long video but worth it!


Happy Birthday KP! @whompingwillovv

The editing is shit and the video is very long, but the soundtrack makes it worth watching. 


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RENT - Look Pretty and Do As Little as Possible: A Video Essay

This is a fantastic video essay by one of my favorite essayists Lindsay Ellis on how the Broadway musical RENT fails in its attempt to properly depict or address the serious plight of those living in the AIDS crisis of the late 80s and early 90s by instead depoliticizing it to create something much more comfortable and consumable as well as glorify certain problematic views about struggling artists in relation to those living in poverty. The video is long but, like most of her videos in my opinion, well worth the watch.


After people have seen the footage J20, I’ve noticed many people saying that they’re considering looking into anarchism, but don’t know where to begin.

One of the core parts in understanding anarchism is having an understanding of what class is. We tend to think class is directly related to how much money someone has, but that’s a gross oversimplification. This video (which is 7 minutes long, but most certainly worth it) is one of my favorites in providing an overview on what class is.

“… it’s a hierarchical social relationship characterized by exploitation, and anarchored through an interconnected, state based system of laws governing the ownership of property.

Or to put it more simply, class is a way of organizing people according to who owns what.

A short sketched scene of the Outertale animation I’m working on °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° So, now my hand really hurts, but I think it turned out really good! I think Tumblr butchered the quality a bit, but oh well!! The song is called Spaceless by @boomboxcartel​, and it’s my favorite song ever! Check them out!!


Jensen’s Jealousy Over Jared At SDCC2016 ;)

This is another one of the best/most amazing videos on a long list of J2 TinHat history. The whole video is worth watching, it’s only 41 seconds long.

(Jensen’s look at 27 seconds is everything! He looks directly at Jared. It’s like he’s asking himself “What’s so funny? What the fuck are ya’ll laughing at?” lol.)


- K


The Real Athlete Special [English Subtitles]

He talks about his programs of Nationals,Roxanne,Rachmaninoff,VAS,Cyber swan,Pagliacci and Beatles,and answers what he feels now to figure skating.

click on the [CC] icon in the player for English sub.

many thanks for translation @ http://ice-kingfisher.tumblr.com


Saturday Night Fever. 💖🌸

It’s long but it worth to be seen till the end.


since vinesauce was mentioned on my dash I should make it known that my civic duty is to ensure that everyone in the world sees this


James Duane is one of my professors. In 2008, he recorded a lecture about why you should never, under any circumstances, talk to the police, vouched for by a police officer. It’s gotten over 6,000,000 views now, for good reason; he’s a pretty rad guy.

This is a charming excerpt which you may enjoy. The full video is about 45 minutes long, but is well worth watching or listening to if you’re interested in the topic.

anonymous asked:

what kind of scary story videos do you like too watch on youtube?

My favorites are the wendigo/skinwalker stories. Those stories are the creepiest to me. However, my favorite scary story video on Youtube is by Corpse Husband and it’s called “Horrifying Search and Rescue Stories”. I showed this video to my grandmother and she loved it! She called me and we spent 45 minutes talking about it. It’s a really long video. 2 hours I think. It’s totally worth watching. This video creeped me out so much! When I watched it for the first time, I kept pausing it because I got really uncomfortable. I’ve watched it like 8 times :)

I love the feeling of getting creeped out. I come home every day after work, grab a snack, and start watching scary stories on Youtube. I’ll also do this before bed and I’ll fall asleep with them on most of the time.