Those nights where all you can do is look through the photos you have of being with each other. All you have with you at the moment is memories and not the person because of this stupid distance between the both of you. But you know you’ll be with them again soon enough to make more of these memories that you’ll end up looking at again when it’s one of these nights. It’s like a cycle that keeps going until the day where there will be no more distance. Just the two of you together and never having to leave again.

Long distance relationships are fucking hard.

Imagine you have a partner you love, and for a year the two of you eek out a life in a foreign place where no one else speaks your language. You have children. You argue about household responsibilities. You make love and have long, drawn-out conversations about everything and raise this little piece of earth into a kind of heaven.

Then your partner leaves you. You two aren’t broken up; he simply needs to get things done on the other side of the world, and you still have things you need to finish on this side of the world. And you two try your damnedest to make it work.

Imagine how hard it is: A 12-, sometimes 13-hour, time difference. Forever playing catch-up with each others’ lives, with the kids’ lives, with the world that you two had created. Imagine that world stretching out to encompass a myriad of cultures and experiences, instead of the one schedule you used to share together.

Imagine the pangs of loneliness that hit. Not just the sexual urges that haunt you every waking moment and cripple your posture with fear of adultery, but the extreme loneliness. Going through the motions of every day without having someone to experience it all with. Raising children without having someone to smile with at their accomplishments. Creating a life for your family when your family is not complete. And knowing that that’s the case because you’re too stubborn to quit the path you’ve chosen. You’re suffering because you don’t want to stop suffering until your goals are achieved. Until the suffering becomes worthwhile.

It’s been more than two years since we’ve seen each other in person. Since we’ve breathed in each others’ mornings. Since we’ve kissed and made love and shared breakfast and cooked dinner together. It’s been two years since we were able to look at our kids and then at each other with that glossy-eyed, drunken smile that says, “What did we do to deserve so much awesome? How could these little pieces of perfection have come from us?”

As long as the paperwork on his mom’s estate gets finished in time, Rob’s supposed to be here in August. He’ll stay six months, which is great because that means we’ll spend a stretch of memorable days together: the kids’ birthdays, my birthday, Halloween, All Soul’s Day, Rob’s birthday, my brother’s birthday [The Bro’s coming back in September], Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s… It also means Rob will go back to NYC right before my last year of school starts, and that the next time we’re separated, it will only be for one year.

T-minus two years until Real Life - the one I’m currently suffering for - will start.

Replace ‘Love’ with bae’s name. See if it fits.

From 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

_______ is patient

_______ is kind

_______ does not envy

_______ does not boast

_______ is not proud

_______ does not dishonor others

_______ is not self-seeking

_______ is not easily angered

_______ keeps no record of wrongs

_______ does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth

_______ always protects

_______ always trusts

_______ always hopes

_______ always perseveres.

anonymous asked:

i have to move halfway across the country away from my gf ive been dating since november and it makes me rly sad and depressed n i think im gonna have to break up w her b4 i go bc i cant c a long distance thing working and im just so sad help

are you sure a long distace relationship wont work? you never know until you give it a try, right?? you don’t have to break up if you’re both willing to put in effort and try to continue things