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funko pops as a whole continue to baffle me because funko is absolutely capable of making things that look good

their rock candy and dc bombshells figurines look great 

and hell there are even a few funko pops that actually look good too

they even have a toyline right now called Savage World, which takes IPs like Mortal Kombat or horror movie monsters and makes lavishly sculpted and painted MOTU-style novelty figures out of them:

but… none of these figures make money. the DC Bombshells, the Savage World stuff, the Rock Candy figures? I always see these things discounted to hell and back because nobody buys them. I buy them. but nobody else does.

you know what makes money?

funko pops.

and i don’t fucking understand why

they aren’t even cheap, either! funko pops are like fifteen bucks now! you can get Rock Candy stuff for half that price, but people keep buying pops! i don’t get it!

hell, they sell Nendoroids in stores now for 30 dollars. you can go to Target or Gamestop and get a D.Va nendo for 30 bucks, the price of two Funko pops. and people still buy the pops! I don’t get it! 

Jin being chaotic in BV S3 E1

-films himself portrait mode instead of landscape

-impulsively cuts jeans with kitchen scissors???? to make them into shorts.. instead of bringing a pair of actual shorts

-ends up wearing actual jeans

-packed an entire electric skateboard into his luggage. only to leave it in korea

-“relaxed hello-bot”

-chats up a total stranger

-tells him his group name is ‘Jin’ dklfgjfd

-his face when he finally gets food

-splits off from the rest of the group with jimin and ignores the actual directions for the hell of it

-all the while promoting the fuck out of his BT21 character RJ

The Demon in your Heart

Hey everyone, I wanna talk about Asuramaru and Yuu for a minute.

As we all know, demons are aware of their humans’ deepest desires and use them to open their hearts in an attempt to possess them.

The first example we could use is Shikama Doji. He insists on making Shinoa accept her feelings for Yuu to open her heart to her demon. She had none of it, though, and kept the door to her heart shut.

Now, knowing that Shikama Doji keeps using Yuu to open Shinoa’s heart is interesting considering that… Asuramaru (and the demon from episode 3) mainly used Mika.

The first form demons take to possess Yuu is Mika. Making Mika repeat his endearing nickname “Yuu-chan” sweetly and even hugging him and whispering in his ear. All of this to “open Yuu’s heart” because it’s “Yuu’s softest spot”.

This is only the beginning, though.

Later on, when Yuu had to face his worst nightmares and childhood traumatic memories, Mika’s image appeared once more as his main motivation to keep fighting, his strength.

(Notice that Yuu blushes??)

This is because Mika is the representation of “family” within Yuu or, rather, the meaning of family has such an importance to Yuu because of Mika. Mika was the first person to make Yuu feel wanted and the one who taught him the meaning of family. Thus the origin of the concept of family for Yuu is no one other than Mika.

In the scene where Yuu regains the strength to overcome his worst fears, he talks about the promise he made to save Mika and Mika says “let’s protect our family”, making it more explicit how family, the representation of what Yuu loves and obsesses over the most, is deeply linked to Mika, more than anyone else. Everyone Yuu loves is family for him. Family is safety and warmth. The fact that Yuu went from absolutely loathing the word to idealizing it like this shows how meaningful Mika is to him.

Notice that the meaning of family in OnS is different from the traditional one. It’s about a group of people you love and trust rather than “mom, dad, siblings, etc”. Therefore, Mika being Yuu’s imago of family means Yuu’s feelings for Mika translated to his feelings for family. Family = feeling wanted, feeling safe, in contrast to what Yuu felt towards his parents: worthless and afraid. Yuu himself stated he might not understand the common meaning of family.

What Yuu does have is the association of family with the concept of feeling wanted. Later on, he stated he wants to save the people who took him in.

Family = feeling wanted.

And what did Yuu say about Mika?

“He was the first one to ever need me”.

“Because you wanted me…”

And this is particularly funny considering Shinoa said the same about Yuu.

Actually, there are several parallels between Yuu’s feelings for Mika and Shinoa’s feelings for Yuu. Among those is Shinoa’s blush and eyes cast down from chapter 24.

Yuu had that expression for Mika on chapter 37.

Pretending Yuu’s feelings for Mika are merely platonic while seeing Shinoa’s as romantic would be quite the double standard lol

This leads back to the topic about demons and their ability to know their human’s deepest feelings. Just like Shikama Doji with Yuu, I’ve noticed the one person Asuramaru talks about the most is Mika.

During the battle in Shijuku, Asuramaru told Yuu he should have ran away with Mika, to stay away from the JIDA’s experimentation.

Later on, something interesting happened. Asuramaru stated he cannot see what Yuu doesn’t see. However, he is capable of sensing Mika. This hasn’t happened with any other character before.

(Ch 36)

(ch 62)

What this tells me is that Asuramaru, the one who hes complete access to Yuu’s heart, deems Mika to be the most important person to him, both his main weakness (thus using his form to possess Yuu) and strength (Yuu used Mika to break free from the nightmare). Their connection is stronger than with anyone else’s, that’s for sure.

This concludes my “Mika is Yuu’s most importan person” post of the day.

witchcrowx  asked:

How are you so convinced that All For One is Izuku's dad? What chapter are you on? The latest I've seen is 198, so do you use a certain app to read manga?

Well it’s more of I was convinced at the hints on the theory of All For One is Izuku’s father thing (This is the link btw: link)

To answer your question: I’m up to date to the manga especially chapter 198 :)

So, the first thing that really made me curious was this picture. The side by side of Izuku and All for one is just too similar that it’s uncanny and it made me wonder. Could they be related somehow? 

(So I have to look for the subtle hints on the manga. and all the subtle hints are on the link above )

We all know that Hisashi Midoriya…

  • Works Abroad
  • Has a fire breathing quirk 
  • His name means “It’s been a while that I’ve seen you” or “a long time ago”

We don’t know much of Hisashi other than those info.

But I could say that they all checkout.

1.) Hisashi works abroad… Meanwhile we see All for one is in America in this panel.

2.) Hisashi can breath fire. Meanwhile All for one has multitudes of quirks that there’s a possibility of one of those quirks is fire breathing (He could have lied to Inko on what quirk he truly has. He is not careless to just say it bluntly to Inko ‘Hey I have a vast amount of quirks) that would be ridiculous.

3.) Hisashi’s name. Horikoshi has a thing of puns in the names of each of his characters and it’s awesome and cute. His name just means ‘a long time ago’ meanwhile All for one is ancient. He was been here since the beginning of quirks appear in the world.

Some speculations that I really like and that made sense in a way.

  • If All for One is Hisashi, it just made sense if Izuku is quirkless. Since All for One is from the first generation. The chances of having a baby to pass on the genetics of having a quirk would be super low.
  • If by chance. Izuku has a quirk. It would also made sense if it’s subtle since we all see that All for one’s brother. One for All, also have a quirk but it’s not that noticeable maybe it’s in their genetics like in the family of some sorts.
  • Deku’s doctor seems to look like the same one as All for one’s doctor

The possibility of him altering Izuku’s test result is super high. I kind of noticed that Inko and Izuku only checked up on this doctor and they seemed didn’t go to another one to have another opinion on the matter of Izuku being quirkless or not 

(Aside from that, the voice actor for the doctor is the same as the voice actor for both of them 

  • We all know that All for one wanted to kill off all the One for All’s successors. The only troublesome quirk that he couldn’t take back and also be stolen. He is brutal and unforgiving as you can see  how he dealt with Nana. 

He blew up he entire city just to kill Nana (that’s just overkill! But then again, He locked his sickly brother in a vault so…

All for One has a lot of connections. He will know where Yagi Toshinori is because he knows he is the next successor next to Nana. He will hunt him down and kill him off for sure. that is why Gran Torino is hiding Toshinori as much as he can. He protected him through out the years.

Though that made me wonder…

Since we all know that he wanted to kill all the successors. Especially All Might. And WE all know that All for one knew of Izuku was the next successor. Then why didn’t he kill him off back then in the Kamino Ward?

He is brutal, unforgiving. He even overkilled Nana and will kill All Might. Yet why? These 5 students (especially Izuku) were just hiding behind a broken wall and he couldn’t see that? It is super convenient that there’s a wall part that isn’t even damaged and it is enough to cover the students.

Why is there a hesitation on his part? He can see them. He knows that they are there, yet why didn’t he bother to finish them off just the what he did on the other heroes?

Not unless something is holding him back…

Also in other things. 

  • The way Izuku’s One for All activates. Red is the symbol of All for one and Light Green glow is for One for All.

Yet we see them on Izuku. The red lines and the lightning. Could be that he has a remnant of All for one’s quirk in him, a mutated version of it?

  • Then there’s this part where he can communicate to One for All…

Yet we don’t see ‘just’ One for All’s memories. WE also see All for one’s memories…

As you can see here…

One for all isn’t present at all and we know that he is sickly and we all know he is locked up in a vault and he would never joined in side by side with his brother to see this.

It is strange… why would Izuku would ever have those memories…. Not unless… he has a remnant in him of All for one’s quirk…

  • We all know of the star wars reference, you can look up the link from above earlier to further the details.
  • Then there’s this part:

Translations are different on this part as I heard and this lines are super vague compared to the volume book release. Yet in the other translations, it is not stated what All might took from him. It could be ‘what he has build in like his empire yet there’s the part in the translation of he took something or someone from him. It is vague but I want to believe that it is so dear to him that he has to kill All might for it.

REMEMBER, He locked his brother in a fucking vault for heaven’s sake. He is possessive, even what he is doing is wrong, he always thinks what he think is the right thing to do. He locked his brother to either protect him or for him to just not run away, to keep him there.

  • I would like to also point out something and credits to everyone in the All for one servers that I’m in to point it out:

Horikoshi said in his latest interview that ‘Izuku’s father will be ‘revealed’ soon in the manga’ let’s point it out. It is said ‘revealed’ and not ‘introduced’ which just saying that we know the character in the manga already and it’s super exciting!

To those who are curious of the interview here’s a twitter post link here from Viz Media: 


More links: (https://comicbook.com/anime/2018/07/22/my-hero-academia-creator-deku-midoriya-father-tease-manga/)

The timing of that interview was perfect that the week or so after the interview. We got the One for All dream.

So yeah, I’m pretty convinced that He is Izuku’s dad

Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever made a deal with one of the Fair Folk.” Not many fingers went down at that one, but a few did. House rules were you weren’t obligated to answer any questions, but you had to tell the story behind the incident you used your last finger on. And I was now out of fingers.

“What was your deal, Romula?” Daisy, one of the girls in my study group, asked. Everyone leaned in expectantly, waiting to hear the tale of the deal I had made so long ago.

I gave the small crowd a tight smile as I tried to figure out the best way to word my story. I was definitely going to get some shit for this one. With a shrug, I said “I let one of the fair-folk take my half-sister when she was a baby.”

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  • Ask: has bojack ever hinted at todd being aro? because there’s one person in the tags calling the show bad ace representation and a garbage show just because he’s not aro and it’s making me hella uncomfortable :/ same thing as the people on twitter saying todd’s ace storyline is “boring” or “unnecessary unless he gets an ace boyfriend

(Misclicked, sorry.)

I hate this type of thing. And I saw both what you were talking about and had hoped to just ignore it, but I do have a lot of thoughts about it.

“has bojack ever hinted at todd being aro?”

The answer is no. With a caveat.

America media often uses love and relationships as a stand in for sex or a barrier to get it, so if a character shows uncertainty in wanting a relationship it can read and ace coding and aro coding. Similar to how romantic aces have also faked having crushes just like aromantic people.

Since there’s so little representation in tv shows I understand how someone would see a possibly and then get upset when it’s not the case. However, Todd’s ace related plot comes from his discomfort when comes from wanting a relationship yet wanting to not have sex. Even back in the first episodes that discuss Emily. I remember him saying “I guess it’s weird for an ace to want to get married.” And the other aces tell him no, not everyone is also aro.

I tell you this so you can be like oh yes, I understand now. Feel validated, and be able to go back to enjoying your thing. If you decide to pester anyone upset, I’ll be upset. It’s better to just leave them be. The anger is misdirected imo, but having little rep is painful.

  • “same thing as the people on twitter saying todd’s ace storyline is “boring” or “unnecessary unless he gets an ace boyfriend”

Again, hate this. But it’s a different problem all together. This is caused when someone doesn’t respect asexuality on its own and it’s only valued if it is a m/m pairing or a w/w pairing. This happens to bisexual characters all the time. And people who do it are assholes. It’s also better to leave them alone but because they are jerks. The identity is what has value, the person is what has value not what relationship they are in.

As a whole, I think some “why not this” questions are fair to ask, even though there’s simply not enough aces on television for it to properly match our communities actual demographic make up.

For example why are 6 out of 12 characters cis men when community surveys show the most prominent genders are women (cis and trans) and non-binary people. Does this representation give ace men what they need? I honestly don’t know.

I think it’s fair to ask, why of this list are they all aro, het ace, or wildly negative stereotypes? Shorthand Street has a one off ep with a bi ace showing up and mentioning the possibility. But half of the characters on the above list are het aces. I’ve done informal surveys showing a good number of aces find the ace label first and it’s an “introduction” to their other queer labels. But still, het-romo aces are just as valid as any other, and learning your ace identity first definitely isn’t the only ace experience. But from what I can tell from this list it is the only one shown.

I’d definitely like to have our eye on “does this represent our community, and if it doesn’t, is it reaching a hand out to groups who might be told that asexuality isn’t for people like them?” The problem definitely isn’t BoJack’s representation. It’s that in 2018 here’s the only ace in a TV show (in america) that is not canceled. When your sample size is one [1], it’s impossible to have a balanced representation of millions of people.

You’ll see the colors cut off along the side that image, that’s my stop light rating system. BoJack is top tier in my opinion for what it does with Todd, and I’m all for critically analyzing media as long as we don’t get cynical about it and start hurting our own people in the process.

Flowers and coffee au

Just a small hamliza au I decided to draw

((click for better quality))

Alex as a barista

Eliza as a flower shop owner

(I took so long on the backgrounds) (I kinda wanted to draw a barista and some how I just ended up with this au)

I like the idea that their work is located near each other and Eliza would bring him flowers while Alex brings her free coffee shhh don’t tell his boss (Washington)

Short comic on their first meeting: