Eggsy Unwin Imagine - "Not Your Moneypenny"

Title: Not Your Moneypenny (as in, like, ‘not your babe’. Ha!)

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader (but not Reader x Eggsy bc he’s dumb)

Summary: Eggsy and Roxy are called into Merlin’s office, which they’ve never been to. In front of his office, his attractive secretary (Y/N) (Y/L/N), was there to sign them into Merlin’s office. After sarcastic insults from Merlin, Eggsy learns that you are actually Merlin’s assistant, and a lot more experienced than Eggsy. 

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“Have you ever been called to Merlin’s office?” Roxy asked, her voice laced with worry. Eggsy stole a quick glance at her from the corner of his glasses to see her still fidgeting with the edges of her suit.

“I didn’t even know he had an office.” Eggsy confessed, walking through the walls of the Kingsman headquarters, repeating the directions Merlin gave him in his head.

“Do you think we’re in trouble?” Roxy’s fidgeting was becoming more and more manic by the second.

“Stop that!” Eggsy hissed, slapping away one of Roxy’s hand. She gave him a sheepish look. “And no, you’re not in trouble. I, on the other hand…”

“What did you do this time, Eggsy?” Roxy sighed, giving him a side eye.

“Nothing harmful, I promise!” he raised his hands in defense. She gave him another look. “I may or may not have let JB piss in one of the recruit initiates’ room.”

“Oh, my God,” Roxy tried to hold in her laughs. “You’re such an arse!” she slapped him playfully.

“Ow! Roxy, you’ll wrinkle my suit!” Eggsy giggled like a little girl as he tried to slap away Roxy’s hands.

Ehemm,” a woman cleared her throat behind a tall table at the end of the hallway. Without realizing it, Eggsy and Roxy had arrived at the door to Merlin’s office.

They shared a nervous look before advancing towards the table. Both of them held in a gasp once they saw that it was a pretty young woman staring expectantly at them. Eggsy wanted to gasp because of how beautiful you were, and Roxy because of the fact that there was another woman in this place. So this is where they had been hiding, she thought.

“I didn’t know Merlin had an attractive secretary. Say, how do you suppose I get one?” Eggsy raised an eyebrow slyly at you. Roxy had to resist the urge not to roll her eyes aggressively.

“Not with that weak attempt of a pick up line, that’s for sure.” you raised your eyebrow back at him without lifting your eyes from the computer you were typing things into.

Eggsy’s eyes widened and Roxy snorted in an attempt to cover her cackles.

“Ouch,” Eggsy faked a wince, not ready to back down. “Come on now, don’t be like that.” he pouted, his green eyes already working it’s magic through a puppy dog stare.

“Is Merlin expecting you?” you asked in a bored, flat voice, still not lifting your eyes from the screen as you looked through Merlin’s schedule. Truth be told, you knew who he was; Merlin already briefed you earlier that morning. He even warned about his womanizing, over confident, coy attitude that he might bring up the second he sees your face. You were fully prepared for this situation.

“Yes, he is. It’s probably under—uhh,Lancelot, and Galahad.” Roxy stepped in, pushing away Eggsy away slightly. “And I do apologize for my colleague’s behavior.”

Eggsy gave Roxy a childish glare, but what he wasn’t prepared for was the way you looked up from under your lashes at Roxy, a small smile on your lips. You were breathtaking, that’s for sure; pretty hair that sat in a neat braid, soft lips, long lashes, sharp eyes, and tinted cheeks. You looked like the kind of woman that everyone would chase to hook up with, but you couldn’t because you were too busy kicking ass.

“At least one of you lives by ‘Manners Makketh Man’, or in this case, woman.” you smirked at the girl, still choosing to ignore the guy.

Eggsy looked bewildered. This was probably the first time a girl chose someone else over him, and another girl at that. “Wha-“

“Merlin will see you now.” you cut him off with the sound of your keyboard clicking as you pressed enter on Merlin’s schedule, looking him deadly in the eye.

At first, the guy’s eyes became huge in shock, but slowly the smirk you heard in his voice returned to his face. You had to admit, he was hot; dark blueish-green eyes, cheekbones more structured than your life, jawline that could cut you, dirty blonde hair groomed neatly to the side. But anything that happened at Kingsman was strictly business, you’ve told yourself that since day one.

Instantly, Merlin’s door opened and the three of you could hear his heavily accented voice.

“Come in.”

“There you go,” you gestured to the door, standing from your chair. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), by the way.” you held out your hand to the girl.

She gave you a cheeky smile as she took your hand. “Rox-“

“Lancelot.” you gave her a small wink.

“Yeah,” she suppressed a giggle from her mistake.

The guy looked completely frustrated as he tried to move ‘Rox’ away as gently as possible, hand already outstretched for you to take. “And I’m-“  

“Galahad.” you nodded, leaving his hand hanging. “I’m not that much of a bimbo secretary.”

‘Rox’s eyes widened as she let out a laugh, dragging a shocked ‘Galahad’ into Merlin’s office by the collar of his shirt, ignoring his protests.

“Yes, come in. By the time you reach me, ten people will already be dead.” Merlin rolled his eyes from his chair in the edge of the room, facing all of the different screens he had. His office was just as Roxy and Eggsy suspected; modern, technology filled, clean cut, and not a single pen out of place.

“We were just having a chat with Miss Moneypenny outside,” Eggsy huffed, straightening his collar that Roxy messed up.

“As in the secretary from James Bond?” Merlin raised an eyebrow, turning his chair to face the two agents.

“Yes?” Eggsy said, unsure.

“You bloody idiot.” Merlin pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “(Y/N)’s not my secretary, she’s my assistant. My secretary is out for the day.”

“What difference does it make?” Eggsy suppressed the need to roll his eyes.

“You’re more daft than I thought, Galahad.” Merlin gave him a look. “She’s my assistant; as in, she’s properly trained and has done a lot more field agent work than you have. She’s your senior. She could’ve killed you before you even tried to wink at her, but she chose not to. Don’t exactly know why, seeing as with the way you talked to her, I would have had your head already.”

“Nice.” Roxy gave him a taunting look. Eggsy gulped nervously.

“Right then,” Merlin rose from his chair. “Your next mission will be breaking and entering into one of the world’s tightest museums. A man named Quincy Norman-“

“That’s a shit name.” Eggsy interrupted Merlin with a whisper, causing Roxy to punch his shoulder. Merlin gave him a death glare, causing Eggsy to give a sheepish smile in return. “Sorry, continue,”

“Last Wednesday, Quincy Norman tried to break in and steal one of the world’s most prized sculptures. The owner of the museum, Jack Gallagher, is incredibly worried and so yesterday morning,” Merlin clicked a few keys on the keyboard, causing multiple images to appear. “He installed a bunch of new security alarms, not to mention a double in the amount of security guards. We suspect that Norman will strike again during tomorrow’s event; a Gala held by the owner’s daughter, Rose Gallagher. Important young people from all over the world are invited. Your job is to go undercover as Ella, Ashton, and Tricia Morgan; the three teenage children of Andrew Morgan, the owner of a successful oil company.”

“Oh, I am so excited to be with a bunch of prissy rich teenagers.” Roxy’s lip tightened sarcastically.

You were a prissy rich teenager two years ago,” Eggsy gave her a look. “Wait,” he turned to Merlin. “You said three names?”

“Yes, (Y/N)—” Merlin eyed Eggsy. “—will be joining you. If I may say, she’s probably as good as I am with hacking skills. You’ll need her to break into their security system. The rest, you two may discuss with her for strategies.”

“Oh, shit.” Eggsy muttered under his breath. Roxy smirked at him.

“You are dismissed.” Merlin nodded as if to conclude their conversation. Eggsy and Roxy nodded back, turning to leave Merlin’s office. “Oh, and Eggsy?”

“Yes?” Eggsy turned back around.

“May I suggest apologizing to (Y/N) before you go on this mission?” Merlin taunted.

“Screw you, Merlin.” Eggsy huffed childishly, stomping out of his office with a giggling Roxy trailing behind him.

Friendly Neighbor- Part 13 (FINAL PART)

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Summary of Part 13: Short, sweet, fluffy, smutty wrap up to the story.

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This series has been a JOY to share with you guys. Love you all!

Dean’s fingers were warm against yours as he pulled you toward your house. Once you were in the door, you realized how cold you had become while sitting outside. Dean flashed a warm grin at you as he took off your hat, scarf, and gloves, tossing them into the floor by your front door. You took off your jacket as Dean shrugged out of his own, still not speaking, knowing that what was happening between you right now was too important to mess up with small talk.

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appearance and astrology
  • the traits we inherit is determined by our chart; the sun, moon, first house, dominant sign and most importantly dominant planet. this is a brief list of the archetypical features for each sign:
  • aries: strong brows, 'strong' bones but bones that don't show no matter their weight, naturally more muscles, fierce yet innocent looking, eyes that stand out, long eyelashes,
  • taurus: long eye lashes, eyes that stand out, 'unconventional' but classic, medium to thick hair
  • gemini: pointed features, button nose, freckles, clear eyes, thin to medium (thick) hair, 'small-ness' (e.g narrow shoulders), large forehead
  • cancer: large and water eyes, big eyelids, thick eyelashes, big teeth/smile, roundness of features
  • leo: clear eyes, thick eyelashes, thick hair and brows, stand out, appear strong but feminine (because of thick eyelashes etc),
  • virgo: pointed features, thin to medium (thick) hair, small features but large eyes in comparison, clear eyes, wide smile
  • libra: conventional, plain, symmetrical and proportionate features, medium thick hair, medium sized teeth
  • scorpio: strong bone structure, full cheeks, thick brows, large and watery eyes, big mouth and eyes in comparison to nose, square face
  • sagittarius: large eyes, long nose, long face, large teeth, thick hair, full cheeks, plumper lips than most, nose bump
  • capricorn: strong bone structure, bones that stand out even if chubby, high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, small features, flat forehead
  • aquarius: unconventional, asymmetrical, stand out, large forehead, features that's don't 'match' but complement each other, unusual lip shapes
  • pisces: large and water eyes, long eye lashes, round or triangular faces, full cheeks, long and 'triangular' shaped nose - often pointed downwards

Me: Haaii everyone~~ I’m mod PB and this is my new fanfiction project. I’m superduper excited to show you all lol X33 no flames/dont like dont read, ok? kthx baiiii!! <3


I’m an absolutely ordinary boy, but, I guess in some ways I’m not. I’m the best pilot of my generation – or at least I was. I have pale skin, like smooth ivory and ebony hair that gracefully cascades down to my strong, broad shoulders. I have a grecian shaped nose, and large violet eyes with long dark lashes and a sharp jawline. My outfit it pretty boring: a tight, black V-neck t-shirt that highlights my well worked out arms. I wear black jeans that cling to my legs and highlight my slender and manly physique. I sigh as I stare at myself in the mirror. I really do look utterly  ordinary and boring. My looks are in no way to attractive to anyone, especially the one I like…
Anyways, were was I? My hobbies include throwing knives, training for hours a day and, well, I can’t believe I’m telling you this…But my favourite passion is to dance. Ever since I left the Garrison I felt lost, I had nowhere else to turn. I had lost everything and everyone I cared about. I had no passion for anything left. Except, one day I was listening to the radio and I was on the K-Pop and J-Pop station and suddenly my life changed. Every day I would learn the songs, let myself be swayed by the beat and I learned how to dance. I managed to get access to YouTube where I learned all the best dance moves and I can now dance like a professional in over 5 types of dancing including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern and Irish dancing– don’t ask about the last one. I love dancing, even more than flying and it’s all I ever wanted to do with my life. But, now I’m no longer on Earth. I’m stuck on the castleship with the rest of Team Voltron where no one knows my secret passion for dance, even Shiro, my 兄.

{ me: 兄 means big brother in japanese!!! xD
keith: PB!! Stick to the storyy D<
me: ooops sorry!! lol }

I just wish that I could tell people my dream, but I know I could be scorned for it. No one would accept me for who I truly am – a dancer.

But, what would everyone think? Would Hunk turn away in embarrassment and shame? Would Pidge glare at me with her fiery hazel gaze? Would Allura and Coran and look upon me with disgust? What would Shiro do, would he wish that he never had me as a little brother figure…would he regret everything that lead up to meeting me, to changing my life?(Slav probably already knows anyway). But the one person I’m most concerned about is Lance. What would he think?

Ah, Lance. Every time I think about him my cheeks get all blushy and I get embarrassed. He’s graceful, breathtaking, the most kawaii guy I’ve ever met but…oh how do I tell him? He’d just laugh at him. He’d never fall for anyone who looked so boring and lame as me. Ugh, I’m such a BAKA for thinking like this! I’m sure if I tell him, he will return this feeling.

I’m Keith Kogane, and this is my story.


That’s the end of the prologue~~!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Keith:Thank goodness  -__-;;
Lance: Keith!! D< Don’t be mean
Hunk: Okay you two, stop it!
Me: Ugh, those guys…anyways, find out what happens next in chapter 1, which I’ll be uploading next week! Byeee <33

Writing characters of color without making their ethnicity clear

400daydream​ asked:

Hello! I’m new at writing and I want to write POC. Is there a way to write them without mentioning their skin color or origins? Mentioning traces that will lead the reader to just know they are? (Am I making sense?)

Because we live in a world where white media dominates, even in countries where white people are a minority, if you never describe your characters or give obvious clues to their origins, even people of color will read your characters as white. It’s best not to leave room for any doubt because racist people and even well-meaning clueless people will imagine that they have plausible deniability.

There’s an assumed default due to the skewed nature of mass-consumed fiction, in which everyone unless mentioned otherwise is thought to be white, straight, male (which is REALLY weird because it’s not like women are actually in the minority), and come from either a Christian or Christian-based areligious background.

Try this little thought experiment:

The chef cleaned the last of the knives and put it away in the block.

Who did you picture? A white man? A woman? What color was their skin? Were they fat or thin?

I bet you didn’t picture a heavy-ish brown Middle-Eastern-coded woman. But a chef just like that is a major character in my series.

Let’s try another one.

The commander scowled at his team before handing out a fresh set of weapons.

I was thinking of a Black man with an ocular disability. What, you didn’t get that from my sentence? You couldn’t tell I was totally fangirling over Nick Fury again? (He’s dreamy. This is a factual statement.)

In addition, there’s no reason not to describe your characters. It’s not offensive to say someone has dark brown skin, “medium brown skin” (I have a lot of that in my books), is Korean-American, is Black, is Navajo, etc. Just try to stay away from food words or any kind of description that sounds like you’re literally turning a human being into an object or consumable product.

Here’s my description of a man who owns a music shop in my latest book:

He was tall, and broad, and very fat, and he seemed nonthreatening and kind. Shulamit studied his appearance, trying to parse his ethnicity. His skin was the same medium brown as her own and that of her people, but his hair was thick and coarse and pulled into the rough locks that looked like braids but weren’t, like the people to the south whose skin was darker.

Would you have gotten any of that if I hadn’t described him? You would have assumed that both of them were white and that Tzuriel was thin, most likely. It matters to me that they look the way they’re supposed to look, so I had no qualms about describing them plainly.

Here are some of the ways Fiona Zedde describes some of the characters in her Black lesbian short story anthology When She Says Yes:

skin like the bark of a baobab tree

the ascetic lines of her face hewn in rich tones of rosewood

My short Afro wouldn’t wilt in the rain.

I knew what I must have looked like to her – a petite, brown-skinned girl with wide, long-lashed eyes and rounded cheeks who’d never seen the inside of a tattoo parlor, much less wanted a tattoo.

>> Mentioning traces that will lead the reader to just know they are? 

You have to be careful with that. A lot of my readers, including women with dark skin and my own mother, thought that the Perachis were supposed to be Black, not brown. One of my best friends got all the way through my book four draft and thought my Portuguese-coded characters were supposed to be in Spain. And there are people who read Hunger Games and didn’t know Rue was Black, although I feel weird mentioning that because I haven’t read or seen them myself.

In short (too late!) there’s no reason not to mention it and a lot of reasons mentioning it is actually vital if you want the representation to be meaningful.


As a Chinese-American person who writes Chinese/Chinese-American characters, even if their heritage has little bearing on the plot, I make a point of  describing them as Chinese, whether it’s through cultural markers (surnames, or speaking Chinese dialects) or appearance.

We live in a world where readers will default to white unless it’s specifically spelled out for them: otherwise they will bend over backwards trying to justify why this character is white and not PoC. Here’s an example: a book I read in middle school featured a Japanese-American teacher whose only marker was her surname, and yet when we had to do collages depicting her, everyone used a photo of a white woman instead.

I strongly recommend against using traces to describe your PoC characters: we suffer from enough invisibility as is, and your method implies that describing our races would be shameful.

–mod Jess 

Eira The Crystallum Vampire-$25

Pronunciation:  Eira
Nicknames: Ee-Ruh
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Type: Vampire | Elemental
Species: Crystallum Vampire
Vessel:  12mm White Jade Penedant/Pendulum


Eira has pale blue-white skin and white iris’s with a pale blue ring around the iris instead of black.He has thick white eye lashes, long pointed ears and thick white hair that reaches his mid back. He is very physically cold to the point of having frost along his skin and in his hair. He mostly wear white or silvery furs but wears no shoes. He has thick, sharp , black fingernails and unlike most vampire who only have a few pointed teeth crystallum vampires have all pointed teeth with two on both the top and bottom being longer and sharper than the rest serving as fangs/canines. 


Eira has a very calm and sensitive personality, he is very empathetic and hates to see other people upset or in pain. He is very quite but is very content to sit and listen to your worries and problems, he isn’t the best at speaking telepathically because his grasp on our language is a little shaky but he knows the basics. Because he is a Crystallum Vampire he can get a bit nervous in large groups since his species is still learning to adapt to that. He is very curious and eager to learn things as well as share what he knows with you and help in anyway he can. He gets nervous easily and can be a bit jumpy and paranoid, while he hates fighting and conflict he will not run away from it. He won’t be happy about it and he will openly admit his nervousness but he won’t back down because of it. He acknowledges his fear and anxiety but doesn’t give it power over him. He enjoys reading and most calmer activities but is also content to watch others do more active things.


Eira has a very cold energy and if he was to touch you it would feel a little odd. Most of the time it is just a random cold spot but other times it’s weirder. I have, on multiple occasions, felt what was like an ice covered hand on my arm, like you can clearly feel that it is a hand but there is something odd to the texture, as if the hand is covered in a very fine layer of snow/ice. Eira has a very calm and soothing energy but it is very obvious when he is nervous as well, his energy is very strong and expressive when it comes to his emotions.


Element: Ice | Snow | Frost | Water
Communication: Divination, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Dowsing Rods

Ice/Snow/Frost related magic/witchcraft, Weather related magic, Cleansing, Banishing, Glamour, Protection Magic/Wards, Energy Work, Dream Work

❄️What They Are Looking For In A Companion❄️

Experience Level: Any
Spirit Family Size:
Small (0-6)

Eira is looking for a companion with at least one or two other companions, because his species was reclusive for so long they tend to lack a lot of social skills and understanding which is the main reason many Crystallum Vampires are looking to be companions. To learn and gain a wider understanding of other species and humans as well as to improve their social skills. This is what Eira is looking for, he is willing to help you in minor ways in exchange to be able to learn more about other species through being a companion. 

Likes: Reading, Pop-culture (He doesn’t fully understand it but it fascinates him), Cold weather, Snow, Music, Water, Animals, Clear Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Selenite, White Jade, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Labradorite, Teakwood, Vanilla, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavander

❄️Submit an application


❄️ Listing Made By : Ana / Macabre-Incarnate

❄️ If you do not answer all of the questions your application will not be accepted

❄️ If the spirit chooses you or wishes to hold your application for consideration  you should be contacted by one of use within 24-48 hours.

❄️ Not exactly what your looking for? Try a

Reverse Adoption!


Price does not include shipping! ($3 US 10-12$ Canada)

12 Scenes of Harrisco, Day 2

Harry leans in close. Uncomfortably close. Cisco nearly goes cross-eyed trying to look at him and leans back to get a better view. “Can I help you?”

“You have pretty eyes. And long lashes. Mine aren’t that long.” He raises a hand towards Cisco’s face. “Makes me want to pet them.”

“Nope.” Cisco grabs Harry’s hand and lowers it. “No petting the eyeballs. How much have you had to drink?”

“Nothing.” Harry twists their hands so Cisco’s fingers are between his own, a captive plaything for his amusement. He taps his finger against each of Cisco’s knuckles. “Barely anything. I had the eggnog and that doesn’t count.”

Cisco tries to extract his hand, but Harry has him tight. “I don’t know about Earth-2, but that’s George Washington’s eggnog recipe. There’s enough alcohol in there to take out the entire British army.”

“Oh.” Harry licks his lips and says, each word over enunciated, “In that case, I may be drunk.

anonymous asked:

How would Robbie react to seeing horses and cows?

He’d be really fascinated with them, I think! They’re big and furry and have funny faces.

Angus likes calling Robbie “cow-eyed” because he has big expressive eyes with long thick lashes, and Robbie would be confused when he saw a cow in person and realized they don’t have the same eye color as him, and Angus would laugh and say that it just means he has big expressive eyes, and that it’s a good thing, and Robbie would smile and pet the cow’s nose and say “Same eyes!”, which makes Angus laugh even more.

With horses, I think Robbie would be fascinated with them, but also slightly scared by them bc they’re so big and snorty, but Angus would show Robbie how to properly pet a horse, and Robbie’s not as scared of them anymore.

anonymous asked:

would you ever consider writing a fight scene between them? not necessary a physical fight à la the pugilists, but a fight wherein they get genuinely upset with each other and yell and cry and throw shit but then end up fucking each other anyway

“What the hell is this?” Steve asks.

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i saw someone that looked just like you today. i had to stare for a whole minute to accept that it wasn’t who i was hoping it’d be. he had a five o clock shadow and lips that told stories with a single kiss. he had an italian nose and those same long eye lashes i always wanted to touch with my finger tips. and you wouldn’t believe it. for the first time, i smiled in hopes that it was you. i felt no heartbreak; you were but a happy memory coming back to me.