I spent this morning documenting my practice, journaling and tidying before going to an outdoor flea market 🙊
I seshed and spent the afternoon adventuring with my friend Troy, searching for cute little beaches and places to explore 🌿🐚 we also went to the mall afterwards and both found a
few things then I just rested and medicated ~ I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend too! 💕⛅️✨


The Long Beach Flea

Being a bit of a flea market whore, I have been going to a flea market a week. Established in 1982 with over 800 sellers in the long beach stadium this flea was pretty good. In parts pricier than I felt the others I have visited were and in other parts junkier but I came away with a peacock feather fan ($15) and an 80s clock ($20) I have lusted after from my old friend Bleeker St vintage (she shouted at me ‘I recognise that fringe skirt’). We chatted about the perilous nature of Rose Bowl and how she’d had to be there at from 3 am till 3pm to catch the early morning Japanese buyers who come with torch lights.

My other friend had come with the intention of buying crates and plants to make a wall garden and cleaned up. Lots of people complimented her on her crate! Less of a success then other fleas but still interesting- I think I’m just all flea’d out!



Fold Finds | Long Beach Antique Market

I picked up a bunch of these old postcards at the Long Beach Antique Market for the folks back home. Carl’s Motel, the Los Angeles ‘Jet-Age’ International Airport, a nice shot of a classic LA 'coverleaf’ freeway and I couldn’t help snap up some American Australiana with the San Diego Zoo Koala. Some nice variations on the back layouts and colour combos. Also got a laugh out of the Carl’s Motel write up. CLEAR, CLEAN AIR!

This Flea is Hoppin' - Long Beach

This Flea is Hoppin’ – Long Beach

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We went to the Long Beach Antique Market for the first time today and had a great time in spite of the heat. Well, we had to leave by about noon as  the temps were intense and we were roasting on the asphalt. Enjoyed talking with the proprietor of Kitchen Kat’s Vintage Kitchen Wares. She specializes in vintage Pyrex, etc. I was looking for a lid for my medium-sized loaf pan, and she told me to…

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