness and illustrated with the boundless energy of the show by James Silvani, is among the best uses of a license ever, not just in comics but in all media. It started seven years ago with Drake Mallard having divested himself of the daring demands of his double life as Darkwing and dissolving the dynamics of the duo between himself and Launchpad, resigning himself to a restless reverie of daily red ink as another corporate drone. Sparrow and Silvani delivered the kind of return fans of most franchises can only dream about. It was funny. It was exciting. It was colorful. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, it gave the show, which was well-known for not having any kind of serious structure, actual continuity while never losing the madcap pace that made it so much fun.

That story was intended as a mini-series, but it spun off into an ongoing one, which saw Darkwing dealing with classic villains and new threats, and in which the stories hung together surprisingly well, considering the cartoon character had about four different origins and constantly contradicted himself. There was even a crossover with Ducktales that…didn’t quite work out, despite their best efforts.

After this inauspicious “end” to the series, Sparrow, Silvani and crew battled hard to save Darkwing, and he eventually landed at Joe Books. When I picked up the first volume, “Orange is the New Purple”, I was worried. I was actually very interested in where the previous series had left things, and I thought for sure that after such a long gap Sparrow would just be made to start over.

Fortunately, I found the new book picks up where the old one left off (which I daren’t spoil), while still being accessible to newcomers. Darkwing and Gosalyn attend the opening of a new Arkham-style prison, and of course things go horribly wrong as some of his old enemies take the place over, lock them both inside and release the inmates. What follows is as funny as it can be without losing the plot, and as serious as it can be without losing the humor. This time around, it is a little harder to swallow the idea that Darkwing is in any real danger, as his “toonish” malleability is in full effect: from cars landing on him to being smushed by giant mallets, nothing sticks. It gives Silvani a chance to go whole hog, though, and his artwork resembles the cartoon even more closely than it did before. It’s also great to see almost all of Darkwing’s wacky Rogues Gallery in one place, including the new baddies introduced in the previous “Election” story. Every one is used creatively as Darkwing and Gosalyn play them off each other to affect their escape, and you can almost see the art moving in full animation in your mind.

Darkwing is, after Ducktales, perhaps the most in-demand show for a reboot from the Disney Afternoon. For now, the comic is as good as we’re getting, and I would argue it is actually a better fit for D.W. With series creator Tad Stones’s approval, Sparrow, Silvani and their team of clearly devoted fans have given us a deeply dedicated distillation of dreamy Darkwing delightfulness. As Liquidator would say, though, if you want to keep the webbed wonder around, act now! This book is a limited time offer!

P.S. I’m adding this a few months later to thank everyone for supporting this book and for using my post to do so. The book is on hiatus again, but from what I can tell the creative team is always fighting for the character.

In hopes I can be forgiven for being a little self-concerned, I’m also adding some links to some of my other columns you all might like. This blog essentially serves as my portfolio for writing work, so any followers, shares, comments or likes are very, very helpful to me. Thanks in advance. Now back to the Duck Knight!

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Honorary Art

Originally posted by peeblesprotectionpatrol

Request:  Hey doll! I loved your newest fic, it was super good, even though it was sad. Do you think you’d be able to write one of the boys (your choice) x fem reader, where she has lots of tattoos but they don’t know and they see one day and are really shocked. Sorry if it’s too specific, I just loooove your writing too much :)

Summary: GenderNeutral!Reader has a few tats they’re hiding.

A/N: Hello all, super long gap between fics again, I know, I’m sorry, I’m the worst :( I don’t really have an excuse except that I was kinda busy (I had a speech to write, a presentation to give, and a midterm all in the same week rip) and I had 0 inspiration :( sorry y’all bt I’m here now with hopefully 2 new fics tonight! Hope you guys enjoy these :D

Wordcount: 1069, I tried making this longer but I couldn’t rip

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry friends!

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anonymous asked:

ur blog is goals and lol at that svt mtl for the gory horror movie XD ik requests aren't open for this but could you do like svt's ideal types? maybe one for bts too? feel free to delete this ask it goes aganist ur guidelines but like ur ships are so accurate... i ship them myself after reading ur reasoning lol (ooh is it alright if i become glasses anon?? soybean anon is already taken)

BTS’s Ideal Types

Glasses anon?? OMO HOW CUTE WELCOME TO THE MINI FAN CLUB lol no this blog is nowhere near that popular yet and of course I could; thank you for asking so politely! I was thinking about doing this a few weeks ago but decided against it after so many asks started popping in my inbox heuheu

Rap Monster: Namjoon’s ideal type, when discussing personality, would be someone who’s mentally intelligent and able to start an interesting conversation; either on worldwide affairs or facts about the last book you two have both read plenty of times. He’s all for an open-minded person, and would cherish a partner that respects his complex thought process. His partner themselves should be able to understand his random ‘facts of the day’ moments, and still love him even after the daily “oops! I broke it…” line.

When it comes to appearances, he would prefer a fiercer look, something more bold and suggestive. It’ll attract him right away, and he’d want to get to know the person better almost instantly. Heads up, Namjoon stans! If you use makeup, striking colors like red and gold would appeal to him, but lay off the excess makeup. A nude lipstick could work too as it contrasts against all those shades. As for clothing, a tank top that shows off your biceps would work just fine; being physically fit is a plus!

Rap Monster’s ideal type would be someone who’s mentally captivating, and clever on first glance. They may even have a rebellious spark in their eyes; it’ll draw him in.

Jin: Jin’s ideal type, in terms of personality, would be a mature person that understands situations quickly and frequently makes correct choices morally and when it comes down to split-second decision making. He’d love someone who can cook AND eat well, since he very much loves food himself. When it comes to dating, I see him as a pretty traditional person, but because he’s unpredictable, I think it’s safe to assume that he would venture out of the path a little to change some things around.

In a much more shallower perspective (not stating that Jin is shallow in the least), he may be drawn to girls (or boys) that have softer features or someone who appears younger than they actually are, such as singer IU or Korean actress Park Bo Young. As long as their choice of clothing and makeup is down-to-earth and nothing too extravagant, it’ll be a ‘yes, i like what i see so far’ from him.

Jin’s ideal type would be someone who’s mature, warm, and motherly; they should be able to handle themselves well in public. He would prefer softer features over sharper ones, basically someone who’s good-looking themselves.

Suga: Personality-wise, Yoongi might go for a calm and patient lover, one that’s able to handle his sassy remarks and lazy habits of his. I mentioned before in one of my mtls that to me, he seems like the most versatile out of BTS; his tastes probably changes a lot in a person. I’d love to see him with someone nearly just as sarcastic and laid-back as him; but it’s not too hard to imagine him being together with a fluffy, peace-loving unicorn either though.

If we’re going to go by appearances, Suga would probably prefer a more ‘swag’ rather than a polished/cute choice of clothing on his significant other, however, the curious eyebrow cocks up only if the certain s/o suits the ‘swag’ look. If the amount of bling-bling is blinding and way too unnecessary, it’ll decrease the chances of him asking them out and make his potential lover look like they’re trying too hard. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if you want to flaunt your good looks, go all in. Purple lipstick, blue eyeliner works perfectly; just remember not to look like you’re trying extremely hard to impress him!

Suga’s ideal type would be someone who’s laid-back and prefers to stay out of drama/gossip. He’d like it if they dressed similar to his style; ripped jeans with a checkered shirt around the waist would be smiled upon.

J-Hope: If we’re going to go by personality, he’ll go all for a smiley, funny significant other. Hoseok, in my opinion, prefers to be surrounded by positivity rather than negativity, so a pessimistic person wouldn’t exactly click with him, romantically speaking. Sure, he’s easygoing and extremely fun to be around with, and doesn’t select his friends or future lover, but a pessimistic person as his partner in life wouldn’t really be his first choice. Hoseok himself is emotional, so I think he’d do well with a caring lover that is able to comfort him effortlessly.

Regarding appearances, Hoseok would be the hardest for me to decide. I don’t think he has a specific preference of clothing or makeup; he’s just as likely to enjoy seeing his lover wearing jeans and a sweatshirt as he is when his lover’s in a tank top with dangerously short shorts. He also wouldn’t mind the body type of his significant other; Hoseok would like chubby people just as much as thin people. It wouldn’t hurt if his partner could dance though; work them moves J-Hope stans!

J-Hope’s ideal type would be someone cheery and has a positive outlook on life. He’s really open-minded, so he most likely doesn’t have a preference to how his significant other should look like.

Jimin: Jimin’s ideal type would be someone who’s extremely thoughtful and generous; someone who’s polite around adults and mostly places themselves second in most scenarios. They always have someone else on their mind when making decisions, and often is concerned about others’ emotions and physical conditions.  His ideal type wouldn’t be the ones that are easily pushed around though, they should be able to have a voice when unjust actions are committed against them, or someone else.

Appearance-wise, he might like a more subtle choice of clothing on his partner, one that he can compliment on and isn’t too extravagant or revealing. I totally see him loving a mature, sexy look on his significant other though! He’d be really aroused by it, and would give them nonstop kisses on the lips or neck.

Jimin’s ideal type would someone thoughtful and generous, who always thinks of others first before themselves. He’d enjoy seeing his partner in formal wear; whether they decide to go the ‘casual’ way or ‘sexy’ way is up to them.

V: V’s ideal type would be a person who enjoys laughing, and has a beautiful smile. He would be instantly attracted to them, as he’s a sucker for charming and sweet people. He would adore a cute and childish partner that he can frequently spoil and coo over too, and since he’s especially sweet with kids, he would want a partner who’s quite good with or loves children also.

When it comes to appearances, V might like a softer, more ‘girly’ style on his significant other on a typical basis, although he would be (pleasantly) shocked if they dressed slightly more revealing once in awhile. He’s the type that wouldn’t really mind how his partner looks like early in the morning; he’d still enjoy giving kisses to them even if they had bad morning breath and would find their disheveled hair adorable.

V’s ideal type would be someone who has a beautiful smile, and frankly, someone who loves laughing. He’s quite flexible with whatever his partner wears, cute clothing might appeal the best to him, however.

Jungkook: Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s flirty but also mature. He would like being teased a little, so out of all of BTS, he may be the one who’s completely unbothered by the fact he’s dating a noona, and instead may even enjoyed being playfully pushed around because he’s younger. His partner should be patient with him; I see it being a problem relationship-wise if they’re not. Jungkook’s around the awkward transition of adolescent to adult, and he’s, frankly, still slightly impulsive. His significant other taking a few cautious steps to being understanding with him would create a stable and healthy relationship that would last a long time.

When considering looks, Jungkook has made us all aware that Korean singer IU is one of the female idols he really admires. He might prefer a taller partner, but don’t dwell on height too much! As long as the gap between his lover and him isn’t too large, it’s not difficult to imagine him leaning down to kiss the top of his lover’s forehead. Regarding the sensitive topic of makeup, Jungkook would probably choose a lighter makeup-look rather than to a heavy one, but of course, he wouldn’t stress over it much.

Jungkook’s ideal type would be someone who’s patient and playful, in addition to being mature when dealing with decisions that could affect their relationship. He would prefer a taller partner, but wouldn’t mind how they dress, unless they reveal a little too much in public (he gets jealous and possessive quickly).

This piece of work is based off my personal opinion. Feel free to disagree with it, as long as aggressiveness is kept at a minimum ^~^. Keep in mind that we, fans, have no to little idea of who BTS actually looks for in a partner so don’t get discouraged!


***Hope you guys like this one. I had the motivation, the request just wasn’t triggering anything specific in my mind to write about so it took me forever to figure something out and get it down 😫***

“Just play it cool. Let me do the talking, that way we’ll be in and out. Don’t do anything to give us away.”

Half Sack nodded and took a deep breath, trying to settle himself. All he had to do was stay quiet and carry the clipboard. Easy enough. As long as he did that, no one would notice that you guys weren’t actually from the health department and you’d easily be able to get the information Jax needed. Taking a deep breath yourself and smoothing your hands over your pencil skirt, you began to walk into the strip club. Holding up the fake name tag that Juice had made for you at the bouncer, you were in the club in no time, the darkness making you feel that much more confident that you wouldn’t get caught. All you had to do was get in, take the picture of the license and get out.

The patrons were far too busy getting their lap dances to pay attention to the two of you and same went for the strippers, their tips their focus and not you. No one seemed to bat an eyelash, as you made your way through, finding the wall towards the back that held all the licenses for the establishment. You told Kip to stay right behind you, not to let too much space between the two of you so that they couldn’t ask him any questions. He was doing well too, that was until a particular redhead in black leather and chains caught his attention.

He tried to focus on you and follow behind you, he really did, but her hips were moving so seamlessly, her hair glittering in the maroon lights they had above the stage. He just couldn’t take his eyes off of her and it didn’t take long for a large gap to get between you, him standing by the bar while you had already made it up to the side bannister, discreetly snapping pictures of the license numbers. You had gotten nearly all of them when you turned around to tell Kip to start pretending to write something down, but no one was there. You searched around for him quickly and saw him staring at one of the dancers, his mouth hanging open as he practically drooled over the dancer. You hugged and tried to get his attention but he was too focused. Growling, you turned back around and snapped the rest of the pictures, stomping over to him once you were finished.

“What the fuck did I tell you?!”

He jumped as you whispered harshly into his ear, a guilty look coming over his face immediately.

“Shit, sorry. I was, I was just, uh-”

“Shut up. Let’s just get out of here.”

He nodded quickly, feeling bad for not paying attention and followed behind you, still a little flustered. His nerves were still full blown and as he kept up with your quick footsteps, he snagged the toe of his boot on the leg of a bar stool, knocking it over and sending it clattering to the floor. The music was loud enough to mask most of the noise but not loud enough to keep the bartender from hearing it and now he was at full attention, his eyes trained in the two of you.

“Hey, who the fuck are y'all?”


You grumbled as you tried to relax into the hard cot, this skirt annoying you more and more as the time passes. You pulled it back down along your thighs and childishly kicked your bare feet against the flimsily mattress, annoyed at everything. All you wanted was to get out of this cell and swing on Kip for getting you caught, but a bath sounded just as good too. Looking to the side as you heard some keys jingling, you figured it was just Unser coming back into to check on you but instead you saw it was Hale, Jax trailing behind him. Hale unlocked your cell and slid it open, Jax standing there with so what of a smirk.

“I take it things didn’t go as planned.”

You gave him a sarcastic smile and slipped your heels back on, standing from the cot and stepping out of the cell as Hale began talking.

“Now usually impersonating any government employees a pretty serious offense but Wayne has convinced me to let this one go, under the condition that you do 15 hours of community service at the local weekend fair and fundraiser.”

You hated that fucking fair, Gemma always forcing you to help her with the pies and meals, but at least you used to sneak off with Jax after a couple hours. It seemed like Kips fuck up had now earned the possibility and gotten you a mandatory weekend full of pie and casserole baking with the matriarch. With a bitter nod, you agreed to Hale’s condition and allowed him to walk you and Jax out with a smile.

“My favorite pie flavor is blueberry, by the way.