OK, so this will be a two part story, 100% ALL TRUE! IM not ur typical sissy bbc lover. Im 5'9, 40 years, 190 pounds, muscles tats. Very masculine looking. My feminize features are my eyes and lips. Curled up at the corners of my eyes, with long lashes, and hazel eyes. My lips are huge, shaped, and pouty. Then there’s my legs, curvy, rounded thick and well shaped, thanks to power lifting and squats as a teenager, plus a huge round ass, as u can see from my cover pic! I have a very macho jo, work with tough macho guys. Mostly out of town. But when I get a day off, I go total sissy, from my uniform pics above, to the bbc ,Jack of spades, markings on the back of my car! My whore outfit is girls socks and shoes, with the bright pink swoosh. Neon green shorts cut into a skirt, which clearly shows my ass, without bending over, as a sway my ass when I walk. Glow in the dark pink watch and wrist gloves, pink sunglasses, bright pinky ring, and the wrist bracelets I use as clitty jewelry!!! The hair remover is cheap, get it at Walmart, men’s shaving section. Slather on ur whole body, leave on for 10 minutes, then wash off! Simple! So it’s my day off until Thursday night, in Houston. It’s time and I get all ready. First I swig down a bunch of booze, then pop a couple of, MAX SIZE, pills…makes ur clitty throb and feel amazing! I head to a fiesta store, early in the morning, seedy part of Houston, to get a few things. I park way to the back right of the lot, by some old cars, and a couple unused for now, taco trucks. This makes me walk across the entire parking lot, swinging my ass! And hives all the cocks a chance to see me! As I push a cart through the store, everyone is staring! And talking, specially three guys…they look puertorican. They are talking in Spanish and following me in the store. They don’t know I understand Spanish…they are calling me all kinds of catcalls and whore names, it’s great! When I’m done shopping, I’m going out to the car. I don’t notice them following me anymore, but they were, …just being quiet and a bit farther back. I unlock the car doors and open the back door. As I spend my legs purposely, and bend over to put the groceries in, one of the guys, …comes up fast behind me. He must have already been rock hard, and out. And wet and lubed up!!! As I bend over like a whore to put my groceries in, he comes up behind me, puts a hand over my mouth, pulls my skirt up, and in one continuous move, slides his cock in my ass to the balls!!! A pain shock comes over me and I scream into his hand! Let me tell u about this cock! If I say it was 14 inches long, and as thick as my forearm, I might be underestimating!!! Biggest cock ever! He keeps a hand on my mouth, and leans me forward into the backseat….pounding away. Slow but with force, hard, and deep! This cock is perfect, gigantic and amazing! My ass was already ready, because I always do 5enemas, then I shoot some lotion and lube in my ass, plus some teething medicine, to loosen up and kill pain! So he’s pounding me, then gets off and lays down in the seat. I straddle him with my ass and my back pull my ass cheeks part. He grabs my hips and pulls me down hard, on his 14 inch dark forearm cock! Now I’m bouncing up him, pulling my G-strings to the side, and sucking off the two cocks on either side of me, also balls deep! They had about 8 or 9 inch cocks , as well. Then, one of the guys, while I’m throating the other, stands between my legs, spreads them apart, and lifts them to the door top opening. He puts his cock on top of horse cock, grabs them both, and slides both cocks in! Double penetrated! The best feeling ever! I’m sweating, groaning, talking like a slut, saying fuck my pussy, pound me, give me ur cocks, and on and on. Then top guy pulls his cock out of my dripping ass, and puts it in my mouth and fucks my mouth, holding on to my head. Third guy then walks between my legs, and shoves his dark meat in! Im full of cockmeat, mouth and ass, wit the two top guys alternating! Finally, the bottom of the two guy s in my ass starts to say he’s going to cum. He begins to pulse and I tell him, “ please daddy, get me pregnant! Fill my pussy with ur babies!” He pulses at least ten times, fill my ass with DNA, which I love! I think regular male cum in ur ass makes it fuller and rounder, as u can see from my cover pic! Then I tell him, please empty ur piss in me daddy! He pisses in my ass, absolutely the best warm feeling in the world! Now the other two guys are ready, so I pull myself up off his horsecock, and squat down. The other two guys start helping off like crazy, and start shooting loads on me….starting I. My hair, the face, mouth, down the front of my top! Then, they both start passing, starting in my hair! When they are done, I’m soaking wet with piss, and big globs of cum are in my face, hair, top, everywhere! When I stand up, the piss and cum is oozing out my ass, down the back of my legs! That’s how u start an early morning! Of course, I have to go back into the store, and rum more errands around town. All while reeking of sex, and covered in piss and cum, and it’s all visibly obvious! So far, so good! Now ima get drunk as fuck, pop a couple of cock pills, and head to the filthiest nastiest bookstore in town, usually filled with black and Mexican cocks. I’ll be there for several hours. Its on 59 north and tidwell. I’ll tell u what happens, when I’m done!!!! Again, this happened just this morning, I’m hoping to get this all again this afternoon, plus at least 20 more loads in my ass, and I hope I also get completely covered, in white sticky cum, just covered in white, obvious cumgoo, when I proudly walk out of the bookstore, and continue running my errands!!!!

Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.