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How i study languages

A couple of days ago @bonbonlanguage asked if i have a post about what i do in order to learn a new language so i thought i should try to make a post about that.

The beginning

As a beginner i always do the same stuff. I research a couple of apps or i just see if my favourite choices have a version for my target language. Usually i use: 

Fun Easy Learn
9000 words
babbel, busuu (rarely but i still have them on my phone)

+some sites and specific apps only for my target language

I choose a grammar book and i take notes from from it. So far i chose books from 3 collections: Teach Yourself, Colloquial and For Dummies.

How i take notes from a book

I ignore the excercises, in my notebook you will see only grammar notes and sometimes irregular verbs at the end, but you will never see exercises. (i’ll say later what i do with the exercises)
If the book has a pretty good structure, i just copy what’s in there. (when i say good structure i mean that i can’t extract main ideas or just a formula              e.g. stem+ending)
The theory is written in black or blue, the examples are written with a pencil and if there is a keyword, i highlight it. When i have languages with articles based on the gender of the words, like French, i use a pink and a light blue pen so when i study the articles i can see the difference. 
Now, i said that in my notebook you won’t see exercises, true, that’s because i solve them on another notebook or just on a blank sheet of paper. If your book has exercises after the grammar lesson, solve them. If half of them are wrong, you will take a break of 1-2 days (in which you will study the grammar rules) and when you feel prepared, you solve again those exercises. (you are allowed to have mistakes but try to have at least 70% of the exercises correct).
What i do after i finish a book
After i finish that grammar book, i take another one. However, this time i don’t copy-paste like i did the first time. I read what informations are there and if there are new rules/exceptions, i just write them on a sticky note and add it to my notebook. After i finish my 2nd book i usually move on to the next stage but if i feel that i missed out something, i take a 3rd book and do what i did with the 2nd one.
As a beginner i have the habit to read my notes once a week, as an intermediate learner i rarely do that.

Don’t understand that as a beginner you only take notes! Sometimes when i get bored i just study on memrise/vocabulary app and that sometimes can last 1 week, sometimes 2. I even like to use InternetPolyglot with my target language and an old target language. (e.g. I learn new words in Spanish through Danish) 

After i have a proper notebook

Usually when i finish my book and i add all the exceptions/rules that i found in the 2nd book i also have learned 1.500-2.000 words in that period of time so i want to test my skills.

When i feel confident enough, i start using duolingo. I use it as a test tool, not as a learning one! I take the shortcuts and usually in 2 days i finish a tree. (at the last part of the tree you don’t have a shortcut for everything so you just have to take the shortcut of every skill there which gets boring)

Since Duolingo is pretty advanced with his lessons, at the end i can consider myself a B1 learner. (if you have an amazing memory and skills, you can say you are B2, but Duolingo can’t get you further than that)

The intermediate stage

Whoever followed my blog for a while knows that i have 2 nightmares in my language learning journey, the intermediate stage and the irregular verbs.

For how to overcome a plateau in the intermediate stage i made a post here. (sooner or later you will hit a plateau)

Back to what i do. No book anymore, duolingo is done, this is the moment when i start to use my skills. If i didn’t use 50Languages as a beginner, i use it now. It has 100 audios so i use them to get used to the sound of the words in case i don’t know them and i also use it as a resources to learn new words. On Memrise i try to find advanced/intermediate and i use 9000 words and Fun Easy Learn. 

At this level the main problem is the lack of vocabulary so i try to learn as many new words as i can. However, since using apps can get boring after a while, i use the classic method of learning vocabulary, reading.

How i memorize/learn new words

Most of the time i just use apps/sites. However, everyone had moments when we couldn’t remember a word regardless of how many times we tried to memorize it. When i have to deal with this, i usually make a mnemonic. (e.g. afslutte = to finish, to end, to conclude; in order to remember the meaning i think at a key sentence: If you don’t study you’ll END up as a slut. [harsh example, i know, but it stays in my mind])

If my mnemonic method doesn’t work, i write the word a couple of times, sometimes with my left hand too since i focus more then. (i’m right-handed) and if i still can’t remember the meaning, i’ll start making some sentences where i’ll use that word.

How i read in my target language

Just as a side note, if i feel confident with my skills (that has happened only once) i read books, if not, i read comics until i feel confident enough to try books.

I have 2 methods because sometimes the first one doesn’t work. So, for French i just read and try to guess the meaning of a word and if i can’t, then i search it. Why i do this for French? It’s easier somehow and i can guess the meaning very well. Sometimes i even highlight words and search the meaning later just to analyze them more.

However, this method doesn’t work on Danish. For Danish i have to read once the entire paragraph and then see what i understood from it. If there is a certain word that it’s unknown, i’ll search it. Since Danish has a lot of structures, i tend to use HiNative to translate those because normal online translators aren’t good for these. After i have all the unknown words, i will look over the paragraph again.

With all these unknown words, i usually make flashcards on Quizlet and practice them from time to time.

Sometimes when i’m in a hurry or i’m not in the mood for studying new words in big quantities, i use WordBrewery or Clozemaster. When i use these i always write the new words on a piece of paper or i just add them directly to Quizlet.


I mentioned it above so i should tell you how i use it in order to improve since many might not be familiar to it. It’s an app where you ask questions and natives will answer.  I use HiNative mostly after i read, watch a movie or learn something from memrise.

For what i use it?

- ask for differences
- ask for examples with new words that i didn’t find a context for
- ask for translation from target language to English since not everything is easy to translate as a beginner/intermediate

Listening skills

Listening is a very interesting skill because you can combine it with speaking and reading or just focus only on it.


In this category you find movies/cartoon/series with subs. Usually i don’t do anything when i watch series/movies because i guess the meaning of the unknown words but if there is a certain word that i can’t understand, i will write it down and search it’s meaning.


This involves 2 things. I either talk to someone or i just talk to myself/a toy/the cat. I tend to use the 2nd method most of the time. (it’s not that i dislike talking, i just don’t feel confident enough to use my skills until i’m not sure that i know most of the things/vocab i need to know). I start the conversation like “hey, how are you?” and then i ask myself “how was your day?”. For this question i have to make 2 answers, the reality with what has happened, and an imaginary version for my other side who’s “talking”.


Here i just watch videos on youtube, listen to 50languages, a podcast or songs. If i do listen to songs, sometimes i try to find the lyrics and see if i understand everything, if not, i’ll look for the unknown words and after i start to sing too. (disney songs are great because most have lyrics on youtube already)

Writing skills

Here i have 2 choices, i either find someone or i just write in a notebook/diary. The purpose of this is to figure out what vocab/structures/expressions i don’t know. 

Speaking skills

It’s not that i dislike talking, i just focus on this skill at the end usually. I improve my other skills and the speaking one improves in a weird way too. However, at some point i just ask people who i know for a long time and i feel comfortable with to talk to me on skype/on the phone.


Idioms are everywhere in a language. At some point you have to deal with them. If i find them on memrise, i study them there, if not, i’ll look for them and make flashcards. These flashcards have only the idiom in my target language on them and that’s it. I don’t write the translation. I force myself to remember the meaning.

Also, when i don’t know the pronunciation for something, i use Forvo.

The advanced stage

Here i just learn idioms and some advanced vocabulary at the beginning. After these, i stop caring. I consider my learning journey almost done so i just enjoy my life using the language. I read without worrying that i don’t know words, i watch shows without worrying that i don’t understand what i hear, i can sing without worrying that i just say words with no meaning but similar sounds to what i hear.

Note: This is how I learn languages. I can’t say it will work for everyone but it works for me.

p.s. sometimes Fun Easy Learn and 50Languages are set in another language, not my native one or English.

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Top 10 kinks people know Yuuri and/or Victor has and how they know it? I'm such a huge fan of everything you write and thought this could be a fun idea!

Ten Kinks People Know Yuuri and/or Viktor Has and How They Know It

10) Praise Kink - Both of them, but Yuuri especially, are really into praise style dirty talk. Chris found out about this when he was staying in the hotel room next to them and found out just how much Yuuri likes it when Viktor praises him and just how much Viktor likes doing it. The walls were thin, they were loud and he didn’t get much sleep that night.

9) Marking - Everyone knows about this one because of the amount of bitemarks/scratches/bruises/lovebites they both always seem to end up with. It gets especially bad if one of them gets possessive for some reason. For example, once one of the other skaters at the rink was flirting with Yuuri a lot and the next day Yuuri’s neck looked like he’d been attacked by a wild animal it was so covered in marks and Viktor was looking very pleased with himself

8) Phone Sex/Skype Sex - Especially during their time as long distance boyfriends before they moved in together. Yuuri was usually pretty good at not doing it when Phichit was around but one day Phichit came home from college early and heard them having pretty graphic Skype sex in Yuuri’s room before turning and walking straight out again. Yuuri also had a habit of leaving his phone lying around unattended and so Phichit has accidentally seen a grand total of twelve suggestive texts, eight incredibly graphic texts, 3 nudes and 1 dick pic, all courtesy of Viktor.

7) Pet Play (but not really) - In reference to an earlier top ten about presents, where Viktor got Yuuri a collar for Vicchan with his name in Japanese and Russian and when the name was translated the Russian was just the Cyrillic for Viktor. Yurio found it and in horror assumed that the collar belonged to Viktor. When Vicchan showed up wearing the collar they all realised the mistake but the Russian team found the whole thing hilarious and there was a period of time when the whole Russian team actually thought that Viktor and Yuuri were into pet play.

6) Spanking - Phichit overheard a conversation that he promptly tried to forget straight away because that was information that he did not need to know about his best friend. Then later he realised what great blackmail material it actually made and teased Yuuri mercilessly about it for days afterwards

5) Light Bondage - Chris found their handcuffs in the bedside drawer when he was staying at their apartment and looking for Yuuri’s glasses at Yuuri’s request. As a thank you present for being good hosts he sent them a much better and more expensive pair of handcuffs after he left.

4) Role Play - In reference to an earlier top ten about a fan who was tweeting about seeing them role playing in a hotel bar

3) Exhibitionism (of a sort) - Neither of them have a full on exhibitionism kink but they both enjoy the thrill of the risk of being caught so they’ve had sex several times in semi-public places. As mentioned in a previous top ten, Chris found this one out by walking in on them having sex in a bathroom during the European Championships when Yuuri had promised Viktor a reward if he won.

2) Clothed Sex - A reporter once asked Yuuri if he would consider wearing the Eros costume to skate again one day a couple of years after he had last used it. Yuuri replied that he’d like to but he couldn’t because the costume had been ruined. When the reporter asked how it had been ruined he went bright red and refused to answer.

1) Language Kink - Literally everyone in the world knows about this one because they are very unsubtle about just how much they enjoy it when the other speaks in their native language

Robin’s Nest: Part 16

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1081

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

“That storm is pretty bad.” You glance out the window and can’t help but agree. Hurricane Renee had been on the news for days, and now that she had hit, she seemed determined to live up to her name.

           Unfortunately for you, this meant that your seven children were cooped up inside. The manor had become a complete mess between various board games, and one or two games of extreme hide and seek.

           So far, the casualties included a chandelier, a Ming vase, two of Bruce’s golf clubs, and Alfred’s blender. You’d left your children to the mercy of the butler and retreated to the library to find Helena staring out the window.

           Your daughter was a daddy’s girl and had been from day one. She was fierce, tough and outspoken, and she hated storms with a passion. More often than not, lightning and thunder filled nights found her in your bed with you and Bruce.

           Hurricanes seemed to be even worse. The usually rambunctious girl was sullen, and more than a little pouty. This was proved even further when she snuggled up to you. Dick, Jason, and Cass were your snugglers. Helena preferred her personal space.

           Never one to pass up an opportunity, you pull the girl close. Kissing the top of her head you say, “Don’t worry baby girl, Daddy will be home soon.”

           She sighs, “I hate business trips.”

           You smile, “You and me both.”

           “This was a long one.”

           You nod. Two weeks was a long time for Bruce to be gone. Typically, he skyped conferences, went only for a few days, or took the family with him. That hadn’t been an option this time.

           When midnight comes and goes without any word, you start to get anxious. Bruce’s plane had landed before the storm had really started. The closing off of streets had kept him from coming straight home, but he had still called to check in. But now, he wasn’t answering his phone and that worried you more than a little.

           You’re brought out of your thoughts when someone yells, “Code green.”

           Pushing your husband to the back of your mind, you spring out of your office chair and towards the clock. You turn the hands to your anniversary date, and make your way down to the cave. You find your Dick, Jason, and Cass suiting up, and raise an eyebrow in question, “And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

           Dick’s face is straight laced, serious as can be. A perfect imitation of Bruce’s. “The Riddler has cut power to the entire city. He’s offered a challenge, if someone can issue a challenge that can stump him, he’ll turn the power back on.”

           You bite your lip, before issuing your orders, “You’re not going out there alone.”

           You watch Dick’s and Jason’s eyes go wide, “Mom!” You listen as Tim turns in the computer chair to face you. You take a deep breath, “I said alone. Call in Wally and Barry.”

           You see Jason hesitate, “Dad …”

           “Isn’t here. You’re not going out there without a League member. Hell, I’ll call in Superman himself before I let you go out there alone. I know you’ve been doing this for years, but I’m still your mother. I have my limits.”

           It takes half an hour for the speedsters to arrive. Even then, you’re left with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You watch them go before taking over Tim’s chair.

           You’d spent less and less time in the cave as the boys had gotten older. You imagined, you’d spend even less time there as your children got older. Tim would soon become the next Robin, his training was almost done, and then Helena and Damian would take over. Eventually, Terry would start his training, and that broke your heart. Your last baby was growing up, and it made you want to cry.

           It’s a long night. A very long night, with more close calls than you care to admit. By the time dawn breaks, the storm is still going strong, but your kids are back home. You tend to the cuts and bruises before sending them to bed.

           You’re on your fifth cup of coffee when you get a call from the hospital. There’s been an accident with your husband, and you’re needed. Now. You’re certain that your heart stops at the words.

           One look out the window tells you that you’re not getting anywhere right now. Between the winds, the flooding, and the damage from Riddler’s attack, you’re stuck. You’re forced to wait two days, before going to the hospital, alone.

           You arrive at Gotham general looking a mess. And you’re certain that at least one paparazzi had taken your picture. Still, you walk through the hospital with the authority of someone who’s family has donated enough money to build two new wings.

           You find your husband sleeping in the waiting room. He’s wearing scrubs of all things, and sprawled across several chairs. So of course, you hit him. He startles awake and stares at you while you rant, “How dare you Bruce Wayne. Not one freaking phone call. Not one. I thought you were dead in the morgue, or lying here in a coma. But no, I find you here dressed as though you just performed surgery. I have been worried sick.

           “I lied to our children. I said that you called, that you were stuck at the airport. How DARE YOU!”

           Bruce takes it all in stride, before pulling you in for a hug. He holds you while you cry, and says “I’m so sorry. They only had time for one emergency call, and I thought I asked them to tell you that I am okay. I am so sorry.”

           You take deep breaths to calm yourself, before asking “What happened Bruce? Why are you in a hospital?”

           He wipes his hands over his face, “I was driving home, when there was an accident. Someone spun out on the road, crashing into me before spinning into another car. The driver, and two passengers were killed. There was one other survivor. A twelve-year-old boy, his name is Duke. I was able to get him out, and get an ambulance out but there was nothing they could do for his parents, or the driver. I couldn’t leave him alone.”

           You sink down beside him, “What are you thinking Bruce?”

           He stares at you, “How would you feel about having and eighth kid?”

hance headcanons
  • whenever one of them says i love you the next ten minutes is just “i love you more” “no i love you more” “no i love you more” until someone tells them to stop
  • hunk’s phone is full of pictures of lance dabbing. so is his snapchat. every time they see each other now they have to take a picture of lance dabbing so hunk can post it to snapchat with the caption “ur daily lance dab” 
  • they always greet and say goodbye to each other with a hug and hunk is always the first one to pull away bc lance will just c l i n g forever 
  • hearing hunk’s voice is really comforting to lance and it helps calm him down
  • sometimes lance buys clothes that are too big for him so he can share them with hunk
  • ^^ lance always steal hunk’s clothes  (hunk loves it when lance steals his clothes)
  • they always take photos that look really coupley and post them everywhere with super sappy captions
  • they have each other’s names in their instagram bios with a heart next to it
  • they send each other goodnight and good morning texts
  • lance likes to brag about hunk. he’ll go around like “look at my best friend hunk he’s really smart and really cute”
  • whenever lance is feeling insecure hunk will start listing off all the things he likes about lance/things he’s good at. he can go on for a really long time
  • 10 hour skype calls are a normal thing for them
  • ^^ sometimes they go quiet for long periods of time while on skype and once hunk was just like “the sound of you breathing is comforting”

feel free to add on i love hance  (⌒▽⌒)☆

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ok but leo and gaung hong would totally have like a six hour skype conversation

They would totally skype like every free second they have even tho it’s so hard with time differences and stuff they would skype at practice and stuff too you don’t understand I love their relationship way too much

What do you mean it's 4AM

All-Nighter AUs for all of us bc we’re night owls

  • We’re new parents who were excited before leaving the hospital but now I want nothing more than to have sleep

  • Alternatively: Babysitting makes me want to ram my head in a wall please shut this thing up

  • Hair dying adventures!!

  • Slightly unsettling burst of motivation at 2AM to paint/redecorate your room

  • You have an assignment that’s worth 30% of your grade and this is when you choose to start??

  • Hey let’s sneak up onto the roof to watch the sunrise

  • Movie marathon to celebrate something

  • You spent all night reading fan fiction/au prompts (<– this is the best one ~mod karissa)

  • Alternatively: You spent all night writing fan fiction/au prompts

  • You had a hankering for brownies at 1:30 AM and went to the dollar store to get the mix but came back with several pokemon and a dog

  • I wanted brownies but I ended up trying to hatch my pokemon eggs and found this dog his name is brownie

  • Moving in and making furniture

  • You only ever do work at night which explains why you fall asleep so easily at lunch

  • You drank too much coffee during the day so now you’re bugging me to do something with you because ‘I’m boooooooored’

  • Jet lagged after a long ass flight

  • You’re skyping people in another time zone so you can play League of Legends

  • It’s your wedding night and you went for Chinese food and board games over ~other things~

  • Existential crises

But also that one scene from bob’s burgers

  • ‘do you think horses have weird dreams’ ‘oh my god Tina go to bed’ 'okay’

for those of you who remember, i said a long time ago i would eventually post this. basically one night on skype with other mod we asked ourselves, if we created a tv show together, what would it be. this is the answer. our show that will never happen


Sheilah is a socially reclusive lesbian tax-evading spider monster who lives illegally in a two-story log on the property of the local power plant. Her deranged views and stance as a self proclaimed libertarian have made her known and feared in her small Canadian town. Sheilah puts all of her money into her beloved basement stash of gold and funnels what little money she has left into her paint-by-numbers boat art collection. Sheilah is a compulsive hoarder who lives in squalor. Without graduating high school (she does not believe in public schooling) she has no job and only recieves income from her deceased father’s wealth as a spider silk textile owner.

Trying to live off-grid, Sheilah only has one set of neighbours, the nuclear middle-class human Mr and Mrs Biped family with their two perfect children. When she’s not smoking cigars or hiding, Sheilah will spend time with her close friend Janet Paulson, and avian bird monster and travel agent who insists Sheilah leave her log to see the world. The two met accidentally years ago when Janet was driving to a camping ground and hit Sheilah with her car, who was trying to live alone in the forest. The collision left Sheilah without her eighth leg and Janet has stayed close with her since out of pity. Sheilah now keeps the leg at home in a jar and is convinced that upon completing a dubious 6 month online surgeon degree, she can successfully reattach the foot herself (she does not believe in doctors).

Sheilah is a burden to the to her local town and government. She resents all forms of government and control but will gladly take any position of power that may be offered to her. Sheilah also keeps a phonebook sized journal of local conspiracies. The police are constantly called to her house and reptilian mayor Chad Branson has had to block Sheilah’s number from the town office. The mayor has even made it a recent platform for his election campain to evict Sheilah from her log which is on illegal property. Sheilah however remains fearless and has a backup plan that if anything goes wrong, she will build a ship and sail to international waters to protect her gold.

reoccuring jokes include:

  • whenever the human family talks, there is a laugh track
  • the family has a pet named Scout, every episode it is a different animal because they keep accidentally killing it
  • sheilah has affairs with everyone, including the wife, the police officer, and janet
  • the reason Sheilah became a libertarian is because as a child she wanted to become a librarian, but her absent mother accidentally sent her to a libertarian workshop instead. this is why she dresses like a librarian.
Gansey College Headcanon

·Literally nobody believes Gansey is for real when he talks about his friends from back home.
·his roommate was curious about the Polaroid pictures he had hung up on his wall but after Gansey tries to explain the roughly 300 physics that share one bathroom his roommate pats Gansey’s shoulder and heads to the cafeteria.
·the angry gay farmer occasionally writes letters, covered in Opal’s own ‘writing’
               ·eventually opal starts writing in latin flawlessly and Gansey is pretty proud of Ronan so he always has one pinned above his desk.
              ·his floormates are hella confused about a kid writing in a hella dead language.
·adam mails articles about new research on ley lines just in case Gansey doesn’t know (he definitely read them already at least five times before but he’s pretty touched.)
                  ·this turns into long winded skype conversations about the delicate balance of questing and adventures, and adam pointing out that he’s in college now, he can’t go hunting for dead Welsh kings anymore
                ·his roommate overhears that bit and is like wtf.
                 ·also he really doesn’t get the eternal fascination with ley lines. Gansey brought every single map known to man of ley lines with him to school.
·henry mails the weirdest care packages.
                 ·like, nutella and ramen and weird as shit playlists that are really just opera and international pop music and strange remixes of murder squash song and the most horrifying stuffed animals.
                             · sometimes the stuffed animals look like roadkill and nobody knows why gansey keeps them.
·for the fall reading week he comes back with a new photo, him and his friends.
·angry farmer street racing boy has a new tattoo apparently. “Remembered” across his forearm.
·there is also a girl
·nobody really believes this girl truly exists
·apparently she studies environmental science and on her weekends ‘communes with the trees’
·her name is also blue, and jane is a nickname.
·she isn’t a physic? Gansey makes it sound normal but nothing about his friends sounds normal.
·they talk a lot on the phone at night.
·apparently, according the gansey, she’s a bright star that he accidentally referred to as a prostitute once upon a time.
               ·his roommate fully believes gansey is actually 100% insane.
·blue comes for a visit.
·because her roommate is actually insane and she’s tired and she just wants to burn Gansey’s ridiculous shoes in peace.
·so she shows up at 2 in the morning having walked for a good hour from the bus station to campus and both boys are wide awake and gansey looks a second away from an actual heart attack.
                    ·"you’ve died twice now you literally want to lecture me, dick?”
·at that point his roommate vanishes because the entire floor needs to understand that the tiny mythical creature is a l i v e.
·she is everything gansey described.
·she wears the retro platform boots with some strange swing dress and has the ends of her hair dip dyed bright blue and her bag is held together by safety pins and duck tape.
·nobody dares to question gansey now because she looks ready to fight.
·the entire week he simply parades around looking pretty damn proud
·but at the very end on her last day escaping crazy roommate adam and henry and ronan show up
·and his roommate questions life and wonders if he’ll survive the school year alive and well and not insane because his roommate is apparently an actual crazy person who quests and looks for dead people and has weird friends that range from angry to preppiest little fuck imaginable, with henry like not even a blimp on that particular weirdness scale because he’s a whole new creature himself.

also blue survives the entire week on yogurt alone and everyone is baffled. 

·there’s this weird robo bee that comes with that NOBODY EXPLAINS TO ANYONE and the entire residence basically vanishes to some safe place (ie. the entire building vacates to the library and never leaves until henry is far far away.)

there are still 2 months until i see my boyfriend again and it’s making me really sad and pathetic because i miss him so much and i can’t sleep well without him and call me a codependent bitch but i enjoy spending time with my best friend ok

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okey but do you ever think about when louis and harry wrote iicf and home, like they broke their 2 weeks rule, they hadn't seen each others for a long time and they were probably skyping and harry was like "hey lou, i wrote you a song" and then he starts singing iicf but it was called "for your eyes only" back then and then a few nights later louis tells harry he wrote him a song too and since then iicf has been "if i could fly" bc home complements it the same way their matchy tattoos do

I try not to but thanks for that painful reminder. Appreciate it.

How You Interact:  Long Distance Relationship (Ethan)

Jack and Mark- Long Distance Relationship

Originally posted by nestorquik

-It’s a lot of Skype calls and Face-Time, just because he wants to hear/see you. 

-Sometimes there’s no topic and you open Skype to see him making weird faces and babbling like a mad-man at the camera.

-He’ll send you lots of little presents by mail. He collects them over the month. Spotting them at stores and thinking of you. Then at the end of the month, he’ll ship them to you.

-He says you don’t have to keep them. But you have a whole bookshelf, dedicated to his gifts. 

-Ethan will Tweet at you a lot as well. Whether it be silly jokes, or getting his audience to Tweet/message you because you’re ignoring him. 

-He’ll send goodnight/ good-morning messages. If he’s up editing around the time you go to bed or get up, he’ll Skype you to say it. 

-If you’re able too, he’ll invite you on a stream from time to time. Ever since your first video on the channel, everyone has adored you. And he takes joy in knowing how loved you are by everyone. 

-He had been so worried when you first interacted with his fans. But now, he tries to get you into his streams as much as possible. 

-When you see each other, he runs up and kisses you as you hug him tightly. It’s a long, soft kiss. One that leaves your legs weak and giggling. 

-Ethan will drag you about LA. Going on tours and getting take-out to have while you both cuddle on the couch. 

-He’ll explode his social-medias with pictures of your time together. His phone and camera getting full within the first few days. 

-There’s a lot of pictures of only you. Smiling or laughing, pulling faces or just staring in a direction lost in thought. 

-On slow mornings, he will refuse you the right to get out of bed. Crushing you against him and trapping you in his arms as he attacks you with kisses. 

-But when you have to go, there’s tears. 

-Ethan won’t let even an inch separate you from him on the last few days. His arm will always be around your waist or shoulders. Pulling you into his side so he can kiss your cheek and mutter how much he loves you.

-At the airport, not much is said. You sit on the floor, leaning against a wall, cuddling against his side. Before you get on the plane you share a long, deep kiss and you give him a hug that both of you wish wouldn’t end.

-As you start to get on the plane, you turn and blow him a kiss. Trying to keep the tears from spilling too much as he waves his goodbye.

-When you get home, Ethan is already demanding you come visit him again.

sometimes u realize a bunch of ur favs are all voiced by the same guy

sometimes realizing that makes you want to draw all of them taking a selfie together bc why not

sometimes drawing 3 people all interacting with each other takes a rly long time so u send a bunch of messages to ur friend in skype bc u gotta distract urself from the horrible task of lineart and you both somehow come to the conclusion that Acronix types in all caps and says LOL a lot

What could go wrong: Donnie x Reader


Requested by: Anonymous

Could u write something about Donnie having an online girl friend for a relatively long time (like long enough to know he’s a turtle and Skype him & they’ve met up b4 and stuff) but she’s nervous-scared to meet the rest of his family?

A/N: Sorry it took so long, hope you like it :)

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Finally Together

Author; shananiganx

Pairing; Taegi

Ad Tags; Fluff; Smut; ButnotFullonSmut;

Word Count; 1,441

Summary; It’s Taehyung and Yoongi’s first time meeting in person after a year long friendship of Skype calls and text messages.


So uh, a long time ago i got the nickname of Demigod of AUs in the Skype Chat and I made a new one for The Glass Scientists.

Long story short, Hyde is Jekyll’s super hero alter ego and the Society is a bunch of super hero vigilantes trying to protect London. There was this thing called the Nova Core at a science expo and it blew up, infecting the scientists and a chunk of the populace with Nova radiation and thus mutating them. In that explosion, Jekyll should’ve died but Morcant, a different kind of mutant, showed up and saved his life, saying something cryptic about them needing him later. But what for?

Honestly? I don’t know but I’m writing the fic to find out!

Bonus powers under the cut.

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