long yarn braids


Protective Style number two! Yarn braids bitches!! I really love the way these hold in my hair better than synthetic braiding hair. Not to mention all the cool colors i have to choose from :D now to keep it mosturized, and man are my hands tired from braiding. Hahah


By Fariha

I first met Zeba on a couch at the headquarters of a magazine we both would work for for the next few years. I was there for my job interview, all in white, and as I circled the room to get a feel for the place my eyes lay on Zeba. She had long yarn braids and was wearing red headphones, she was beautiful. Her body was lodged against the wall, crouched in a sort of pervasive shield, and she sat separated from everyone. I liked the way she looked so anti social; it was intriguing, she was different to everyone else I knew and had met in NYC. She didn’t seem desperate to please, or insistent to prove anything. 

We didn’t talk for weeks, perhaps months, but I always wanted to say something to her, not knowing how. She didn’t make me nervous, but I guess I was like her, too, preferring not to say anything if it wasn’t genuine. The first conversation Z and I would have would be about movies. It started on the subway as we were off to a photoshoot. We talked about Wes Anderson, we talked about boys. I laughed, she laughed, there was a camaraderie there.

Almost four years later to the day I saw her on that couch, I am still intrigued by her, still impressed daily. She has been one of the most important people in my life and she makes me a better person, everyday. I cannot explain the way I feel about Zeba, entirely, because having her in my life is a completion. She has fulfilled me in some of the most vital ways and for that I thank God— I am so grateful for this human being. 

Today she turns 25. In those 25 years she has given light to her sister and mother, her aunt and me, and everybody else in between. I love you so fully, Z. You remind me why I do what I do, and the person I want to be—never letting me slump into a whirlwind of emotion. You’ve pulled me out of some of the darkest places that I know I would not have been able to come out of if not for your encouragement. You show me the vastness and the possibilities of life, shedding light on what deserves my pain, and my happiness, and what doesn’t. You humble me, you educate me and I hope that you feel my influence and strength as much as I do you yours. 

Happy Birthday my love.