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A story from the line at McDonald's
  • Me: okay so my sexuality's a complicated deal so let's just call me queer as hell
  • Friend: nono I wanna know can't you explain it
  • Me: well ok mainly I am asexual which means I don't want to do the do nor do I long for it, so it has nothing to do with lack of confidence or anything like that, I simply don't find anyone sexually attractive
  • Friend: right right
  • Me: but I'm also bi romantic. The sexual and romantic attraction are different, and I still fall in love and want to have physical contact with my partner, I just don't need the hanky panky
  • Friend: right cause you have a girlfriend that's pansexual right
  • Me: exactly and as long as we're both happy with not doing the rumba naked, that's a valid relationship
  • Friend: I get it, I get it... I didn't know the entire sexual and romantic orientations were different
  • Me: yeah I know it was an eyeopener for me when I found ou-
  • Lady behind us in line: excuse me so sorry but I couldn't help but overhear but I didn't know half of what you just said and I was just wondering what that thing your girlfriend was is, pansexual?
  • Me: *awkward glance at friend* oh uh I'm not an expert or anything and uh ok so basically it's similar to being bisexual, but there's less value in what gender the one you're attracted to is, at least as I understood it. So a bisexual would be attracted to a person despite their gender, a pansexual wouldn't really care at all in a way uh I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining
  • Lady behind us in line: that's alright I can look it up myself later you gave me a general idea! So where did you find out these things, you're pretty young?
  • Me: well, Internet. Once you're a bit confused about what you might be you usually go looking for explanations...
  • Lady behind us in line: so uh in theory... It's fine if you don't know, I just want to check with you... Is there a thing called aROMANTIC? like you're asexual, is there a equivalent to the romantic orientation you mentioned?
  • Me: oh yeah, absolutely! You can be both asexual and aromantic, or aromantic and heterosexual, literally all combinations are possible!
  • Lady behind us in line: *smiles LIKE REALLY GODDAMNED GENUINELY* thank you so much, I did not know that. *fishes up phone from pocket* now if you excuse me, I'm going to call my mother and tell her I'm not crazy for never having been married or stayed with one guy for long despite being 50+ but still has three children! *steps out of line and walks off while dialing*
  • Friend: wow that was... Amazing
  • Me: see how happy she got? That's the power of right information.
  • And that's why I've been smiling since this happened.

The cup was too warm to be comfortably held but Rethier still shifted it between his palms as he stared just past the rim. No one was in the barracks, something for which he was grateful. Not only did he wish for quiet, he had enough on his mind that solitary thought was required.

It wasn’t as though he regretted sharing what little he had, but he needed to consider and weigh the consequences of sharing more in the future. Jo was an interesting woman, and although not someone he trusted, someone he considered perhaps trusting in the future. Still, though, he was aware that the bleak tales of the past involved more than just himself and that caution was required to avoid sharing too much. She was smart and too many poorly planned words could lead her to more conclusions than he would like, not to mention that those conclusions involved her own wife.

Rethier closed his eyes, blowing on the tea to cool it. As ever, it was a tricky situation he was in; he truly believed his words, that honesty was the best way regardless of what was more comfortable, and yet he was forever in an intricate dance to avoid telling whole truths. Tonight had come too close and had been entirely his own doing. The guilt he saw expressed solely in a few gestures had touched him, though; he carried that weight, too, and knew better than he could ever tell her how it felt to watch someone else struggle due to their own personal mistakes.

If the lass didn’t tell her, I have no place in doing so.

But, still, it gnawed at him if he thought too heavily on it. All the secrets kept buried by time and trauma, on his side at least, ached to be told to someone, anyone, who might understand. Sometimes, he wondered if M felt the same, but he always came to the same conclusion; if she did, he would not be a part of it, and that was okay.

The tea was still too warm but he sipped at it regardless, trying to use its heat to drown out the doubt he felt. He knew what those old stories would sound like to someone new, someone who had not lived through the mistakes and the horrors. Even to himself, they were abominable, and yet he knew voicing the traumas of the past lessened their hold on the present. It was something he had worked dozens through and yet could not do himself.  

Rethier hid his smile behind the tea cup. Irony at its finest; the therapist could not follow his own advice, even when he knew it would work. In the end, as he always did, he came to the same conclusion; someday, perhaps, he would share his griefs and guilts, but for now they would continue to be held in silence. Someday, perhaps, he would tell her, too.

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So I noticed you're into the KND too, do you have any ships in it?

you know i do! 

it’s been a long time since i drew the power couple actually, and that’s outrageous since they’re one on-screen smooch away from canon