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Free tattoo line art

Been a while since I uploaded something so here’s some free to use tattoo line arts. Some lines might not be clean but you can ask the tattoo artist to clean them up a bit.
All I ask is show me if you do decide to get one of these inked on your skin <3

Oh, and a tip from someone that has ink already: Think about it for a long time of get it temperary first. You wouldn’t want to end up not liking it and having to remove it. It’s a waste of time and money :3

Anyway enjoy~

First Love: Part 1

Title: First Love 

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi (Suga)

Genre: Fluff, Romance (Maybe Minor Agnst)

Warning: Some very mild swear words that may offend some, they are not major but I am posting just to be safe. 

A/N: FIRST CHAPTER!!! AHH, I AM SO EXCITED!! I have decided to do mostly reader but also a side of Yoongi’s perspective, it won’t happen often but yeah I hope you guys like this. If you haven’t read the prologue yet, I would or else this may be a little confusing to you! 

Prologue / Part 2 


Stepping out of the taxi you bite your lip nervously as you look up at a medium tall building, the sign reading Big Hit. Never in your life did you imagine that you would be here all because of a Youtube video you uploaded. Warmth greeted your shivering body as you stepped through the front doors, walking up to the front desk where a woman was talking to a gentleman, both looking up slightly annoyed at your sudden presence. “Um, hello my name is y/n. I am here to meet with the Big Hit owner.” The women cocked her head to the side. Suddenly you realize she didn’t speak your language. Y/n you idiot, she doesn’t speak your language. Thinking for a moment, you then repeat yourself in Korean. The women perked up and nods as she picks up the phone. “The owner will greet you shortly. Please take a seat” she points over to a sofa, slowly you nod and walk over to the sofa and sit down.

A short time later the owner appeared “Ah! you must be y/n! I saw your videos, you will work well with the boys I am sure. Let me show you to our studios.” As he shows you around the building he cracks a few jokes and talks about how much his boys have grown. You smile politely looking around, knowing at any minute you could bump into one of them.

“Well, that is about it. Do you have any questions?” Nodding you ask “Is there a small studio or room I could practice in? So I could come up with the choreography.”

“Why of course, in fact we have a small studio on the top floor that we rarely use it you want to use that to practice and choreograph the new numbers.” You smile, “Thank you so much it will work out nicely I am sure.” He then shows you to the studio and leaves you to it.

Setting down your bag you begin examining your surroundings.  The room was small, but it would definitely work for what you would be using it for. Looking around the room you discover a wall to wall mirror covered by a curtain opposite the door. Truth be told, you hated watching yourself dance, sometimes. It was a must to have a mirror but you avoided it if you could. It would be nice to have options.

Grabbing your speakers and phone you turn it on and start with stretches and start to zone out, thinking back to how you got here. A few days after Suga and the other boys had shared your video you were contacted by Big Hit, asking if you would be willing to come out and choreography for the next comeback. Their lead choreographer, Yerin, was pregnant and unable to dance, leaving the opening of a lifetime. You were hesitant because you weren’t the type of person to just up and go to another place. You have stayed in the same area most of your life, but when Luna found out she lost it and pretty much forced you out the door and onto the plane. Her words running through your mind, “Y/N! I am not letting your stubborn shyness get in the way of this HUGE opportunity. You are going! You hear me!~” You chuckle, you missed her already. She is one of the few people that has gotten you through your daily life and you don’t know what you will do without her here, even though she promised to skype you at every moment you were free.

Standing up you pull a folder of papers out of your bag. Inside is a list of all the songs from the new album along with how many music videos there will be, appearances that were happening, etc… along with a CD titled WINGS in bold letters. You pop the cd into the Cd player in the corner and start listening to the songs one by one. Soon you realize the boys each have their own songs, you start thinking about choreography when a knock at the door catches your attention and you glance up to see the owner once again.

“I brought some company!” He seemed overly excited as he stepped in fully. Following behind was Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They were laughing and talking excitedly as they entered, the owner cleared his throat as he stepped next to you. “Boys, can I get your attention please, we are on a very tight schedule at the moment.” One by one the boys turn to face you, all except Suga who looked at you momentarily before a look of shock crossed his face. He looked away quickly, whispering to Rap Monster. Once the boys had quieted down the owner spoke again excitedly. “I would like you all to meet y/n, I am sure you recognize her from the dance cover she did of Agust D’s song.” He gestured towards Suga who nodded slightly, refusing to look at you still.

Rap Monster stepped forward and nodded. “It is nice to meet you y/n. We have all seen your video and are excited to work with you for the next comeback.” You smile, blushing slightly as you nod back, “I will do my best to make sure BTS has the best comeback.”  He chuckles, “Judging by your videos I am sure you will do a fine job.” You feel your cheeks warm up even more. You had to be bright red now, making you begin to act shyly. “Oh, uh thank you Rap Monster,” You nod again respectfully. “You can call us by our real names, not our stage names,” he mentions softly and steps closer. “Oh, yes I’m sorry!” You bite your lip and look down at your feet, feeling embarrassed now, and mentally kicking yourself for letting your shy side get the better of you. They probably think you are a fool.

Another chuckle from Namjoon snapped you out of your thoughts, “No need to feel sorry…” He pauses slightly looking back at the boys for a moment before turning back and whispering, “Noona.” Your head snaps up to look at him, “How did you…..” You are cut off by the owner scolding Namjoon. “Namjoon, enough.” Namjoon pouts, but nods stepping back as the owner turns to you once more. “Rehearsals will start in a week, will that be enough time for you to do the choreography for the comeback number, the two numbers for the shows and the two teaser dances?” you nod and try to push your embarrassment back with a smile, “That will be plenty of time. Thank you.”

He smiles, nodding as he turns to the boys, telling them it’s time to depart.  You scan all of them one more time watching them as they start to leave with the owner. All of them smiling at you and nodding. All except Yoongi, who was looking the opposite way, avoiding your gaze.

Yoongi Perspective:
The Group walked out of the small upstairs dance studio after meeting y/n. “Namjoon! What the hell was that!” I knew he liked to tease me but to go as far as to blatantly flirt with a girl I liked was one step too far. I hated it when he teased me, I was older and I should be doing the teasing, not the other way around.

“What is wrong Yoongi? What has you so angry?” said the makane, Jungkook, looking confused. I bit my lip, I didn’t want the other boys to know I liked y/n as much as I did. She caught my attention a long time ago when she first covered Dope, one of the group’s songs. Ever since then I have been hooked, watching every single video she uploads. She puts so much passion into her dances, even though they are just covers. When she uploaded my song, I lost it. I couldn’t believe that the girl I had developed a liking to had danced original choreography to my song. It is silly that I’m in the same shoes as ARMY’ that followed our group’s every move. Fangirling every time we do something, but here I was, doing the same thing to a girl who covered dances. “Nevermind,” I mumbled, hearing Namjoon chuckle as I walked away.

I yawned as I awoke to Seokjin shaking me. “Yoongi, come on. This is the third time I have tried to wake you, it is time for our first practice, we can’t be late.” He turned and walked out, knowing I had finally awoken, due to my annoyed sigh.

I had been dreading this day all week, knowing I would have to face her again. Still embarrassed about my first encounter with her, and knowing I will have to deal with Namjoon’s shenanigans, I groaned again. “God dammit.” this really was going to turn into a mess, I could just feel it. Grabbing a black hoodie and throwing on a pair of gray sweatpants, I take my bag and head out.

We all walked into the dance room, y/n was nowhere to be seen. “Jeez Yoongi, you could have at least dressed to impress.” You turn to see Namjoon smirking.

“Shut the hell up Namjoon, I am too tired to deal with your shit right now,” I say as I lean against the wall, sliding down to a sitting position.

“Yikes, you really are tired. We need to warm up, get up” he grabs my arm trying his best to pull me up before he finally groans, “Come on, seriously, we need to get to work.” As much as I wanted to protest, I saw the owner step into the room, and I didn’t want to disappoint him, Reluctantly, I stood up, glaring at Namjoon as he walked away"

“Gather around boys, we will be doing something new this time around and recording the process of you learning your dances, so we can upload them on BTS Bomb after the comeback has begun. Y/n will be here shortly, I expect you to be on your best behavior for her. I told her if she has any problems to come straight to me. Understand” His eyes roamed over all of us, with a serious look on his face as we all nodded. “Good, get warmed up, I will grab y/n.”

We were just finishing warm-ups as she walked in. I didn’t turn around but I could see her in the mirror. I pulled my hood up, trying to stay as hidden as possible. She greeted each member as she walked past them to the cd player until she got to me, where she just nodded and walked passed. Dammit, I really did screw up. She already hates me.

“Ok everyone, we are going to start with Blood, Sweat, & Tears. I was told this is a sexier concept that you will be doing, so, I hope the dance matches it.” She smiled nervously. God was it adorable, watching her cheeks slowly redden made it even cuter. “Let’s get the first position. Jimin, since you are the first to sing I want you front and center.” She walks over to Jimin and places him front and center, then one by one she grabs the other members and places them, stepping back every so often to see how the placement would work. She lightly touches my arm as she quietly whispers, “Yoongi, you will be here.” she looks up at me for a moment as we both make eye contact before her cheeks redden and she turns away to go back to the front to look at the placement. “This should work. Now let’s start the dance.”

A short time later we had learned the first half of the choreography and were practicing it over and over again to memorize it. “Hmm, I feel like something is lacking, let’s try it again from the top.” She started the music up as we started to dance once again from the start, her eyes darting around as we moved to the music, she then pauses it at one part. “Some of you are lacking sex appeal. Since the song and dance are more on the sexy side, the movements need to be more fluid, not choppy.” She pauses and looks over at Jimin and Jungkook, pointing at the both of them “You two are having a hard time with this, I don’t know if it is age or inexperience, but we can work on it, okay. Just think about, well, something that you think would be sexy.”

Jimin smirks, “Oh I know how to be sexy Noona, I just don’t want to make you blush anymore.” Y/n opens her mouth a little, not knowing how to reply.

I bite my lip, “Lay off Jimin, she will just tell the owner if you talk back to her!”

Namjoon chuckles as he whispers to me, “Careful Yoongi, someone might find out your little secret.”

I clench my jaw and shoot daggers in his direction, as I see y/n looking my way confused.

“I don’t think Noona would say anything to the owner, would you?” Jimin pouts, looking over at y/n with a puppy dog look in his eyes. She shakes her head and quietly murmurs, “I won’t, but please don’t call me Noona.” Jimin smirks and grabs y/n hand. “Aww, you don’t like it when we call you Noona?”
I roll my eyes and bite my lip, becoming more and more irritated as I watched her reaction. Something was going on. Jimin would never be this blunt when flirting with a girl. The more I thought about her with another guy, hell even another member, the more pissed off I got. Her face is bright red now, as she pulls her hand out of Jimin’s grasp and retreats to the cd player. “No, I don’t,” She mumbles, as she takes a deep breath and turns back around. “Let’s start from the beginning again, but the-”

“I think we should take a break!” I bark, clenching my fist and storming out of the room before anyone could say more.




Long time since i don’t upload something Skyline related (actually since July 2 XD)

So here! we have Shard !  ^_° from last time it doesn’t have much changes except for the legs.. i like these more..  he collects red star rings for Chuck

Shade the enchilada echidna! she was one of Knuckles friends before he… went beserk and disappeared, she just want to know why…  °o° hope i can show you  how someday soon X’3

Carrotia and Wendy witchcart!  (i got some inspiration on @thekkmart ‘s and @spiritsonic ‘s wendy  and some other elements ….

Wendy goes to see Tails very often because of his fixing machines capabilities XD  she has a vehicle (wich i must to design AHH XP) and trows too much smoke on the air with it…..and she goes to Tails to repair it but does in in purporse, she knows is annoying him but plays the naive granny so Tails agrees to help her..

she just want him to learn to say no XD


EDIT: Witchcarters objetive its to make people learn life lessons on a bit hard way.. they go around the skyes doing this.

Fockewulf is always telling people they have to be just like him, like “oh you are just like me” “you are going to be just like me” “you are doing very good, just like the good Fockewulf!” kind of guy XD that can be used to very supportive obejtives XD

—–end of edit——–

and Carroria i think she looks like those cookie scout girl :D

Fockewulf and Bearenger are still under progress.. ^_^

hope u like them..

|| A long time passed since I upload something here– School has all my time sorry _( : ‘3 J L)_
Anyways ANTIVERSE IS BACK BABY, and I’m writing a fic for them ! So u can understand better what is this AU about ♡
In the pic I incluid Totoko, Homura (kanojo) and Hashimoto Nyaa ! Hope you all like this !! ; ; and in my vacation if I have sometime I’ll try to practice manga style… (december I’m waiting for you 3 )
PD: I’m in hype 'cause I read some fics on wattpad and see some draws on DA and fb of my AU ! I’m so happy about it ! ♡ thanks !

|| Un buen tiempo ha pasado desde la última vez que subí algo por aquí– El colegio tiene todo mi tiempo, perdón _ (: '3 J L )_
Bueno EL ANTIVERSO HA VUELTO BB y estoy escribiendo un fic sobre él ! Para que puedan entender mejor de que va esta AU ♡
Añadí a Totoko, Homura (Kanojo) y a Hashimoto Nyaa ! Espero les guste !! ; ; y en mis vacaciones, si tengo algo de tiempo intentare practicar el estilo manga… (diciembre aquí te espero 3)

PD: ando en hype porque he visto/leido cositas de mi AU como: fics en wattpad y dibus en DA y fb ! Me hace tan feliz ! ♡ Gracias !

Zelink Week Day 5 - absence

Since I already posted something really sad I couldn’t physically draw something super miserable, especially with the theme ‘absence’ it would have killed me SO.
I drew them REUNITING after a very long 'absence.’
It’s kinda reminiscent of the first zelink drawing I ever uploaded on here!

I was gonna wait to upload this until the commissioner got back to me and ensured that no revisions to be made, but it’s been a little bit so I figured I’d just throw this up and retro-actively edit if I make any big changes.

SO, here is my second fight stick commission completed! This one took me a pretty long time but I’m really happy with how both Cinder and Glacius turned out. ;w; I feel so honored any time someone commissions me to draw something to personalize such an important piece of equipment, since it’s going to be seen whenever they play/go to tournaments/what have you!

Try and hear me then I’m done

‘Cause I might just say this once.

Seen this played out in my dream,

It doesn’t matter.

Casually jumps of the cliff and into the fancasm into the the trash where I belong.

I really adore the video and the characters and the music and EVERYTHING about Ghost. Props to Mystery Skulls for their awesome music and Mystery Ben for his time and effort to put into that animation. As an Motion Graphics Major, I understand the amount of time it takes to go into something like that, and it was flawless. But here is a bit of fanart, just to show you how much I do appreciate it!

The file size is a bit wonky because I worked with such a giant picture and had to try to shrink it proper to fit for tumblr’s weird uploading situation. I might go back and fix it later, but I wanted to get it done ASAP since the idea has been in my head for too long!

Hi people! It’s been weeks since I uploaded something! I’m so sorry I disapeared for so long, but I’m working in a vidoegame and i have no time for anything else… But I haven’t forgot about you, and I thank you for not stopped following me :) 

Here you have a little animation of a kitty Kaneki I’ve done in a moment of free time ^^ It’s for you to thank you for your patience, hope you like it! :DDDDDDD