long time since a tv show brought me to actual tears

Brother’s Best Friend (M)

Jaehyun x Reader (feat. Johnny)

Word Count: 3.6k

Genre: Smut, Slight angst

A/N: My first published smut ayy.. I was stuck on this for a while but last night lordt I just went on one and finished it at like 4am lmao… Ty to my FLOwer (@nctreacting) for helping me out with this 💕

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Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

y/u/n; your username


Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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“You’re My It” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,475

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request:  Could you write one (or more) about Dean? Where the reader is Dean’s ex but she got pregnant before the broke up. And Sam or Cas see her and the kid one day and tell Dean, who gets drunk and shows up at her door (with a little help from sweet Cas)?

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Flashbacks are in italics.

You and Dean had officially been together for a year now, but unofficially, it’d been almost your entire life. You were Bobby’s daughter- you grew up together. There had always been something there.

A few years ago, when Dean was cured from being a demon, you were the first person he wanted to tell. That made him realize that he didn’t want to wait any longer. He wanted to be with you one hundred percent. He loved you. He had asked you to be his girlfriend officially last year.

You’re now standing in your kitchen, finishing up making dinner for your one year anniversary. It’s been a rocky road, and lately, it’s been worse. He’s been distant and gone more, and you admit that you’d grown more emotional and needy. It’s only because you’re pregnant, but Dean doesn’t know that yet. You’re planning on telling him tonight. All you want is a good night with your boyfriend, is that too hard to ask for?

No, it’s not. Which is why you’re busting your ass to make this anniversary perfect. You’re making his favorite dinner, rented his favorite movie, and even found the cutest way to announce your pregnancy. You’re sure he’ll take it well, and that he’ll be excited. His dad was a big part of his life, and one time when he got drunk he had told you that whenever he became a dad he was determined to be a better one.

“Y/N?” A voice came through the door, keys clinking together. Dean’s home.

“Hey babe, I’m in the kitchen!” You call out.

Dean comes into the kitchen, and he looks dead tired. You can see it in his eyes- he’s worn out. He’s stressed, but of course he doesn’t talk to you about it. He doesn’t talk to you about anything lately.

“Is this all for me?” His eyes widen, wandering around the room.

“Yeah, happy one year.” You kiss his cheek.

“Oh.” He furrows his brows. Your stomach sinks. Of course he forgot.

“You seriously forgot?” Your mouth drops a little, sadness filling your heart.

“I’m sorry.” He sighs. “Look, Y/N…”

“What?” You’re afraid of what he’s going to say. You’ve been feeling it coming for a while, you’ll admit. But now? Tonight? All you can do is hope that he doesn’t.

“I just… I don’t think this, us, is working. You know I love you, but I just think we need some time apart. There’s a lot of shit happening right now, with Lucifer and Chuck and Amara, I just… I can’t. I’m sorry.” Dean says, a look in his eyes you can’t quite read.

You’re silent. There it was. Those words you’ve been dreading.

“Okay.” You say quietly.

“I love you. I just need time.” Dean repeated.


You’re now walking down the street of the mall, you’re favorite place to go. The mall in Denver was outside, which made it easier to not only enjoy the warm weather, but to push around baby Nina. She loved going on “walks,” which made it easy for you since you loved shopping.

After Dean broke up with you two years ago, you didn’t even bother telling him you were pregnant. If he was too stressed and busy to deal with you, the girl who’d practically been with him his entire life, he certainly couldn’t handle a baby. So, after you moved out of the bunker, you packed up and moved to a city you’d never even been to before- Denver. You moved into a small apartment, and got a decent job.

Baby Nina is now a year old, and she’s the cutest little thing. She inherited Dean’s looks, right down to the sparking green eyes. She’s beautiful.

You’re about to go into Victoria’s Secret when you see a man down the street staring at you intensely. He has brown hair and a…trench coat?

“Cas?” You say out, not believing your eyes. You haven’t seen Cas since who knows how long. It was before yours and Dean’s breakup, since he was possessed by Lucifer. Actually, now that you think of it, you have no idea how that turned out. He could still be Lucifer for all you know.

Cas is suddenly standing beside you, an unreadable expression on his face. You can tell by just looking at him that this was Cas, and not Lucifer.

“Oh my god, I’ve missed you.” You hug him. He stands stiff, but wraps one arm around you after a few minutes.

“Who is this?” Cas looks down at the stroller at Nina, who is now sleeping peacefully.

“Oh. This…” You trail off. There’s no point in lying. “This is my daughter.”

“And she’s Dean’s?”

“Please don’t tell him.” You beg. “He left, it was his choice. He left me.”


“Cas, promise me.”

“I… I promise.” Cas sighs.


After the encounter with Castiel, you went back to your apartment quickly. That blast into the past was enough for you for the day. It brought back memories you thought you had put behind you.

Nina had just fallen asleep in her crib for the night, so you were finally free to do whatever. You walk into your kitchen, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. God knows you need one. You walk over to your living room, turning on the TV to watch whatever was on. Anything would do right now, you just wanted to escape your mind.

You were getting really into the trashy reality TV show that was playing when it happened. He showed up. There was a knocking on the door, and you didn’t even bother to look through the peephole. It was probably just your landlord.

You opened the door, and there he was. Dean. You hadn’t seen him since that night. He hasn’t aged one bit, if anything, he looks better. He looks younger, less stressed than he was before. He looked amazing. Of course he did. He’s Dean.

“Cas ratted me out, didn’t he?” You were the first to speak.

“Can I meet her?” He says quietly. You nodded, and let him inside.

You walk him into her bedroom, and he audibly gasps when he sees her. He walks slowly over to her crib, as if he walked any faster a bomb would go off. He takes her hand in his, and a soft smile grows on his face.

“She looks like me.” He whispers. It was dark in the room, but you could swear you saw a tear fall down his cheek.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna give you some time.” Your voice comes out shakier than you were wanting, and you exit the room. You walk over to your couch, and sit down shakily. You have no idea what you’re going to tell him.

A few minutes later, Dean comes out of her bedroom. He looks hurt.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He says, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“I was going to. The night you left me.” You whisper. “But then after that… You couldn’t handle being a father. You were dealing with Amara, for God’s sake.”

“I’m so sorry.” He says, taking you by surprise. Why was he sorry? “I shouldn’t have done that. I let everything that was happening leak into my relationship with you. I messed up. This is all my fault. And now I have a daughter that I don’t even know because of it.” He choked out.

“Dean, its fine. I was mad at first, but seriously, I’ve let it go. I understand now.” You say truthfully.

“Y/N, I still love you, you know that right?” Dean says, a serious look on his face. “After everything was fixed, you were the one person I wanted to come to. But I thought that I couldn’t. I couldn’t face you, not after what I did. I’m hurting, Y/N, I need you. I need to be there for Nina.”


“I love you so much. You’re it- you’re it for me. You and Nina. You’re my life now. Please, let me be here for you. If you can ever forgive me.”

“I forgave you a long time ago.” A weak smile on your face forms. “I love you too.”

Dean kisses you, so softly that you almost thought your mind was playing tricks on you. You bring your hands around his head, bringing him in closer. You missed this, you missed him.

“You’re my it, too, Dean.”

Movie Night Jealousy

Prompts: “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?” and “I’m not jealous, but, like, come on, movie night is just for me and you only.” - First one changed to fit story, second changed just a little bit

- I couldn’t really make the third prompt fit in with this so I only used these two, I hope that’s okay

Characters: Theo Raeken x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral    Triggers: None

Words: 1,959 - This ended up being much longer than originally intended lol

Originally posted by maliassraeken

Your excitement grew as you put out snacks and got ready for movie night. You and Theo had started a kind of…”tradition” with each other. One time when the pack was in danger, Theo was told by Scott to watch over you. So you two sat and watched movies all night, it’s how you became friends, best-friends really, and it kind of became your thing. 

Every weekend, without fail he would come over to your house, and you would make snacks. You would each pick a movie for the night, and then he would stay over and sleep on your couch.You glanced up at the clock and realized that he was late, by thirty minutes, he was never late.

But just as you started to worry the door bell rang. Sighing in relief you jogged to the door and opened it, your smile falling from your face. Theo was standing there with a girl from your history class “Hey!” he said, smiling at you.

“Ummm…hi?” you said confused, glancing at the girl Theo realized he didn’t introduce her.

“Oh, this is Christina! Christina this is y/n”

“Yeah…I know, we have History together” you said still confused

“Oh, well we were gonna go on a date tonight but I told her that we always had movie night so she insisted on coming, I didn’t think you would mind” he said as he walked into your house, Christina trailing behind him.

You turned to watch, your gut turning with…disappointment? As they went and sat on the couch Theo called out to you again “Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, she really wanted to pick a movie, so we already have two”

“Oh..great” you said walking into the kitchen. You grabbed a couple drinks and stared down at the movie you bought. It just came out and Theo was super excited to watch it so you thought you’d surprise him. But you figured there’s no point now, so you left it on the counter. 

Handing them drinks you put in one of the movies and then sat on the opposite chair, Theo stared at you for a minute, you always sat on the same couch..but then realized you must have thought he would only want to sit with Christina so he shrugged it off. You didn’t mind this did you? He wandered. I mean, he always wanted to ask you out but you never seemed interested so he asked Christina out…but the look on your face showed otherwise.

About halfway through the movie you looked over at Theo and Christina, you had been avoiding doing so. And your heart wrenched, he had his arm around her as she had her head on his shoulder. You really didn’t understand why you were so upset…no scratch that, you knew exactly why. 

You had a crush on Theo, you had liked him so much for a long time, and you had always thought he would make a move, but now he was with her. And he brought you to your movie night nonetheless. This was your thing, the two of you, not the two of you and the girl from History that doesn’t know the difference between a war and a disagreement. Why would he ruin this?

After the first movie ended you got up and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, Christina and Theo had demolished the snacks you made. You didn’t even have one. Setting the dishes in the sink you heard Theo walk in behind you

“Hey, you okay? You haven’t talked to me all night” he said leaning on the counter next to you.

Grabbing another drink you looked at him “Why would I? I wouldn’t wanna ruin your date” you said as you turned and left the kitchen, Theo’s gaze followed you

Christina had picked a movie that you and Theo had already watched, so you ignored it the entire time. You felt Theo glance over at you a couple times but you refused to look at him. Eventually you felt that he stopped looking over at you, and during an intense part when their attention was drawn to the tv you left the room quietly.

When your favorite part came Theo turned to watch your reaction but grew confused when he saw that you were gone. He was going to go find you, but Christina refused to let him go. But when the movie ended he got up to find you, while Christina was ready to leave.

You were standing at the sink, cleaning the dirty dishes when you heard Theo clear his throat “You two leaving?” you asked, your voice kind of cold.

Theo realized about halfway through the first movie that it was a bad idea to have brought Christina, but he didn’t understand why you were acting like this. He hoped it was because you were jealous, but you weren’t acting jealous, you were mad. 

“Umm, yeah I guess we are..See ya” he said not wanting to ask you now, not while Christina was impatiently waiting for him.

As you heard them walking towards the door you looked down and picked something up “Wait, Theo!” you called out, leaving the kitchen.

Theo stopped with the door open, he looked at you hopefully but his face fell when he saw that your face was blank, but he swore your eyes were red, as it you had been crying. You handed him a movie. Looking down he saw it was the movie he was so excited to watch, he looked back up at you “What-”

“That was the movie I picked for tonight. Take it. You two can watch it on your next date” you said before closing the door in his face.

He stared at the door. He really messed up. He was about to knock on the door and apologize but Christina tugged at his shirt “Come on, lets go Theo”

Growling under his breath he turned towards her “Fine”

After they left you cleaned up, a tear sliding down your face again. You wiped it away frustrated. Why did you feel so jealous. You should have figured it out by now that Theo only saw you as a friend. After you finished cleaning you went to bed, but it took you a long time to actually fall asleep.

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Third Time’s the Charm

They’re 14, the first time MC asks Damien out.

Damien still went by “Dahlia” back then. Still dressed in pretty sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, forced to be his mother’s little dressup doll.

Even at that age, MC already refused to answer to his birth name, and Dahlia had always admired him greatly for it.

(Through countless and increasingly irritated calls of his name, he’d sat convincingly oblivious, even when his mother’s eyes were wide, her nostrils flaring, her fists clenched.

Miles Christopher Young, you answer me right now!

He’d been grounded the entire winter vacation of their ninth grade, and still he stubbornly refused to acknowledge his name until, finally, his parents and teachers alike had decided this was a war no longer worth fighting, and had finally agreed to start calling him MC.)

They’re together for all of high school, practically attached at the hip.

Dahlia is the first one MC comes out to about being pansexual.

MC is the one that buys Dahlia’s first pack of pads, when he’s shut himself in his bedroom, crying and refusing to let anyone into his room, too ashamed to tell his mother.

They pose together for countless prom pictures, and MC gives Dahlia a corsage with a single, beautiful white rose.

(Innocence and purity; charm and innocence.)

But then they’re 18, and both leaving the nest for parts unknown, attending university on opposite ends of the country.

They try to make it work. They try so hard. But in the end, the stress, the distance, the workload, it’s too much. The phone calls and texts falter away, from daily to weekly to monthly, until quite suddenly it’s been three months and they realize they can’t remember why they’re still together at all.

And so they quietly cut ties and go their separate ways.

A clean cut, simple and easy, and so much more painful than either of them are willing to admit.

They’re 27 before they see each other next, and MC almost doesn’t recognize him at first.

Not that Damien can blame him.

Damien’s been on T for almost a year now, and has done away with his birth name for good.

MC smiles, wide and bright and joyful, telling Damien how proud he is of him, and Damien wonders for a dazed moment why he’d ever let this beautiful man go.

(He doesn’t tell MC about how, on some days, he had been the only one that kept Damien from falling apart at the seams.

He’d remember MC’s bullheadedness, sitting peacefully at his desk and reading a book as their furious fifth grade teacher called his name over and over again until finally she’d given in and said, with an exhausted sigh, “MC.”

And he’d looked up with the sweetest, most innocent smile.

“Yes ma’am?”)

They fall back in with each other so easily, it’s like nothing had ever changed, like they’re still the two goofy children who had imprinted upon each other on the first day of elementary school and had never let go.

They aren’t, of course.

They’re adults now, and reality isn’t quite so rose-tinted.

Damien is a single father, victim of an emotionally abusive transphobe of a fiancé who had walked out on him when Lucien was just a year old.

And MC is freshly widowed, still so lost and alone after losing Alex, clueless on how to be there for little 5-year-old Amanda when she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying for her papa.

But maybe that’s why the universe had brought them back together.

Because they were both drowning, and only the two of them could bring each other back up.

Three months after being reunited, MC shows up at Damien’s door with a red face and a bouquet of elegant white camellias and charming little yellow cowslips dotted throughout.

(Perfected loveliness; youth and healing.)

The next four years are perfection.

They take holidays to the beach and weekend trips to museums and art galleries.

Damien gives Amanda her first camera and teaches her how to use it.

MC teaches Lucien how to ride a bike and picks him up when he punches classmates who make fun of his papa. 

(Officially, MC scolds Lucien harshly for these instances and grounds him for a week.

Unofficially, he takes the little punk out for ice cream and praises him for looking out for his dad.

“Papa,” Lucien corrects him one day, and MC looks at him in confusion.

“Damien is papa,” Lucien explains. “You’re dad.”

And his voice is so matter-of-fact, as if he’s stating a simple truth of the universe, like the sun being yellow and snow being cold.

MC most definitely does not cry.)

But then, things start falling apart, like they always do.

The endearing little quirks they love about each other become irritating, the fights louder and more vicious.

Damien and MC both have their own problems, so many things to work through, so many hurts to heal from.

And maybe…maybe they’re not the right ones to help each other out after all.

Maybe they’re just hurting each other more by being together.

The second break-up is, if possible, even more painful than the first.

Amanda becomes withdrawn - why bother getting attached to anyone if they’re just going to leave you in the end? The only one she opens up to is her father, and to him she clings, like a baby koala. Because she’s already lost two parents. She can’t bear to lose a third.

Lucien becomes harder, more angry. He was 3 when MC had come into his life, and can’t remember a time without him. The longing for his dad is like a hurricane, a wild, fierce ache he doesn’t know what to do with. So he turns it outwards - to students who sneer about his weird last name and adults who call his papa she and her. But he never turns that snarling, explosive anger on his papa. Never on Damien.

They’re 39 when MC and Amanda move to quiet little Maple Bay, and it’s a few days before they actually become aware of each other’s presence.

Amanda is hanging out with some of her new friends (a pair of girls from her class, both named Emma), and MC, with nothing better to do, is at the Coffee Spoon, a nice little cafe within a few minutes’ walk from their new house.

He’s got a book open in front of him, and is sipping at his piping hot chai latte when the bell over the door gives a chime to announce a new customer.

He doesn’t look up as a pair of teenagers walks in talking about something or other, and he doesn’t notice how one of them freezes in his tracks, staring at MC with a breathless shock.

His friend stops too, and turns to look at him with confusion.

“You okay, dude?” asks his friend, Ernest, but he doesn’t reply.

“Dad?” he chokes out, voice just barely above a whisper.

And Ernest turns to follow his gaze, expecting to see Damien Bloodmarch.

But the man Lucien is staring at is short and broader in the shoulders. He has messy red curls and freckles sprinkled like cinnamon across the bridge of his nose. He’s engrossed in his book.

“You high or something, dude?” asks Ernest, but Lucien doesn’t reply.

“Dad!” he calls again, louder this time, as he walks up to the man sitting at the table, and his voice is maybe a little desperate, maybe a little vulnerable.

The man looks up, and Ernest sees his expression cycle through a million different emotions in the span of three seconds.

Confusion, bewilderment, dawning realization, tearfulness, joy, love.

He gets to his feet, pulling Lucien into a crushing embrace.

And the teen may be half a head taller than him, but he folds into the embrace with something akin to relief, like a tension Ernest hadn’t even known existed finally being released from his shoulders.

He’s quiet, almost docile, in a way that’s so completely foreign, Ernest is rooted to his spot.

They exchange a few quiet words, the stranger wiping what look like tears from Lucien’s cheeks.

Then, they pull apart, and Lucien watches the man leave with longing, watches him cross the street and head towards the Bloodmarch residence.

He doesn’t snap out of it until the man is completely out of view, after which he proceeds to ignore Ernest’s questions in favor of dragging him to that house that used to belong to the Wilson family until they’d moved last week.

He pulls out a key that Ernest hadn’t even noticed the other man give him, and let them into the house, where they sat watching television while they waited for…something.

An hour or two later, the front door finally opens, and a pretty older girl with healthy dark skin and a sweet, freckled face walks in.

She stops short when she sees the two strangers in the living room, and looks like she’s about to take on a fighting stance before Lucien quickly unfolds from his position on the couch and approaches her cautiously.

(He, better than anyone, knows not to underestimate her sweet and unassuming appearance.

She’s been taking kickboxing since she was 6, and had been formidable even then.

He shudders to think how dangerous she must be now.)

“Calm down, Manda, it’s just me,” Lucien says by way of greeting, and her expression morphs into confusion.

“Who is “me”?” she asks, eyes narrowed.

“What, don’t recognize your own baby brother?” he asks, tone teasing, and she gasps.

“LUCY!” she shrieks, tackling him, and Ernest would probably be laughing at the ridiculous nickname if he wasn’t just so darned confused.

It takes about ten minutes for her to get her squealing and tears back under control.

“Where’s dad?” she asks. “Where do you live? Can you take me there? I wanna see pops! Is he home from work yet? How-”

“They’re busy, Manda,” Lucien finally interrupts, and Amanda’s eyes light up.

“’Busy’?” she asks, her smile taking on a sly edge, and Lucien huffs and rolls his eyes, pushing her face away from how annoyingly close it was to his own.

Talking,” he stresses. “Busy talking.”

And Amanda’s smile takes on a softer cast.

“About time,” she says. And her voice is hopeful as she asks, “Do you…do you think they’ll…?”

She doesn’t say the words, worried that vocalizing them will break the fragile hope that’s woven tight around her heart.

Because she wants this. More than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. Wants it so much she can barely breathe, so much she doesn’t know how she’ll survive if it doesn’t happen.

And Lucien, for all of his cynicism and jadedness, wants it just as fiercely as she does.

“God I hope so.”

It doesn’t take MC 3 months to ask Damien out this time.

It’s been nine years since their fragile happiness had broken apart, and in that time, he’s done a lot of thinking.

A lot of learning and growing and regretting.

And now that they’ve found each other again, he’s not going to let go a third time.

They sit and talk for a long, long time.

They talk about their lives, their hopes, their problems, their children, their love.

They talk about everything that had gone wrong the last two times, and they talk about whether they’re willing to give it one last shot.

After five hours of talking things over and working things out, they decide to take some time apart to think things over.

MC goes home with a spring in his step and hope in his heart.

Amanda and Lucien, as well as the other boy from the coffee shop whose name MC never got, are slumped over each other on the sofa, fast asleep while an episode of Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers murmurs quietly in the background.

With an exasperated smile, MC turns off the television and tucks a blanket around the teens.

Lucien returns home the next day just before noon with a kink in his neck and a smile on his lips.

He badgers his father for the next hour or two about what he’s going to do about his relationship with MC until Damien finally gets fed up and throws him out of the house to go and “bother someone else for a bit.”

Lucien obviously takes this as a good sign, because he’s wearing a satisfied grin across his cheeks.

Damien wants to be annoyed at how easily his son can seem to read him.

But he doesn’t have any room in his heart to feel anything but excitement, happiness, love, optimism.

When his doorbell rings a few hours later, he opens it excitedly to find MC standing there, hiding behind an enormous bouquet of dahlias.

(Dignity and elegance; commitment and everlasting bonds.)

And Damien can’t help but think back to that innocent little girl more than three decades ago, with her pretty little sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, with her scraped knees and fingers covered in paint.

He wonders if she’d be proud of the person he’d become.

He sure hopes so.


Type: Smut

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Originally posted by jypnior

You had had it. It was only 3 weeks into taking your relationship with with Jinyoung public and you couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without being attacked by someone. Wether they were telling you that you weren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough for him or they were just fans yelling at you for touching ‘their man’ you coolant handle it. 

You loved Jinyoung, that was one of the reasons why you thought that it was time to go public, and he loved you more than the world. But there was no love in the world to trump the hate you were getting. You stopped seeing him, going out even and people were noticing and hating you even more. You were avoiding him and the others and the lack of seeing you with them just made that hate fly faster your way.

You curled up and crying, no one to talk to since even your own friends were chiming in on the hate and telling you to just end it with him. You couldn’t talk to Jinyoungs members either since they would probably all just tell you the same thing ‘be strong and don’t break up with him it will go away.’ 

But it wasn’t and you were still left there, alone, and with nothing to make you feel better. You wouldn’t even go to work and pretend like this was something you could handle since fans had started to show up there and harass you. You couldn’t do anything. Well, you could. Maybe the only way out of this was to just end it. End the hate, end the gossip, end the relationship. 

You pulled the covers over your head again. No, you couldn’t do that to him, you loved him so much and you wouldn’t know where or who’d you be without him. You stared at his name on your phone, it flashing up right beside you to hide all of the hate that you had been tagged by. You sniffled and wiped your cheek, clearing your throat once before answering his call. 


‘Hey! Babe, I’m getting an hour break in like thirty minutes lets go have lunch or something.’ He said. You could tell he was distracted. 

‘No.’ Your eyes started to well again. 

‘What? I thought you said earlier you were hungry, did you already eat?’

‘Jinyoung I don’t want to. I can’t.’ You all but whispered, trying hide the fact that you had started to cry again. 

‘Can’t what? Y/n your scaring me whats wrong?’

‘Im sorry JInyoung I can’t do this anymore. I can’t its too much.’ and then you hung up. 

You squeezed your eyes shut to try and stop the tears that just kept coming. Your phone kept ringing and ringing, Jinyoung desperately trying to get ahold of you and eventually Jaebum’s name was coming in with his texts telling you to answer Jinyoungs calls. But you couldn’t. You wouldn’t let him convince you to continue to be miserable. Although, being miserable with him could be far better then being miserable without. 

You couldn’t handle it anymore, the only thing that you knew is you wanted to be alone. You turned your phone off and sat up, wiping your cheeks before hugging the comforter around your shoulders and making your way to the kitchen. After making yourself a cup of tea you sat yourself on the couch, looking out the window at the rain. Your mind was scattered, you didnt know what to think about, all you know was that you wanted to stat there, wrapped up and alone. 

And you did. For the majority of the day you sat curled up and absentmindedly watching the tv, something you could control with no celebrity news commercials. The only time you stood was to either make yourself more tea, pee or accept the takeout you had ordered. And that was it.

Eventually sleep had overcome you and you wish you could say it was enough to get your mind off of things, but it wasn’t. All you could do was dream about the hate and Jinyoung. You woke up and sighed, clutching the pillow you had been holding tighter and rolling your head into it more, smiling slightly at the feint smell of Jinyoungs cologne on it before you remembered that was over. You opened your eyes and groaned at the sound of knocking and looked out the window, singing at the fact that it was already dark. Another set of knocks and you tapped around you looking for your phone, but then remembered you had turned it off and set it aside. 

A third set of knocks made you sit up and you realize that it was your door being pounded on. Taking the blanket with you, you stood and made your way over to the front door and took a deep breath. Even though you were curious as to who was on the other side of the door you had a pretty good idea. You unlocked the door halfway through another set of knocks that made you jump, and just as slow as you had unlocked it, you started to open the door. But he couldn’t wait and pushed it forward hard making you stumble back. 

He looked like hell, you could tell that his mind was everywhere except where it was supposed to be and you instantly felt a pull at your heart as his eyes landed on you. He reached for you and cupped your face, his eyes turning glass and his bottom lip slightly quivering. 

‘I thought you were hurt, why weren’t you answering me.’ He said stroking the side of your head as he looked down at you. 

‘I need to be alone.’ you said trying to back out of his hold.

‘No you don’t. Why is this happening, why can’t you do this.’ He said holding you tighter so you really couldn’t back away. 

You scoffed, you didnt actually think that you needed to prove to him why you were feeling the way you were. You got out of his grip, dropped the blanket and walked to your room to turn your phone on. You didnt even have to do anything, just shove it into his hands and let him wait for the roll of hate that appeared within seconds. 

You watched as his eyes flicked back and fourth getting redder and redder by the minute as he read the things that people were saying to you and about you. He was silent and you couldn’t actually believe he was trying to read everything, there was too much to even think about it. 

You uncrossed your arms and grabbed your comforter before walking away, going into your bedroom and shutting the door behind you, deciding that the last thing you wanted was to see him. You knew it wouldn’t last long, being alone, but you tried. You brought your knees to your chest and covered your entire body with the blanket, your eyes closing to try and stop the tears that were once again threatening. 

It didnt take long for him to come up behind you and get enough blanket away from you to craw under it. He’d looked at you, his heart breaking as he reached up to stroke your cheek. You opened your eyes to look at him, a tear falling down your cheek. He quickly wiped it away, his fingers moving under your chin as he scooted closer. 

‘Don’t leave me. Ill do what ever it takes to make all of this stop just… don’t leave me.’ You smiled softly before putting your hand on his.

‘The only way this will get better is if I end things. They won’t stop unless I do.’ You cried softly. 

‘No.’ He said a little louder than he probably should have making you jump again. ‘Im not letting you go, I can’t let you go.’ He cried before pushing himself forward and pressing his lips to yours. 

You wanted to fight, to tell him it was wrong and that you couldn’t do it anymore, but the feeling of his lips on yours once again made you feel to light to even think. You couldnt help the tears as he pushed you to your back, his hand moving from caressing your cheek to your shoulder where he laid you back. Your hands had a mind of their own as they reached up to hook around his neck. Still, the thought of the hate was in the back of your head. 

‘No Jinyoung please.’ You cried against his lips, your arms tightening. 

‘Ill fix this, y/n. Ill fix this.’ He breathed into the kiss that seemed to become even deeper. 

You shook your head but you couldn’t stop kissing him and soon their was too much heat between the two of you to stop. You pulled at his shirt trying to get him as close to you as possible, his fingers just touching you were leaving you with your skin on fire. He let you pull the shirt off and then rested his body on yours, his hands running down your side to cress your leg that had folded up against his side. You shook your head again but you couldn’t stop, at that moment all you wanted to do was be with him despite all the hate you knew you were going to wake up to the next morning. 

Your arms tightened around his neck, your leg hooked up around his and your hips pressed slightly up against him. He kissed you deeply, his hands once again running up your sides and pushing his shirt that you were wearing up so he could touch your skin. You moaned a little, just like you did every time he touch your skin for the first time. Even though it was something that expected from you, this time it meant something more, and as he nudged your chin with his nose and began to kiss and suck along your neck he couldn’t help the tears that were silently running down his cheeks. 

‘Please… please, y/n. Please don’t leave me.’ He whispered against your skin. 

Your body was confusing you. Your heart hurt and made you want to stop and just be held by him while he told you everything was going to be okay. But the rest of you ached for him. Your core felt hallow and your thighs trembled with needing him. You rubbed his chest firmly, your hands moving from the bottom of his pecks up around the back of his neck and into his hair and back down. His hands were doing the same. Where he laid from in-between your legs he propped himself up on one arm and with his free hand he ran his hands up and down your leg and over your shorts, his thumb begging for permission as it hooked under the band slightly and pulled just enough so you could feel it snap. 

You lifted your hips again in hope that he would just slip the shorts off of you but after doing it three times and he still hadn’t got the clue the only thing you could think of doing to speed up the process. Your hands trailed down his sides and this time it was your fingers slipping beneath the waist band and your heart lurched when he chuckled slightly at your forwardness. He pulled away from you slightly and and pushed your hair back while looking straight into your eyes. 

‘I love you so much.’ He whispered, his eyes now darting over your entire face as if he needed to mesmerize everything. 

‘I love you.’ You whispered bringing your hands up to cup his  face.

His bottom lip trembled again before pushing himself up and pulling your shorts off as quickly as he could. His lips met yours again and this time he kissed you with such passion that you forgot where you were. His hands were roaming your body fast now, his hands squeezing at your hips and your thighs only stoping when you were laying spread eagle under him. He kissed your neck again, this time moving down to your shoulders and kissing harshly across your collar bone. His hands now were teasing your core, nothing that could set you over the edge but in a way he could tell just how ready you were for him. 

You didnt expect him to dip lower. His hands brought your thighs over his shoulders as his lips dipped down past your belly button leaving a snail trail of kisses. He’d looked up to see you watching him with needy eyes before dipping all the way down, his tongue pressing firmly against your core and  he gave you your first initial lick. Your hand found his hair as pleasure erupted through your body. He took no time in opening and closing his jaw and grinding his tongue against you quickly.

You were always so sensitive to his touch that it seemed like no time before your body was clenching and you were groaning and panting while clenching onto his hair. He could tell just by the way he shifted that you were about to explode and he made sure to drive you just enough to the edge that when he took his tongue away from you, you were left panting and quivering. You moaned pulling your hands up to your face, your chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. 

You didnt pull your hands away until you felt him move back over you and they went straight to hooking around his neck. He kissed you deeply again and at that point you could care less that his mouth had traces of your taste on it. You pushed against him until the two of you were sitting up. You noticed then that he had stripped himself down to nothing and a rush of adrenaline took over you as you pushed him up, turned him around and straddled his lap, your lips pushing his until he was pressed back against the headboard of your bed. You started to roll your hips against his erect member, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you tightly up and down his shaft. 

You moaned and tried to raise your hips wanting nothing more than to feel him in you, but his arms were wrapped to tight around you, the feeling making him tremble with anticipation. When you were finally able to get off his lap and adjust yourself to slide down his member the two of you were already both moaning messes. Jinyoung let out a shaky breath before you pressed your forehead to his. He’d hissed and pulled tighter around your waist as you started to move yourself up and down his lap, his member hitting opposite of your walls every time you moved. Hedtook a shaky hand and pushed your hair back before you took your hands and made his head tilt. Your lips kissed his neck as your hips started to move faster, his groan vibrating past your lips sent another wave of pleasure through your body. 

You felt him shift under you, his hands moving up to support your back before leaning forward and making you slide off of him. He lightly smacked your behind and the moment you rolled into your stomach and brought your knees under you his hands pushed your shirt up and over your head so his lips could kiss along your soft back. He reentered you quickly, his hips bucking into you and making you grab at the bedsheets for support. He hovered over you, his chest beading with sweat now pressed into your back as he took you from behind. 

You moaned his name and reached an arm behind you to grab onto his, your body twisting with the motion so your shoulder was now pressed to the bed. He reached up to kiss your cheek allowing him to press even further into you and at a new angle. The both of you cussed at that, the feeling of him being so deep into you causing another rush of adrenaline run through the both of you. He sat you and gripped onto your hips and ripped into you, his hips moving so fast that you could hardly breath. You moaned his name again in the form of short breaths. Your voice made him pump faster, sending him closer to the edge. 

You squealed and pulled away from him, the feeling of him setting your body afire and making it hard for you to remain in that position. All it did though was make him follow you and ride you harder till he was the one whimpering your name. Your hands reached for one another as you both walked up tot he edge of climax and your heart lurched. He let out a series of moans before pulling out of your shaking body quickly, cumming all over your back as your body hit its climax. He held onto you as you shook and called out, waiting for your body to relax before letting you go. 

He reached into your bedside table knowing exactly where you kept your wipes and cleaned you off as quick as he could. You moaned slightly as he finished up and groaned as he pulled you up into his chest. You whimpered slightly and clung to him, your arms and legs intertwining with his. You laid there with him and nuzzled your face into his chest. 

‘Ill fix this. I promise ill fix this just-’ you cut him off by moving up his body and kissing him softly. 

‘im not going anywhere. I can’t go anywhere.’

Ultimate Fangirl

Summary: My Marvel, inner fangirl gets exposed during my DC press tour, and now that’s all I talk about during my interviews. When going onto Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she not only has questions in store for me but a surprise as well. 

Author’s Note: THROWBACK THURSDAY! I wrote this a long time ago and decided to share it with you guys. I wrote this in first-person, because it’s a bit personalized. It’s based off of my interaction with Sebastian Stan during WWC Sacramento with @pleasecallmecaptain. AND based on Graham Norton’s Spice Girls Prank on Emma Stone.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Sebastian Stan x Anthony Mackie x Reader (Platonic)

Words: 1,648

Originally posted by food-oriented

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Being Tony Stark’s Daughter Would Include

Tony Stark x daughter!Reader (platonic)


Word Count: 2985 (yikes)

A/N: I’m trying something new you guys. this is my first tony thing and it’s also my first headcanon so let me know what you think :)

-you were brought to him when you were two during 2009, a year after the creation of Iron man

-your mother had just overdosed (Tony did not know how to pick ‘em) and the police found you bawling in her studio apartment over her body. a blood test revealed you were Tony’s

-absolutely utterly unready to be a father

-Pepper is the only reason he (and you)  pulled through the first two months

-she created your living quarters and took care of your needs for your arrival while Tony trapped himself in his lab for the first month trying to figure out how?

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anonymous asked:

Hugo proposing to Damien (and Ernest and Lucien get the news that they gonna be stepbrothers)

Ohhhh this is interesting, but I think the two would get along without them knowing it. Here’s my take on the prompt. Hopefully you like it

Hugo’s Proposal
Hugo Vega X Damien Bloodmarch

With all the fights and feuds that both Lucien and Ernest get in on a regular basis, you’d think that their dads would be somewhat on bad terms as well. That is if they weren’t Hugo and Damien. Surprisingly each time they had to deal with their sons fighting, they considered bonding and talking afterwards. That actually brought the two together. “How’s Ernest doing?” Damien asks as he enters his library with some snacks for afternoon tea while I was going through his collection of books, fidgeting a little and unable to sit down. “A lot better now actually, ever since we got the dog he’s been a lot more responsible.” I replied picking up a book and sitting on the chair, facing Damien who was smiling. Damien is pretty easy to read, you can tell how happy he was both for the dog and Ernest. “That’s splendid!” Damien says. I smiled with Damien as well, it’s contagious. “I need to train it some more though, last night it peed on the couch.” I laughed a bit while going through the book on how to train dogs. “You can borrow that if you’d like, it’ll be a big help. Giving him treats would help too, I have couple downstairs and-“Damien babbles on how to train the dog and what the dog specifically like. I end up in a trance, just looking at how passionate and genuine Damien is on the subject. He’s adorable. He catches me staring and blushes a bit. “I’m babbling aren’t I? Or is there something on my face?” He asks and I ended up blushing as well. I didn’t mind the babbling, I’ve babbled at him quite often too (especially when I brought him to watch WWE with me.). “No, it’s nothing. Continue. So I need a long leash right?” I encouraged him to continue but he suddenly got all shy. I smiled and approached Damien, leaning in for a kiss. He kisses me back, he’s twice as red now. We continued reading in his personal library and just enjoyed each other’s company. You have got to ask the question now Hugo, now or never. “Damien” I asked as he looked up from his book waiting for me to continue. I was in panic; I don’t know what to say or do. I wasn’t ready “U-uhm, I taking the dog out for a walk tomorrow evening, woul-would you care to join me?” Definitely not what I was going for but okay, I think I’ve got it. It’ll buy me a little more time. He nods smiling “Of course.”

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Seth Rollins - Took you long enough

Prompt: Could I make a Seth Rollins request? Something cuts and fluffy where the reader has been with him for a long time. Even before him getting into wwe. And they’re still not engaged/married yet and the reader is wondering when he’ll propose. I just have this image of Seth sneaking peeks at her Pinterest to get ideas for a ring and stuff. Idk if that makes sense at all but I hope it does 🙊
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You and Seth had been together for a long time. You went to the same high school back in Davenport. He was popular, known by everyone and you, well you weren’t the bottom of the food chain. You had your group of friendships and you didn’t really stray from them. You knew Seth from the moment you started high school. He didn’t know you. Your first official meeting was when he joined your local gym. You were both 16. You quickly found out that both of you had a love for wrestling and wanted to get into the business. From then on you spent every day together, working out and training together. At first, you just hung out at the gym but your friendship soon evolved to hanging out at school and people quickly noticed. When the two of you started dating you were the talk of your school. 

No one thought your relationship would last but then you made it to a year and then graduation. And now here you are over 10 years later, still together and now in the wwe together. Your relationship has been through a lot. Both of you decided to follow your dreams to become wrestlers that caused some problems in your relationship. Distance being the main one and injuries for both you and Seth. Over the years you went to different promotions and Seth was offered a wwe contract before you. You travelled the world while Seth worked through NXT and onto the main roster. 

You were so proud of him. Eventually, you had made a big enough name for yourself on the indies that you got offered a contract. You were in NXT for a year and now here you are, finally with Seth on raw. 

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A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors Note: I’ve been working on a 707 series while also working at this story as well. So that’s exciting! I hope my Jumin fanatics like myself reallllly enjoy this chapter. I’ve been listening to a Firefly music festival playlist for a lot of inspiration to get my butt in gear. 

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you like or what I can improve upon. Keep liking and sharing to spread the love <3 

Lazy weekends were the best weekends especially after Jumin got home from his business trip. Jumin was napping soundly on the couch Elizabeth the third purring on his chest with his hand on her body. I smiled to myself as I watched the two of them snoozing the afternoons away. I grabbed a blanket and gently laid it across his legs and on lower part of his chest. His top shirt buttons casually unbuttoned. Elizabeth moved in his arms at the startle of the blanket but settled back into her position once she realized I had helped her out.

I sat back down on the lounge chair and scrolled through my phone.

MC has logged into the Chatroom—

Jaehee: I’m relaxing at the beach getting some sun.

707: I burn to a crisp in the sun

Oh MC is here!

MC: Jaehee how is vacation going?

Jaehee: You can keep my job forever if you would like. 

Has Jumin ran you up a wall yet?

MC: hahaha hardly. 

Everything is good on our end, however business end is a different story.

Jaehee: What happened was it his father again?

MC: not quite Mr. Han per say more like Jumin’s fiance.

707: wait hes engaged that damn bastard

MC: no don’t misunderstand this is not his choosing.

Jaehee: and what happened?

MC: they may or may not believe that Jumin and I are-

Jaehee: He did what?

MC: Its just a misunderstanding, until Jumin can collect enough information to refuse this marriage proposal.

707: Oh thank God! 

I was worried that I would have to come save you from Jumins clutches. 

Defender of Justice to save the innocent MC from the gate keeper Jumin.

MC: all good on this end here! 

Seven don’t worry I’ll know who to call to save me next time.

707: All is well then.





-707 has logged out-

Jaehee: I have to go too I need another drink.

MC: Don’t have too much fun you have to come back soon!

Jaehee: No promises here.

–Jaehee has logged out—

 It was inevitable that I would run into Zen news on my Facebook page. South Korean Musical Actor Trending in the United States of America. I quickly scrolled past the news page my friends shared on Facebook. Hyun Ryu and Amelia Corina officially an item? I turned my phone over trying to ignore the burning feeling in my heart. 

I could not tear my eyes away at his calm and collected mannerism. Did he even lose any sleep over me? He looked as if he didn’t spend too much time letting a breakup hinder his acting and public appearance. Hyun was somebody now, and I was just holding him back. It took me a week and RFA taking turns keeping my mind occupied before I was finally composed enough to be alone.

Why was I craving to see him, was it because he was happy and doesn’t seem to be too worried about a cheating scandal? I still cared for Zen. I will always love him in some way or the other. I cant forget the man that he was before things started to go downhill. Still, I can admire him from afar. Maybe one day Jaehee and I can fangirl over him and we can bring the baby to watch Zen on the TV.

There were thousands of pictures mostly of Zen, and selfies on date nights. Late nights under the stars, his motorcycle, backstage at his musicals. Was he happy? Was he finally accomplishing his dreams? Did the woman in the new pictures know how he likes his DVD collection at home? How he snores lightly when he’s exhausted from a long night of drinking?

I looked at my camera roll on my phone hesitant to look at the beginning. If I wanted a clean slate I needed to delete photos off of my phone. It was going to be now or never. I selected every photo, video, selfie, and saved screen shots I had saved since I met him. I quickly hit the delete button before my heavy fingers would change their mind. Clearing out all the memories, and moments that I treasured the most with Zen. I took a deep breath as I emptied my trash bin on my phone.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could start looking forward to cute baby pictures. I finally opened my text messages and deleted any and every message with Zen involved in it. It would be better to rid myself of the temptation to look back and feel sorry about myself. I smiled to myself that I was finally released from a large amount of temptation to look at those photos that brought me so much happiness.

I was startled by Elizabeth crawling in my lap. I looked over at Jumin who was lazily stretching out on the couch with a loud groan. I pet her soft white fur as she sat down between my legs encouraging me to pet her.

“Have you decided to sit with the ladies?” I said to Elizabeth who was enjoying extra attention from another person.

She cozied herself up on my knee and sprawling out. “She just wants more attention” Jumin said groggily and I laughed at her cute little face and tail.

“Jumin, Elizabeth the Third needs a womanly figure in her life to keep her straight. Sometimes it’s good to take a short reprieve from her favorite and only man in her life.”

He laughed and sat up on the couch, blanket wrapped around his shoulders and hair disheveled in all directions. I smiled to myself at his rare and slightly appearance. Jumin would hate to look like a mess in front of anyone.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked looking at me seated on the edge of the couch arms resting on his legs.

“Nothing!” I told him scratching behind Elizabeth’s ears averting his stare and blush on my cheeks. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of Elly. I knew who to send this picture to, Seven. Seven immediately responded with heart emojis: “Elly my love! She is so adorable! Jumin however looks like he just woke up with the bad case of bed head.”

“Wait was I in that picture that you just took?” He asked sitting upright on the couch. “Maybe. A lady never divulges her secrets Jumin.” I teased and he smirked. “Can I see it?” He asked softly.
I got up and sat next to him on the couch and showed him the picture.

“God is that what my hair looks like?” He ran a hand through it in an attempt to fix it only making it stick further out. I laughed uncontrollably at his hair and his expression when he asked me if it looked any better. He got up and went to his room. “Can you help me since my efforts have been to no avail.”

“Yes Jumin.” I sat on the top of the couch and had him between my legs. “Let me know if I pull your hair.”

I carefully brushed his hair back towards my body. “Have you ever worn it any other way or has it always looked like this?”

“Its been the same for as long as I can remember.”

“Jumin have you ever been in relationships with other women before?”


“I didn’t mean for it to sound like that, I just never have seen you show interest in many women our age. Nothing is wrong with that I was just wondering.”

“Women are out for my fathers money and influence not so much myself. The way to my fathers heart seems to be through winning me over. None of them actually cared for me or was around long enough for one anyways. Most women only see me as money and future CEO.”

“I understand your difficulty then finding someone you can actually trust and talk too aside from V and Rika.”

“Yes it was only them for a while but now that V is absent and Rika passed I only have Elizabeth.”

“You have me too Jumin.”

“I know and I’m thankful for some sanity in the madness.” He sighed deeply. “How does it look?”

“It doesn’t look half bad pulled back.” I said and he got up to look at himself.

“If I didn’t look old before this makes me look much older now.”

“I think you look mature, well you already looked mature. More mature.” I said shuffling down to the couch.

“You think I would scare Jaehee if I wore it like this?” He asked smiling as he ruffled his hair out with a shake of his head and hair returned to its normal position on his head.

“I think she would think something was wrong.” He smiled shaking his head.

“What were you doing earlier on your phone? You looked upset?” He asked concerned tone in his voice.

“Hmm oh I was just deleting photos.”

“Of him?”

“Yes of him.” Silence deafened between the two of us before he spoke again.

“You still love him?”

“I don’t love him now but I think I always will hold a place for him. There is a baby that will probably remind me of Zen every day soon.”

“Is love a strange and powerful emotion?” He asked sitting back down on the couch his arms reclined back on the couch behind him. I looked at his face searching himself for some grasp on his tone and curiosity.

“Love?” How do I describe love?

“Well love is different for everyone,” I tried to explain. “Theres the love you have for your family or your father. The love you have for your friends V, Seven, Yoosung, and Jaehee. Finally there is romantic love that you feel towards another person.”

“I love Elizabeth the Third, is that more a familial love?”

“Yes exactly shes a part of your family.”

“Familial love is similar to when Yoosung and Seven talk about chocolate milk and cat jokes?” I nodded my head smiling. Jumin trying to make mental connections to the emotions he was feeling and putting a name to the emotion and it was written on a furrowed line on his forehead. The wrinkle he gets when he is deep in concentration and deep thought. He was silent again before he spoke up once more. 

“What about romantic love?” His asked softly in my direction. 

I took my time trying to find the right words in which to describe romantic love to him that would make the most sense. Your heart starts racing uncontrollably out of your chest around them. Your face gets red when they say anything remotely similar to flirting.” He nodded his head. “Do you find it hard to eat when you think about them?” he asked genuinely. “I think so depending on the situation.”

He met my eyes in an instant, “I think I know what it is.” His hand rested on top of my hand his eyes locked with mine. His fingers grasping onto the sides of my hand and making small circular motions with his pointer finger. I took a deep intake of air before speaking “Romantic or passionate love for another person I think is when you put the other person before yourself, and you worry not just for your needs but for theirs and in a more intimate way. Physically and mentally.” 

His dark eyes stared into my own and I was memorized at the deep color of them as our eyes locked onto one another. “I think I know what it is,” he said moving closer to me on the couch. My face felt warm under his intense stare. Jumin closed the space that was between his lips within inches of my own. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his warm lips to meet mine. His hand sliding to the back of my head. 

There was a loud knock on the door. I immediately sat back and lowered my eyes to avert his own. He cleared his throat and buttoned his shirt to check the door. 

“Jumi! I came to-“ a loud and shrilling high pitched voice pierced through the air and could only belong to the voice of a red-haired, overly perfumed woman in a purple dress.

“This is not a good time Sarah.” Jumin said and she barged into his home. Sarah threw open the door that Jumin was guarding. He palmed his head in frustration. .

“Oh shes here.” I shifted in my seat making sure my little baby bump was hidden from her watchful eye. Shit. The ultrasound was on his fridge. This could implicate Jumin already more than he already was.

“shes my lover of course she would be here.” Jumin said coming to sit by me leaning on the sofa arm casually.

“I brought something for Liz!”

“Elizabeth the third?” Jumin corrected

“yes the cat,” Sarah snared back at him.

I slowly got up to make my way over to the fridge. “Shall I let you two discuss?”

“No I want you to stay.” Jumin said grabbing my hand from my side. I turned to look at him and his expression pleading for help. His slim fingers intertwined into my own.

“So how did you two officially meet?”Sarah asked trying to latch herself onto Jumin. Her breasts spilling out of her top as she attempted to press herself to his arm. Jumin immediately shook her off in disgust and need for personal space. I gave him some space as he tried to push her off of him. 

“Well-“ I started when Jumin chimed in. 

“She is the coordinator for RFA parties for a while, and-“

“I have no interest in Jumin’s businesses, he’s a genuinely kind man with a huge heart.” I added as i looked at Sarah who looked like she bit into something sour and bitter. 

 “Romantic love will never last.”

Her comment struck a nerve deep within me. 

“I know that, more than anyone.” She started going through my papers i had laying on the dining room table. I stepped in front of her putting the papers back to their location.

“You have a limited amount of time with the people you love than you spend that time doing just that.”

“I have a right to see what those documents are since I am his fiance.”

“No you don’t. and No you are not. You can leave the gift for Elizabeth on the table and then escort yourself out.” I was fuming with annoyance. Jumin was smirking behind me at how little patience I had for this woman.

“Jumin are you going to let her speak to me in such ways? I know you are faking this relationship with your secretary. Wont you let me comfort you?”

“I find no issue with her tone.Is that so? We are faking it?” He said questionably at her comment. His arms folded against his chest in annoyance.

“MC.” Jumin said grabbing my arm and pulling myself towards him closely. He felt like he was on fire from the heat he was exuding.

“I want to be honest with my feelings for you. I had intentions on letting our relationship grow however I ant deny that there is a strong attraction to you. I cannot hold myself back any longer.”


I felt his hand on my chin and he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My mind went blank at his tender kiss. I wanted more. I needed more. But I also needed to breathe before I was consumed in his heat. I looked into Jumins eyes that were tenderly looking into my own. I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other. 

“You would kiss her in front of your own fiance!” Sarah screamed and loudly screaming at us both. Sarah must have let herself out on her own because I was too busy letting Jumin consume me with his tender kisses. Jumins hand placed behind my head. My hands holding tightly onto his shirt. I let my guard down and allowed myself to initiate the kiss again and pressed myself into his warm and soft lips. His tongue tracing around my lip as if asking for permission from my lips to enter.

He was the first to pull away his head resting on mine. “I have been wanting to kiss you for a long time now.” He smiled kissing my head as if I were a child. 

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“All of it.” He just held me tightly against his chest. 

“I have never felt this much before I met you.” He whispered into my ear and I smiled knowing that he was becoming more open with himself and allowing himself to feel. He pressed his lips against mine as if he was trying to consume the air in my lungs. My lips brushing against his over and over again.

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Reunited - Eight

A/N: Part 8 of 10. Thank you all for your feedback, it helps keep me motivated and inspired. Also a special thanks to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Lexi (OC), Violet (OC), Sarah, (OC). And JACK is back:p

Warnings: A little bit of angst and a little bit of fluff.

Wordcount: 3462

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Originally posted by black-little-demons

Jensen felt like the air had been knocked from his lungs. He wasn’t exactly sure what he had expected you to say, but the fact that you had nothing to say at all hadn’t crossed his mind. He let go of you and took a few steps back, the hurt he felt was clear in his emerald green eyes.

“I love you, Jensen. Of course I do. But I don’t think that we love each other automatically means that we’ll make it in a long distance relationship,” you said, trying to reach out for his hand, but he pulled away from you.

“It sure as hell is a good place to start.” He was looking at you in disbelief.

“Yes. But we are just getting to know each other again. And I think that if we’re even gonna stand a chance we need a stronger foundation. We need to be able to trust each other.”

“So you don’t trust me?”

“That’s not what I’m saying…”

“Well… It’s what I’m hearing. I will say this one more time. I am truly sorry that I have hurt you before, but I have promised you that I will not do that again. You are it for me (YN), I’m in this for the long haul,” Jensen said sternly. “But if you’re gonna drag up the past every time you’re having doubts, or get scared to commit to me, this will never work. You either forgive me and we move on, or we call it quits right now. I will not let you hold this over me for every future fight.”

You could feel the familiar sting of tears behind your eyes. Of course he was right, it wasn’t fair of you to keep dragging up the past, but you couldn’t help it, just thinking about him leaving made you crazy. You didn’t know what to say to him, instead you just stood there looking at him, trying not to let the tears start flowing.

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Once Upon a Quarantine

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: for @txf-fic-chicks post-ep/missing scene challenge - At the end of Firewalker, Mulder reports that they are in day 4 of a month long, mandatory quarantine.  So, what was that like?  Thank you @sunflowerseedsandscience for narrowing things down for me!

After the first week of the quarantine, they relaxed our decon status to level 3.  It still meant the same checks, same blood samples, same fluid samples, same vitals taken, just less often.  The week after that, they relaxed it even further down to level 2.  Which was still the same tests, less often, only this time the personnel weren’t required to wear masks.  At the very least, Scully and I weren’t isolated.  Not from each other, anyway.  

Those first two weeks we were kept in a ward resembling a hospital, complete with adjustable beds and every kind of monitor known to man.  It was just us, ten empty beds between us, and a rotating staff of CDC doctors and nurses who were pretty excited about a possible fungal contamination when we first arrived, but quickly grew bored with our complete lack of presentation of any symptom and generally left us alone if they weren’t drawing blood.

Scully read a lot.  They had a whole library of material to choose from to keep us biohazards from going stir crazy, but Scully wasn’t the type to sit down with the newest Michael Crichton novel.  She requested textbooks on pathology to kill time.  I would rather swallow nails than read a textbook.  I did get to consult on some behavioral profiles that were sent over for me to offer input on, so I did get something done.  One evening, I amused myself by turning on all twelve TVs in the room to MTV, turning out the lights, and tried to convince Scully to come party in Club Quarantine.  I even sweet talked one of the nurses into providing me with a tray of test tubes and I filled them with gatorade.  Scully humored me by doing one shot and then went back to her little corner of textbooks while I played air guitar to some new Aerosmith video.

I wasn’t worried about a fungal contamination at all.  From what we witnessed out at the institute, we’d have been long showing signs by now if we were exposed.  What I was worried about, was Scully.  In all honesty, I didn’t think it was a good idea for her to return to work so quickly, but she was adamant about it.  And though she cleared her physical tests and her recertification training, I just thought that taking a break to deal with the abduction, which she has no memory of, would be wise.  The only reason I agreed to sign off on her reinstatement was because it meant I could keep an eye on her myself.

I don’t know if she knows it, but she’s had nightmares almost every night since we’ve been here.  I’m not much of a sleeper, so I stayed up late watching TV down on my end, volume low, and I could hear her soft whimpers from across the room.  I didn’t really know what to do, but I didn’t want to wake her.  What exactly would I say, for one thing?  And if I know Scully, she’d be so mortified she may not sleep again the entire month if she knew I saw her like that.  I suppose the cat would’ve been out of the bag if she was more like me and woke up shouting, but she just whimpered with a furrowed brow.  I put my hand on her shoulder and eventually she relaxed.

Three nights in a row I was pulled from bed by the same whimpering cry and then nothing for the next four nights.  Towards the end of the second week it was happening more frequently and multiple times a night.  She never woke up and I never did more than touch her shoulder and wait for her to stop.

The third week of quarantine, they moved us into a unit that was more like a hotel.  It had a separate bedroom and a pull out couch and a kitchenette.  Gentleman that I am, I gave Scully the bedroom and I took the pull out couch.  It wasn’t all that comfortable, but the only TV in the place was in the little living room and I could make do.  The best thing about the new digs was that they let us make requests for groceries and it turned out that Scully actually likes to cook things.  She also wasn’t half-bad, even if she prefered things that are rather bland.

Now that we had a real room and a VCR, Scully grew less interested in her textbooks and started joining me for movies at night.  Most of the time, she went to bed before they were over and considering she shut the door to the bedroom, I have no idea if the nightmares continued.

We were in the home stretch with only a week to go of this imprisonment when she fell asleep next to me during movie night.  Another nice thing about the new stage of quarantine was they let us wear actual pajamas instead of hospital scrubs and she had on this pair of pinstriped flannel pj’s that looked pretty cozy.  I had stretched out on the pull out, propped up by cushions and pillows and Scully curled up on her side, propped up on her elbow.  I saw her lay down at one point, but I didn’t realize she was asleep until the nightmare started.

It was just a little whimper and I picked up the remote to mute the TV.  The light from the TV made her skin glow and I could see a tear trickling from the corner of her eye and glistening down the inside line of her nose.  

“Shit,” I whispered.

Crying was something else.  She hadn’t cried before and my heart felt like it was being squeezed in a vice.  It brought back memories of nights when Samantha was little and she’d run to my room after having a nightmare, after our mother had told her one too many times to go back to bed.  I would hug her and tuck her back into bed and look in the closet for monsters until one night when I’d just gotten too old and impatient to deal with an annoying little sister who came running every time she heard a noise.  I told her to stop being a baby and stop barging into my room and I don’t know what she did to comfort herself after that because less than a year later, she was gone forever.  If I’d known then what I know now, I never would’ve turned her away.  

Scully isn’t Samantha.  I can’t hug her and tuck her in and pretend to have a bottle of super potent monster repellent hidden under the bed to chase all the bad guys away.  I can’t tuck her in and tell her I’ll stay until she falls asleep.  Scully isn’t seven and she doesn’t hero worship me and think I can do no wrong.

So, I did what I’d done the first weeks of quarantine and I put my hand on Scully’s shoulder, but still she whimpered and still the tears continued to trickle.  I wondered what the nightmares were about.  The abduction?  Something else?  I wished she’d confide in me, but honestly, one of my biggest fears  since she’d been returned to me was that she blamed me for what happened.  I wasn’t there to answer my phone.  I didn’t track Duane Barry down in time to stop it from happening.  And I spent months looking, but still I never found her. I’d understand if she didn’t trust me anymore, but I really wanted a chance to earn it back.

Suddenly, Scully gave a jerk and her eyes opened.  She shivered and her eyes rolled in confusion.  Her breathing was quick and shallow.

“It’s okay,” I said, quietly, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“Mulder?” she whispered, voice thin and breathless.

“Unfortunately.  You okay?”

“Fine,” she whispered.  “I’m fine.”

“Bad dream?”

She pulled at the collar of her shirt a little and smoothed her hand up and down her throat as she nodded slightly.  She brushed her hand across her cheek and then pulled her fingers away and a look of surprise crossed her face when they came away wet.  

“I don’t remember,” Scully answered.

“Was it about the spores?”

“I don’t know.”

Scully curled her body up a little tighter and I was surprised she hadn’t already gotten up to leave.  I was hesitant to do it, but I put my hand on her head.

“If you wanted to talk at all,” I said.  “We can.”

“I told you, I don’t remember.”

“Not just about the dreams, about anything.”

“I meant the abduction,” she said, quietly, her eyes slipping shut.  “I don’t remember.”

I moved my hand away and put it in my lap.  “I know.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Scully.”

She took a deep breath and sighed as she exhaled.  She shifted slightly and curled up a little bit more.  Quietly, I leaned forward and grabbed the blanket from where it was folded at the end of the bed.  I opened it up and draped it over her, adjusting it over her shoulders so she wouldn’t be cold.  She sighed again and one of her arms flopped out towards me.  Slowly, I leaned back again and when a few minutes passed and she hadn’t moved, I reached down and put my hand in hers.  Her fingers twitched and reflexively curled over mine.  There weren’t any more nightmares for her the rest of the night.

The End

The Great Catsby

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland

Rating: Pg-13

A/N: Kay, so you know that interview of Tom Holland where he says he hates cats? I’ll link it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Cz2QliC3w0

I think I put waaaayyyy too much of myself in this one lol but here you go anyway, lovelies! xoxo

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Title: I Deserve Better
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Noah PuckermanxFem!Reader
Warnings: Cheating, Cursing
Requested: No
Plot: Y/N put her whole heart into a relationship she wanted desperately to work. Yet, the price for devoting her whole self was her heartbreak.
Song Inspiration: “Burn” - Hamilton Soundtrack
If you click on the song name, you will be brought to the song on YouTube :) )

You and your words flooded my senses
Your sentences left me defenseless
You built me palaces out of paragraphs
You built cathedrals

I’m erasing myself from the narrative.

“No, no, that’s fake!” you said, desperately, refusing to believe anything that was being shown to you. “He wouldn’t do that to me.” Your breaths were becoming short as you scrolled through the screenshots of text messages. The more you swiped to the right, the more believable it was becoming. There were flirty text messages and inappropriate pictures, sent from both ends, not just from one.

“I…I’m sorry, Y/N,” Kurt said to you quietly, placing a gentle hand on your arm.

When you let go of his phone with your deathly grip, he slowly pulled it down and placed it aside before wrapping his arms around you.

You could only shake your head frantically. “How’d you find this?” you whispered. “Who showed you?”

“Finn. He saw Puck messaging the girl when they were hanging out and when Puck left his phone, Finn screenshotted it and sent it to me,” your best friend explained.

“I feel so damn stupid,” you spat. “I’m such a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not,” Kurt said. “He clearly is.”

You shook your head again, in complete disbelief that this was actually happening. After you pulled away from Kurt, you sniffled and wiped the tears from your eyes. “Can…Can I be alone, please?”

“I…okay. Just give me a call if you need me,” Kurt told you, sincerely. He hugged you once more before walking out of your room. Before he disappeared quickly, he turned to look at you and offered you a sad smile.

When he left completely, you closed the door behind him and stopped for a moment, just taking in all of the information. When the full brunt of it hit you, you let out a sob before sliding down your door in agony. You covered your mouth first and then your hand moved up to messily wipe away the tears that were pooling down your cheeks. 

And then it struck you - you had been putting so much effort into the relationship, but Puck gave none. Not nearly as much as you were putting in. So why were you crying? You didn’t have anything to cry about. 

But why did it hurt so much? Why did it have to leave you in tears?

In one last attempt to gain your dignity, you made your way to your closet and pulled out any signs of him that you could find. Once you collected everything that he had given you, you took one last look into your closet and found that it was a lot emptier. 

You quickly grabbed the nearest box and stuffed all of the items in there before placing your phone on top. 

When you got down the stairs, your parents looked up from watching a movie on the TV and smiled at you sadly.

Your mother stood up first and went to hug you, but before she could, you told both your mother and father, “Thank you…”

They nodded in understanding as your mother placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. 

In a mutual understanding, you walked out of the house and grabbed your car keys on the way out. 

It felt like only seconds before you arrived at his house and without much of a care, you got out of your car and placed the box on his front doorstep. Before leaving, you snatched your phone, rang the doorbell, and headed off. You were quick to leave, meaning that by the time he got to his door, every trace of you would have been gone.

The last thing you needed to do, you did in your car when you parked in your driveway. You reread the messages that read “I love you” or “Good morning” or “I miss you.”

You would be lying if you said you didn’t feel even a bit of sadness and longing when you read the messages, but with a bitter laugh, you deleted the thread and ignored any future messages that he sent in reply to you leaving his stuff at his door.

Tomorrow, you would walk through the school and you expected everyone to know since rumors and news spread faster than wildfire. But you wouldn’t show any reaction.

Nobody deserved to know how you felt. You deserved so much more than that.

Okay, so I’ve been completely and utterly in love with Hamilton and “Burn” is one of my favorite songs, so I was really really desperate to write a one shot based on that. Hope you enjoyed! Please request! :)

Top 9 Animated Shows of 2016

I don’t wish to mince words.  2016 sucked.  It sucked a lot.  In addition to losing several beloved celebrities, including Alan Young, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, just to name a handful, my family lost two pets in as many months, and dealt with several other personal losses that, I’ll be honest, has really dashed my holiday spirits this year.  

It’s been a rough time, but one of the reasons that I adore animation is that it is the window to the fantastic, a mirror of the soul whose only restrictions are the imagination of the writers and artists.  They are my escape, and my passion.  I believe that a good story and good animation can take you on a journey that can rival any book.  I believe that with all of my heart.  

And while 2016 definitely sucked in many, MANY respects…It did not in the Animation department.  With several incredible films including  Moana, Kubo and the Two Strings, and Zootopia, and a strong stable of Animated Television shows as well.  And so for this list, I’m going to included my Nine Favorite shows from 2016.  I will also include the best places to watch said shows online, if you feel like checking them out for yourself.

Without further adu:

9) Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: A stellar voice cast including Josh Keaton, Keith David, Charlie Adler, and Mark Hamill–just to name a few.  Character designs by Greg Guler, and snappy writing and direction from Tad Stones.  This is an all around strong show that is tons of fun to watch.  It’s biggest weakness is it is a touch formulaic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) but the writing, characters, and animation make up for it.  

8) Milo Murphy’s Law

Where Can I Watch It?: Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: From the creative team behind Phineas and Ferb comes the series about Milo Murphy.  The descendant of Edward Murphy, Milo is a afflicted with his curse.  For Milo, anything that CAN go wrong, always WILL go wrong.  What makes it interesting is that Milo goes about his life crazy-prepared, and with an infectiously positive attitude.  Not hurt by the fact that the titular character is voiced by non other than “Weird” Al Yankovic.  With the writing team of Phineas and Ferb, and a star like Weird Al on your billing, naturally many episodes have a fun musical number.  This show is sure to lift your spirits if you’re just having a Milo Murphy kind of day.  

7) Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Where can I watch it?: Disney XD, Disney XD App, Hulu (Season 1 only, as of 12/25/16)

Why is it worth my Time? This fun little show has really started growing the beard since its debut last year.  With an ongoing mystery about Star’s family history underlying the second season, one definitely gets the feeling that much more is going on beneath the surface.  

6) Voltron: Legendary Defender

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: I was never a fan of the original Voltron.  It was before my time. But hearing Josh Keaton–One of my favorite voice actors–Sing the praises of this show over and over again on twitter got me hyped.  Nor was I to be disappointed, for this show was a treat.  There’s distinct nods to the Classic show–Which again, I never saw, but I NEVER once felt like I was missing anything important.  Indeed, I enjoyed every second of this show’s first season, and the amazing cliffhanger it left us on.  I never had any doubts that it would get a second season, and I can’t wait to actually catch that season next month.  

5) Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Where can I watch it?: Nickelodeon, iTunes, Netflix (Starting February 14th) 

Why is it worth my time?: I hadn’t heard of this show before a few weeks ago, but now I feel like I seriously missed out.  After after asking some friends, they heartily recommended this French Cartoon.  I dove right into it.  The show is very formulaic, but makes up for it with a great mythology, fun characters, and a downright adorable two-person love square (in which the titular heroes are in love with each other, but due to being ignorant of each others secret identities are in love with the wrong personas, preventing them from actually hooking up) Season 2 drops in May, and promises a shakeup of the status quo dominating the formulaic nature of the episodes, and I can’t wait to see it.   

4) Steven Universe  

Where can I watch it?: Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network App, Hulu

Why is it worth my time?: This show continues to grow an already impressive beard, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  It’s become rather famous within Nerd Circles for the clever writing, long term plot planning, and amazing cast of characters.  

3) Star Wars: Rebels

Where can I watch it?: iTunes, Disney XD, Disney XD App

Why is it worth my time?: This show has been getting better and better each season.  The scrappy crew of The Ghost actually makes me give a crap about Star Wars, in ways I never expected.  As they face down the Empire, while exploring the deep, rich mythology available in the Star Wars Universe.  Bonus points in having some of the scariest villains on TV.  Darth Vader’s appearances on the show actually show why he was an effectively scary villain, delivering a curb stomp battle on our heroes every time he meets them.   And General Thrawn of the current season actually makes me feel like the Rebels have lost ground every time he appears on screen.  Bonus points for fans of the recent film installment Rogue One; that movie is littered with easter eggs and references to this series.  Most obviously?  Look for the Ghost fighting in the battle above Scarif.

2) Trollhunters

Where can I watch it?: Netflix Exclusive

Why is it worth my time?: From the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro comes a coming-of-age story that, Quite frankly, is everything I look for in a fantasy series.  This is the show that I want to watch when I think I want to watch a fantasy series.  Starring the late Anton Yelchin as Jim Lake Jr, this show features an all star cast of multi-faceted heroes, villains, and lots of…Grey areas.  I cannot praise this show enough.  It only arrived on Netflix two days ago (as of the writing of this post) and it is one of the best animated shows of the year.  The season finale had me in tears at the end.  And the cliffhanger promises even more great fantasy in the next season (which I very much hope we get, even if del Toro will have to recast the lead due to Anton Yelchin’s sad and unfortunate passing.  Every episode is dedicated to his memory) 

1) Gravity Falls

 Where can I watch it?: Hulu, iTunes

Why is it worth my time?: Gravity Falls remains my second favorite animated show of all time (Though Trollhunters came very close to knocking it down to third.) and it came to an incredibly satisfying conclusion in the early part of this year.  Creator Alex Hirsch chose to end the show on a very high note, closing all of the major story arcs, while still leaving quite a few mysteries left for the fans to decipher.  (Literally in many cases) This is a show about Family, with amazing writing, awesome voice work (much provided by creator Alex Hirsch himself) and a deep, rich inner mythology, this show will be one that I return to again and again.  

And that’s it.  Those are the Nine Shows I enjoyed the most from this hellhole of a year known as 2016.  I hope that these little blurbs encourage you to check out at least one of these shows.  Or even all of them.  And I hope that they bring you the same joy that they’ve brought me this year.  

God Bless, and have a Merry Christmas,

~~The Disney Wizard.  

@lachenta asked for SMH’s favorite hockey teams so here we go 

Holster: If his family asks, it’s the Sabres. If Ransom asks, it’s the Bruins (that’s their compromise team, there was a lot of negotiating while drunk one night and Holster swore that was going to be his favorite team until the end of time. The Bruins had won the Cup only a few months prior). If the team (*cough*Jack*cough*) asks, it’s the Falconers (c'mon bro, who else would it be?). Real answer: the Seattle Schooners (he’s completely unsure if he could/would go pro but if he did, he’d want to sign with them). 

Ransom: The Maple Leafs, pretty simple, that’s the team he was raised on. And then he roots for the Bruins most of the time because they’re close by/he and Holster can go to home games whenever and that’s pretty special. Also, he appreciates Boston’s hockey fanbase, they’re a dece crowd.

Shitty: Oh ho ho. Once upon a time his entire shitty (no pun intended) family loved the Bruins. Out of spite he started reping the Blackhawks. Shitty no longer reps the Blackhawks. Now he’s a die-hard Caps fan and if questioned, he will give you the world’s longest diatribe about how easy it should be to have  team names that don’t monopolize on racist stereotypes (looking at you DC region NFL team).

Lardo: Is the master of unpopular opinions and she has two favorite teams for different reasons. Her family lives in Boston now but they didn’t always. She is originally from Philly, she will always be a Flyers fan through thick and thin. She chooses who to disclose this information to and does not give one fuck if anyone is bothered by this. However, sometime around middle school her parents’ work takes them to Chicago. She does not like Chicago hockey fans. She becomes a Blues fan partially because of this, but also she loves their brand identity and will always root for the underdog. (Plus they’ve been aight for the past few seasons and she will defend them at all costs they deserve the same attention as any other team.) 

Jack: Ok so I can’t find if Jack has a weird relationship with the Habs (because of his dad’s legacy). But even if he does, he probably holds a small torch for them. And he’s his dad’s biggest fan, I just can’t imagine 2017 Jack Zimmermann not being proud of where they are right now. (He probably tweeted Jordie good luck yesterday. He’s probably really good friends with Jordie tbh and he tells him that Bad Bob said to hmu ‘his words, I’m sorry’ if Jordie ever needs anything). But by the same logic, he is a Pens fan. Idk if this universe has Sid in it, but if it does these guys are SCARY together on ice for the World Cup and they root for each other when they’re not playing against themselves. Side note: Jack had a matinee game this past Saturday when the Pens and Flyers played. He, Bitty, and Lardo converged on Shitty’s couch to watch. Jack and Lardo are best bros and have a language all their own. But Lord, Bitty has NEVER felt such animosity flow between them. (The game ends and everything goes back to normal. Shitty and Bitty still fear for their lives.) (He does love the Falcs, he just doesn’t think that counts as a favorite team since he’s on the team.)

Bitty: I read this bittyparse fic a few days ago (I’ll link it when I remember it’s name) where Bitty says he’s a southern boy so his team is the Preds and he thinks Subban is the greatest (I agree). I think that’s one of his teams (and certainly the one he tells people the most often). He usually decides at the end of the season who he’s cheering in the playoffs (and there’s a tier system so if, purely by example, Anaheim gets knocked out whoop there’s Tampa Bay doing well). One thing he will never admit (not until much farther into his relationship and honestly only because Jack catches him) is that he watches another team quite religiously. Because Eric Richard “I can’t adopt Chowder” Bittle definitely cares about a team he’s not supposed to: and he just about tears his hair out every time he sits down to watch a Canes game. They are his children, he must protect them at all costs. Jack can’t even be mad at him when the Falcs play the Canes and Bitty wears his Skinner jersey with defiant pride (just like Bitty can’t be mad at Jack for scoring a goal and three assists in said shutout).

Johnson: The Minnesota Wild (J: actually it’s the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Shitty: …I’m writing you out of my will).

Nursey: Feels like he should be a Rangers fan, or an Islanders fan (or even a Sabres fan). But they don’t do it for him. The real answer to who’s his favorite hockey team is the New York Riverters/the entire NWHL (his sister is totally dating one of the players and he sees how hard they’re all working to get the league’s name out there and how they’re trying to provide a space for queer professional athletes. Not to mention that Harrison Browne is low-key his hero). But if you forced him to pick an NHL team, The Red Wings (one of his moms is from Detroit and they’re not a bad team, they just have some rough years here and there).

Dex: Is technically from Bruins territory. They’re his favorite US team in the NHL. But he’s also close enough to Montreal that he’s a hardcore Habs fan (which is half the reason why he drunkenly fangirls Jack throughout his frog year but he does it from a distance because Jack’s great and he probably has to deal with this shit all the time). And he’s spent most of this current season screaming “HA TAKE THAT ASSHATS” throughout the entire Haus every time they win and/or he checks the league rankings online.

Tango: It’s been established that his entire family is made up of Devils fans. I’m gonna reiterate that. He was pretty young when they won in 2000. But 2003 sparked his life long love of the game and to this day, he can tell you in great detail how his family reacted to that win (not all of it is really appropriate, though, and he does not care who/when/where it is brought up, he will re-enact the entire damn thing he does not care if your professor is judging you from afar or if your parents about to be scandalized. Just DON’T get Tony started, ok?)

Whiskey: Watch + Haircut + Lax Bros = LA = Kings Fan (he definitely flew back home for ASG this year)

Chowder: Oh no no, you think I saved him because all I have to say is he’s a Sharks fan? You underestimate us both. You see, asking Chowder who his favorite team is is like asking me what my favorite TV show is (the answer is Friends but it’s just so much more/intense/extra than anything else that it doesn’t exist on the same plane as everyone else’s fav). And this boy is the nurturing type so you have to understand that the Sharks are his ride or die for life, but he has other teams to look out for as well. Chowder is the official Western Conference Hockey ParentTM. He loves all the struggling teams that are having a rough patch and/or don’t get the attention they deserve. He was one of the Aces’ first fans (and the Schooners, but they’re all grown up with a big fanbase so they don’t really need him anymore). He keeps tabs on the Stars, AV’s, and Yotes like they’re his children. He’s actually big on hockey twitter because he’s hilarious and he wants to spread positivity throughout the league (one day he will be the most followed official NHL player twitter account).

*Bonus* Kent: has nightmares about Captain Tyler Seguin of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Ok in all seriousness, he loves his team. But he was raised a Rangers fan, he will die a Rangers fan. And if he wasn’t so used to the desert at this point/loves his life there, he would play for the Rangers at the drop of a hat.

Secret Space Monsters - Jamie Benn #2

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about/request: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re a single mother to a young 2 year boy and you and Jamie have been in a year long relationship and you tell him it’s time to meet your son. Jamie is nervous and so are you and once Jamie and your son meet they click and have so much fun together.

warnings: none

authors note: this was cute and i love jamie a lot soooo, hope you liked it!!

word count: 1415

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one day i pray i'll be more than my father's son

Jace feels terrible.

He’s freezing to the point where he’s pretty sure his body is burning hundreds of calories just by shivering. His head has filled with some kind of suspicious gunk seemingly overnight and every few seconds he has to keep it contained using one of the tissues from the Star Wars themed box at his side.

Jace is certain that if Simon were here, his body would feel much better. In fact, he’d argued this point to his boyfriend earlier in the morning.

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