long way from home

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Don’t Wanna Lose You (Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)
Characters: Junhoe/OC
Genre: Angst
W/C: 910

He was on his way back home from a long day of practice. His girlfriend, (Y/N), had left a couple texts for him, asking him how he was doing and to make sure to take care of himself. He appreciated her concern. She was the positivity he needed whenever things got too hard for him. Looking at those texts again, that’s when he decided to switch his route and make his way over to her house instead. His exhaustion no longer mattered.

He sent her a text to let her know he was coming over, but didn’t receive anything back. He wondered if she was just busy, although she always made sure to give him a quick reply back. However, when he got to her house she wasn’t there. Her mother said she had gone out to study at a study room. She had left since the afternoon.

‘And she told me to take care of myself,’ he chuckled to himself.

He thanked her mother and left to go find her. He made a quick stop by the convenience store to grab a can of coffee and some of her favourite snacks to munch on since she was probably hungry by now. He happily took the plastic bag from the employee and walked out to find her building.

He pulled up his mask to cover his mouth as the streets got more crowded. He had yet to debut with his group but that didn’t make him a stranger in Seoul. YG trainees were nearly just as well-known as the actual idols. He had to be just as careful.

He found the building and headed upstairs to the study rooms with the drink in his hand and food in the other. He didn’t make any eye contact with any of the students heading down the stairs. He didn’t lift his head until he reached the level. He ran over to the door and stuck his foot in to keep it open just as a couple of school girls were exiting. They slightly blushed and giggled to themselves when they saw his demeanor, but he didn’t notice. He didn’t care to notice really.

He looked across the room of heads hanging low, with their noses in their books and wires running into their ears, and found his girl sitting in the far back.  He made his way over to the back, getting ready to wrap his arms around from behind her, when he saw another familiar looking face leaning towards her from the table next to her.

She pulled out her earbuds and moved her chair to let him sit closer to her as he was explaining something. He saw the two of them nodding and then the boy started smiling and he watched his girl laugh along with him. He felt annoyed at this.

“(Y/N),” he finally reached her and placed the food and drink on her table, startling her.

“Jun- babe,” she whispered, looking around the room to make sure no one overheard or saw, and gave an affectionate smile. “What are you doing here?”

“I just came to see my girl,” he took the empty chair from the table on her other side and sat down close to her, making sure that the boy could see him shooting a glare before he did.

“Uh, hey,” the boy waved and gave an awkward smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Wait, you two know each other?” she asked.

“Unfortunately,” he mumbled, but the boy heard him clearly and his discomfort became clear.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked. It bothered him a little that she sounded offended by this.

“It’s nothing,” he said, as the boy bowed his head and went back to his own desk. He took this opportunity to pass of his annoyance by trying to tease her instead. “I just thought I was the only boy in your life but sadly I am not.”

“Ugh, you’re so gross,” she chuckled as he nuzzled against her shoulder. “He’s just a friend from school. He was helping me study.”

“He helps you study?”


He looked over to the boy in the next stall, who was trying his best to not avert his eyes from his books and look over to the couple.

“I can help you study.”


“Yes, in fact you won’t need him to help you anymore. I’ll come here every night to help you study,” he proposed.



“Your grades are worse than mine. Just how exactly are you going to help me?” she laughed quietly as he clicked his tongue. He leaned in to whisper to her.

“I just don’t like the idea of you with him,” he nodded his head over to the boy.

“Why?” she asked, slightly baffled by his comment.

“You’re a pretty woman, (Y/N), and a guy like him might try to take you away from me,” he whined and placed his head down on her arm. He heard her chuckle again and he looked up to see her shaking her head.

“You’re so gross,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, and fixed her hair by pulling it away from her face. “Just don’t hang around him too much when I’m not around.”

“Okay, there,” she stuck her tongue out before looking through the bag of goodies he had brought for her. He looked over to the boy again, just in time to catch him turning his head away quickly.

I often catch myself staring at you. 
Sometimes during a conversation, I will take notice of the way your eyes drift over the surroundings, morphing to the tone of the environment.
Or while we sit beside each other, wishing our words could say what the silence between us captures so perfectly.
I could write details about you, but it would never completely encase the mystery that is your thoughts. They never seem to stop, always moving from one assumption to the next.
Stringing the previous along before letting it drift into oblivion.
The sun shines, creating a halo around you, which in turn illuminates the golden flecks that dot you iris. Your eyes have always confused me, the colours always seem to change. From the warmth of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, to the murky depths of a decaying swamp. But even that manages to look comforting. 
Understanding you will be hard, but I’ve resolved in the fact that some mysteries are better left unsolved.
—  My brain
Long way from home, #1

Harper Blynn - Long Way From Home (Balcony Session)

Brooklyn quartet Harper Blynn performing Long Way From Home for Balcony TV. The band debuted in 2009 with Loneliest Generation (produced by David Kahne - Paul McCartney, The Strokes) and they are working on a new album.

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Long Way From Home

It had been years since he had been back in civilization. Was years even the term for it? Time in Neverland was odd like that. 

However much time had passed, it was over now. It felt like coming out of a nightmare. He wasn’t thrilled to be near Hook again, John still had a bad opinion of the pirate, but it was their only way off of the island. Perhaps he had started to atone in the time since John had met him. 

Wendy was safe, the least he could make sure of for his old (and now long since dead, he presumed) friend George. As were his two sons. And, of course, Baelfire. He was the first to get out of that hellhole and he was glad to see how much of a man he had grown into. 

Civilization was nothing like what he had expected though. He was more curious now than ever to see what year it was compared to when he had left London. Was Pocahontas gone as well? An instant regret filled him at that thought. He had thought of her often when he had been trapped in Neverland, but she was never too far from his thoughts when he needed inspiration or the strength to keep going. Now that he was back in their world, her absence was sorely felt. Most likely, she would no longer be alive in this time period.

John stepped off the pirate’s ship and, for the moment, could busy himself with reuniting with the boys. He knew later the loneliness would weigh him down and he was determined to enjoy the moment. 


Brazzaville - Rather Stay Home / “Long Way From Home” Istanbul Acoustic Sessions