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by @inuyashaeienni

Name: Natalie

Nickname: NattiKay (online only; rl people do not call me this)

Zodiac Sign: Leo, though 90% of the supposed descriptions don’t really fit that well.

Height: 5″1′ 

Favorite Fruit: Apples, esp. Fujis and Honeycrisps

Favorite Season: Whenever the weather is not like death

Favorite book: I like a lot of books but when answering this question I usually go with The Giver

Favorite Flower: Pretty ones, I guess.

Favorite Scent: Tbh? When my mom makes pizza sauce it is the best smell ever.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Animal: I like a lot of animals but let’s go with cats in general.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate, partly because it’s delicious and partly by default since I don’t drink coffee or tea.

Average sleep hours: 6-8ish, I think.

Cat or Dog person: Cat. They are the most adorable of the adorable. Dogs are alright too, some are cute, but they’re generally a bit too high-energy for me and I don’t care much for being licked. -shrug-

Favorite Fictional Character: Again, there’s a lot, but Inuyasha has a special place.

Number of blankets: Like how many do I own or how many do I use at once? I have four, three here in my college apartment and one back home, but I typically only use one at a time.

Dream Trip: I’d love to go to Japan at some point…but if we’re talking a dream trip, let’s dream that there’s a way to teleport there because tbh I think the several-hour plane ride might kill me. 8 hours to Austria was bad enough and I’m pretty sure Japan would be longer.

Blog Created: 2013ish I think. Wow, it’s been four years. That’s crazy.

Number of followers: 1885 on this blog. Most of them silent but still cool I guess. Sorry I don’t post as much as I used to. Things have been busy for me lately. Shoutout to the extra cool people who regularly reblog stuff, and especially to the extra extra cool people who leave good comments or reactions. You’re the ones who keep me going.

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