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nancy mulligan

based on nancy mulligan by ed sheeran

pairing: ashton x female reader

Ashton anxiously straightened his tie as he looked himself over in the mirror for the millionth time. His suit was impeccable by now. He went through his vows quickly in his head, knowing he wouldn’t be able to finish them without choking up. Today was the day. The day he was going to marry the woman he loved.

Soon enough, Ashton was stationed at the front of the altar, anxiously wringing his hands. Calum, Michael, and Luke stood next to him, grinning and giving him thumbs up. His mother, sister, and brother sat in the row in front of him, smiling and giving nods of encouragement. Ashton had never been more ready for something in his whole life.

Music began to play and the church doors swung open. One by one, Y/N’s bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle. When Y/N finally appeared at the door, Ashton’s face broke into a huge grin and he felt tears pricking at his eyes. Never had he seen such beauty before, the moment that he saw her.

Y/N positively glowed as she walked down the aisle with her father. She looked like an angel in her mother’s old wedding dress and her long veil cascading ethereally around her. Her eyes shone with tears as she beamed at her future husband, inching closer to him with every step.

After what seemed like ages, Y/N finally made it to the altar. She handed her beautiful bouquet of wildflowers over to her maid of honor. Then, her father took her hand and placed it in Ashton’s. His heart skipped a beat as he stared into Y/N’s eyes, tears threatening to roll down his cheeks.

“You look absolutely stunning,” Ashton said, leaning in to whisper in Y/N’s ear. She just nodded, knowing if she tried to speak it would just come out as a sob.

The justice of the peace went through his big speech, but neither Ashton nor Y/N were listening. He could feel his heart racing as it came time for the two of them to exchange vows. 

“Y/N Y/L/N, I have been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes on you and over the years I somehow came to love you even more, which I didn’t even know was possible,” Ashton paused, trying to hold back his tears with a smile. “It has been my dream to build a life with you and grow old together and now we finally get to do that,”

Y/N had tears streaming endlessly down her face now, her smile as wide as ever as Ashton slipped the ring onto her finger and looked adoringly into her eyes.

“Ashton Irwin, you have loved and cared for me more than any person I’ve ever known and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for that. Not many people have the privilege of knowing that they’ll be married to one person for their whole life, but I do. Because you’re my best friend and I couldn’t possibly imagine a world without you.” Y/N sobbed through her words, still grinning stupidly at the man in front of her.

Y/N to placed the ring on Ashton’s finger, then taking his hand again and squeezing gently. They both chuckled when they heard a sob from behind Ashton, and turned to find Luke, Calum, and Michael shamelessly wiping their eyes. Everyone in the church laughed too, despite the tears rolling down their own cheeks.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. Ashton you may kiss the bride,”

Ashton grabbed Y/N’s waist and pulled her close, her hands moving to his neck as he pressed his lips gently to hers. They stayed there for a bit, savoring the moment. He was finally married to the only woman he’d ever loved.

When the two broke apart, they joined hands and ran down the aisle and out the church as their family and friends cheered and clapped loudly. It was them against the world and Ashton had never felt more happy and content in his entire life.

Follow My Heart ~fluff~

Request: Hello I would like to request a scenario with Vernon where you Two have been dating for a long time and then he proposes in this super romantic fluffy way? THANK YOU SO MUCH~

You are walking down the aisle next to your father in your white, long, beautiful wedding dress with your veil caressing your face and flowers in your hands. The wedding song playing and all your friends and family were watching with smiles planted on their faces. Though, right at the end of the aisle was your most special loved one. Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It’s been a very long six years since you have been dating your boyfriend Vernon. He’s been very busy considering he was a famous kpop idol for so many fangirls and fanboys, but he tried to take every chance he has just to be with you. Even though it was hard not being with him most of the time you were still the happiest girl in the world especially when you would talk to him whether he was visiting you after a long week of practicing or months after touring and even just the text he sends you or when he takes the time to facetime with you. He’d often send you chocolates and stuffed bears just so that you feel his love while he was gone for quite some time. It was hard for both of you but it was almost time for his vacation and you were waiting for his arrival.

X. Your marked on your seventeen calendar that you had in support for Vernon and his group. “Three more days,” you whispered to yourself. They have to stay in Seoul for a little bit then the boys were going on a vacation in which Vernon wanted to spend time with you. You sighed as you put down your marker.

You turn to clock and saw it was already 7:09. “Shit” you mumbled quickly gathering your things and putting on your shoes before you left your house for work. 

                                                ~Once work ends~

“Y/N~~~~~!!” Your friend, Andrea, yelled running to you. She panted as she stopped right in front of you. You were about to leave the building but she was able to quickly catch up. 

“What is it Andrea?” You asked raising an eyebrow waiting for an answer. She panted then she gave you this serious look. The look she gave when she really needed something.

“Let’s..go..shopping” she said grabbing your hand, dragging you to her car.

“W-wait let’s take my car instead. I’ll drive you back so you can get yours later” you suggested. 

“There’s no time come on!!,” Andrea put you on the passenger seat and then she got into the drivers seat starting the car. She looked at you,” Seatbelt?”

You nodded putting it on. Right at the ‘click’ she started driving to the mall. 

“Turn on some music” she said yet still focusing on the road. You turned on the radio and changed it to a ‘good’ station. Andrea made a weird face at the radio,” What the hell is this american music? Put on some of your boyfriends music.” She said handing you her phone.

You chuckled at her and did so putting the aux cord and playing “Boom Boom.”

Both you and her were jamming to the song. “ EVERYDAY BOOM BOOM NAE TTAEMUNE BOOM BOOM” but once the song ended you guys were drowned in your on laughs. You guys settled down and listened to Adore U. 

Andrea smiled and asked,” So when is Vernon coming back? Aren’t they almost done with their tour?” 

“Yeah. He said he’ll be here in three days. I can’t wait” You said grinning to yourself thinking of seeing Vernon after such a long time.

Andrea nodded and giggled,” I wonder if Jun is staying in Seoul.. Ugh he’s so cute. ” You chuckled,” Why don’t you just ask him out? I’m sure the fans will support your relationship” Andrea gasped,” Oh hecckkkk no. Plus I don’t think he even likes me.” “You never know” You said rolling your eyes playfully at her.

You finally arrived at the mall. Honestly, you just thought it was just another day when Andrea wanted to go get some clothes to impress some boy but really it isn’t like that. Although it was odd that she was in such a hurry.

She parked her car then looked at you,” Let’s go. Hurry up” She grabbed her bag and waited for you outside of her car. You got out and then you both went into the mall.

“So where are we going?” you asked looking around. “Let’s go to a store where they sell pretty dresses. I know the perfect one” Andrea said smiling linking her arm with yours and going to a nice dress store.

Andrea searched through the dresses quickly as if she was in such a hurry which was very unlike her since she always took her time even if the mall was going to close in a minute. This time she acted like the mall was going to close on her. 

She held up a very pretty dress in front of you and a huge smirk formed on her face and handed it to you,” Here try it on” “But-” “GO!” She pushed to the fitting room before you had the chance to speak and waited outside on her phone texting someone.

“How does it look?” You said slowly coming out. Andrea look at you and gasped,” Omg! It looks so beautiful! Come on!” She grabbed your clothes and your bag and went up to the cashier. “Andrea? My clothes..”

Andrea looked at you and gave you a wink before paying for your dress. Then you both hurriedly left the mall and headed somewhere.

“Uhm.. Andrea.. What’s going on?” You asked nervously looking at her as she drove. “Shhhhhhhh just wait til we’re there oh and put these on” She replied handing you a pair of heels.

A few minutes later she arrived at the park. It was the park where you met Vernon.


“Andrea come here!!” You said waving her over. She quickly skated over to you,” Yeeess?” “You know how to use roller skates right?” You asked putting on the pair of skates you were borrowing from Andrea. “Well duuhh…” she said chuckling. “Help me?”

Andrea chuckled and helped you up as you were trying to carefully skate without falling. Andrea held your arms skating backwards trying helping you skate. 

“You think you’ve got it?” she asked slowly letting you go. You nervously nodded,” I-I think so” you said trying to skate on your own which worked well.

“I’m doing it!!” Andrea chuckled clapping her hands,” Good job Y/N!!! Trying skating around the park I’ll be behind you let me get our bags. Just go on ahead” She said walking to get both of your belongings. 

You carefully skated around..until there was a little kid that ran in front of you making you swerve and then you starting going downhill. You had no control as you were going down which made you panic and scream. “Andrea!!!!!” You screamed for help. 

Andrea looked for you and saw you screaming and hurriedly followed. 

Before she could arrive you widened your eyes as you were going to run into someone,” Watch ouuuuttt-” 

Suddenly both you and the stranger were on the floor, you on top of him. 

“Y/N!! Are you okay!! Omg I’m so sorry. Are you guys alright?” Andrea said worriedly helping you up first. 

“Vernon!! Gwenchana (Are you okay?) ??” Jun said rushing over.

You looked at him with wide eyes realizing the position you were both in,” I’m so sorry!!” You said sincerely and made sure he wasn’t hurt. 

Andrea looked at you, “Are you okay? I’m going to get some ice and band-aids” 

”I’m fine..” but then you suddenly lost your balance and prepared to faceplant but you were caught by a pair of strong arms that were wrapped around you waist. 

“Hey there. Be careful,” The boy said chuckled. He had a sweet voice rung through your ears making your cheeks turn into bright red. You looked up and took a good look at him. He was really cute and his kind smile was making you blush even more,” S-Sorry. Are you okay? I should’ve been careful” 

“Calm down Calm down. I’m alright. Are you? Oh no your leg. Sit down on this bench” He said helping you to the nearby bench making sure you don’t fall. You looked at your knee and saw blood making you sigh.

“I’m gonna go with her friend hold up” Jun said following after Andrea leaving Vernon and you alone. 

He looked at you,” Man that must’ve hurt. Your friend and my friend will be here soon” He said reassuringly kneeling down in front of you to take off your skates. 

“You don’t have to I’m fine. I’m so sorry” You said which just made him laugh,” Shhh It’s fine. I’m Vernon by the way. Y/N right?”


“Here I’ll see you later” Andrea said smiling handing you a red envelope that said,”Open me.” You read it saying,” Follow my heart” You looked up confused looking for Andrea but she was gone. 

“This girl seriously..” You said and looked in front of you and saw a heart made out of rose petals with a piece of paper in front of it saying, “It’s been almost seven years since we’ve started dating.”

There was an arrow pointing to the next heart so you walked over to it and it said,” I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

You were confused considering Vernon “hasn’t” arrived yet.

But you decided to continue following the hearts and read each one that had special messages written making your heart beat faster and faster. 

Once there were no more flower hearts to follow you looked around and saw The8 in a tux giving you a bouquet of your favorite flowers,” This way, My lady” He said leading you somewhere and ahead you saw something bright.

You rose your eyebrow holding the flowers following him and then as you kept walking you saw 6 other members in a tux holding signs. Jun’s sign said,” Y/N” Jeonghan had one saying,”Will”. S.Coups held the next one saying,” You” Mingyu’s said,”Marry” as you passed each one your heart was beating faster and faster. Woozi held the one saying,” Me” and next time him was Joshua holding the question mark. 

At the end was a big heart made of lit candles with Vernon in the middle kneeling on his knee holding a small box with rings in it. 

You gasped with tears forming and you ran to Vernon attacking him in a tight hug repeatedly saying,” Yes” He smiled and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

All of the members including Andrea jumped out of nowhere and cheered happily.

Vernon cupped your face giving you a soft kiss holding you closely to him , both of you melting into the moment. The moment both of you were wanting to cherish forever.

You both break the kiss and Vernon put the ring on your finger and looked deep into your eyes with sincere love. “I love you Y/N” He said giving you another kiss with meaning and passion. 

Then you both turn to everyone that was cheering and smiled at them holding Vernons hand that your hand ever fitted so perfectly into. You grinned looking at Andrea and Jun standing next to each other and chuckled,”THE ONES THAT ARE NEXT IS ANDREA AND JUN!!” Every cheered cheering for the four but the two looked at each other with wide eyes but red faces making every one laugh. 

Vernon smiled laughing and he looked at you,” Damn you’re so beautiful tonight” 

okay @squeezy-bangtan-booty here is your scenario I really hope you enjoyed it even though it might be super cheesy..and bad and very cliche… haha but I enjoyed writing it!! :D Thank you for your request!! <3

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Marry Me

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader
Prompt: @marisol-solar requested number 18:  “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
Wordcount: 864 (sorry it’s so short)
Warnings: none, things get a lil bit heated towards the end but nothing explicit and we all thirsty af for Graves anyway

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