When your boyfriend or girlfriend asks if you are okay..

Don’t lie to them. If y'all are in love, tell them what’s bothering you. They care. It’s okay to be vulnerable with them. Don’t tell them “yes, I’m okay” and you’re not, because then you’ll be mad at them for not understanding your hurt when YOU HAVEN’T EVEN EXPLAINED IT to them. People can’t read minds. Give them the chance to listen, give them the chance to understand. Let them love you, communication is key.

I fell in love with you because you werenโ€™t like anyone else, and you didnโ€™t try to be. Do not think for one moment that youโ€™ll disappoint me. I will love you no matter what.

Ti scelgo perché

sei diverso

e io adoro

chi sa distinguersi.

—Julia D.

Mi manca


tutte le notti

fino a quando

uno dei due

si addormentava.

—Julia D.

Do you ever wish you were laying next to someone so bad but instead you fall asleep holding your phone looking at text they sent you

It often ends like this:
He leaves,
and you feel likeย he takes a piece of you along with him.

But you can choose
to either fillย the empty space he once occupied
with someone else,
or use it as room for yourselfย to grow into
something more.

A Story A Day #97 (k.m.)

che bello

quando c'è un sacco di gente

ma io e te ci guardiamo negli occhi

e tutto si svuota

e non c'è più nessuno

e finalmente

siamo rimasti soli.

Gio Evan