long torso is long

Never forget how Disney ruined Doug by slapping on a bunch of arbitrary bullshit changes:

• The Beets broke up
• Honker Burger closed
• Roger got rich
• Connie got a more “normal” body type
• Doug became Porkchop’s pet
• Skeeter’s safeword changed from “honk honk” to “eebeedeebee”
• The town was named Doug
• “Patti Mayonnaise Memorial Swimming Pool” WTF!
• Mayor White became part of Doug’s circle of friends
• Sex moans in the theme song
• Everyone could see Doug’s imagination sequences happen in reality
• 9/11 predictions got a lot less subtle
• Mr. Dink calmed down
• Judy Funnie became a baby
• Mr. Bone lived in Doug’s walls
• Doug’s voice actor was replaced by Sir Michael Caine
• Every episode was 4 hours long
• Every character was nude with grotesquely long, muscular torsos
• Roger always dropped a gun on the floor in every scene
• Doug turned twelve 
• Every episode ended with Doug’s parents dying

once when i was little i tried to design my perfect pet and what i ended up with was a cross between a little sea pony (as featured in the children’s book The Little Sea Pony©) and a snake

Almost forgot to upload it here ^^’

Here’s my Antisepticeye since ya’ll have been asking me if I had a version of my own. He’ll appear in the Hunter AU comic!


Some Joseph stuff I drew a while ago but never posted.

The second image depicts how his tongue looks/behaves when he’s using its ability to get the truth from people. It’s not pleasant, kinda gross, actually. It leaves people in a daze, though, so they don’t remember that it happened. But a lot of people still have plenty of other reasons to beat Joseph up.

The fact that Changkyun is so good-looking to me stresses me out ?? like I be here trying to be loyal to Hoseok and he just comes in, speaking english with that beautiful voice of his, puffy hair, long legs, long arms, long torso, beautiful smile, perfect lips and I’m just mad how can you be so… beautiful ??