long blonde hair


@silverlieningI admit that it was something I’ve never imagined before too, Bakugou’s hair is different from Kirishima’s. 
Long hair works well on Kirishima because his natural hair is straight and goes down, it’s a little long and ever if it would grow, it would be long and straight. His hair isn’t spiky, he makes it with hair products.
On other hand Bakugou’s hair is naturally spiky, I think it’s what describes the most his personality, attitude and quirk. It’s the main focal point of his design, so it’s weird imagine him with different hair.

Anyway I received some request about long hair Bakugou and I would have loved to give him a try, so here he is! 

It has been. Really. Hard. I couldn’t figure him out well without his spiky hair, so I tried with something I hope it could fit good with his personality. It was really funny drawing him, so I hope you like him! 

Cheers! 🥂

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