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Honestly, nothing is more absurd about whiteness as the fact that white people will literally vote against their own self interest–as long as they believe people of color, especially black & nw latinos, will be even more harmed by these measures.

It’s why you’ll have poor whites who rely on public assistance for survival repeatedly support politicians looking to defund the very same programs that they themselves rely on, getting worked up in a frenzy about the imagined threat of ‘blacks and illegals’ scamming the system. Even when they themselves fudge the numbers a little in their paperwork to better ensure their own survival–committing the very same fraud they claim to be concerned about.

That level of hatred, so ingrained and unquestioned that addressing it and discussing it feels like a fools’ errand, should be unimaginable. And yet, perhaps the most amazing part of it is that we’ve been known all of this. It’s not even surprising.

Well this guy clearly doesn’t watch Doctor Who or he’d know that none of the doctors can park the tardis anyway because they always leave the brake on hence the tardis sound.


“Ready or not!”


Countdown to Jake & Amy

Johnny and Dora (2x23) aired May 17th, 2015

“And you’re right. We shouldn’t date cops, cause we’re a great team. We work great together. I don’t want to mess that up.” “Yeah, I don’t want everything to change.”

I need help, folx. And no, I’m not asking for money. Matter of fact, I’ll pay you.

I’m trying desperately to leave the US, and I’m on the Next-To-Last-Step so I can apply for Immigration. I need to take the IELTS language test. I currently live in North Carolina. The only tests before 07/28/18 are on the West Coast. Literally the West Coast, Oregon and California. All I need is someone I can share the 40+ hour drive with, ideally I’d be going to Portland, OR for the test on 05/24/18, so I need help *FAST*.

You’d need to know how to drive stick, and have a valid license. Although, at this point the last bit is negotiable. I don’t care if I have to pick you up partway there and drop you off on the way back, I don’t care if you literally just want me to ship you to somewhere else along the line as long as I can pick someone else up less than 10 more hours in. I don’t care if I end up sharing the car with 20+ people over the course of this drive, I just want to go, take this stupid fucking test, and come home. I will cover food and gas, I expect sleeping, if any, is gonna happen in the car. It’s an old Subaru Outback, so it’s plenty spacious.

Please pass this on, the more people see this the higher the chance I won’t have to wait 2 goddamn months to take a test for a language I was born speaking. Shoot me an IM on here, or if you know someone who would fit these criteria and would be fine riding with a stranger who doesn’t have a Tumblr, have them email me @ ophie.opossum (at) gmail.com


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