Pastel!Connor and Punk!Evan AU Drabble

@softmushie broke into my house and stole my wife and children with their Tree Bros AU so i wrote this at two in the morning blease accept the humble writing of a small tired bean

“Hey,” Jared says, jabbing an elbow into Evan’s side. “Check out new kid.”

Evan rolls his eyes but looks up anyway. And keeps looking, because the boy standing across the cafeteria must be sunshine incarnate, the way he’s laughing at something the girl beside him has said. His long, curly brown hair is pinned back with a delicate butterfly clip, and he twirls the loose strands around a slender finger.

“Oh my god,” Evan breathes. “He’s going to die.”

Because Evan and Jared both know this school. They remember what freshman year was like, before Evan had gotten his piercings and leather jacket. Enough bloody noses and busted lips, and you learn to play the game.

Clearly, this boy hasn’t. He will, in time.

But Evan keeps looking at him. He takes in the bubblegum pink hoodie, the pride flag patch on the back pocket of his jeans. Evan’s gut twists with guilt at the idea of leaving him to figure things out the hard way.

“I have to protect him,” he mutters.

Jared sighs. “Dude, you can’t go around being bodyguard for any prettyboy who happens by.”

“Jareeeed,” Evan whines. “Look at him. I can’t let him be bullied. It’ll haunt me to my grave.”

Jared huffs. “You know, for your big look with the lip ring and things, you’re a damn softie, Evan Hansen. Go make friends with him or whatever, just don’t expect me to play nice.”

Evan flicks his friend on the forehead. “If you did, I’d be frightened.” He stands up, fixing his jacket, and takes a deep breath before he marches over to the pastel boy.

“Get that dick, Hansen,” Jared hisses behind him. Evan whirls around.

Shut the fuck up,” he mouths, then turns back around and comes face to face with possibly the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.

“H-hey,” he greets, cursing his stutter.

“Hi,” the boy says, still winding a lock of chocolatey hair around his finger. Sky-blue nail polish, Evan notices. “I’m Connor.”

“Evan,” he replies, holding out his hand. Connor shakes it. “I wondered if you wanted to sit with us?”

Connor looks taken aback. “Me? Like, me? You sure you’re not confusing me for someone else?”

Evan’s heart melts.

“I mean you, cutie.” Evan kicks himself internally. How did that slip out? Evan Hansen is not smooth, and he certainly doesn’t go around giving people he’s just met pet names. “If you want to, you know, if you already have people to sit with that’s fine, I just–“

“No, no,” Connor says quickly, turning an almost alarming shade of maroon. “I’d love to hang out with you.”

“Great,” Evan says.

“Great,” Connor echoes.

They stand smiling at each other, flustered and awkward and excited. Connor looks very kissable, Evan thinks to himself.

Sooner rather than later, he’d like to test that theory.

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter Four- Dean x Plus Size Reader

Thick Thighs Save Lives Chapter Four
Words: 2020
Warnings: Some sexual language.  Some body issues talk.
Summary:  You’re a hard to handle, sometimes fragile and hold him when he hurts kind of girl.  You have thick thighs and hips that won’t quit, but you’ve never felt beautiful until a certain hunter comes your way to help you save your hometown.  Dean Winchester finds himself falling for you and is determine to make you his.  If you will let him that is.

AN: Thank you to @dragonchica​ for proofreading this!  Thanks you girl!  Thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback!  :)   

Tagging: Please send me an ask.  :)  I don’t want to forget you!  Please be patience as I update my list!  Thank you.  :)  Please also, if you want to be tagged but stop reading please let me know so I can remove you from the list.  Tag is very time consuming!  Thank you. 

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Ah, you gonna take me home tonight
Ah, down beside that red firelight
Are you gonna let it all hang out
Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go round
Queen- Fat Bottomed Girls.


You banged your head repeatedly on the steering wheel as you contemplated your life.  Not only were you the town weirdo now you would be the town slut.  The whole burger joint was staring out the window as you tried to get up the courage to leave your truck.  Dean was looking at you with a growing sense of concern but also amusement.  

“Uhh.  You OK there sweetheart?” He said as reached over to pat your back.  You sat up and glared at him from across the cab.  

“The entire town is in there tonight and you are over here kissing me like we are engaged to be married.  The word is already spreading!  Look!”  You groaned as you showed him the thirteen text messages that you had already received from your cousins.  Dean just gave a smirk and you groaned again.

“What’s so bad about that? Hmmm?  I mean I am a pretty good kisser and adorable to boot.”  He said with a chuckle.

“What’s so bad?  What’s so bad?  I have to live here!  That’s what’s so bad!”  You hissed as you turned to frown at him.  You went to resume your head bangning, but his hand landed in front of your head.

“Stop that.”  He said with a laugh.  “You’re being a bit dramatic.”  

You looked over to him and glowered this time.  How could he possibly begin to understand your distress?  

“Look Dean Winchester.  You don’t have to live in this one horse town. I do!”  You grunted again.  “I’m already the town weirdo!  Jesus, I was called “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” the whole time I was in high school.  Some people don’t even know my real name!  Seven hundred people live here.  Half of them call me Buffy!”

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anonymous asked:

40. “The kids, they ambushed me.”

Coming home after a long day at work to open your front door and hearing screams from your kids and shouting from your husband could either be a good or a bad thing. It made your heart stop as Harry raised his voice at the girls. But it was quickly followed by their giggles. Now, you had no idea what you were walking into. 

Just as you’re turning the corner to where the ruckus is coming from, you come face-to-face with it - literally. You take a step back after bumping into Harry and look to see his face is covered in different shades of eyeshadows and theres lipstick across his cheek. You cover your mouth to stop from bursting into laughter. 

“What’s happened here?” You question. Harry’s scowling at you as you still are trying your hardest to not laugh. “I leave for one evening and you’ve gone crazy with the blue shadow huh?” You tease your husband, who only rolls his eyes in response.

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This happened last year. AP Chem had to do experimental demonstrations for a grade for the other science classes. It’s a tradition that this happens on Halloween every year because be so like a flaming pumpkin, flammable bubbles, color changing stuff based on acidic compounds, ya know generic chemistry stuff. Well because it happens on Halloween, we were allowed to dress up. There was this kid and he had long curly brown hair. In the library before class we used a sheet to dress him like Jesus so he could do “water into wine” aka put phenolphthalein into an acidic solution and claimed to be the true messiah.

BTS Reaction|you ask them to help untangle your long, curly hair after you shower


NOTE: This was actually fun to write since I understand the struggles of having long, curly hair;)

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More Than Jealousy • Tom Hiddleston

First imagine written for this blog. This one is kinda personal for me, so if it’s intense I apologize. Love you all !! 💕

Summary: you and Tom have been dating for three months and for some reason you still can’t stand the thought of him with his ex.


The sun shone brightly through the curtains as you and Tom lounged in bed together. Neither of you had to be anywhere that morning, so you decided to spend it together. Tom was preparing to leave back to London soon to visit family and you were planning on staying in America to spend some much needed time with your own family.

It was a pleasant morning filled with hugs and kisses and snuggles and even some other activities that made you blush just thinking about them. Then, however, one conversation turned everything around.

It had started when you received a message from your ex boyfriend that you and Tom laughed at. You always communicated the deep hatred you had for your ex, so Tom was never jealous. You, on the other hand, only ever heard Tom talk about his most recent ex, Taylor Swift, positively.

“I always see old pictures of Taylor and I. People continue to tag me in them on Instagram. I don’t mind it, really, it’s just weird seeing myself with her” as he mentioned her name, your fists clenched. You had only wanted one simple morning without her being brought up.

“Your relationship only lasted like three months,” you reminded him bitterly. He didn’t seem to notice your warning tone as he continued.

“Yeah, but they were significant months. We spent a lot of time together. I took her to Rome, she met my family..” he trailed off.

He hadn’t done either of those things with you yet. Even worse, you hit the third month mark with him last week.

You untangled yourself from him and sat up, scooting to the far side of the bed. You kept your back turned to him and desperately tried to hide your tears.

“Darling? Are you alright?” he asked curiously. “Did I say something?” you scoffed at how oblivious he was. Still, you didn’t utter a word.

Tom sat up and scooted next to you, resting his hand on your own. You could feel his pleading gaze boring into you. So, you decided to speak up.

“I’ve only ever been in love twice in my entire life,” you startled him with the forwardness of your confession. Despite that, he continued to listen intently. “The first time it was with a man who didn’t even know I existed”.

“He was the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. Post hardcore was the genre I’m pretty sure. Anyway, he was absolutely perfect, to me at least. Long, brown, curly hair, almond eyes, tanned skin. I owned every cd, ever t shirt, every poster because I was so dedicated to him. I hated the concert crowds, but I went anyway just to see him in person. He never looked my way, but just seeing him was breathtaking” you told him.

“What happened?” Tom hesitantly asked. You let the tears fall freely now, not holding them back as Tom rubbed your shoulder soothingly.

“He started dating this girl. A model, of course. Orange hair, freckles, skinny and pale. She was a bitch. I even had a few arguments with her on my own Instagram because she would treat his fans like shit and then when we retaliated she would run back and tell him that we were bullying her” you laughed cruelly. “I fucking hated her, I still do. She ruined a large portion of my life” you took a moment to collect your thoughts and gather your breath.

“After three years of pining over him, I got sick of seeing all of the pictures that they would post together. It got to the point where every time I saw them together I would just cry because I knew he would never be with me if he had her. I got over it slowly and painfully” you finished your story with a shaking breath.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea” Tom frowned. “You have me now, there’s no need to worry about that anymore” he attempted to cheer you up.

“That’s not true,” you sighed. “I find myself feeling the same way when I see pictures of you and Taylor. And when you talk about her it just makes me burn with jealousy. It isn’t even just jealousy, I’m afraid of losing you. You brought her to Rome, to meet your family! I haven’t even been able to come with you to a movie premier” you buried your head in your hands and cried quietly.

Tom’s heart broke upon hearing your true feelings. He immediately swept you into his arms and let you cry on his shoulder. He hummed gently to you and pressed kiss after kiss to the top of your head. When you had finally calmed down, he spoke to you.

“You will never lose me, (y/n). Not in a million years. I had a very public relationship with Taylor, she wasn’t easy to please. So, I brought her to those places. Please understand that you and you alone are the only woman in my life right now who makes me feel like I can truly be who I am. I’m so so sorry for being so inconsiderate of your feelings. I’m an ignorant bloke for hurting you and I’m terribly sorry, love” he spoke slowly, passionately.

That was one thing you loved about Tom. He was so pensive and he always knew what to say. Your watery eyes stared up at him with a small smile.

“Yeah, for a Cambridge graduate you were pretty oblivious” you giggled. Tom laughed along with you, glad to see you were done crying. You sniffled and wiped away the tears left on your cheeks before continuing. “But I should have told you sooner instead of letting it bother me for so long. Please just, when you’re around me, try not to bring your ex’s up. It only hurts me in the long run” you explained.

Tom cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips to yours sweetly. His kiss was just as his voice had been moments before, slow and passionate.

“I know, darling, I know” he cooed. “From here on out, none of them exist. You are my present and hopefully my future, you are everything I need” he told you.

You hugged Tom tightly, glad to have gotten that all off your chest. You were ready to get back to cuddling, but Tom interrupted your thoughts with a question.

“Who was the other person you were in love with?” he asked sheepishly.

You were honestly surprised he’d even caught on to that. However, you knew he was a good listener. It didn’t surprise you too much.

You stifled a laugh and turned to him. “Oh, you know, just this insanely handsome, talented, intelligent actor. You probably know him” you said. Tom frowned.

“What’s his name?” he asked a little too quickly, his face turned pink once he’d realized how obvious he was being.

“Thomas William Hiddleston” you grinned, pulling him forward for another dizzying kiss…

Meet the Ross

Oh what is this? A fic you see? It is one indeed.

Okay, this has been in my head for quite some time, but it needs to come out in the open sooner or later. I made a chapter a little while ago when Henry’s parents called and he told them about Bendy. They want to see him in person, but he was unsure of how it will end up

Like all, this is based on @shinyzango​​ 2D Bendy AU

So here we go!

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You Don’t Know What Your In For (Harry Styles Smut One Shot)

Hiya guys! Had writers block with RMB so I decided to write this one that was stuck in my head all day. Any requests? Send me some ideas in my ask box! Hope you enjoy this one – K.xx

Y/N had got Harry some underwear for him to give his opinion on, so he showed her instead of telling her

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|| incompetence ||

this is the first time I’ve ever written something for bradley baker from {{edge of winter}}. Admittedly, the movie’s not perfect, but I still enjoyed it.

this story contains spoilers for the movie, just in case you haven’t watched {{edge of winter}} and want to avoid spoilers.

warnings: mentions of abuse

**don’t repost this story.**


We lit a flame in our bodies: I’m sure you can hear it well enough to drive you mad… It’s telling us to, “live”!

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♥ Sim Request #35 for Anon  *SPEED CAS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE*

  • “Can you please do a girl with long curly brown hair? She is a curvy model and is very girly. Thanks BTW Your blog keeps me alive.”

CC USED:  //  HAIR  //  TOP  //  JEANS  //  SHOES  //  NECKLACE  //  LIPS  //  EARRINGS (BG)  //  EYEBROWS  //  EYES  //  

♥ Request a Sim HERE! (Include traits, any history, and specific details) ♥ 

Love, You didn’t do right by me (Ramsay Bolton Smut)

Cold, dim, dank, foul. I could go on and on with words to describe the bleakness of the dreadfort. The bodies of Ramsay’s toys lined the exterior, maggots imbedded in there fat and oxidizing muscles. The snow on the ground was as grey as the sky, the ice was as sharp as the tip of the bastards knife. And the wind bit just about as much as his pack of hounds. The walls all screamed RAMSAY RAMSAY RAMSAY, it was as though I could never escape him.

I was sent to this barren land a week ago, my own cowardly father sold me off to the bastard of Bolton. Evidently I was hand picked by the sadist himself, I was exactly what he wanted. Pale skin, green eyes, long curly brown hair, he wanted a woman who looked regal. He wanted someone who was visibly weak, helpless.

I knew my fate here, I was to be his perfect little girl and he my master. I was to show a blind eye to his unusual pleasures, I was going to have to accept that I am to be wed to a sociopath. I was going to have to tolerate being touched by his bloodied hands, I was going to have to learn to love and lust the man who repulses me most in this world.

“M'lady, Ramsay wants you in his chambers at once,” the small voice of the forgotten Iron Born brought me back from my depressed thoughts. “He said you’d need to be wearing that red dress that he likes, I-I am instructed to help you into it myself.”

“I guess there is no way out of this, is there?” I mutter softly, my gaze traveling directly to Ramsay’s window. A soft outline of him is seen through the snow and wind, I couldn’t even see his face but I knew he was smiling, I knew he was watching. Imagining the horror on my face as his dirty man slave touches my skin, see me in my purest state to get me ready for him. My unhappiness gives him the greatest pleasure the world has to offer.

I couldn’t say that anything I was about to do was pleasant, having a dirty man put you into your best dress. Having your guts squeezed in by a corset before you are wrapped in blood red satin. Reek was trying to be nice, averting his eyes. Trying to be as respectful as possible, but it was just too disturbing. The sight must have been humiliating. And humiliating is what my betrothed desired.

I swiftly walked to his door step, his chamber hidden high up in the tallest tower. People have said it’s so you can’t hear the screams, or you won’t see the carnage that’s dragged out of there week by week. But I knew it’s because he wanted people to think that, he wanted to be feared.

I reach the looming door, there it stood right in front of my face. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a second as I exhaled. Bringing my hand up for a short knock on that retched door, quickly bringing that hand to my side.

“Is that my darling?” I heard his voice travel through the thick piece of oak, his footsteps echo through his chamber as he lumbers to the door.

“Yes, my lord. Reek tells me you wanted to see me,” I look to the floor as the door creaks open, my green eyes shadowed by my dark curly hair.

“Darling girl, I want you to look at me when you speak. Those pretty eyes should be shown with pride.” His hands pull me into his dark room. “Now, my love. Have you guessed why you are joining me tonight?”

My eyes locked with his as he plopped down in the large wooden chair by his window, his ice colored eyes were seeping into me waiting for my answer.

“I’m guessing I am here for your amusement. Maybe even your pleasure.” My confidence started to return as I walked closer to him. My hips swaying, a smile on my face. “My lord, you don’t squeeze me into this dress because you like the dress. It’s because you like me in this dress.”

His smirk grew as I played into his little games. I could see his wheels turning as I talked, his cool eyes glazing over my form before quickly going back to my eyes. I knew he wanted me to notice ever stare he gave my rack. Every glance he gave my delicate frame he wanted me to notice.

“You are getting smarter as time passes, you are starting to figure me out.” He stands up, getting very close to me. His chest touching mine as he walks me into the wall. Sandwiching me in between him and that cold cold stone. “I want you, my love. I want that dress off you right now, I want to see exactly what my bride-to-be’s wedding gift is to me.”

His breath was hot on my neck as he leaned down to talk to me, as his body towers over mine. His rough voice, his cold drawl, makes me shiver. “My lord, don’t you want to wait and see. We get married in a moon, can you be patient?” I look up into his eyes, our noses brush. That’s just how close we were, one wrong move and our lips would be glued.

“Y/N, don’t deny me what I want. I don’t want to have to take it the hard way, you don’t want me to take it the hard way.” He was very harsh in his tone of speech.

I nod slowly as he takes my wrists and holds them above my head, moving his lips to my neck and pecks butterfly kisses along my collar bone up to my jawline. His teeth graze against my neck slowly and teasingly. “Is this the easy way? Am I giving you what you want?” My voice is so demure it almost surprises me.

“Why don’t you help me take off that dress? I don’t wanna tear it, you look so beautiful wearing it.” His voice has a tinge of demand spun through it, his dark side peaking through the facade of tranquility.

“As you wish, my lord,” I stayed as quiet as I could, I kept as submissive as possible. And honestly, I kind of liked being treated like this by him. It gave me this rush like nothing else.

My hands unlaced the front of my blood red dress, exposing the bone-white corset underneath. The red satin slips off my shoulders onto the cold stone floor. Leaving me in nothing but my corset and shift.

“My my, you look down right ravishing. Look how thin you are darling, you are so perfect.” His compliments make me blush as his ice cold eyes look me up and down. Like he was trying to scan a perfect mental picture of my body into his mind.

“My lord, can I kiss you?” I ask in a soft tone of voice. My hands cautiously reach up to touch his chest, pressing myself against his cold leather vest.

He doesn’t even answer, only taking his hand and reaching the back of my neck. Pulling my face close to his and pushing his lips on mine. The feeling can only be described as bliss, harsh bliss. His cold lips captured mine in such a way that made me weak at the knees. My arms wrapping around his neck as it became more heated, my chest flush with his, my toes straining to keep pointed to continue reaching his lips. He pulls away slowly, a sly smile resting on his lips. My cheeks were flushed red as he looks down on me with primal lust.

“Did you like that?” His voice was cold and playful all at the same time. The intonation reminded me of how a father talks to a naughty child, and for some reason that started a fire in my core like nothing else. I liked being talked down to by him.

“Yes, I loved it,” the words came out breathy and labored as I was so worked up by what he was doing to me.

“I’m glad you’ve given in, I didn’t want to have to hurt you. You are far too delicate and pretty, I only ever wanted to bruise you slightly. Maybe draw a little blood. But nothing like what would have happened if you rejected my pursuits.” His hands capture my small waist in a tight grip and reattaches his lips to mine. His teeth grazing my soft bottom lip, drawing a small amount of blood as he pulls back. Leaving me in a state of arousal, letting out small whimpers in return for his hot kisses.

I feel his large hands travel across my back to the laces of my corset, his nimble fingers undoing every knot in the way of him seeing my milky white skin.

“My lord, why don’t you just cut it off me. Don’t be nervous to be rough with me. I’m fully prepared for you, I’m not afraid of a little blood.” My words seemed so unnatural to me, yet it made my betrothed tick like a clock.

“If you say so, my dear.” His eyes are extremely giddy as he takes his hunting knife from his belt. Unsheathing it from its leather casing, revealing cool metal that has pierced so many. “Now, turn around and bend over the bed.”

I nod like a good little girl and bend over his bed, my ass sticking up in the air. Waiting for him to do as he pleases. I hear his dark chuckle magnify through the room, his feet stop as I feel his body look over mine. I don’t dare look back, nor do I have the desire to. I trusted him in an odd way at the moment, I knew he didn’t want me dead. So I let him play, I let him continue with his game.

I felt the cool metal of the blade touch my skin above the ties of my corset. The leather threads snapping as he slowly leads the knife downward. “My goodness, aren’t you a pretty one. You just keep getting more and more absurdly beautiful as my night goes on.” He continues to cut off the corset, tearing my shift off with it. Leaving me completely bare to him.

“C-can I…. help you take your clothes off now?” My confidence wavered as I spit out that sentence. It was so muted, yet I knew he heard me, because I could hear a slight groan in his voice. A deep, strained groan of pleasure. So powerful yet so silent.

“If you desire to, my love.” I turn over, standing up straight in front of him. His height towering over me, his eyes look down to reach mine.

My hands untie the knots on his doublet ever so carefully, my eyes almost never leaving his. I was far too enamored by the looks he was tossing my way. I pull the vest off his shoulders, leaving his chest bare for me in all it’s glory.

I smile widely at him, as I was so impressed with his physique. Honestly, his body was my new found obsession. That pale white skin draping over all the rock hard muscle. He was as perfect as perfect got, at the moment at least. “Go on, don’t tease me. I don’t like it when naughty little girls tease their beloved. You don’t want me to have to spank you, do you?” His voice was so teasing, yet still instilled me to keep going. For fear that spanking would turn into much worse.

I unbuckle the heavy belt that lay at his waist, untying the front of his pants. I closed my eyes until I knew ‘it’ was in sight, and what I saw was something that both intrigued me yet scared me out of my mind. “My lord, you’re… big.” I couldn’t believe that those words were leaving my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I was on my knees with the cock of Ramsay Bolton in my face on my own accord.

“Do you think you’ll be able to handle it? I don’t wanna rip you up down their in our first go.” He chuckles at the end, kicking off his pants and taking my hands. Roughly pulling me up and pushing our nude bodies against each other, my chest flush with his own.

“I’ll handle it, I’m a big girl. I think I can find my way around a cock.” I look right into his eyes as I said it, a soft flush covering my cheeks. Not that it would be noticeable in the soft Fire lite room. With that I leaned forward and kissed him, hard. Biting his lip as I reached down and grabbed his now fully erect cock, pulling away from his lips sharply. My teeth leaving with a bloody lip and a sick grin on his face. His bright white teeth shine against the firelight.

“You little vixen,” is all he mumbles before grabbing my ass and lifting me up. Rushing me across the room as we kiss passionately, our lips never leaving each other. He tosses me to the bed with a thud, leaving me a sprawled mess upon his many furs. My hair laying out beneath me, my skin shining white in the moon light from the window that poured across his bed. I spread my legs slowly as he crawls onto the bed, his hips meeting mine as he pins me against the mattress.

I lean my head up and lay soft kisses against the bones in his neck, those bulging veins that stick out when he’s tense. “What are you waiting for, master?” I mutter in his ear. My lips trailing up to his, my teeth taking his bottom lip harshly.

With that, he plunged deep into me. Taking my virtue swiftly, which honestly hurt like nothing else. I couldn’t help but scream his name out as loud as I could. His thrusts are deep, powerful, and experienced. They just kept coming and coming in powerful waves, seeming like they were never going to end.

“You still think you can take it all? You daft little girl, somebody needed to tame that wild hair in you. You better thank god I found it charming.” Ramsay’s voice was slightly strained as he thrust inwards while speaking.

“What? You think I can’t take anymore? You think you tamed me? Ha! It’s gonna take quiet a bit more to tame me Lord Bolton.” My breath heavy and my words hushed as I whispered them in his ear. Nipping the lobe slowly as I pulled back. My eyes locking with his yet again.

He groans with pleasure and pulls out harshly, flipping me over onto my stomach. Forcefully pulling my ass up in the air, giving it a harsh thwack as he goes along. “You wanna tease me more? I should say that it would be wise to leave it at this.” He warns, spanking me even harder this time. A little squeal leaves my lips.

“Just fuck me already! Please Ramsay.” I cry out, my voice full of lust. “I need you!” He plows into me at full speed, groaning loudly. Fucking me for the second time, making sure I was well fucked.

As time goes on his thrusts get sloppier and sloppier, I can feel he’s getting closer to release. My body trembling with anticipation, my own orgasm close on its way.

“Get ready, girl. I’m about to spill,” Ramsay’s voice is hoarse and his hands grip my hips as tight as he can. Pulling my body against his as he spills his seed deep inside of my body. Triggering my own orgasm.

“OH RAMSAY!” I scream out, collapsing against the bed as my climax subsides.

His body falls next to mine and he looks over at me with a huge smile on his face. I smile back and curl up with my head on his chest, kissing his pecks up to his neck. His breath was still so erratic and heavy, it turned me on yet again.

“Oh my dear wife, I don’t think I will ever get bored of you.” Were the last words he breathed out before he fell into a deep sleep. My eyes closing slowly as I fell asleep to the sound of his heart.

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fruit kabobs for two - connor m. x fem!reader

ok so like, the fem part doesnt rly matter, connor say chick like once but otherwise u being a girl doesnt matter bc i wrote with they/them pronouns, actually idk if i ever use any pronouns in this. i just believe with all my heart that connor is the type of guy who calls girls ‘chicks’ and the context was nice ok so just like ignore the three female nicknames and its gender neutral!

masterlist! (also my requests are open even tho im working on three diff fics rn)

word count: 3,951 holy shit!!!!!!!!!! thats almost 4,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

warnings: attempted suicide, angst, swearing, weed (those first four should be obvious bc hello this is connor murphy we’re talking about), uhh idk how to write Drugs, mickey being the wonderful angel she is helped me but im still a shitty writer, it’s not evan’s connor murphy so its sorta ooc, which means, yes, this is the real mentally ill connor murphy!!!!!!!!, theres a smooch or two, its rly fuckin bad, i love my emo boy, i think thats it lmk if i missed something ok enjoy!

The Fall Fest! Every elementary school kid’s dream. Snow cones for a fifty cents? Arts and crafts to bring home and put on the fridge? Fruit kabobs for a dollar? Who wouldn’t sign up?

The doorbell rang and you sprung to your feet. You were carpooling with the Murphy’s. You had talked to Zoe a few times but not Connor. Zoe’s mom helped put your car seat in the car and you sat in the back with Zoe. Connor sat in the passenger’s seat and talked about how excited he was to do so – it was his first time in the front.

“Connor doesn’t need a car seat?” You asked Zoe, bewildered.

“He kinda does but sometimes Mommy lets him go without it,” Zoe whispered back, smiling.

“Now, kids, Connor is older so he’s in charge, he has the money, and you have to listen to him!” Zoe’s mom told you and you and Zoe nodded excitedly.

The car pulled into the parking lot you practically jumped out of your seat and grabbed your ticket. You, Zoe, and Connor all raced to the front and, once you all were admitted in, stared at the decorations in awe.

Orange lights were strung across the courtyard and jack-o-lanterns lit up the floor. Paper bats and ghosts were taped up everywhere and the yelling from you and Zoe asking Connor to buy things almost deafened the people around you.

You ended up spending all the money Connor’s mom gave him. “Psst, y/n, look.” You turned towards Connor where he showed you a handful of quarters, “I brought my own money!”

You stared at it with wide eyes, “Woah, that’s yours?” He nodded proudly. “Can I have it?”

“Wait, what? No! I earned it!”

“But I want a kabob.”


“Connor! I want fruit! You can have the honeydew, I don’t like it.”

At the time, you couldn’t tell, but Connor was very reluctant to do so. Eventually, however, he caved and bought you two fruit kabobs. You shared them with him as Zoe was in the bounce house, the sun setting in front of you.

Shortly after that, you never saw Connor for years. You’d pass Zoe in the halls every now and then, but you never had any more classes with either of them and you stopped carpooling to school.

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The wandering king

WWE imagine
No pairing
Warning: slight swearing
Word count: 843

[Wrestlemania 33 – April 2, 2017, Orlando, Florida]

You sat crossed legged on a crate in an empty corner, backstage at the Camping World Stadium, with your headset on and the whole PeroxWhy?Gen discography blasting. Some alone time before the showdown – which was pretty difficult to get, let’s be honest, but you needed it. You were super nervous coming into the Show of Shows – it was your first Wrestlemania, and you were a part of the Fatal Five Way match for the RAW Women’s Championship – and Jeff Hardy’s musical work was the only thing that seemed to manage to calm you down lately. It was funny, come to think of it, as he was the reason you became a wrestler in the first place.

You were humming the chorus of Indigo, probably your favorite of Jeff’s songs, when you heard a muffled thump, like a small thing falling. You peeked over the crate to see a small child, sitting on their backside. They had long curly brown hair falling on their shoulders, and a chubby round face – probably the cutest you’d ever seen.

“Well, hello there!” you said gently, removing your headset.

The child looked up at you, their eyes sparkling with curiosity. You frowned slightly – that kid looked familiar for some reason. They didn’t seem to recognize you, though, but you could swear you’d seen them somewhere. You slowly slipped down from the crate and sat down cross-legged on the floor, so you’d be at the child’s size.

“What’s your name, little one?” you asked softly.
“Ma… Ma…” they stammered.
“Maxel! Maxel, where are you?” you heard a voice call from the distance.

You frowned again as it all clicked in your mind. Of course, you’d know that face – this child was none other than Matt Hardy’s son Maxel, or “King Maxel” as he was referred to since his father had introduced the now famous Broken gimmick. Of course, you had seen him before. Being the big fan of the Hardys’ that you were, you had followed their progression in TNA over the last few years.

“King Maxel?” you asked.

He looked at you and smiled widely, recognizing his name.

“How on Earth did you get lost, little one?”

So your favorite wrestlers ever were at Wrestlemania. Why in the…

Something else clicked and your eyes went wide. The RAW Tag Team championship match was a ladder match – precisely the stipulation made famous by the Hardy Boyz. How could you not have seen that coming? They were back to WWE, and coming for the title!

“Maxel!” you heard the voice call again.
“Hey, over here!” you answered.

You gestured for Maxel to come towards you, and lifted him into your arms before standing up. A tall figure emerged from the maze of corridors. A man with long black hair, tattooed arms, blue ear lobe stretchers. The one and only Jeff Hardy. You heart skipped a beat as you tried to stay calm. This wasn’t how you had expected to meet your hero at all, but this was damn well how you had expected to react – excited like a child on Christmas morning.

“There you are, little one! Your parents are worried sick!”

You handed Maxel to his uncle, whose face was now painted with relief.

“Thanks. How did you find him?”
“He found me, actually,” you chuckled. “I needed some time to calm down before tonight, and he bumped into the crate I was sitting on. I guess he just wandered out here.”
“Yeah, my sister-in-law just lost sight of him for a split second and he was out the door. Thank goodness he didn’t go any further, no one was supposed to know we’re here…”
“Don’t worry, Jeff, your secret’s safe with me.”
“Thank you – I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”
“(Y/N),” you briefly introduced yourself.

Silence fell for a second, and you realized the music was still playing in your headset. An amused sparkle lit up Jeff’s eyes.

“Wait, is that one of my songs?”
“Oh, uh… yeah, guilty as charged,” you said nervously. “I’ve been a fan for… basically my whole life, and your music is the only thing that could really make me relax a little before a match. Thanks for that, by the way, great stuff.”
“Always nice to see people appreciate what we do,” he smiled. “I’ve gotta get Maxel back to his parents. I’ll see you out there.”
“Sure. Good luck tonight!”
“You too. And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be just fine!” he said with a smile as he walked away, his nephew in his arms.

You watched as your idol left, hopped back onto the crate you were sitting on earlier, and put your headphones back on. You smiled as you recognized the song that was playing – Modest, one of Jeff’s old entrance themes from TNA.

Straight to the top & then keep headin’ up-
Stars shine for, why we should give a fuck!

You knew you wouldn’t win tonight – but there was no way it’d stop you from aiming for the stars.

Barrio Slums and More ch. 7

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TW: abuse: not described really, but shown?

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The first half of dinner was fine. Papo and Buela were there, with Emily and Alexia on their laps. Beto was standing next to a pretty girl with long curly brown hair and a line of piercings along her ear. Keith remained close to Lance as everyone bustled around to sit at the table. Tia Carla and Tio Ramon had brought their younger kids as well, so although half of Lance’s family was missing, it was a full house.

It must have been new to Keith, seeing so many people in one place, all related. The apprehension was clear in Papo and Buela’s face when they saw Keith. Lance had an overwhelming urge to shield him from their eyes.

But Alexia immediately scrambled off Buela’s leg and pulled Keith’s hand. “Cabito sienta con yo,” she said, tugging him to a seat and claiming the one beside him.

“Keith mijo, you hungry? Have as much as you’d like, there’s plenty to go around,” Mom assured, patting his shoulder. She didn’t question the jacket.

“I was actually going to go,” he said awkwardly. “It looks like a family thing, I don’t want to-”

“Oh hush,” Tia Carla told him. “Every dinner is a ‘family’ thing. Have you seen how many of us there are? Sit down and eat.” She tucked his hair behind his ear, and Lance noticed him freeze, a gentle blush filling his cheeks.

While she called the kids to the table, Lance took the seat on the other side of Keith. “You okay?” Keith nodded with a gentle smile. A smile that caused Lance’s heart to stutter and speed up.

Lance felt like a goldfish, with all the adults glancing at him and Keith. Meanwhile Keith was trying to communicate with Alexia who kept trying to tell him to roll her tortilla in Spanish.

“Cabito, taquito mi tortilla, po’favor,” she whined. She smacked her hands together, but Keith looked lost and confused.

“Um, Keith?” Lance whispered. He grabbed another tortilla and rolled it up. “That’s what she wants you to do for her.”

“Oh,” he said. He did so and Alexia smiled joyously before tearing into her food. Keith chuckled then looked at Lance. “Why does she keep saying cabito?”

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reasons i love dan avidan, aka danny sexbang, aka floof man, aka daniel avidaniel avidaniel

I make a *few* non-serious posts about the Grumps, mostly gif and screencap reactions, but I seriously wanted to talk about Dan for a second. Seriously. He is a really great person and people who follow me who aren’t really interested/don’t know about Game Grumps probably have no idea. So I wanted to make a quick list to fix that. And by quick, I mean absolutely long because I have no concept of time or people’s frustration with me for not being quick. Here we go!

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anonymous asked:

do we have any idea of how Benjamin Tallmadge was physically?

I remember reading somewhere that Benjamin Tallmadge had long curly dark brown hair and it pains me that I cannot remember where I read it. 

This we can notice from John Trumbull’s painting of Tallmadge (but I cannot find a date) that his hair was curly, dark and brown in all honesty. Fuller lips. 

His brows are brown, and his eyes are a sort of mind I say *dazzling* blue and again he has lips on the more full side. 

More full lips (again), large nose that’s slightly angular, thin brown brows. 

In his painting, unlike his other paintings, we also get a view of his lower body. John Trumbull once called Tallmadge’s legs and those of George Washington’s “an exact pattern”. 

Nathan Hale was 6′0, and Benjamin Tallmadge was about an inch or two shorter from what I’ve read previously. George Washington was 6′2 but wearing boots he would stand at 6′4. Tallmadge was about a height of 5′10-5′11. If John Trumbull thought their legs, “an exact pattern” (considering he used Tallmadge’s legs for the bottom half of one of his Washington paintings) Tallmadge’s legs had to of been the same or extremely close to the size of George Washington’s legs which were described in a primary source as “rather large” and “muscular around the hips.” 

Tallmadge must of had very long longs. 

Above in Tallmadge in his later years. While his hair is rather thinned, we can see that his brows hold some shade of brown in them as well as light eyes in a shade of blue-gray. You can see the same large angular nose I described before. 

A primary source description of Tallmadge was also in Nathan Hale’s biography by M. William Phelps which says what soon after arriving in Yale at the age of sixteen, Benjamin Tallmadge was a “chubby boy with a baby face.”

From these paintings and the primary source, we are assume (and see): Benjamin Tallmadge had long curly dark-brown hair; lips that were pronounced; light brown brows; blue eyes that grayed to a blue-gray hue as he got older; a large, long and angular nose; was about a height of 5′10-5′11 and had rather long legs; and finally that in his mid-teens he was a little chubby and had a baby face (probably from baby-fat), from his paintings we can see he somewhat outgrew it.