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long hair!reader x sincerely three

as a person with long-ass hair, i loved coming up with these because i think they’re really accurate??? and i’m living???

evan –

-         would adore it when it was down and draped over your shoulder

-         is really good at braiding and would totally!! braid!! flowers!! into it!!

-         “you look like a forest queen!!”

-         “no, you dork!! i look like a woodland nymph!!”

-         *giggling ensues*

-         always makes/buys you flower crowns

-         he got you twelve for your birthday

-         you always let him braid it when he’s anxious because doing repetitive, mundane tasks helps him calm down

connor –

-         always. steals. your. fucking. hair ties.

-         “connor, i swear i just bought, like, 200 hair ties. where did they all go?? ”

-         *hides a shit ton of them in his end table* “uhhhh, i don’t know babe!!”

-         when he pulls his hair up into a bun, he pulls yours up too so you guys can match

-         ruffles the top of your hair a lot

-         *ruffle ruffle* “you’re adorable. i love you.”

-         “fuck you. you’re messing up my hair.”

-         he’ll pull you toward him by your hair so he can kiss you when you’re being a hard-ass and won’t come near him

jared –

-         there never is a time when he’s not pulling your hair

-         literally

-         needs your attention? *hair pull* wants to annoy you? *hair pull* wants a kiss? *hair pull* wants to cuddle? *hair pull*

-         and you can bet your ass that this kinky motherfucker always pulls on your hair when y’all are making out

-         when he’s not pulling on it, he’s brushing it so it can be ‘of the optimal texture for intense pulling’

-         can’t style it??? like??? at all???

-         he tried to braid it once and he made it so knotted that it took you three. hours. to comb it out

-         you still love him though

Long hair Roman hc

Once you learn it, you’ll never forget it.

So hear me out: Roman Sanders with long hair!

  • Roman’s long hair is everything to him; it’s long, it’s curly, and above all- it’s very fluffy; 
  • his hair define him, it’s his pride
  • hair’s in the shade of liquid dark, gold
  • he loves to keep them lose, sometimes he wears long, messy braids or a bun on the top of his head
  • long hair Roman cosplaying Rapunzel is a thing
  • side fun hc: Roman with freckles and long curly hair!
  • Virgil loves ruffling Roman’s hair, just to mess up with him a little bit
  • Roman putting flowers, especially daisies, into his hair (kind of Rapunzel-style)
  • he suffers a lot because long hair is a pain but he loves it too much to cut it
  • he starts every day with sitting in front of his mirror and taking his time to gently brush his long curls with his crown-shaped hairbrush
  • instead of having purple bangs like the others Roman has purple fades in his hair
  • sometimes when he feels really sad he asks Patton to braid his hair; it calms him down
  • Logan: “Why don’t you cut this hair? It looks bothersome…”
  • Roman: “Why don’t I cut off your head?”
  • whenever Roman struggles with creative block he tends to play with his hair like A Lot.
  • when Roman loses his long braids, by his own sword, in one of his battles he is devastated
  • he looks in the mirror and suddenly he doesn’t recognize the man in front of him
  • he starts knitting because it somehow reminds him of braiding his own hair    
  • people ask him why don’t he neatly cut off the resting of his longer curls (since most of it was basically chopped off) but he just can’t bring himself to do this
  • when he walks outside for the first time it’s raining. The stream of rain running down his spine, reminds him of his long hair. He just sits on the ground and starts crying

this wonderful hc would have never been created without these amazing people: @quietlypondering @talhaddelpla @punk-and-flowers


Flora’s gorgeous and wonderful but so are her sisters

some of my fav twin HCs:
  • Long hair taako short hair lup
  • sun child / warm colors lup and moon child / cool colors taako
  • wonderland doesn’t change taako too much and he and lup still look strikingly similar but there are some super minor differences between them now (dark circles under taako’s eyes, etc)
  • after forgetting everything and starting sizzle it up taako dyes his hair and either maintains it w/ a spell or continuously dyes it again while lup still has their natural hair color 
  • taako has more freckles than lup
  • taako wears more accessories / has more earrings 
  • lup gestures with her hands a lot more in normal conversation but when taako gets passionate/heated (i.e. the mongoose rant) or is talking to lup he’ll start to gesture 
  • pointy-teeth elves
  • In IPRE times whenever Lup would try to pick a fight Magnus would pick her up and carry her away. Muscle memory has him doing the same to taako during balance
  • lup petitions the raven queen to let her wear a red robe instead of a black one bc its flashy and familiar 
Headcanon: Sirius Black and long hair

Sirius Black has always worn his hair past shoulder length. When he was a boy he had worn it brushed back neatly with a silver or black or green tie.

When he got to Hogwarts this tie was exchanged by a red one that he displayed proudly everywhere.

In the summer bevor the second year his mother ripped the tie out of his hair after hearing him tell Regulus how to avoid becoming a Gryffindor. On September 1st Sirius stepped into the Hogwarts Express with his hair lose, proudly whipping it back and ignoring all the laughter and saying that he looked like a girl. He refused the whole year to wear a tie.

In the summer before the third year Peter’s letters introduced him to punk rock and Bon Jovi, only fortifying his willingness to wear his hair open.

While visiting Remus in the heat of the summer before the fourth year Remus introduced him to the magnificent world of muggle elastic hair ties. That was the first time in years that Sirius agreed to wear his hair in a ponytail or a bun in years and only if it was really unbearably hot.

Fifth year was when his friendship to Lily began and he occasionally allowed her to braid his hair, trying out hairstyles for herself, always keeping her bright coloured hair ties around his wrist, leading to rumours about the girls he got them from. This lead to a lot of jealousy around Hogwarts while no one guessed that he got the ties from the crush of his best mate.

And that the love of his life was the one who was allowed to touch and cut the Sacred and Marvellous Hair of Sirius Black in sith year so that it was back to shoulder length. It was a shock for the whole school and Dumbledoore slipped five galleons to McGonagall because he could have sworn that he would cut it at the end of seventh year.

In seventh year Sirius went back to wearing his hair loose at least most of the time. The Iconic Prank Days of 1977 and 1978 were celebrated by the Marauders the last day before each holidays, on each holidays and on the first day after, with special dedication to Halloween, April 1st and the Very Last School Day of the Fantastic Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. During these days Sirius Black always wore his Gryffindor tie as hair tie. He did that only once again, when he stepped out of the Hogwarts Express for the very last day and walked over to the woman that had once been his mother telling her: “I wish we wouldn’t, but we are fighting in a war on opposite sites now. I still hope that you could see the truth, mother.” It was only rumoured afterwards but some bystanders claimed that Walburga Black answered: “You are no son of mine, you vile creature. And I hope that you get yourself killed soon enough so I don’t have to see you ever again.” And it is said that Mrs. Potter had to be held back forcefully by both her sons in order not to kill Walburga Black on the spot.

For James’ stag party the coloured his hair in Gryffindor colours to “revive the old spirit” as he called it. Reviving the old spirit once more he did the next day when he let Remus brush his hair back in old pureblood fashion and donned his best robes, fitting for the best man, but when the photo was taken he could laugh for the first line honestly dressed like this.

The very next day Sirius handed Remus a muggle razor and told him to cut his hair short so it wouldn’t be in the way in the waging war after a death eater had caught him by it once more. Remus smiled a sad smile and told him that he loved him and that the war would be over soon so he could regrow his hair.

On the morning of October 31st 1981 they repeated the procedure once more, vowing that they loved each other and that the war would be over soon.

Sirius Black didn’t cut his hair for the next thirteen years.

And when he did he handed the scissors to Remus, wearing an Gryffindor tie to hold it up and told him: “Just like it was, please.” And when Remus chopped his hair off just above his shoulders it almost was as if  a younger man stood before them, the faint ghost of a smile glistening in his eyes.

When Voldemort returned, Sirius returned with a razor.

On June 18th 1996 Sirius shaved his own head because Remus had declined.

Sirius Black never cut his hair again.

I just need you all to think about wontaek helping each other put their earrings and necklaces on in the morning, sitting crossed legged on a bed and fitting rings on each others fingers ;u;

i made the mistake of googling ‘russian endearments’ and 

  • let’s say it’s sometime in neil’s junior year like he’s the Captain with a capital C now and babe is trying his best to keep all these rowdy kids in check and he’s doing a pretty bang up job (save for having to literally fight a few of them but y’know it’s neil that was bound to happen)
  • so the captain thing is going great and honestly things with kevin have calmed down (they’re still at each others throats about exy but i mean that will never change) kevin is as chill as kevin day can get 
  • aaron is still his dick self but he lights up every time katelyn so much as texts him so there’s that, neil can handle aaron’s generic brand of assholery 
  • tbh neil’s getting cocky b/c man everything is going so well? practices are going great (mostly), the team is shaping up (not to kevin’s standards but is anything ever to kevin’s standards), matt is there to make sure some of the more upstart kids listen to their tiny angry captain with well-placed affirmations and shovel-sized hands on shoulders 
  • but, of course, there are still things that catch Captain neil off-guard 
  • andrew minyard is one of those things

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Human Scifell ;000

anonymous asked:

third year first years hcs?

Hooo boy. Do I. 

  • Yama with long hair. It’s a common hc but– Yama with long hair. He pulls it into pony tails and lets Yachi put braids in it, and flowers, and gosh he looks so majestic. 
  • Tsukki gets a rounder pair of glasses– round, and cat-eyed. He looks gorgeous. 
  • Kageyama figures out how to fuckin’ do his hair so it’s not so fuckin’ whack. 
  • Hinata does not grow. He maybe grew a centimetre or two, but like. Not significantly. 
  • They all start getting used to each other around mid-second year, and by time they enter their third years they have regular sleepovers, complete with facials and gossip (and a lot of frustrated screaming about the new first years). 
  • Yamaguchi and Hinata are the cutest bffs they text each other all the time and have each other in their phones as emojis and shit and they’re really cute. 
  • One time Hina and Yama lose a bet with one of their kouhai and have to wear the girls uniform (cliche, I know). 
  • Tsukki and Kageyama are so fucked. Sooo fucked. They’re just so taken away by Hina and Yama’s beauty, and they’re fucked together but they’re still fucked. 
  • Kageyama and Hinata are the ones that get Tsukkiyama together.
  • Tsukishima thought Yamaguchi was getting too close to Kageyama and complained about it to Hinata, making Yamaguchi think he was falling for Hina, and they really were such a fucking mess where would they be without their bffs???
  • Captain Yama ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Co-captain Kageyama
  • Also I’ve mentioned this before, but so Kageyama remembers the last time he wore the #2 jersey and freaks, saying he doesn’t deserve to be the vice captain, that he would fuck up, and Yama just soothes him, and says he doesn’t have to. There are plenty of schools that mix up their numbers, and so Kageyama has 1, Yama 2, hina 3, and Tsukki 4. But Yama remembers that Aki’s number was 4, and asks him if he’s ok with that and Tsukki quietly says no. So Tsukki is given 2, and Yama takes 4. Hinata is the only one with the jersey he was given at the beginning of the year. 
  • Right before they graduate they just fucking cry for hours, holding each other and just crying. They go to the ceremony with puffy red eyes and sniffling noses. Lots of cuddles after the ceremony. 
  • They all end up going to the same college??? Somehow. Kageyama ad Hinata are on a sport scholarship, full ride, and Yama and Tsukki just join the team bc why not right?? And they meet each other on the first day and there’s a lot of yelling (and maybe crying).
  • Yamaguchi majors in ECE (early childhood education), Tsukki business and architecture, Kageyama and Hinata??? They really only go for their GED the first two years before Hinata decides he wants to be a teacher as well, and Kageyama a sports coach. 
  • Tsukkiyama live together. 

This turned into college hc’s so I’ll take myself out. 


i dunno i just really like the thought of the Magician with a ponytail