Random Headcanons:
  • Takao is the master at Rick Rolling people. 
  • Kise loves fuzzy socks and has a whole collection of them. 
  • Himuro has naturally curly hair and hates it so he has to use a straightener. 
  • Midorima has tea parties with his little sister. 
  • Murasakibara loves Disney movies. 
  • Kiyoshi loves hand written letters. 
  • Hyuuga did a lot of LARPing in middle school. 
  • Himuro and Kagami were boss long boarders in America.  
  • Moriyama enjoys raising girl’s self esteem when they feel ugly or stupid or etc. 
  • Akashi loves listening to poetry and can be found visiting stand up poetry places. 
  • Murasakibara was bullied as a child. 
  • Kuroko is an amazing writer and has a dream of being an author. 
  • Izuki wants to publish his journal full of puns when he’s older so everyone can know of his humor.  
  • Kise is the best at braiding.  
  • Reo has a collection of beauty tips he’s ripped out of magazines in a box in his room. 

Endless Roads Episode 2 – The Island

This is the second episode of the Longboard Girls Crew project “Endless roads” and the girls take the ferry and head to Mallorca, where they will be spending the next days travelling and skating the rocky island. New friends and local riders join the girls for this stage and as always there is a lot of wonderful downhill action.