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The Dials of Life; 1800ish words
Continuation of the Isak with Asperger’s headcanon. Isak is having a bad day for hypersensitivity.

The world was too much for Isak today.  It felt like someone looked at the dials for life and turned them all up to 1000%.

The colours are almost blinding, the noises near deafening, and worst of all the feeling of everything touching him is making him want to pull his own skin off.

He hadn’t felt too bad this morning.  More than anything he had felt relieved that the mock exam he had been most worried about was over and that he’d recovered from all the Red Bull he’d drunk the day before.

But then the anxiety crept back in.

He had half a dozen more mocks to do as well as assignments to write and he and Even needed to look at their food budget and plan their next week’s meals and-

Nope, nope, nope.

He didn’t even pick up his rucksack as he made his swift exit from the table outside where he had been trying to eat with the boys.  It’s such a nice day, we should eat outside, Mahdi had said and so that’s what they’d done and Isak couldn’t even manage that today.

His sandwich simultaneously felt like tar and drier than a cracker in his mouth.  He spat it out into a bin as he made his retreat to the first quiet place he could think of.

He locked the toilet cubicle door behind himself and slumped down on the toilet seat, sucking in ragged breath after ragged breath trying to get his shit together.  He could feel his hands trembling as he unbuttoned his over shirt and tugged it off.

He buried his face in it, effectively blocking out all the light.  Plunging himself into darkness immediately felt like it took half the pressure off his lungs.

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A honest gamble.

The ruby shimmered brighter then Leshii’s new shade of lipstick. Galfouh would of loved to have his friend over not to only impress her with the sheer size of it, but to gain a little more introspection on the outrageously big gemstone. He sat there in his office just marveling at the head sized Ruby, it was just breath taking. The poor dwarf didn’t know what to do with himself until the hours of the early morning, a thought rushed into his head; what if the Explorers League wanted something like this? It would be a great attraction or even something to study! With out second guessing himself he wrapped it within a cloth and flung it over his shoulder, he had to get to Ironforge fast! After what felt like a long tram ride to the great mountain city, he went straight to the Hall of Explorers and met with Prospector Stormpike. After a very lengthy conversation on the Ruby, Galfouh walked out a very happy dwarf, he lined his pocket with even more Gold to his name. A piece he bought for 3,000 gold and sold it for nearly 70,000, a gamble Galfouh decided to take and it paid out.

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Every walk from Stormwind all the way to Loch Modan was a long one, granted the tram made it much.. much faster, but there was still an entire other region to cross through. Then another half of one after that, and finally at least four hours after you walked off the tram, you’re home. 

Carrying Emilia there was almost routine now.. Usually on piggy-back, but this time he wanted to be cliche.. His arms didn’t thank him much for it, she was almost his height and a lot thicker than him. But despite the terrible and horrible cry of his muscles, he didn’t mind. Getting to see her was enough, but the beauty he saw in her when she was so still.. So calm in his arms. It was an absolutely perfect moment, one he got to have almost every night. 

“I’m no where near good enough for you..” He muttered aloud, holding her close to his furred chest so she wouldn’t get too cold. All he got in reply was a mutter and a small shift. She was a goddess in his eyes.. What use is a street-rat to a goddess? 

“I love you..” He whispered to her.

Every one of her past lovers had been more skilled, more experienced, and simply put just better than him.. So why him? The question echoed in his brain, this not being the first time he’d ask it. Not the last either. Another soft shift from Emilia silenced his restless mind for the moment, and he couldn’t help but grin. Kissing her forehead gently as they finally entered Loch Modan. Not too long later he was desperately trying to open the door of their home with his foot. Eventually he got it, eventually.. Maybe wasting another hour before they finally stepped through the door. 

Always keeping an eye on the snake cages, the things terrified him though he’d never admit it. Ink and Wrinkle were slumbering happily on their tower already, Wrinkle’s ear twitich at the sudden change of organisms within the house, but not waking. 

He gently set Emilia down on the bed, taking off his armor as was his nightly ritual of dropping his armor on the floor, glancing over his shoulder every so often to make sure she was there.. 

“Mmmm.. Come to bed..” Her voice cracked the silence, a flicker of a smile coming over him as he walked to the bed. He did as asked, crawling in next to Emi, an arm wrapping around her, a small kiss to ease her sleep.. This was his heaven. He could die tomorrow and be perfectly content.. She was his world, his everything.. 

“I love you..” He whispered into her ear, slowly drifting off.. It had been a good day.. He got to see Emi. 


Tram Naps - Raywood - College AU

Title: Tram Naps
Fandom: Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter
Couples/Characters: Ryan/Ray - The R&R Connection - RayWood
Setting: College AU
Author’s Choice: Ray uses trams to get to University and back. He has mastered tram-napping.
Warnings: None

Note: Author is in University himself and has mastered tram-napping. He is also really paranoid about falling asleep on someone. It hasn’t happened yet. The draft of this was written on a tram though.

The worst and simultaneously best thing about University were the tram rides, Ray thought.

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